Standalone Emotional suspenseful MM romance

Undercover police officer Kell has crossed the line. He’s become trapped in an abusive relationship with his violent thug of a boss and sees no way back without wrecking months of work. The hope of ever being involved with someone who respects him seems a distant dream.
Private investigator Gethin is depressed that the bulk of his work involves following unfaithful partners. He knows just what it’s like to be cheated on. Even worse, his relationship with his ex is complicated and Gethin can see no way of breaking free of a guy who so desperately needs him.
A chance encounter brings Kell and Gethin together, entwining their lives with secrets and danger. They both have reasons to keep things casual. But there are consequences to zipless fucks. Not only do they have to survive people trying to kill them, they need to trust each other and keep their wits about them, while ensuring their hearts stay intact.

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Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

“Just don’t break me…”
“I doubt I could break you. But I’d always put you back together.”

It’s been a while since we’ve picked up a Barbara Elsborg book and from the very first chapter, we were reminded of why we adore this author’s work as much as we do. Whether it’s M/F or M/M there is a sadness and despair to her stories that’s always alleviated in some ways by the injection of acerbic, sarcastic witty inner monologue or banter. She has a gift of injecting slivers of light into the darkness, sadness and vulnerability of her characters and Drawn In displayed this talent perfectly.

Kell, and Gethin were such tortured and lonely characters, giving the story an overall feeling of melancholy. Our hearts truly ached for them both. Both men carried the scars, pain and liabilities of their past. They came across as such lost souls we could feel their loneliness and imminent connection through the pages.

“You can’t keep me safe, but you can keep me strong.”

Kell is an undercover cop, trying to crack open a case that sees him being treated in the most deplorable manner by the cruel, second in command of a criminal ring.  Geez, did this guy have us on the edge of our seat and our hearts in pieces. He deserved some happiness through his bleakness.

Gethin is working as undercover Private Investigator uncovering cheating partners, a far cry from his previous life as a guitarist in a successful band, when he stumbles upon a job that has him questioning his safety yet answering his natural inquisitive nature to delve further into what lies beneath what initially appeared to be a woman wanting to catch her husband being unfaithful. All is definitely not as it seems on the surface. Gethin himself is trapped in an unorthodox relationship with his ex-boyfriend that sees him staying with Johnny due to some form of guilt and misplaced loyalty. Boy did this guy have a big, beautiful heart!

Gethin and Kell meet at a party being catered by Gethin’s friend, and instant and intense sexual attraction is felt between the two men. They scratch an itch, and both not wanting a relationship, agree to meet for sex, their ‘own form of Grindr’ to hook up when the mood strikes. Purely casual sex without any sort of commitment.

However, soon lines become blurred, paths are crossed and lives become threatened and we are taken on a scorching, emotional and suspenseful journey of two men finding tenderness and a fragment of normalcy out of the chaos and unpredictability that is their lives.

“You made me smile when I thought I’d forgotten how.”

We were holding our breaths, our stomach were in knots, our hearts pounding as Barbara Elsborg put them, and our nerves, through their paces. Our hopes and dreams for Kell and Gethin were paramount in our hearts throughout Drawn In. As stated earlier, Barbara expertly mixes dark and sexy with light and emotional and the comedic banter and witty inner monologue of Kell and Gethin in the direst of circumstances provided a reprieve from the torment these characters experienced.

“I need you to help me forget, not remember,” Kell whispered. “Can we just have that? For a few hours?”

We were held captive by Barbara Elsborg’s words, imprisoned by the riveting, thrilling and suspense of the story, whilst finding the emotion, passion and connection between the characters gripping. Oh talk about edge of the seat stuff! Drawn In was most definitely an enthralling, emotional  and addictive read.

4 Stars


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A sexy, naughty, emotional and fun standalone sports romance…


At a boxing gym in Chicago, Mary Monahan accidentally knocks out the most handsome man she’s ever met. After she wakes him up with a few slaps and some smelling salts, the very first thing he does is ask her out for ribs and beer. His name is Jimmy. He looks like a Gillette model. And he’s just too hunky to resist.

Jimmy “The Falcon” Falconi is mystified that Mary has absolutely no idea who he is. Mystified and refreshed. He is, after all, not your everyday NFL quarterback. He shops at Costco, has a soft spot for Pinterest, and is in the midst of an epic losing streak.

Jimmy falls for Mary fast and hard, the way he does everything—balls out and like it’s fourth and long. And he realizes he’s finally met his match. That stamina he’s so proud of? Doesn’t stand a chance against her Kegels.

