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Mile High (Up In the Air #2) by R.K. Lilley


James and Bianca’s tumultuous story continues in the sequel to In Flight.

James has initiated Bianca into a dark and drugging world of passion and pain. He taught her about her own submissive, masochistic nature, and she fell swiftly and deeply in love with the undeniably charming and impossibly beautiful Mr. Cavendish, but a painful misunderstanding and the return of the brutally violent demon of her past have combined to overwhelm Bianca, and, confused and hurt, she pushes him away. 

It’s been over a month since the shocking attack that hospitalized her, and since she told a distraught James that she needed space, but her feelings haven’t gone away. Even she knew that it was only a matter of time before he would cast his spell on her again…

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

Gitte: 3.5/4 stars
Jenny 3.5/4 stars

Gitte: How much were we dying to get onto book #2 in this trilogy Jenny?! Seriously I could not get enough Mr. James Cavendish…yum…and there was a bit of a cliff-hanger in book #1!! Oh, actually before I say anything else, we can’t forget to say that readers definitely need to read book #1 ‘In Flight’ before moving onto this one as it picks up a few weeks after and the story line won’t make much sense otherwise. So moving on, I’ve been sat here thinking how to write down my thoughts without giving spoilers…tough one Jenny, what do you think?

Jenny:   We sure were GG!  In fact we were going to read a different book in between In Flight and this one but we just couldn’t wait  We wanted more of Mr Cavendish and wow, we got plenty of him!  Absolutely agree  – make sure you read In Flight before moving onto this one .

Agree GG, this is a tough one to review without giving anything away.

Gitte: Okay so this is definitely a very erotic and emotional continuation of Bianca and James’ story and can I just say Thank God for horses. Despite being absolutely petrified of them, I suddenly have the URGE to go horse riding especially if I am treated to a ride Cavendish style! HOT!!!

Jenny:   OMG! I don’t’ think I can proceed any further without saying that if I hear a neigh within fifty feet of me I think I will combust! True story – that had to have been one of the most erotic scenes I’ve read in a long time! Giddy up!!! 

Gitte: We start off with Bianca recovering from something that happened in book #1 as well as nursing a broken heart, keeping away from James (how? she has got some serious iron will and unwillingness to boot!) and back to flying the friendly skies (umm yeah, that’s the clean version!). James is so desperate to see Bianca again and will pretty much do anything to get her back. Can I just say that it wouldn’t take much for me here…a call would suffice! After a change of heart Bianca decides she is ready again and their hot emotional journey begins once more as Bianca is unable to resist the intense attraction, the charm of the man…and…cue horse riding…sorry I just had to get that in there again Jenny.

Jenny:    I’ll say, I think I would have broken long before Bianca did! A phone call and a “wanna come over and wash my car and do my laundry” would have been enough to get me running back to Mr Cavendish!  But our girl Bianca definitely has an iron will and makes than man work for it! Good for you Bianca!   When she does give in, oh boy does it heat up FAST!  Oh you can go down that horse riding path anytime you want GG….I’ll never tire of thinking about it – I practically ran down my kindle battery with the amount of times I re-read that scene! Did someone just turn up the heating in here?

Gitte:   Now James, he is LUSH, no doubt, LOVED him in book #1. We got to know him a bit better in this one and we clearly see that this man has two opposing sides. He loves and protects fiercely, almost obsessively so. He is a strong sometimes harsh dominant; he needs complete control in and out the bedroom. Yet there is some kind of sadness about him…a vulnerability that affects his relationship as we experience his fears for Bianca, her safety and his fear of her leaving him. He has an amazing loyalty and openness…if shared in return. Actually he is a pretty remarkable man overall.  However, I have to say here Jenny that one line he said in this book grossed me out completely and I had a real problem with it. I think this line unfortunately affected my view of him for a while after, but this is most probably personal to me though! What do you think Jenny? I know I sent you a text immediately when I read it….

