RED & WOLFE PART 4 (Final Installment) by ELLA JAMES

 red and wolfe 4 cover


Return to Rabbit Island for the heart-pounding conclusion to Red and Wolfe’s story. Don’t forget your extra panties – but this time, you might also want to bring your gun. 

´♥ ´♥ ´♥

Red & Wolfe #4 collage
Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

J&G:  ✯✯✯✯ Stars

Gitte: So, Jenny….that conclusion was a bit full on with thrilling drama wasn’t it? It was sexy, fierce and hot too, of course, but that was a given!

It was the first time in six years that my daydreams haven’t starred a ghost.’ – Race

I was so excited to read the final instalment of Red & Wolfe and I wasn’t disappointed, though I’d never say no to more from these two. Maybe a few years down the line to catch up and see how they’re getting on. I guess what I’m saying is, I wanted more ‘afters’. Do you agree, Jenny?

Jenny:   Yes indeed! That conclusion! Okay, I admit I didn’t see that coming. It was certainly an action packed ending! I was kept guessing and ummmm yeah, the sex in this one was plentiful and HOT!

“Jesus Red. You really fuck me up.”

I completely agree with you about the ‘afters’, G. A little more at the end would have capped it off perfectly.

Gitte: As for this series as a whole, I really enjoyed  it for what it was. It was intense, intriguing and sexy. Definitely a recommend from me and I think Ella James’ writing is brilliant. Her characters are lovable and kind of fucked up, but in that instantaneously appealing way we love!

“I’ve got you now, Red,” he whispers. “I won’t let you go again.” – Race

Wolfe stole my heart (and my knickers!) and his ‘confessions’ in this instalment broke me emotionally a few times! As for Red, well she pretty much rocks! Dirty filthy fairy tale indeed!!

Jenny:  It’s been a great series  and one that has sucked me in from the get go. Ella James put a new and filthy spin on a classic fairy-tale and managed to pull it off convincingly, bringing it to it’s dramatic conclusion in this final installment.

“I want you. I have no idea why. Maybe I’m crazy.”

Wolfe….my what big….hands you have Mr Wolfe. He was something else! Argghh the unraveling of his story explained so much about this man and his past was indeed heartbreaking . Red is one feisty redhead! Wolfe had his hands full with her…or is that of her?…on her? Hmmm you get my drift. Lots of drama and action, both in and out of the sheets between these two passionate characters. A satisfying end to an addictive series.

Now I can’t wait to see what Ella James delivers with her new serial Beast next month!

**Reviewed off ARC Copy provided by author**


Our reviews for Parts One to Three here

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BREAK THE SKY (A Spiral of Bliss Spin Off Novel) by NINA LANE

break the sky


Do you ever let go, storm girl?” he asked. “Ever lose control? Ever surrender?”
“Never,” I whispered. “I never surrender.”

A smile of both promise and warning curved his beautiful mouth. “You will.”Atmospheric scientist Kelsey March is under siege. Her tornado research project is on the skids and she’s fighting conflict in her university department. So when irresistible bad boy Archer West suggests a hot, wild fling while he’s in town, Kelsey is unable to resist his sexy offer.


Kelsey and Archer embark on a intense, exhilarating affair. But soon their differences and private battles encroach on their desire, and Kelsey discovers that Archer is a storm she can’t control.



Break the sky

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

J&G✯✯✯✯✯ Breathtaking stars!

Jenny:  I LOVED this book so much!! I finished Break the Sky in one sitting and could have easily have gone back and started again. I should have known from the outset how completely mesmerised I would be with Archer and Kelsey’s story because Nina Lane constantly produces quality stories with quality characters. I never fail to connect to her stories through her flawlessly superb writing, eliciting a passion and emotion from within me that is second to none. There is nothing superfluous in this ladies prose. It’s true class all the way and Break the Sky only cements those sentiments.

‘I wanted more than more. I wanted everything he could give me. I wanted to find out just how much I could take.’

I will admit to initially being a bit nervous that Dean’s character could perhaps be compromised in this one.  After all, this was Archer’s story and of course it would address the unresolved issues between Dean and Archer which could have shown Dean in a negative light. Clearly I forgot who I was dealing with because Nina Lane has far too much talent and love for her characters to allow that to happen. Instead I gathered an insight into the underlying struggles and what transpired between these estranged brothers and it was heartbreaking. I cried a few times in this one Gitte!