But what they don’t know is she’s also his new physical therapist, recently hired by the Bears to work on his rotator cuff…and groin injury. If she can’t help him, he’ll be traded faster than they can say “offensive penetration.”

In spite of the thousands of internet memes featuring Jimmy’s face with captions like: “HEY GIRL, WANT TO TOUCH MY BALLS?” Mary finds herself falling for him and his unrelenting desire to make her his.

Until a toddler shows up at Jimmy’s door.

And throws their lives into total chaos.


To the reader: Sweet. Safe. HEA. This is a comedy that gets very dirty, so be advised. Other tasters’ notes: Hints of honey and champagne. And a feisty little dog named Frankie Knuckles.

Hail Mary is available to purchase below

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Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

“I need you more than you can possibly understand. I need you with me. I want you with me. By my fucking side, in my bed, in my life. On the road. The plane. Not just to fuck. Not just to get dirty. But I need you to let me love you I need you to let me unleash on you. I can’t be polite about it much longer.”

We’ve been on such a book high since finishing Hail Mary!  This book made us feel so bloody happy as we lost ourselves completely to Jimmy and Mary’s story, easily declaring it to be our favourite sports romance of the year.  

“You know you can tell me to step back, but I can’t. And I won’t. And I never will. Because you’re all fucking mine and that’s how it is.” ‘All fucking mine.’

Hail Mary encompassed everything we love in a good sport romance, and even convinced us of the insta love connection between Jimmy and Mary; something we often find difficult to feel and believe. Not so in this case. We felt the intense passion, we believed the unbreakable bond and we lived and breathed the love between these two from the outset.

“The earth will pivot on this. The sun will rise and set on this.”

All too often we find the ‘sports‘ element to be lacking in sports romance, and whilst we may not understand all the ins and outs of NFL, that doesn’t stop us wanting to soak up the ambiance of the event as though we’re sitting in the stands feeling the nervous anticipation with our hero and heroine. It’s an important factor for us and this author brought this aspect well and truly to fruition, much to our delight.

Break the rules for me. Please.”

Nicola Rendell managed to deliver the perfect balance of explosive chemistry, naturally funny moments, swoony sweet, ridiculously sexy and abundant emotion to Hail Mary. We swooned over Jimmy, we fell in love with Mary, we giggled over her friendship with Bridget, we lost our hearts to little Annie and we howled with laughter at Frankie Knuckles, (pun intended) that cute little canine! Nicola’s comedic timing is spot on and so effortless. Not once did it feel forced, flowing easily between all characters=and many a time, this author had us in fits!

AndWe’re ruined! Completely and utterly ruined by one Mr James (Jimmy) Falconi! This guy was THE package (with quite the package!) – this sexy, alpha, dirty talking, possessive, protective Quarterback with a vulnerable and sweet side and a penchant for Pinterest, Costco, children and dogs melted our hearts…and our knickers! Wowsers! Jimmy wasn’t afraid to say and show exactly how he felt and constantly had us swooning, fanning ourselves and even tearing up once or twice….In the words of Mary…… ‘He wanted to sweep me off my feet. I’d say I’m already airborne.’

“Get ready, because I’m going to kiss you.”
“I’m ready.” I take the buttons of his Henley in my fist and pull him closer.
“You fucking better be.”

Mary was such a gorgeous and relatable heroine. Despite issues from her past, she was plucky, strong, funny and so honest, never the victim. There was no messing about with Mary, she didn’t dwell and never once did she frustrate us. We got her. We understood her and we adored her! We related to the spirit and bond of her and Bridget’s friendship. These girls were so warm and friendly and such a hoot!

Whilst the sex was off the charts hot, it was the connection between Jimmy and Mary that grabbed us in Hail Mary. We expected a light-hearted and steamy romp, and it was certainly that, but it was also a whole lot more as well! There was one scene in particular where the emotion completely overrode the physical and it was beautiful, it was heartfelt and it cemented our belief in Mary and Jimmy.

“Where have you been all my life?” …..And then her eyes meet mine, which is when she says one word. The perfect thing.

To say we enjoyed Hail Mary is an understatement! Sometimes it’s the easiest reads that bring the most enjoyment, the most effortless entertainment for the reader; such was the case with Hail Mary, and we make that summation in the most positive and flattering of ways, because we know the work involved in making a story come across this way.  Nicola Rendell is proving herself to be such a versatile and talented author. We’ve loved all her characters and enjoy the fact that friendships bear as much importance as the romance factor in her stories, it’s something we love. We enjoyed Professed, we really, really liked Confessed and now we’ve been completely bowled over by Hail Mary. Watching this author evolve is extremely exciting and you can bet we’ll be grabbing anything this lady produces. Nicola Rendell well and truly has us under her storytelling spell!