Jenny:    Okay, you know I LOVED James and I still do but have to agree with you on that line.  As soon as you sent me a text about a certain  line that made you shudder I responded back as soon as I got to it – I knew exactly which one it was because it had the same effect on me.

It wasn’t just that.  Now, I love me some hot alpha, possessive male and our Mr Cavendish it that and more, but  I have to say, in this one I found James just a little to extreme in his actions.   He was still hot, sexual, alpha James  but a few times I just thought, in a couple of instances, that he went a little overboard.

itte:   Overall I have to admit that I loved book #1 but book #2 fell just a bit short for me. It had a lot of repetition such as Bianca’s family history which was relayed word for word again. Don’t get me wrong I really did enjoyed this story, I loved that we got to know the characters better, (James’ story was horrific!), saw their hidden depths and yes we did move on in their journey. There just wasn’t enough, we didn’t quite get there. Also, I think James and Bianca both annoyed me a little in this installment some of the traits were just too much for me at times. I will say though that I cannot wait for book #3 as I am desperate to know more and find out how it all ends, I am crossing everything for a HEA here. I am sure it will be explosive (in more ways than one)! Oh and can I just say that I absolutely adore and LOVE Stephan, and the snippets we got with him and his man were yummy…more Stephan please!!

Jenny:   Have to agree with you on all the above GG.  I absolutely LOVED book #1 – and whilst I really did enjoy this one it didn’t quite stack up to In Flight for me.

I enjoyed the unravelling of their pasts and James’s story was horrific indeed.  It just left me wanting whereas In Flight left me totally satisfied.   I found James and Bianca’s actions and reactions just a bit extreme at times.
I was hoping for more of Stephan too but I’m sure we’ll be delving into a whole lot more in book 3 and for that reason and more I can’t wait for the release of that book!
I’m really intrigued to how this story will progress and I’m definitely addicted to this series that’s for sure!



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Wallbanger by Alice Clayton


Gitte: 4.5 stars/Jenny: 4.5 Stars

Gitte: No doubt Jenny…funniest book I have read in a very long time. Again, one of those that needs to come with the warning of: “You will make a fool of yourself in public when you pee yourself from laughing”! I knew it probably would be from the start, as The Redhead Series by Alice had me in absolute *swoony stitches*. Alice writes characters that are cheeky, funny, unassuming, clever and sexy. There are no excessive frills, which is actually rather refreshing as it makes the characters that much more down to earth, lovable and attainable. Got to say though that ‘Clive the cat’ deserves to grace the cover on this one, as to me, he stole the show so many times!

Jenny:  Haha! You’re so right Gitte, this should definitely come with some sort of warning LOL.   There were parts of this book where I had to put my kindle down and wipe tears away from crying with laughter. It was hilarious. I’m sure it’s because Alice somehow manages to exaggerate real life situation and you can relate to them so well – she gets us to see the funny side of life and it’s such a joy to read her books.  The Redhead Series was one of my fave reads this year and I knew this one would rate up there as well, what I didn’t expect was for a cat called Clive to steal the show! Funniest thing ever! I’m not a cat person, but I was considering buying myself one the next day! 😉
Gitte: I loved our main characters; Simon and Caroline. Simon was LUSH, I fell in lust and love…I mean he is the wallbanger!! He had me in stitches, he was yummy and he came across real! Oh and he had this weird addiction to baked goods which was beyond odd yet hilarious!

“I’m in BA. Bakers Anonymous over at the bakery on Pine….There’s a better one over on Market, but I can’t go to that one anymore. I got in trouble for fondling buns” – Simon
“Thif if mine righ?” – Simon spraying crumbs everywhere
“How do you function in normal society?” – Caroline
Caroline was sweet, so funny and I adored her. Again, written so brilliantly that I really connected with her character.
“And for the record, I’d rather staple my head to the wall than make magic with you again” – Caroline

The whole KitchenAid porn thing Caroline had going was hilarious…and I don’t cook nor do I know my way round kitchen appliances but I kind of want one now!!