Gitte: Oh wow, Nina Lane did it again, what a brilliant and passionate story this was. I was worried whether I would fall in love once more after the fantastic Spiral of Bliss series, but yeah, I should’ve guessed that there was no way this Author was going to disappoint! Nina Lane is a beautiful writer, emotion pouring straight from her heart onto the blank pages thus bringing complete and utter bliss to an adoring reader like myself.

“I surrender……”

I absolutely LOVED Break the Sky; the writing was without doubt superbly stunning and flawless as always. I was swept up from the get go and just couldn’t put Kelsey & Archer’s story down. So much passion, emotion and intensity. So much humour and powerful hard hitting moments.  I truly forgot to breathe at times.

‘Too much. Everything about him was too much. He was too big, too beautiful, too dangerous, too goddamned cute.’

Archer West stole my heart and he’s not giving it back but that’s okay, I don’t want him to!! My heart did the full rollercoaster ride with tears and laughter to a powerful lyrical beat whilst my pulse threatened to hammer out my skin. Nina Lane, you blew me away (pun totally intended!)

Jenny:  Archer was such a beautiful character. I loved him. Sure he’d made mistakes but he had paid for them and learnt by them. Underneath all I saw was just that small boy who needed to belong, to be loved, to be praised and to be cared for and wow did my heart bleed for him. He needed a Kelsey in his life! Oh and ummmmm he had a very dirty mouth……pass the fan!!!

“He is a good man. A survivor.’

I always loved and admired Kelsey in The Spiral of Bliss series but in no way could I have imagined the depth that lay behind her character.  Kelsey was always so supportive of Liv and Dean and I couldn’t have guessed the struggles she was hiding.  Her character not only fascinated me, but connected with her completely. Archer awakened and allowed Kelsey to be who she really was and in turn Kelsey showed Archer the man he truly is and I was swept away with it all.

‘I’d once been a girl who met challenges without fear, but that girl had been gone for more years than I cared to remember.’

There were parts of the story that were exhilarating weren’t they Gitte? I think Nina captured the storm chasing better than anything I’ve watched on screen. I was on the edge of my seat, gasping with exhaustion after some scenes. Nina Lane encompasses everything I love about reading.  Her stories ignite a passion in me that leave me gasping for more! Passionate, thrilling, emotional and fun. Break The Sky had it all! I “triple dog dare you” not to love it as much as I did. Absolute perfection!

Gitte: Archer West…bloody hell this man had me wrapped up tight with his fierce passion, protectiveness, filthy mouth but more so his strength entwined in a soft thread of vulnerability.

Being labelled the black sheep of the family is not easy. It only gets easy once you’ve worn this coat of disappointment  for so long it’s conformed to your being and you feel at home in the downward spiral of self-destruction.

‘I wondered how he could seem both whole and broken at the same time. He was like a painting whose varnish had cracked over time and yet was all the more beautiful because of the damage.’

Archer has a hell of a past and his brotherly relationship with gorgeous professor Dean was profoundly heart breaking and I read on as if walking on eggshells. My heart categorically and irrevocably ended up belonging to Archer West. He is without doubt the essence of everything that makes up the male perfection.

Now Kelsey, what a surprise she was. I really liked her character from the Spiral of Bliss series. Being Dean’s best mate we knew of her compassion, strength and hardworking no nonsense attitude. Well, this girl had so many facets to her as a result of her interpretation of her past and her current need for respect and affirmation in her line of profession. Archer truly brought out in her what made this girl amazing, beautiful and lovable.

‘My risk-taking, brilliant scientist girl. She needed storms.’

The love affair of Archer and Kelsey was incredibly powerful and there’s no better scene depicting this than the storm chasing one which had me on the edge of my seat with my heart racing. Well done Nina Lane; you’re still on that pedestal of brilliance which is why I love reading so!

**Reviewed off ARC copy provided by author**

Purchase BREAK THE SKY here
Release Date: 29th July

break the sky

 ´♥ ´♥ ´♥ 

Although Break the Sky is a spin-off standalone, we recommend reading THE SPIRAL OF BLISS series first.
Our reviews for series here 

spiral of bliss





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after i do


From the author of Forever, Interrupted—hailed by Sarah Jio as “moving, gorgeous, and at times heart-wrenching”—comes a breathtaking new novel about modern marriage, the depth of family ties, and the year that one remarkable heroine spends exploring both.

