the tied man


Lilith Bresson, an independent, successful young artist, is forced to travel from her home in Spain to the wild borderlands of northern England, to repay her feckless father’s latest debt by painting a portrait of the enigmatic Lady Blaine Albermarle.

On her first night at Albermarle Hall she meets Finn Strachan, Blaine’s ‘companion’, a cultured and hauntingly beautiful young man who seems to have it all. But Lilith has an artist’s eye, and a gift for seeing what lies beneath the skin. She soon discovers that Blaine is more gaoler than lover, and if the price is right, depravity has no limits.

As the weeks pass, Lilith finds that she too is drawn into the malign web that her patron has spun, yet against the odds she forges a strong friendship with the damaged, dysfunctional Finn. In a dark, modern twist to an age-old story, Lilith Bresson proves that sometimes it’s the princess who needs to become the rescuer.

**Please note that this storyline contains depictions of drug abuse, violence and non-consensual sexual activity

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Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte 

G&J – 5 emotional heart breaking stars

The Tied Man was a challenge for both of us. It was such an emotional, harrowing, disturbing, sometimes hopeful and definitely compelling experience which tested us in so many ways. We felt helpless reading the story of Finn and Lilith and wish we could have jumped in and made them safe. This Author is without any doubt a brilliant writer and we are in awe of her right about now!

Below are our text messages word for word through this reading experience. We decided that our review should be our emotional journey as we read rather than our afterthoughts….Hope you get from this what a truly dark and disturbing ride this was for us.


Gitte: Oh Jenny this book is beyond upsetting, I am crying like an effing baby and can’t stop. I feel sick, dizzy and like I am going to faint. I have no words but I want to crawl into my kindle and hit them with a baseball bat. My heart hurts…I feel so bloody helpless and I am making a voodoo doll of Blaine!!! You HAVE to read this one. I know it will test you but you have to read it.

Jenny:  Oh god G I don’t know if I can. I really want to but it sounds way out of my comfort zone. Oh God I am scared….I am really scared….but I do want to go there. Okay, I’ll message you when I’m into it.

Gitte:  Read it. I’m here for you, but this is one I want you to read.

Jenny:  Wow this writing is so intelligent but I have this sick feel of absolute dread in my stomach..

Gitte:  Yes! Her writing is amazing…brilliant.  My baseball bat has now been engraved with the name Blaine and Coyle on it….

Jenny: I hate her already and I have just met her….how old is she

Gitte:  I don’t care how old that effing bitch is

Jenny:  Don’t worry, I found out.  God, this woman is definitely an evil cow.

Gitte: The shock factor is worse I think cause I didn’t know anything going in….

Jenny: I know. I have no idea what this book is about. Stay put, I may need you soon…OMG this is going to be a rough journey, I’m  scared…

Gitte: Sobbing here….

Jenny: I feel sick….

Gitte: I am there with you holding your hand…

Jenny:  Thanks G. I need you. This is just….it’s bloody heartbreaking. Every time I feel a smattering of hope…..Gah… heart hurts so bad.

Gitte: Yeah…heart gets truly broken…gets worse before it gets better

Jenny:  I’m trying to prepare myself but don’t know if I can. I have never truly hated characters so much in my life. Blaine and Coyle are deprived fuckers. Oh god I despise them…This is breaking me…really and truly breaking me…deep breath and I’m back into it. Don’t go anywhere!

Gitte: Yeah she is an ultimate villain no doubt, I wanted to jump into my kindle so many times and pull them out…not going anywhere

Jenny: I have no words Gitte I feel utterly sick and my heart just hurts

Gitte: Yeah it’s fucking inhumane….

Jenny: It’s beyond sickening.  Love Lilith with all my heart. She is so bloody perspective and cool.

Gitte: Yeah she is so beautiful, passionate and strong

Jenny: And Finn….how can one person go through so much and be treated so badly….he is beautiful. I want to help him

Gitte: Finn is amazing…I want to save him…I feel so bloody helpless

Jenny:  Do you think we feel this worse because we have sons because this is breaking me like nothing I have ever read.

Gitte:  Could be, I’ve thought about that.  We’ll discuss when we’re finished. You have a way to go yet.

Jenny: Oh God this is beyond anything I expected…It’s pure evil, I feel sick to my stomach…So depressed, can’t stop crying…I can’t speak. Harrowing, shocking, sad and tragic.

Gitte:  Yes it is and I can’t get out of this black hole of sadness….

Jenny:  I know. I just feel complete sadness. Oh god G, this line crushed me……….” With hindsight, I should have marked the date in a diary – it would be the last time in a while before any of us felt like smiling again” That sense of foreboding is back.

Gitte:  Yeah, that did me in too

Jenny:  G, I have never felt such helplessness reading a book. I feel like I need to do something but all I can do is stare at the wall. What an effing rollercoaster this is.

Gitte:  I know….hang in there. It’s amazing that simple words on paper can do this to you isn’t it?