Jenny: Me too! What great characters! All of them! Right down to Clive! I just adore Alice’s witty humour – it floors me. This was such a light, fun read. It’s the little quips of Alice’s that you always promise yourself you’ll remember in her books – she always has such warm, funny and sexy characters.
“Pushing thoughts of spanking Simon from my mind –
“Spanking Simon….great name for a band”

Seriously Gitte, what’s not to love about Simon? Mr Wallbanger is simply D.I.V.I.N.E!  Strong jaw, lick able lips, messy hair, tall, good looking and ummmm yeah, great between the sheets yes siree, our leading man was delectable alright.
I absolutely connected with Caroline.  She was such a wonderful, funny, sweet character that you couldn’t help but love.

Gitte:    The story line was light, funny and sexy. Caroline has just moved into a new apartment with her cat Clive. She soon discovers that her bed is up against the bedroom wall of her very noisy neighbour…His bedroom antics earning him the nickname Wallbanger.

Caroline is sexually frustrated to say the least. She lost her “O” to a ‘knob’ named Cory and the fact that she has to listen to Wallbanger every night with Clive the cat does not make Caroline a happy bunny!! Neither does it make Clive a very happy ummm cat…

Clive the cat: He stalked the room, pacing back and forth in front of the wall playing it cool. When Purina began her meows he couldn’t contain himself. He launched towards the wall…..he serenaded her with some weird kind of kitty Barry White”

Caroline is of course intrigued as to what Wallbanger looks like, yet never seems to catch him in person.

Have you seen this guy yet?” – Mimi
Nope. My peephole is getting a workout though” – Caroline
“Glad to hear at least one hole is getting some round here” – Sophia
During one classic scene they come face to face under a funny circumstance and the journey of Wallbanger and Pink Nightie girl begins.
The “Did someone order Pad Thai?” scene had me laughing so hard I had to stop, tears running down my face!! Oh and Clive the cat…he really did throw himself right in between Simon and Caroline with hilarious consequences!
“Huh that’s weird” – Simon (Simon unfolding his sweatshirt)
“What’s weird?” – Caroline
“It’s wet?” – Simon
Oh no…Clive you little shit…..I’m so sorry he has this thing about marking his territory…so sorry” – Caroline
If you say sorry one more time I’m gonna go find something of yours and pee on it, I swear” – Simon
“Okay that’s just gross” – Caroline

The sexual tension between Simon and Caroline stretched almost that little bit too far for me and more than once I thought ‘oh come the eff on, just get it on already’. But… and this is a huge but…it actually worked!

“I like that we’re taking things slow. You give good woo” – Caroline

Jenny: I think you’ve covered it all there Gitte. The story centres around Caroline who is in desperate search of her “O” which is missing in action and her journey to discover it again provides some good laughs along the way.
“I decided to treat Lower Caroline to a nice long session of self-love, accented by everyone’s favourite fantasy lover, Geroge Clooney aka Dr Ross”

Her inner thoughts just cracked me up – on Clive the cat after a hilarious incident “If Clive could have put on a mini smoking jacket, he would have”

Gitte: I loved every single character in this story…even Purina, The Giggler and Spanks! The whole group of friends that were so funny and relatable, I wanted to be part of it….actually I felt like I was part of it! The highlight for me was Clive the cat, the text messages and the inner monologue of everyone in the car in Chapter 14…I had trouble breathing from laughing so much! I actually had to re-read it all more than once and yeah highlighted the whole thing cause that was without doubt one of the funniest scenes EVER!!