When Lauren and Ryan’s marriage reaches the breaking point, they come up with an unconventional plan. They decide to take a year off in the hopes of finding a way to fall in love again. One year apart, and only one rule: they cannot contact each other. Aside from that, anything goes.

Lauren embarks on a journey of self-discovery, quickly finding that her friends and family have their own ideas about the meaning of marriage. These influences, as well as her own healing process and the challenges of living apart from Ryan, begin to change Lauren’s ideas about monogamy and marriage. She starts to question: When you can have romance without loyalty and commitment without marriage, when love and lust are no longer tied together, what do you value? What are you willing to fight for?

This is a love story about what happens when the love fades. It’s about staying in love, seizing love, forsaking love, and committing to love with everything you’ve got. And above all, After I Do is the story of a couple caught up in an old game—and searching for a new road to happily ever after.


 **Purchase your copy of AFTER I DO here**


´♥ ´♥ ´♥

After I do

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

J&G✯✯✯✯ 1/2 Stars

“I don’t know where we go from here…”

Jenny: This story hit me on such a level so deep and provoked some strong emotions. It was as though I was living through the heartbreak and hopes right there with the characters. My heart soared and broke with Lauren and Ryan. I’ve witnessed marriages in the same state of disrepair as Lauren and Ryan’s. Some survived, others didn’t and Taylor Jenkins Reid captured those raw emotions perfectly.

My heart is truly broken. And I know that even if it mends, it will look different, feel different, beat differently.

My feelings switched between hope and sadness in this emotionally charged, sometimes humorous and powerfully thought provoking story. Hope that these two could find their way back. Sadness at the thought that the apathy, disconnection and lack of communication had caused too much damage and they would be lost to each other forever. I witnessed their feelings of emptiness and I cried with them when the realisation of the state of their marriage hit home.  I felt a part of their story. What about you Gitte?

‘There is a part of me that feels like years ago I stopped fighting with you. It just became easier to agree with you or ignore you.’

Gitte: I really enjoyed this story, it was flawless and flowed beautifully. It smacked of reality and real life marriage struggles. It was completely believable and touched me deeply with the rawness and intensity of emotion.

“Just because you can live without someone doesn’t mean you want to.”

I think we all know couples who have gone through what our couple did in this story. Ryan and Lauren quite simply forgot who they were together as well as apart; slipping into a damaging routine which can have a negative impact on the romance and excitement of love and life.

Jenny:  I thought the way this author infused Ryan’s pov into the story was brilliant and it was at those times I came completely undone. Hearing from Ryan broke me and I have to say he was the character who elicited the strongest emotions from me. I felt so drawn to Ryan’s character and needed his happiness as much as I needed my next breath.

‘Nothing you could ever say out of love could hurt as much as it did to look into your eyes and see that you couldn’t stand me anymore.’ Ryan

Lauren was somewhat meandering through her marriage, choosing apathy over actions, silence over communicating her anger and frustrations. When their passion subsides, when life gets in the way and a day of not communicating their feelings became a week, a week became a month….finding their way back became a task. Could she find her way back to the man who stole her heart? Her reconnection with her family was beautifully told and she needed time to become re acquainted with herself again. I love when makes you think and After I Do certainly did.  I devoured Lauren and Ryan’s story. I cried, I laughed, I loved.

Gitte: Ryan stole my heart. No question about it, his voice of sheer honesty and turmoil screamed pure emotion and came directly from the heart. This bloke, all through the story, tried to give Lauren everything she wanted. But it came at a price!

“Ryan and I are two people who used to be in love. What a beautiful thing to have been. What a sad thing to be.’

At no stage did I think this guy was in the wrong nor did I question his actions or motives. However, I did question the year of no communication and the ‘okay to see other people’, it just didn’t sit well with me. Also, it wasn’t really delved into or examined.

“I don’t know why I’m laughing….This is the saddest moment of my life.”

As for Lauren; she was lost, so lost that she’d accepted non-communication and became almost lazy in her commitment to the marriage, unbeknownst to her. I loved her interaction with her Granny and her family. The connection and bonds; the wise words. Well, they all served to wake Lauren up from her slumber.

‘Why do we undervalue things when we have them? Why is it only on the verge of losing something that we see how much we need it?’

I absolutely empathised with both characters and I recognised and related to many issues highlighted in their story. I’m a huge emotional reader and I have to say, Ryan’s communication where we heard his inner thoughts had me in absolute tears at times. After I do didn’t just make me cry though, it made me laugh and it made me believe in the beauty of a surviving romance after a dark stifling storm. It was an intense and raw look at trying to get back to the time before.