Oh and note to Nicola Rendell from TBB: Please! Please! Please! Write Bridget’s book!



More TBB Recommendations by Nicola


PROFESSED – Standalone

At a secret masked ball at Yale, Naomi Costa is literally swept off her stiletto-blistered feet by a man with a killer jawline, a perfect body, and an even-better kiss. They bust out of an emergency exit and have axis-shaking sex. He pours whiskey in her belly button and after they run out of condoms, they have to get creative. That kind of sex.
The next day, she learns that he is none other than Dr. Benjamin Beck, a brand new member of the Yale faculty and the hottest thing to happen to academia since… well, ever. She has to take his damned junior seminar to graduate, but it gets worse. He’s also her College Master: her boss, her advisor, her everything. And he’s just moved in, right downstairs.
They can’t stay away from each other. They’re either fusion or fission or both. They’re making out in libraries, hiding notes between stones, and sneaking off to nautically themed AirBnbs. Hear that sound? It’s the academic code of ethics going up in flames.
If they’re found out, he’ll lose his job and his reputation. She’ll lose her scholarship and be forced to return to the life of lobster fishing that she thought she’d escaped.
And they will be found out, yes they will.
So what the hell are they going to do?

Professed is Available to purchase below 

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CONFESSED – Standalone 


Lucy Burchett is the heiress to a notoriously disastrous family, and she’s left home for good. But when she runs a big, black pickup off the road, totaling it, she finds herself stuck in the middle of nowhere with the driver. He’s got a body to die for and a hair-trigger temper. Vince Russo looks like a felon, but he’s also pretty funny. He’s on the lam from the cops… and a psychopathic, Russian mob boss who wants to put his balls on a barbeque. Literally.
After a night of ill-advised cocktails and bathroom-wrecking sex, Vince just can’t get Lucy off his mind. But he’s got plans to rob her. And Lucy’s life is about to get a little bit criminal too.
But can a bad boy and a good girl really escape from their troubles together? Can they trust each other at all?
In the steady march of disasters that follow them west, they fight and they laugh. They tease and they’re tender. They’re either oil and water, or chocolate and peanut butter.
Except, they can’t run from the real world forever. And there’s a hell of a surprise in store for both of them…

Professed is Available to purchase below:

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Emotional second chance at love romance – ongoing series.
‘A love story of two broken hearts that find each other…and try to become a whole…’
Currently Only 99c/99p




I fell in love when I was 16.
I married him.
I thought life was good.
Now he’s dying.

I married an addict.
I didn’t know it at the time.
She hid it well.
Now she could die.

When Bernadette—Birdie—Chapman and Beck Griffin meet in grief counseling they have an instant connection. For Birdie, it’s a comfort to share her feelings with someone who knows what she’s going through. For Beck, it’s an outlet, someone who understands his anger.

But neither is prepared when they fall in love.

And the guilt is almost too much to bear.

Thursdays—a love story of two broken hearts that find each other…and try to become a whole…

Available to purchase below for ONLY 99c/99p

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* * * *

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

4.5 stars

“When you fall in love, it should be a happy time, yeah?”
“Well, yeah.”
“This isn’t the ideal situation, is it? We’re dealing with something unknown here.”

When we read the synopsis for Thursdays, we were instantly gripped, knowing we had to read this book…straight away! It’s a compelling synopsis and we’re glad to say the story lived up to it.  We were in the mood for a read with lots of heart, relatable characters, we needed drama but didn’t want unnecessary, Kindle throwing angst nor did we relish being left in a depressed state. We wanted to relate to the characters and needed to be hooked from start to finish and Thursdays by Harper Bentley delivered exactly that. Birdie and Beck’s story was engrossing, sad and beautiful.

‘I’d been blinded by love and trusting to a fault.’

Despite the tone of the story, Thursdays wasn’t a gloomy read. It flowed perfectly and really tugged at our heartstrings yet at the same time, this was easy reading; we say that in the sincerest and most flattering of ways because there was nothing too over the top about Beck and Birdie’s story. Considering the subject matter, this could have easily been a heavy, maudlin read but Harper Bentley dealt out the emotion in this story of fate, grief and love without undue heaviness.

“How do things get so screwed up?”

Beck and Bernadette’s (Birdies) stories somewhat paralleled one another leading to them meeting in a hospital stairwell under the most saddest and painful of circumstances.  Was it fate? Now 24, Beck is dealing with the fact his wife, Sonya was an addict and living on borrowed time, but revelations about Sonya meant Becks had some tough decisions to make about their life together.