Jenny:    I really did feel like I was part of this story  – especially during the Lake Tahoe drive! Seriously,  THAT scene had me in fits!  I had to pull myself up once or twice because I was laughing so loud reading it in my lunch-break – people were looking at me like I’d lost the plot.  The inner dialogue between the characters during this scene was hilarious and was made even funnier because it felt real and you could imaging just sitting there witnessing it.
I really did love this book, the only thing that held me back from a slightly higher star rating is I felt the sexual tension just went on a little too long – I kept thinking it was going to happen and it didn’t.  It in no way ruined my enjoyment of the book but there were times I just wanted it to be done.
There were so many highlights in this book, my Kindle highlighting function was working overtime!
The last scene had me literally doubled over laughing…..and I totally agree with you Gitte on this one – definitely one of the funniest scenes I’ve read in a long time.  What a fun, enjoyable read.  This one definitely has to have a spot on your TBR’s folks!  My face was sore from smiling like an idiot throughout the book.


Arc supplied by Alice Clayton and Omnific Publishing for a fair and honest review.





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Tempting the Player (Gamble Brothers #2) by J Lynn


A sexy category romance from Entangled’s Brazen imprint…

He’s a player on and off the field…

Chad Gamble, all-star pitcher for the Nationals, is one of the best players on—and off—the field. And right now, the notorious bad boy wants Bridget Rodgers. But with her lush curves and snappy comebacks, the feisty redhead is the kind of woman a man wants to settle down with…and that’s the last thing Chad needs.

When the paparazzi catch them in a compromising position, Chad’s manager issues an ultimatum: clean up his act or kiss his multi-million dollar contract goodbye. To save his career, his meddling publicist says he’ll have to convince everyone Bridget isn’t just his flavor of the week, but his girlfriend.

Being blackmailed into a fake relationship with Chad Gamble isn’t easy, especially when the sizzling physical attraction between them is undeniable. With a month to go on their arranged pretense, it’s going to take every ounce of willpower they have not to fall into bed together…or in love.

THE GAMBLE BROTHERS SERIES is available to purchase below




Reviewed by Jenny – 4 Stars

I really enjoyed this second book in the Gamble Bros Series and Chad is by far my favourite brother.  It will take a lot to knock him off the perch that’s and I liked this one better than Tempting the Best Man.

Chad is a naughty but oh so delectable!.  He’s an All Star Baseball player for the Nationals and is known for his exploits off the field as well as on the field.  He’s the unnameable, bad boy who is in danger of losing his contract with The Nationals if he can’t control his womanizing, partying ways.

His heart is in the city – he’s very close to his brothers and Daniels family and the thought of losing his contract and having to move away from them is something he doesn’t want to eventuate.

Bridget is a sweet, lonely, down to earth girl who doesn’t much of a high opinion of herself and sees herself as quite plain. Bridget is living day to day and doesn’t have very high expectations of her life before her.

Enter Chad Gamble.  He meets her at the club one night and there is an instant attraction.  Bridget is aware of who he is and questions her attraction to him but he screams sex and she decides she wants some of that.   Chad sees Bridget very differently to how she sees herself and is instantly attracted to and turned on by Bridget.

Bridget isn’t like one of Chad’s supermodel conquests….he sees something in her that has him questioning past and future decisions.  Bridget gets under his skin.

“His smile was pure sex.  “It doesn’t matter where.  I want to fuck you in all those places……..and I will”   Geez!

They are forced into an arrangement that sees them having to spend a lot of time together and a relationship starts to develop against Bridget’s better judgement.

I felt this story moved along really well.  Even though you knew how it was going to eventuate it didn’t detract from the story at all.  In fact the journey getting there was so enjoyable I didn’t want it to end.

This book is very steamy – these two have a lot of sexual chemistry and I really did love them and the story.  This was a fun, quick and enjoyable read.

Oh, did I say it was hot.

“Are you sure that’s what you want, Bridget? Because once I start, I won’t stop again.  I will take you – take you so hard that every breath afterward is only going to remind you of me”

Must say I was getting to 82% and excited that I still had a bit to go and then it ended grrrr, there were also a few typos/grammatical errors in the book which I could overlook and it didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the book but I know that can have an impact for others so wanted to make mention of it.