 **Reviewed on ARC copy provided by Atria via Netgalley**


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What better way to laze away those warm summer nights than with a glass of wine and a fabulous MIA SHERIDAN book in hand!
This lady sure has a talent for weaving a magical, beautiful, emotional and truly wonderful story and we can’t get enough!

If you haven’t checked out the works of this exceptional author then be sure to grab a copy of her books below.
Each is special in its own right and all will touch your heart.

A HUGE thanks to Mia for her never ending generosity to her readers, check out the giveaway below.
Generous, beautiful and talented!


mia sheridan books

 Our Reviews for Mia’s Books

                                                  LEO by MIA SHERIDAN


This is a STANDALONE Novel 


Evie and Leo met in foster care as children and formed a bond of friendship. As they grew, their bond turned to love, and they vowed to make a life together when they turned 18 and were no longer a part of the system.

When Leo unexpectedly gets adopted as a teen and he moves to another city, he promises Evie that he will contact her as soon as he gets there and come back for her in a few short years. She never hears from him again.

Now eight years later, in spite of the odds, Evie has made a life for herself. She has a job. She has friends. She’s content. Then a man shows up out of the blue, claiming that her long lost love, Leo, sent him to check up on her. The attraction between them is undeniable. But, should she trust this sexy stranger? Or is he keeping a secret about what his connection to Leo is really all about and why Leo disappeared all those years ago?

Purchase LEO here

´♥ ´♥ ´♥

                                                                  LEO’S CHANCE by MIA SHERIDAN

                                                      THIS IS A POV NOVEL OF LEO

leo's chance


Does everyone deserve a second chance? Even someone who lies and deceives to get it?

Do we all have a second chance coming? Even if we play a part in our own destruction?

How hard would you fight to have a second chance at love? A second chance at life? Another chance to tell your own story?

Every love story has two sides. Evie told hers. This time it’s Leo’s chance.

Purchase LEO’S CHANCE here

´♥ ´♥ ´♥




Grace Hamilton was the girl with a plan. She knew exactly where her life was going and prided herself on always achieving her goals. It was who she was, and how she lived her life. She never stepped outside the lines, and never considered what she might desire and whom she was actually trying so hard to please. Until him…

Carson Stinger was a man who didn’t play by any rules except his own. Working in the adult entertainment industry, he didn’t care what others thought, and took each day as it came, no direction, no plan. He knew what women wanted from him and believed it was all he had to offer. Until her… 

When circumstances forced them to spend several hours together, they walked away changed. But for two people who never should have meshed, overcoming the reality of their vastly different lives wasn’t possible. At least not yet…

Purchase STINGER here

´♥ ´♥ ´♥

                                                   ARCHER’S VOICE by MIA SHERIDAN

archers voice


When Bree Prescott arrives in the sleepy, lakeside town of Pelion, Maine, she hopes against hope that this is the place where she will finally find the peace she so desperately seeks. On her first day there, her life collides with Archer Hale, an isolated man who holds a secret agony of his own. A man no one else sees.

Archer’s Voice is the story of a woman chained to the memory of one horrifying night and the man whose love is the key to her freedom. It is the story of a silent man who lives with an excruciating wound and the woman who helps him find his voice. It is the story of suffering, fate, and the transformative power of love.

Purchase ARCHER’S VOICE here

´♥ ´♥ ´♥

                                                       COMING SOON!

becoming calder



There is a place in modern day America with no electricity, no plumbing, and no modern conveniences. In this place, there is no room for dreams, no space for self-expression, and no tolerance for ambition.

In this place, there is a boy with the body of a God and the heart of a warrior. He is strong and faithful and serves his family honorably. But he dares to dream of more.

In this place, there is a girl with the face of an angel and a heart full of courage. To her family, she is the vision of obedient perfection. But she dares to want that which she has been told can never be hers. 

Becoming Calder is the story of good versus evil, fear versus bravery, and the truth that the light of love has always found its way into even the darkest of places… From the beginning of time, to the end of the world.

                            No Pre Order Links available as yet

´♥ ´♥ ´♥ 

About the Author


Mia Sheridan is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. Her passion is weaving true love stories about people destined to be together. Mia lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband. They have four children here on earth and one in heaven.

