Standalone story in a series :: Friends to lovers. Emotional, heartwarming and heartbreaking.
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Only You 14th October


Only You is a STANDALONE novel in the Second Chances Series. 

I spent my life searching for love, but Evan was right there all along. As gorgeous on the inside as he was on the outside, I never had to wonder if he loved me. He showed me with every glance, every sweet touch, every scorching kiss. 

I wanted nothing more than to give him my forever—until I found out I may not have one.

Paige was the girl of my dreams. So beautiful in every way; no one would ever compare. I feared she would never be mine, and then she became my everything. I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life. 

I wanted her to be my forever. But love may not be enough. 

Why do I have to say good-bye to the love of my life? How can I let you go—when it’s always been only you?

´♥ ´♥ ´♥

Only You

Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny

✯✯✯✯1/2 Stars

 ‘After a lifetime of mediocre, I finally had a glimpse of amazing-and there would be no going back from that. At least not in one piece.’

Well we are emotionally wrecked from reading Only You, talk about making our hearts swoon and beat out of our chest one minute then breaking into pieces the next! Only You lulls you into a swoon worthy friends to lover’s romance with -15 missing years apart- for our hero and heroine. Paige and Evan’s story was beautiful yet so very sad – stunning in its romance, love and friendship. The loyalty and passion was intense and real. We felt every single word written by Stephanie Rose; what a stunning writer she is!

‘In time he’d see. I did it for him.’

Evan has to be one of the most beautiful male characters we’ve read. Our hearts bled for this man. He was a hero, always there for everyone – written with just enough vulnerability and compassion to even out his controlling alpha male streak. His heart was so big and he wore it on his sleeve.

“I’ll never make the mistake of holding back with you ever again. You’re mine. You’re everything.”

Paige too was a heroine whom we took to our hearts immediately; she’s not had it easy settling down nor in her family life. Yet she’s level-headed, caring and a successful woman. We felt so incredibly sorry for her and shed many tears following her journey.

‘Sometimes, life didn’t make one bit of goddamn sense.’

Ultimately, what we loved about Only You was the simplicity. The simplicity of romance and love – friendship and loyalty. It was all here to see and experience. Nothing was overwritten – it flowed with perfection and emotion. Sure, we would have loved a bit more in one respect to heal our reading hearts but….it was nearly there. We truly felt the love, the internal struggles – we believed!

‘If you love something set it free.’

 **Reviewed from an ARC copy provided by the author, with thanks**


Second Chances

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Currently on sale for only 99c/99p
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Standalone – Unconventional love story/triangle
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I married the right brother.

At least that’s what I tell myself at night, when I stare at the ceiling and listen to the rhythm of the grandfather clock down the hall. It never feels like the mere passage of time, but a countdown towards something inevitable.

Bobby Lightly is selfish, irresponsible, and careless. I haven’t seen him since the day I married his brother. He slipped out during the wedding reception without a word.

A year later, I heard Bobby was drafted to Korea. He never said goodbye. Never sent a letter. We had all come to terms with the fact that he was probably dead somewhere, either a victim of the war or its aftermath.

That is, until in the midst of an unrelenting heatwave, he showed up at the doorstep of the house I lived in with his brother.

Everyone thinks I’m cruel. Everyone thinks I should be easy on him. They think I don’t understand him. They all think I hate him.

But what no one understands is that it was Bobby who broke my heart.

And I think he’s back to do it again. 


Reviewed Gitte & Jenny

 ✯✯✯ Stars 

‘…life has a way of adding layers like callouses.’

This is a true love story first and foremost, but is it a happy romantic one filled with butterflies and unicorns? No, not so much, and we kind of loved that and felt the originality threaded through the words. Did we love and connect with the characters? Yes and no; we felt as if a temporary screen was placed between – us and them – prohibiting any true, honest and real emotions from filtering through. Well that is until the latter part where the story took a huge gulp of fresh air and breathed a new lease of life through its pages.

“I am trying so hard not to love you.”

If you talked to some readers on what is a no go area this one is pretty much one of those in some respects, however it is was what kept us reading and invested, so in one way it worked. We have no issues whatsoever with this type of story.