Can’t wait for the third installment in this series.

 reviewed by Jenny

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Lexi, Baby (This Can’t Be Happening #1) by Lynda LeeAnne



Alexis Sky Martine thinks of herself as the average girl-next-door who does what she has to do to get by, have fun and enjoy life.
She is madly in love with her sexy, drop-your-panties-at-first-sight, hottie boyfriend who is equally in love with her; more like downright obsessed. He treats her like she is his heart; like he needs her to exist; like he would do anything in his power to make her happy.
Lexi knows Landyn James loves her just as much as she loves him, if not more. Deep down, she also knows high school sweethearts aren’t expected to last, but their relationship is different. They are soul mates. Their connection is unbreakable.

What could possibly go wrong when you have love like that…?
What will the future hold…?
Only time will tell.

Author’s Note: Contains Adult Content – Namely, a teenager-turned-woman with a very dirty mouth and fiery temper that may or may not know how to throw a punch. Also includes hot and steamy scenes, and a small glimpse into physical/verbal abuse.

The THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING SERIES available to purchase below
(A TBB recommended series)



Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

4.5 Stars

Gitte:So this one came out of left field didn’t it Jenny, I LOVE when that happens. A new Author; a book I’ve never heard of before and then I go and fall in love! Yeah no doubt, loved this story, loved all the characters, fell in love with this Author and her effortless writing style and I CANNOT wait for the next book in this series! Pure indulgence … like your favourite comfort food!

Jenny:  It sure did GG.   Going into this book I knew nothing.  I just plunged straight into it – I hadn’t even read the synopsis and wow! This book blew me away.  I intended to read a few chapters, do a few things around the house then come back to it.  I ended up reading it in one sitting! Absolutely LOVED it!!  I felt the same as you.  Loved the story, the characters and just fell totally in love with Lynda LeeAnne’s writing style.  The story was fast paced and never let up and it was such a great ride.   I’m definitely a fan!

Gitte:    I have to say that reading this story, I had no clue where it was going which was such a refreshing change; the story line was a winner for me. It could have been obvious and predictable but it really wasn’t  through most of the story. It also had the right level of humour, passion, drama and angst for me to make this a good read.  I was intrigued and really couldn’t put it down so I read it in one sitting and as it’s not a huge book nothing got neglected…much! I will say though that I would have loved for it to have been a bit longer only to get to the depths of the characters more and their background. In this case though wanting to know more is a positive thing in my opinion.

Jenny:  I needed a change and this book was IT!   As you said, it had it all – I honestly was completely consumed in this book from start to finish and at times read it with a huge smile on my face such was the humour mixed in with angst, drama, emotion with some steamy scenes thrown in for good measure.  I found myself really invested in these characters

Gitte: So we start the story off with Lexi and Lan who are very young and in love, love of the intense and forever kind. That is until Lan makes a HUGE mistake. A mistake which at the age they are, is very ‘real life’. This mistake sets off a string of events that are both heart-breaking and emotional yet written with such humour at times that it came across really well. The story continues some years later when consequences of their actions throws them into each other’s lives again.

Lan is absolutely gorgeous despite being an arrogant arse a lot of the time; I completely fell in love with him. He loves Lexi fiercely and protectively and he says what he thinks so you are left in no doubt. His mistake aside, I thought he was pretty amazing and without spoiling anything, what he has on his body….sigh, I melted but not before I managed to get a lick in…I wish Jenny!!! Oh, I have to say my heart broke for him a couple of times in this story.

Jenny:  I loved how the story just forged straight in there – no build up here – you were right there from the first chapter and oh my did it plunge straight in.  My heart absolutely broke for Lexi and I felt so much for her because of the situation she found herself in at the start of the book.  Gitte I loved Landyn (Lan) right off the bat.  I know I should have hated him and even messaged you saying “It’s okay that I’m madly in love with that bastard Lan isn’t?”  In real life I’d punch him in the face, but in bookland this guy was it for me!   You convinced me it was okay to love him and that was good enough for me GG *wink, wink*.
I know exactly what you’re talking about and dear god……save me a spot to lick GG………………..hmmm where were we??