‘I felt a place in my heart close off the more she talked. I didn’t want it to happen. It just did. I’d never forget that feeling.’

24 year old Birdie fell head over heels in love with Mason when she was 16, he was 17. High school sweethearts who married and were very much in love. Then, the fateful day came and their world falls apart when Mason is told he has a tumour which will quite possibly kill him.

“So, Bernadette Chapman, other than the fact that your life is falling apart, what else is new?”

Birdie has been a tower of strength, holding it together in the Doctor’s office with Mason when it all becomes too much and she flees to have a minute on her own and instead, falls apart and finds comfort in a perfect stranger, Beck Griffin.  They later meet at a grief counselling session run by the hospital. A friendship and then deeper feelings develop causing them to feel a mixture of happiness and guilt. Each becomes the other’s lifeline in a time of sorrow, pain and hurt and anguish.

‘When someone has fallen out of love with you, how do you stop doing the same on your end? It’s not a faucet. You can’t just twist the handle and turn it off.’

Beck and Birdie were such fabulous characters and our hearts went out to them. We never once questioned their sincerity and we loved their honesty. Beck was mix of alpha bluntness, sweetness and strength displaying vulnerability and flaws. He felt real and was exactly what Birdie needed. Birdie was sweet, strong, patient and so understanding. No matter how many times she was knocked down, Birdie dusted herself off and got on with it.

“Yeah, well, you’ve gotta laugh, right? The alternative is being curled up in a ball in a corner, huh?”

Thursdays was our first read by Harper Bentley and it won’t be our last! We adored her writing style and the way she immediately drew us into her story and into the hearts of her characters. We felt for them and we believed in them and couldn’t put this book down, finishing it in one sitting. We are now desperate to get our hands on Mondays early next year to see how Beck and Birdie’s story plays out. An engrossing, heartbreaking yet heart-warming read. A story of hope and love. What could be better?

Mondays (The conclusion) due for release early 2017



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It’s been another busy week at TBB as we’ve rounded up the New Releases, added loads of fabulous books to our Upcoming Releases Page, and scoured Bookworld for some amazing 99c/99p books to our Ebook Sales Page, just for you!

Not only that, but we’ve been enjoying some really good reads which you can check out below!


oneONE(Love by Numbers 5) by E.S. CARTER

Standalone MM sweet, sexy and passionate romance.

“Love; it’s precious, it’s life. Never take it for granted.”

One click.
One perfect frame.
That’s all it takes to capture an eternal moment; although most people let them pass by without acknowledgement.
I don’t waste any.
Not a single one.
If I see something of beauty, I want to experience it, feel it and immortalise it.
If I see someone of beauty, I want to taste them, worship them and memorise them.
I don’t have a type, if I like you, I like you.
I don’t have a preference.
My bisexuality is a gift, not a defect.
It’s the freedom to see beyond gender.
One blink.
One touch.
One night.
Life is filled with so many ones.
One chance to get things right.
One life to live as you choose.
One decision that gives you acceptance.
One person to fill the emptiness.
Just one?
Nah, like I said, life is full of ones.
My camera lets me focus on the good times; I develop from life’s negatives and if things don’t work out, I just take another shot.
Who needs just one?

Available to purchase below (4 Star review to come)

purchase link small          purchase link small



Emotional second chance at love romance – ongoing two boo series.

‘A love story of two broken hearts that find each other…and try to become a whole…’

I fell in love when I was 16.
I married him.
I thought life was good.
Now he’s dying.
I married an addict.
I didn’t know it at the time.
She hid it well.
Now she could die.
When Bernadette—Birdie—Chapman and Beck Griffin meet in grief counseling they have an instant connection. For Birdie, it’s a comfort to share her feelings with someone who knows what she’s going through. For Beck, it’s an outlet, someone who understands his anger.
But neither is prepared when they fall in love.
And the guilt is almost too much to bear.
Thursdays—a love story of two broken hearts that find each other…and try to become a whole…

Available to purchase below: (4.5 Star Review to come)

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Standalone in a series : Second chance, friends to lovers

‘…the boy with the bruised face looked up, looked right at the stairway, and saw me. I didn’t understand how, because in a house often filled with voices and people and even when it was silent and nearly empty, no one really saw me. But this boy did.’


Available to purchase below

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Standalone sweet and beautiful forbidden romance

‘We were tangled, chaotic perfection, a frantic, flawless mess.’


Available to purchase below:

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Standalone in a series. Emotional second chance romance with a comedic bite.

‘She killed everything we could have been. She stopped the wonderful.’