‘We were becoming desperate.’

The heroine provoked us to the point where we disliked her immensely, the heroes both had us feeling every emotion possible. Though we have to say Bobby stole our hearts from the get go. He was a true lovable rogue. Mostly we felt pity of varying degrees towards everyone. Pawns in a game of hearts and survival.

‘On this night, we had released something powerful. Something dangerous. And once freed, we could not put it back.’

It’s hard to say what didn’t really work for us as it would provide future readers with huge spoilers. What we can say is that we felt as though road to redemption was handed a little too easily for these characters. That being said we ultimately felt the end of this story with all our hearts and we have to say we cried for what was and what came after.

“…one day you are going to wake up and realize you slept your whole life away.”

**Reviewed from an ARC copy provided by the author, with thanks**

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Standalone TB Recommended Read
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EVERYTHING I LEFT UNSAID (Everything I Left Unsaid #1) by M. O’KEEFE

First book in a two part series :: Steamy, thrilling, passionate and emotional romance.



Fans of Jodi Ellen Malpas, K. Bromberg, and Joanna Wylde will be unable to resist this sexy, deeply intimate tale of a woman running from her past, and the darkly mysterious man who sets her free.

I didn’t think answering someone else’s cellphone would change my life. But the stranger with the low, deep voice on the other end of the line tempted me, awakened my body, set me on fire. He was looking for someone else. Instead he found me.

And I found a hot, secret world where I felt alive for the first time.

His name was Dylan, and, strangely, he made me feel safe. Desired. Compelled. Every dark thing he asked me to do, I did. Without question. I longed to meet him, but we were both keeping secrets. And mine were dangerous. If I took the first step, if I got closer to Dylan—emotionally, physically—then I wouldn’t be hiding anymore. I would be exposed, with nothing left to surrender but the truth. And my truth could hurt us both.

Everything I left unsaid

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

✯✯✯✯1/2 Stars

‘We could all be so many things. Victims and criminals. Sinners and Saints. Devious and virtuous.’

WE BLOODY LOVED THIS BOOK!!! It was such huge surprise and had us exclaiming…….”why haven’t we read anything by this author before now!?” because we fell completely in love with M O’Keefe’s writing style. Her prose was gripping, sensual, the story flowed beautifully, the characters were taken to our hearts and we revelled in being teased and tantalised making us desperately want to keep turning the pages. The way this author uses metaphors is exquisite allowing us to picture the story being played out in front of us.

….we were editors of our own selves, revealing only what we wanted to show. Being only what served us best.’

Everything I Left Unsaid ticked a LOT of boxes for us and talk about S.T.E.A.M.Y! Wow! Some of THE best phone convo’s we’ve encountered were between the pages of this book!  This author did a stellar job of developing a connection between Dylan and Annie that we believed and felt regardless of the fact they didn’t have much ‘physical‘ contact for a large part of the book and we have to say, this in no way impacted on the tangible sexual tension between them….if anything, it intensified it!

“It’s a seduction, Annie. It’s about want. Not need.”
“You’ve already seduced me, all I want is you.”

There were lies, secrets, sexual tension and a guessing game of cat and mouse that engulfed us and shocked us. The emotional aspect of Dylan, Annie and the secondary characters story was truly heartfelt and there were MANY surprises and layers to this story and we inhaled them all.

‘No one missed me. Or worried. Or wondered. I’d vanished and the world just kept on spinning.’

The story begins with Annie turning up in a Trailer Park after fleeing her abusive husband. By answering a lost phone in her trailer, Annie would invite a man into her life who would help Annie explore an awakening in herself she had no idea had laid dormant for so long.  Both Annie and Dylan are guarded, but little by little Annie begins to trust Dylan. But what multitude of secrets are these two hiding?

“This is what it’s like between two liars, baby.”

Despite her past, Annie was an upbeat character and a woman we warmed to immensely, there were no pretences with Annie. Sure she was guarded and secretive but given her background, who could blame her?  Annie has a lot of sadness surrounding her but somehow managed to see the good in the bad where she could.

“I won’t hurt you.
“I’ve ….I’ve had a few people say that to me and then go right on ahead and hurt me.”