Gitte: Now I have to say I really liked Lexi.  She came across quite strong and level headed yet vulnerable and I guess a bit naïve at times. She too made a few mistakes that consequently put her in a situation that sparked a lot of drama. I didn’t really agree with some of her decisions but then again I can see why she made them. Lexi also had me in stitches at times and her spirit and boldness was admirable under the circumstances.

Jenny:   I adored Lexi.  She made me laugh, she made me cry, I felt for her in the situations she found herself in and yes, once or twice I questioned her decisions but all in all she was a great character that I warmed to straight away.

Gitte:   I loved the supporting characters in this story so was thrilled to reach the end where I found out that Trish, Lexi’s quirky best mate, who was funny, sweet and cheeky would have her own story. Oh and Adam…who is LUSH!! I don’t want to give anything away about who Adam is, all I’ll say is that there’s a scene with him that really shows he has that alpha male protectiveness thing going…I swooned big time!! His book, I am so sure is going to be FAB!

So yeah what a FAB first book from this Author.  Can’t wait to read more….

Jenny:  The supporting cast of characters were fantastic.  I absolutely adored Layla, she positively stole my heart!  Oh my god GG we both loved Adam didn’t we! Bring on HIS book – he was just divine!!!!
I swooned over Landyn – he had the whole alpha possessive thing going on and even though he was a dick at times I loved him from the start.
There was a point I got to in the story when I had to take a breather and regroup….my stomach was in knots with anticipation! I even messaged you when I got to it and had to be assured I could go on.  I know, I’m a drama queen but it really did get to me!

This book has been one of my favourite reads this year and I can’t wait for the next two books in this series!  An unexpected and thoroughly enjoyable read!


Book #2, Trish, Just Trish will release on 28th February


 You can check out Lexi, Baby here

Lexi, Baby (This Can’t Be Happening)

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With Everything I Am (The Three Series #2) by Kristen Ashley

Gitte: 5 stars

Jenny: 5 stars

Please note:  To fully understand the Prophecies and the flow of the story and characters, it is our strong recommendation that you read  Book #1 Until the Sun Falls from the Sky before proceeding onto Book #2.  You will enjoy the experience so much more!

Gitte:   Oh Jenny…I was like a kid at Christmas when we got this arc. Kristen is one of my all-time fave Authors as you know, and she has not written one single book that wasn’t amazing and has the perfect balance of story and the yummy factor!  Kristen is one of those few Authors that can write everything she turns her hand too and that includes paranormal. Her alpha heroes have that perfect balance of arrogance, determination, vulnerability and the sex factor! They are protectors! I have re-read all her books so many times and every new book I read of hers is like coming home. She reaches right into my heart every time with her words.

Jenny:   She is indeed one of our favourite authors and a new book by Kristen Ashley is indeed a cause for celebration.  Gitte, you’re so right.  It was funny that we commented and agreed when we started reading this that  “reading a KA book is like coming home”  and it really and truly is.  Somehow Kristen seems to release a book when I need it – does she have ESP?   Her alpha males are spot on for me and she always seems to get the balance just right.

Gitte:   How much did we love Callum, Jenny?! He is perfect, his cockiness is endearing despite being trying at times, and yeah he really did test me at times.  He is a yummy hot powerful wolf, the King of the Wolves. He is so controlling and dominant yet he has the biggest heart and wow does he LOVE. And Sonia, I absolutely loved her. Her story broke my heart, such tragedy of loss and such a tough life, not quite knowing who she is, why she is different almost hiding in the shadows.  I knew from the start that this was going to be quite a ride and Callum & Sonia sure took me on quite an emotional and sexy journey. And yeah….I cried Jenny!