Connect with Mia 
Facebook/Goodreads/Amazon Author Page/Web/Twitter

´♥ ´♥ ´♥ 


Summer Lovin' Mia Sheridan


***1 x lucky person will win an IPAD MINI***
***4 x lucky people will each win a $50.00 AMAZON GIFT VOUCHER***

Enter Below and GOOD LUCK!

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“He was perfect. And a liar”

We’re so excited bring you an


Not only that….you can win a


Don’t forget Rogue releases on 29th July so be sure to Pre Order your copy now! (Links below)







Brook Dumas found Remington Tate in REAL, and now it’s her best friend Melanie’s turn to find the man who makes her heart sing. After years of searching, one night in the rain, the strong and mysterious Greyson King comes to her rescue. He’s bold, and maybe just the lover, friend, and protector she’s been searching for. When they make love, he says her name like it means something. Like she means something—and that’s everything she’s ever wanted. 

He disappears for days without a word, and when he’s around, he says he’ll only hurt her. Buy when he’s away, her heart hurts more. 

Then Melanie uncovers the dark world he’d been determined to keep hidden, and suspects that their random first meeting might have not been so random after all. 

Caught in a free fall of emotions, Melanie has no one to catch her but the man she should be running from. . . 

But what do you do when your Prince Charming has gone Rogue?

Pre Order ROGUE here
Release Date: 29th July 


We drive to an apartment in a high-end neighborhood so pricey and coveted that everyone where I work would whore themselves out for a decorating gig in this zip code. It’s got a gated entry and high-level security on every entrance and exit. The apartment itself is covered in wall-to-wall windows, with limestone floors and stone fireplaces.

I take in the spacious, mostly empty space with one wide-eyed sweep, jaw hanging. “Did you just get a place in the city?” I hand him his coat, his gaze a delicious, palpable thing on me as I walk inside.

“You like it?” His voice holds no inflection, but something in his eyes tells me he wants me to like it.

I notice that the only furniture is one massive king mattress in the middle of the room, and the sight of those paperwhite sheets and plump pillows gives me tingles. Both of us. In that bed. Touching, kissing, groping.

The windows closest to the bed face toward my building and for a moment I wonder if he’s noticed that, even if somewhat distant, my apartment faces this way.

“It’s such a stunning space but so very empty!” I spread out my arms. “I can already visualize exactly what could go where. Dare I say you came to the right woman?”

“Dare I admit I’m not hiring your design services? I don’t like clutter.” And yet he looks amused by my offer—that almost grin I’ve come to really, really dig hovering on that full, dirty-talking mouth of his.

Oh god, I’m still so turned on by what a sexy asshole he is. He makes me want to slap him and fuck him; no man has ever pushed my buttons like this!

“How’d you know I was a designer?”

Arms crossed, plus that almost grin equals to me almost panting. “You’re not the only one who can work Google.”

“Pandora Googled you, not me.”

“Right,” he agrees.

I laugh because he’s clearly on to me, then admit, “There was nothing on you. Nothing.”

“And there’s quite a bit on you.”

“Well, I can make this place come to life with a flick of my fingers! I’m like a Mary Poppins of decorating!”

“Princess, it’s already alive with you in it.”

Surprised by the compliment, I slide my eyes back to him, and the very way he stands there screams at me that he’s someone, someone strong, someone you don’t mess with, someone you want on your side. His dark clothes can’t hide the muscles beneath, or the grace and virility with which he moves.

I can hardly stand looking at him without launching myself at him like a rocket—a haywire rocket on a permanent, pretty worrisome detour. I restlessly walk around the place, wondering if he’s watching my ass as I move.

I let my hips sway even harder on purpose and head down the hall; he whistles to call me back.

“That room is off-limits.”

“What? What do you mean?” He comes over and sets a hand on the small of my back, the very rough touch filling me with a sense of safety. “Do you realize that telling me that was an invitation to just try to pick this lock and find out?” I ask him.

“You won’t be able to open it. I’ve got a mess of stuff there, nothing for a girl.”

My interest piqued by this, I steer away from his hand and turn back to jiggle the doorknob. The door is steel, almost like a bank vault.

“Melanie,” Greyson warns.

I laugh and back off. “Okay. That’s your man cave, I won’t go in. Don’t look so worried.”

“I’m not worried. You couldn’t open that door with a chainsaw. What concerns me is your determination to do exactly what I told you not to.”