Jenny:  G, this is beyond anything I could imagine and yes! How do you relay so much just through words. I am in awe.

Gitte:  Do you hate me for making you read it?

Jenny:  Nope, couldn’t hate you. In a strange way I’m so glad you made me read it.  It hurt but it was truly something amazing. I will NEVER forget this book or the characters

Gitte:  yeah I agree, my heart still hurts and no way can we forget this one. Definitely a 5 Star for me. I’m still sobbing…

Jenny:  Me too. How could we not give this book 5 stars for what we’re feeling.  I’m in a funk and can’t think of anything but this book. True testament to this author’s talent.

Gitte:   Absolutely agree. It sure is.

Jenny:  We need fluffy filth next

Gitte:  LOL yep we sure do!

Jenny: Ring me. We need to debrief. Now!

Gitte:  Ringing you now….I’m thinking this is going to be a few hours’ worth of sobfest for us!

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the tied man
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85 Responses to THE TIED MAN (The Tied Man #1) by TABITHA MCGOWAN

  1. Rach

    As always its fascinating to read about how you ladies felt when reading a book, I’m reading The Tied Man at the moment and feel exactly the same…and a little more scared now I’ve read your messages!!

  2. SarahA

    Sounds like this is a must read!

  3. SarahA

    I found Consequences by Aleatha Romig both disturbing and absolutely fantastic. Not an easy feat at all…

  4. Len Francisco

    I wanna read this book! I hope I win.

    • Len Francisco

      Oh. The most disturbing book I’ve ever read I think is The Dark Duet by CJ Roberts. They’re great books but still disturbing to me.

  5. Meghan Mack

    I think This Man is a very emotional book because of how destructive the characters are.

  6. jojo

    i loved this review. I haven’t really read any boks that disturbed me. Falling into You ripped my heart to shreds but healed it again!!! I need a new book that i can get my teeth into and this sounds like it could be a good one to do that 🙂

  7. April Lilly

    I am a big fan of the Dark Duet by CJ Roberts, is this more disturbing than that?

    • admin

      We would say yes. Different kind of story but a we found it more disturbing. Having said that, we are so glad we read it. As a reader, to be tested in this way was an experience we will never forget.

  8. Betty Brousseau

    I will mark this one down. Always looking for new authors to read.

  9. Sara Butler

    I’ve got to go with Stephen King’s “It”. That book gave me nightmares.

  10. Brittany

    Always looking for a new read and this sounds interesting! Thanks fore the giveaway!

  11. Debbie A

    The Tied Man was disturbing and poignant – can’t wait for the second book. Finn captures your heart. The Dark Duet, Consequences, and Comfort Food are disturbing.

  12. SMK

    Wow…can’t wait to read this book. It sounds very interesting.

  13. Kia

    I want to read this bad now you have my attention

  14. Joanne Cowan

    Sounds like another book for my ever growing tbr list!

  15. Nadia Hassan

    the most disturbing so far is Love’s Forbidden Flowre, it was not overly disturbing actually, it was juts waaaay out of my comfort zone and I really did not get it.

  16. SMK

    Any idea if this book will be released for NOOK? I can’t find it on Barnes and Noble and can’t even find an author’s website to ask directly.

    • admin

      not sure, we’ll ask Tabitha for you xx

      • SMK

        Thank you! You got me excited to read this book…hopefully I’ll be able to.

        • Tabitha McGowan

          Hi – not sure if you got your answer or not, but at the moment, The Tied Man is locked into Amazon’s KDP Select, so it’s not available through B&N, or similar. I know it’s not ideal, but kindle software can be downloaded for free if you have a pc, mac or smartphone 🙂

  17. Kat

    The Sleeping Beauty books from Anne Rice. I almost cried when I read it. It was recommended as a good book for a fifty hangover. OMFG!! No, it wasn’t!

    • Lori smith

      I read about 1/2 of the first of those books and I just couldn’t finish mi couldn’t believe that someone really compared them to “fifty” style books. I was soooooo turned off and appalled that I took them back to the library and told them these sucked. These are the first books that I haven’t finished. I knew I should have stopped the first time the one slave endured being “punished” by the prince from behind, but I thought ” oh this can’t get any worse, I’ll give it a shot” hmm should have listened to my first instinct.

  18. Amy E.

    The Dark Duet was a disturbing read. I can not think of another one at the moment that was more disturbing to me than that. Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan had disturbing moments but I loved every second of that roller coaster.

  19. ursa

    The most disturbing books I’ve read are Captive In The Dark and Seduced In The Dark (The Dark Duet) by C.J. Roberts. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love these books, but it took me some time to get my mind set to the atmosphere of the books, cause some things are just WRONG. I have a couple more disturbing on my tbr list and The Tied Man will be joining them for sure!

  20. liezel

    ty for this giveaway!