Available to purchase below

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Standalone in a series : Second chance, friends to lovers



From the # 1 New York Times and International bestselling author, Jennifer L. Armentrout writing as J.Lynn, comes a richly moving story about heartbreak and guilt, second chances and hope. Full of familiar, fan-favorite characters and no two people more deserving of a happy ending, Fire In You will burn bright beyond the last page…

Jillian Lima’s whole world was destroyed in a span of a few hours. The same night her childhood love, Brock ‘the Beast’ Mitchell, broke her heart, her life was irrevocably altered by the hand of a stranger with a gun. It takes six years to slowly glue together the shattered pieces of her life, but Jillian is finally ready to stop existing in a past full of pain and regret. She takes a job at her father’s martial arts Academy and she’s going out on her first date since a failed relationship that was more yuck than yum. Jillian is determined to start living.

She just never expected Brock to be a part of her life again. But he’s firmly back in her life before she knows it, and not only is he older, he’s impossibly more handsome, more teasing and more everything. And when he sees Jillian, he’s no longer capable of thinking of her as the little girl who was his shadow growing up or the daughter of the man who gave him a second chance at life. He sees the woman who’d always been there for him, the one person who believed in him no matter what.

Brock knows she’s the one he should’ve made his, and what begins as a tentative friendship quickly turns to red-hot chemistry that sparks a flame that burns brighter than lust. Falling for Brock again risks more than her heart, because when the past sorrow-filled and guilt-ridden past resurfaces, and a web of lies threatens to rip them apart, the fallout could lay waste to everything they’ve fought to build together, and destroy the dreams of those they care most about.

Fire In You is available to purchase below

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Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny

 ‘…the boy with the bruised face looked up, looked right at the stairway, and saw me. I didn’t understand how, because in a house often filled with voices and people and even when it was silent and nearly empty, no one really saw me. But this boy did.’

What an emotional, passionate and at times distressing second chance romance, Fire in you was. It had us riveted and we fell in love with Jillian and Brock. Whilst this is part of a series, it can definitely be read as a standalone, yet it’ll make you want to binge read every book if you haven’t already. We’ve read previous books in this series and loved being back with those characters.

‘…it had unlocked something inside me, something I’d long since thought was dead. The desire to start really living again.’

A young girl falls in love with an older boy, who got his second chance at life, and she becomes his relentless shadow for years to come, with her heart falling more and more in love. Sadly, her heart is left bruised on the floor and circumstances beyond anyone’s control sees horrific tragedy and destruction which leaves her heart and very being, shattered.

“I can’t…I can’t remember the last time I saw you smile.”

Jillian, in many respects, has it all. A large and loving family, caring friends and fabulous prospects in life. Sadly, her path doesn’t fall in line and it all begins with her heart wanting what it wants. We loved Jillian, she’s recovering and coming to terms with the after effects of great trauma, yet still hasn’t actually fully resolved and overcome what happened and the consequences. It takes Brock, her childhood friend and owner of her heart, to come back into her life for everything to be laid out and for conflict and past issues to be resolved. Albeit reluctant, and somewhat unwilling.

‘Talking about Brock brought forth a lot of wonderful memories at the same time that it dragged up things I didn’t want to deal with.’

Brock is a bit of an enigma, yet slowly we learn about him from Jillian’s POV and through her, we too fell in love. He came from a traumatic childhood and was accepted into a stranger’s home and given a second chance at living. Brock stole our hearts and despite the drama, and us completely understanding Jillian, we felt for this guy and understood his reasons and behaviour. Whilst we were never in his head it was very clear what he felt and what he wanted and at no time did we doubt his intentions nor his heart. Sometimes time heals and furthers understanding. Sometimes the heart reminds us of what it wants and rejects everything else. Sometimes it takes others to see what we cannot.

“It’s a second chance for us.”

So much guilt, repressed memories and broken hearts. So much strength, healing and love. This story had it all and we dare you to not fall in love with Brock and Jillian. Our hearts broke, soared – cried and rejoiced. A beautiful and sexy second chance love story that’ll melt your heart, yet set fire to it in the same breath.

“That smile is nothing to ever be ashamed of. It’s a smile to be fucking proud of.”

 4 Stars



WAIT FOR YOU – Book #1
Amazon US || Amazon UK | Our Review

*BE WITH ME – Book #2
Amazon US | Amazon UK 

*STAY WITH ME – Book #3
Amazon US | Amazon UK 

*FALL WITH ME – Book #4
Amazon US | Amazon UK |

Amazon US | Amazon UK 

*FIRE IN YOU – Book #6
Amazon US | Amazon UK 

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