Dylan Daniels was an intriguing enigma. Just who is this guy? Whilst we found out a lot about Dylan we get the feeling we’ve just scratched the surface of this contradictory dominant yet vulnerable man. Would the real Dylan Daniels please stand up. We are desperate to know more of his story!

‘Make no mistake, Dylan Daniels was the beast. He was the bad guy in the stories.’

The secondary characters all contributed so much to the mysterious tone of the story and we need to see how their stories unfold because they also left us hanging on tenterhooks!  Are we gagging for the next book? You bet your life we are!! We became completely immersed in this story and didn’t want it to end! An absolute WINNER! WE NEED MORE! MORE OF EVERYTHING!

**Reviewed from an ARC Copy provided by Random House Publishers, with thanks.**



Releasing 13th October
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Releasing 17th November
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The Sweet Home Series is one of our favourites! We’ve laughed, cried and loved with these guys and we’ve  followed Levi Carillo throughout desperate to hear his voice and to know he has his happily ever after.

And now…we get our chance! Check out the gorgeous







RELEASE DATE:  10th December 2015

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Sweet Soul cover


Sweet Home Collage

amazon us | amazon uk | ibooks | our review

amazon us amazon uk | itunes | our review 

amazon us | amazon  uk ibooks | our review 

amazon us  amazon  uk | ibooks | our review

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amazon us amazon uk | our review



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amazon us || amazon uk | ibooks |our review

Pre order for 10th November release
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hangmen series pic
amazon  us | amazon uk | ibooks | our review

amazon us | amazon uk || ibooks | our review

amazon us | amazon uk  | ibooks |our Review

Releasing 2015


Tillie Cole Author Pic

Tillie Cole is a Northern girl through and through. She originates from a place called Teesside on that little but awesomely sunny (okay I exaggerate) Isle called Great Britain. She was brought up surrounded by her English rose mother — a farmer’s daughter, her crazy Scottish father, a savagely sarcastic sister and a multitude of rescue animals and horses.

Connect with Tillie
Blog || Facebook || Twitter || Goodreads

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A Standalone non conventional ‘love story’ and it’s definitely NOT a fairytale!

Love 14th October


Before you dive into this story, I need you to promise me something. I need you to promise me just this one thing and I believe you’re one of those people that keeps their promises.
Okay, now it’s done.
You, my dear reader, just promise me not to hate him.
See, he really didn’t have a choice. Well, maybe he did in eyes of some people, but in his, he didn’t, and I’m sure he considered every other way, every other angle. But in the end it all came to this.
And I’m glad, I’m so fucking glad that he chose that direction. That he chose to go down that route.
Because he saved me.
He saved me from pain.
He saved me from misery.
He saved me from becoming something I always despised.
But first…
He gave me love.
He gave me happiness.
He gave me freedom.
He helped me to become the best of me.
And for that I’m grateful.

Mia Stone doesn’t look for attachments, in fact, she doesn’t look for anything serious at all. Serious means losing something. She’s already lost enough and she doesn’t want to lose…again.
Living her life as free and simple as she can, she’s following her own rules.
But everything changes when the mysterious and sexy Dylan Heart comes crashing into her life. And just like that, he tears down the walls that she’s built up solidly for so long. Brick by brick he’s getting closer and closer to her heart, but he’s not the only one, and he’s aware of his competition. Jason, Mia’s friend, hopes for more even though he’s trying to just be a friend.
Will they break through? Will they be able to crush and break the walls of her stubborn heart?
Which ONE is going to break through?
Will they save her from her fear to commit or is the commitment going to end them all?

You are about to dive into a non-convectional love story. One that doesn’t hold a fairytale ending, so if you are on the softer side move on to your next read and save yourself a box of tissues.

This book contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language and may be inappropriate or offensive to some readers. It is intended for readers over 18+ 

  * * * *


Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny

Please note the spoiler warning below:
We feel we needed to include one spoiler in our review as this particular theme could be a big trigger for some readers. We have noted it accordingly for those who do not wish to read the spoiler.

1.5 ‘for Jason and the prologue‘ stars

We can’t describe the excitement we felt diving into this story! The synopsis for L.O.V.E grabbed us and the prologue got us completely worked up. It was fabulous and so very promising. We had a feeling that this was going to be an outstanding winner.