Jenny:    Gitte, I don’t think there are words to describe how much we loved Callum!  This man/wolf has stolen my heart and left me breathless that’s for sure.  What a wonderful mix he is.  Alpha, possessive, loves with intensity (oh boy, does this man LOVE!)says it like it is, and isn’t afraid to show his emotions and ummm “love” for Sophie (more on that side of things in a minute…is it HOT in here?).  I was the same Gitte.  Absolutely loved Sonia.  My heart broke for her and what she had been through and being “different” and having to cope with her loneliness just did me in.  Oh you can bet I cried…..I cried buckets for her!

Gitte:   I loved how Callum and Sonia’s story as life-mates started…how they met, how it began as such sweet innocence for Sonia. The symbolism of the wolf. It was so emotional having their story almost from day one. “My Puppy” awww which then turned to the lush “My Wolf” *swoon*…..

It was clear in the beginning that duty came first with Callum after all he is the King. However, it was the fact that there was a lack of the instant connection for Sonia, I suppose Sonia being human and a total contrast to his she-wolf “conquests”. However for Sonia, her dreams of “her wolf” kept her going despite not making any connections to Callum in his human form, yet she felt the bond that exists between them. The journey of their relationship was quite funny at times, Callum had me in stitches at first…seriously this guy is such a cock at times…but I love him!! I have to say that he had my heart right from the get go. Sonia bless her, kind of just followed after a while…followed and accepted. Don’t get me wrong Jenny I really loved her but at times I kind of wanted to shake her and say: just sort him out. I wish at times she had more guts to say what she wanted but then again what happened wouldn’t have been as emotional and epic! And let me tell you…the last bit of the story. I was CRYING

Jenny:   As you know GG I went off paranormal for a long time.  It just seemed to be done and redone but I read Until the Sun Falls From the Sky (Book #1 The Three Series) and it was so different from the norm that I was hooked.  I wondered how this book was going to stack up to that one and I have to say this one excelled for me!  Kristen has a way of putting such a different slant on paranormal tales and this Werewolf story was no exception.
How Kristen crafted the story from the very beginning – from the life mate angle right through the story had me so captivated and engrossed that I didn’t even realise until I got to the end that I had forgotten to highlight my favourite bits. That’s how much I loved their story!!!!
Callum was hysterical at times! He was a cocky bastard but oh god I never once wavered in my undying love for him.  I agree that were a couple of times I did want to shake Sonia as well but then I had to stop and think about the situation she had been placed in, the confusion surrounding her and I got her.  Oh you warned me about the last bit. You said I’d cry and you weren’t wrong GG! I sobbed!!!!

Gitte:   So yeah I thought this story was FAB Jenny. I love my paranormal but sometimes find them a bit too heavy and confusing. This story really wasn’t. Yes it had a plot full of twists and action with lots of conflict but ultimately it also had a gorgeous romance and really…Kristen is still the Queen of epilogues for sure no doubt…no contest! I loved the whole pack of hot randy wolves…each and every one of them! I kind of wish they could all have their own story told. Especially Ryon!!

And seriously I cannot say how much I am gagging for book #3….that short glimpse we got, I know without a doubt the guy is going to be AMAZING!! Cannot wait….

Jenny:   Absolutely LOVED this one GG!  It came at the right time and was exactly what I needed to read.  I didn’t find the story confusing either – Kristen has a way of never losing the reader with confusing plot lines.  They are involved and intriguing but never confusing and I love that.
This story had it ALL for me….A hot, to die for alpha hero,  who was the right blend of dominance and assertiveness,  humour and emotion, fantastic in bed (was he ever!!) oh the list is endless.  A heroine who will steal your heart and a great cast of supporting characters and a story that will captivate you from start to finish.

Book 3!!! OMG I can’t wait for that – both Gitte and I agreed  that the sneak peek of this book had us sold and this book is going sounds  amazing! Hope we don’t have to wait too long,  I don’t think I ould stand it!  Oh and the  guy in the third book??? Oh yes…he owned us with one word !! You’ll see!

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Check out and purchase Until the Sun Falls from the Sky (Book #1 The Three Series) from Amazon here

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