“I’m curious!” I say, laughing again. My laugh, I can’t explain it, but it seems to get to him. He looks hungry to quiet me with his mouth. When he licks his lips and scowls down at my mouth, the sudden memory of his mouth on mine zips through me, of my nipples against his tongue, and a shiver of anticipation bolts down my spine.

“Do you mind if I freshen up?” I blurt out.

“Babe, you’re spring incarnate, but go ahead.”

I shut the bathroom door behind me and lean against the sink. I can hardly breathe, the flutters are everywhere in me, from my head to my toes. He’s a fucking asshole who openly admitted to probably just wanting to use me and I should’ve slapped him but instead, I’m going to fuck him because he makes me mad. Because he’s responsible for an awful, insistent throbbing between my legs. All these weeks wondering what he wants from me, if he was coming tonight.

No matter what he says, he still looks at me the way he does—and the way he looks at me says other things. That he wants me. That he desperately wants, craves, maybe even needs me, like he said in my apartment that day.

I have never worn anything a man has given me. Now my throat is adorned with a line of sparkly white diamonds and I’d never imagined a gesture like this could stimulate my mind, my heart, and my body so much.

He wants to use me for sex tonight? Then I will use him back because it’s killing me. The way he looks at me kills me. The way he smells, walks, the sound of his voice.

Tonight I’m not sleeping home alone no matter what happens.

Quickly, I wash my hands, under my armpits, and then I lift my dress and glance sadly at the bruises on my thighs. I pull out my makeup kit from my clutch bag and start covering the purple stains with my concealer, one by one.

When I’m done, I notice a towel with streaks of red and wonder if he cut himself. Shaving perhaps? A wave of protectiveness takes me over. Is he all right? Of course he is, Melanie. That man is about as penetrable as his steel door.

As I grip the doorknob, the steady pulse between my legs continues to throb. By the time I pull the door open and quietly cross the room toward the bed, my heart races at full speed.

I’ve never been to such a luxurious or empty apartment. He’s like some Spartan, with no belongings. I glimpsed his closet and he has the same three shirts, the same three jackets, same three style of shoes. Like some sort of methodical superhero—and as if he doesn’t plan to stay long?

A pang hits me at the thought, but it’s quickly replaced with the bolt of lust I feel at the sight of him. He’s leaning back in bed, one lean arm folded behind his head as he stares out the window.

Oh god, why do I like that so much? Because he’s staring at your building.

The fact that he can see me from here might make me feel protected even when he never calls. Even if he will never look me up again. I need that little feeling of safety and I cling to it.

“Can you see my apartment from here?” I ask. I start pulling down the side zipper of my dress. He turns to me, and a twinkle of moonlight catches in his eyes as he watches me approach. My heart thuds. He has a massive, self-confident presence, and an air of authority that makes my knees wobbly. He’s strong. Magnetizing. Vital. And he fills my whole being with crazy, wild wanting.

“Yeah, that’s why I got this place.”

I know he’s joking, but the words are sober—he’s looking straight into my eyes. “You’d think a player like you would have something better to do than stare out the window trying to get a glimpse of me,” I tease.

“I do more than stare out the window, princess. It involves continual use of my hands.”

Fucking delicious bastard.

He’s like riding a motorcycle at full speed. He feels like the engine, the ride . . . the wind . . .

I stop by the foot of the bed and feel a ripple of excitement when I notice the way he watches me, his eyes shimmering like lightning.

“Strip me, or strip for me. Lady’s pick.” He speaks calmly and succinctly, making no move to yank me down on him.

Really now? So confident of this magnetic, electric pull, tugging me to him?

My gaze greedily runs up and down his thick legs, the bulge I’m mad over, up to his chest, which stretches the material of his snowy white shirt in the best possible way. Feeling heavy and warm, my pulse thundering in my veins, I crawl over him.

“I think you’re a bastard. But you’re so sexy in this suit . . .” I whisper.

  ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★

Our Reviews can be found here

Katy Evans books

Reading Order and Purchase Link




Pre Order Release Date 29th July

Pre Order Release Date 9th December 

 ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★

 About the Author


Katy Evans grew up with books and book-boyfriends until she found a real sexy boyfriend to love. They married and are now hard at work on their own happily ever after. Katy loves her family and friends, and she also loves reading, walking, baking, and being consumed by her characters until she reaches “The End.” Which is, hopefully, only the beginning…

Connect with Katy

 ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★


Katy Evans Rogue Giveaway Pic

Enter here to win a SIGNED PAPERBACK OF ROGUE!

Good luck!

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