‘Before you dive into this story, I need you to promise me something. I need you to promise me just one this one thing and I believe you’re one of those people that keeps their promises.

Okay, now it’s done.

You, my dear reader, just promise me not to hate him.

See, he really didn’t have a choice…..’

As we read the excitement slowly turned into complete frustration. The editing was subpar – now we know that this was an advance reading copy – however – the grammatical errors and incorrect word usage was in abundance. The story just didn’t flow – it jumped forward within the chapter – sometimes months at a time and the past/present tense was all over the place.  Now, we can overlook poor editing to a certain degree for a story that in itself shines through. Especially one we truly feel in our hearts, believe in and has our hearts pumping in excitement or overwhelmed by emotion. Sadly, L.O.V.E was not that kind of story for us. In fact we still can’t believe what we read and our phone lines are still burning from our heated discussions on characters and storyline. Now, don’t get us wrong – we couldn’t DNF this story for love nor money and that is a positive factor in a sea of hot mess which had us rolling our eyes and wanting to stop reading so many times.

‘What if I just met someone that is as distant as me, as scared as me to let it go and feel? How do I deal with it? How do we both deal with it?’

The characters Dylan and Mia were two of the most unlikeable characters we’ve ever come across. Particularly Mia. But then again, we didn’t at any point get to know them so who knows if they had any redeeming qualities. We were meant to feel sorry for them both, for different reasons, but we couldn’t. Both Mia and Dylan were cold, emotionless, detached and somewhat aggressive people. They both had narcissistic personalities and had no real compassion nor decency in them. Yes Dylan – the underground prime fighter slash billionaire CEO – had a loving relationship with his adoptive parents after being abandoned as a baby, but we barely saw this vulnerable side to him. Instead we saw this side mostly…

‘That’s all she is to me, a fucking dog that will come back to you with a Frisbee even if you throw it far away.’

Both Mia and Dylan treated other people appallingly with no gracious side to them at all. As readers, in order to sympathise, we need to know our characters, you can definitely have a character be a real bitch or bastard but we need to have been shown some kind of vulnerability and remorse for behaviours, not just paint a dark cold shadow from which there’s no turning back. We’ve liked plenty of them in the past but these two, wow, no way.

‘I will break her. I will get to her. I will make her want me as much as I want her. Period.’

Mia Stone is a tattooist and we loved having a cool and tough heroine in that respect; she was a sex maniac due to a very traumatic past one that was revealed very late in the story. She slept around like a bit of a male slapper. Okay, well this is out of our reading norm so we actually thought, nice change! Sadly though, she was completely overwritten – to the extent that we ended up hating her which made us indifferent to where the story eventually went. Her treatment of the third party in this story, Jason – a beautiful man from what we experienced – was inexcusable. In some respects we would have loved his POV to feel some actual emotion in this story.

“You’re breaking him. “

We have no problems with love triangles, however, if you write one, make it emotional, make the heroine/hero question themselves appropriately. Make him/her wrestle with their conscience not shag one whilst still warm from the shag of the other. And on that note….

This book is all about sex, which is fair enough, again not an issue. But it has to be matched with a well written story-line. Descriptive nookie is also great to read if you’re in that kind of mood but when you find out where the story is going, if you’re like us, you’ll want to take a shower! ** SPOILER AHEAD**On that note step-sister is not blood related whereas half-sister i.e. you share a parent – is! **END OF SPOILER**

‘For the first time in my life I want something, I want, I crave someone. I want somebody, no scratch that…I want her.’

Due to the characters distance and coldness as well as the sheer lack of emotion for us as readers; by the time we reached the end we sadly didn’t feel any emotion at all. In some respects we breathed a sigh of relief. We couldn’t put it down though so there was something in the story that kept us going until the end but wow it made us furious. Ultimately we need to connect to the hero and/or heroine in a story and we really couldn’t here so this was a dilemma for us.

**Reviewed from an ARC copy provided by the author, with thanks**

  * * * *

Releasing 14th October – Available for Pre Order
amazon us | amazon uk 
Love 14th October





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