Teaser for Wethering the Storm by Samantha Towle!

Today Samantha Towle typed “The End”

 Wethering the Storm (The Mighty Storm #2) is now finished!

in jeans

To celebrate Samantha has allowed us to share a  small teaser with you.

We also bring you the song that inspired her while writing the book.

We hope you enjoy!



“You know…” Jake says, pouring milk into the two remaining teas. He picks one up and hands it to me. “Stuart is the only man I will tolerate mauling you. And that’s only because he’s as gay as they come.”

“Stuart doesn’t maul me,” I laugh. Taking a sip of my tea, I put it down. “He’s just a tactile guy. I like tactile people,” I add positioning myself in-between his legs.
“Yeah? Well, if any man ever touches you here,” he brushes his finger over my lips. “I’ll kick his ass.”
“What about here?” I point to my breasts.
“Hospitalised for sure,” he replies, eyes now glued to my boobs.
“And what about here?” I point to the V between my thighs.
“Stone cold fucking dead. You belong to me, Tru.” He lifts my skirt and puts his hand to the very place I just pointed to. “No one touches you but me.”

Jake and Tru


The story behind the song.

“Music plays such a big part in Samantha Towle’s writing.  For Samantha, music is as important to her as the words she puts down on paper.  She has repeatedly said that she couldn’t write without music and we can relate to this because Gitte and I both believe reading and music go hand in hand. We couldn’t imagine one without the other.

During my time Beta reading The Mighty Storm,  Sam and I would often swap songs that reminded us of a particular scene or chapter. A lot of the time it was spooky because we had both picked the exactly the same songs. We had a playlist as long as your arm because every song was important and meant something to us and how we were feeling at a particular part of the book.

You can check out The Mighty Storm Playlist here

One day when I was driving to work, a song came on my Ipod that immediately made me think of Tru and Jake.

It affected me so much that I actually started tearing up thinking of them and wondering where their journey was going to take them after The Mighty Storm.

As soon as I got home I sent the song to Sam to see what she thought of it.

Sam had never heard it before but she instantly fell in love with it and felt the same connection to the song that I did and it became the song that inspired her throughout Wethering The Storm.

It’s a beautiful song and Sam wanted share it with you all in the hope that you’ll love it as much as we do.

We think you’ll agree it’s perfect for Tru and Jake, two very special characters who have forever made a home in mine , Gitte’s and we know, all of your hearts

We know that when you get your hands on Wethering the Storm, you are going to love it just as much Gitte and I.  It will absolutely be worth the wait!

Please enjoy You Started by Ou Est Le Swimming Pool
Jenny xx

You Started by Ou Est Le Swimming Pool



Interview with Tru, Jake and the boys from The Mighty Storm.

A while back Totallybooked was lucky enough to meet Tru, Jake and the boys from The Mighty Storm.  To see what we all got up to you can check out the interview here:

Interview with Tru and The Mighty Storm boys here


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The Mighty Storm


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  1. lorraine m

    Gotta love Jake, he knows how to love and protect his Tru!

  2. Sheri Zee

    I can’t wait for this book! Awesome song!

  3. Michele

    Awesome news that the book is on to the publisher. Thanks so much for sharing the teaser. Loved it! I’ve never heard the song before and you are right, it is soooo Jake and Tru 🙂

  4. Tracy Boukis

    Oh Jake Wethers!!! **swoon**

  5. Kerry match

    Ooh I can’t wait for more Jake Wethers :))

  6. Michelle Osborne

    Samantha I can not wait for WTS ! and thanks for the teaser… Please can you post some more and Thank You for a Brilliant Book!!!! Oh yes can WTS have a lovely ending xxxx

  7. Michelle

    PLEASE DON’T “tease” me just hit me with the freaking release date!

  8. Linda

    Loooovveeee the book. Read in 2 days then started to read again roll on August.

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