  21. Kim Lederer

    So far it’s been Captive In the Dark by CJ Roberts. I had to put the book down several times in the beginning. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through it, but I surged forward and was so glad I did!!!! It was soooo good! I love the series and can’t wait for the epilogue :-). Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!

  22. kp

    I would have to say Captive in the Dary by CJ Roberts!

  23. Dawn Bush

    I know this is a popular answer, but my most disturbing reads were Captive and Seduction in the Dark…it was so well written, you even question your own morals and values after reading it!

  24. Lariza

    Sounds like a great book can’t wait to read it! Most disturbing book I’ve read is Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas!!

  25. Naomi O'Sullivan

    I think the most disturbing (to start out with) was Cosequences by Aleatha Romig!! Amazing book though! 🙂

  26. Barb Johnson

    I love giveaways, but never win, but I love to read 🙂 Thanks

  27. sarah

    Bared to you… it was just a little too much

  28. D. Kelly

    WOW! What a great article about The Tied Man. I will have to read this.

  29. Wendy

    GAAAAAHHHHH….Just reading your review had my heart clenching.
    I need to read this SOON!

    The most disturbing book(s) I’ve ever read, well I definitely have to give it to Ms. CJ Roberts for her DARK DUET and Caleb even though I absolutely love him.
    Also, and this goes without saying, A Child Called It is probably the most horrifically disturbing story I’ve ever read. Not only is it emotionally charged and graphic, but it’s based on true events. UNREAL!!! and utterly heartbreaking.

  30. danielle james

    The most disturbing book I have ever read would have to be Backstage pass by Olivia Cunning.

  31. Heather P

    The most disturbing so far was the Dark Duet – those books killed me but I loved them! It sounds like this one is worse! I can’t wait to read it.

  32. Stephanie

    Flowers in the Attic, Heart on a Chain, and Reason to Breathe

  33. Lea

    The most disturbing book I have read so far, were Captured in the Dark and Seduced in the Dark….but they were really good 🙂

  34. Amy R

    I cannot think of any books that I have read that I found too disturbing. I may not be reading the right books.

  35. Heather

    The most disturbing books I’ve ever read were The Dark Duet books by CJ Roberts

  36. Robin N

    Consequences is the most disturbing so far…but this one has me scared! 🙂

  37. Joanne B

    I most disturbing books I have read are the Dark Duet books by CJ Roberts. This book sounds really close. Can’t wait to read it.

  38. Ninna Marie

    Finding home. It was different from all the books I have read,

  39. Debra D


  40. Maryann Buchanan

    The Girl Next Door

  41. Maria Malaveci

    Hmm… Truthfully nothing much that I have read disturbs me. I know a lot of people were disturbed by Captive in the Dark and Seduced in the Dark by CJ Roberts, and although it was a little hard in the beginning, I was not disturbed. These were some of my absolute favorite books!

  42. Susana Dorado

    I normally don’t read dark novels….but I have read CJ Roberts books Capitive in the Dark & Seduced in the Dark….I liked both books….would like to read The Tied Man…
    Thanks for the chance to win ebook giveaway….

  43. Jen P

    Definitely The Dark Duet Series…and Consequences. Haven’t been able to bring myself to read Truth yet. Needed a breather for a while…

  44. Lou Gut

    The Dark Duet by CJ Roberts, Consequences by Aleatha Romig & I am Her by Sarah Walker. These books will forever be in my heart.

  45. Tina

    I find a lot of Andrew Vachss books to be very disturbing, but he’s such a compelling writer, with an abrupt, brutal writing style that you have to keep reading. I am usually fascinated and horrified when I read his work.

  46. Adrienne

    Consequences was the most disturbing book I’ve read. I have to say ladies, I normally steer clear of books like this unless I see tons of amazing reviews. I’ve never even heard of this book but based on your post I’m going to check it out. Just reading your text msgs got my heart racing and I don’t even know the context. Great review/post. Thank you!

  47. Sheri Zee

    The most disturbing book I’ve read thus far is 10 Nights by Michelle Hughes.

  48. lisa w

    I think it would be the Dark Duet..

  49. Kara Hensley

    It’s already been said more than a dozen times, but I VERY MUCH agree–Truth & Consequences, the Dark Duet series, & Comfort Food!!! Wooowza, that’s ALOTTA darkness in one run-on sentence!! 🙂 Can’t wait to see how dark this one is!

  50. Rosarita Reader

    Most disturbing? Falling Into You broke my heart, but it was just a matter of dealing with things that had already happened. The really disturbing ones are when there is an active villain that is hurting someone and you fell helpless because you can’t help them and have to suffer with them. Years ago Sybil was disturbing. Most recently, it was the Barely Breathing.

  51. Becky

    The most disturbing book would have to be Consequences and then possibly Dark Duet

  52. Denise Fick

    Captive in The Dark by CJ Roberts. I haven’t even read the 2nd one because I’m just not ready yet.

  53. Mary Mooney

    Wow, can’t wait to read this one. Sounds like a great emotional ride. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Not sure if I have read one that I find disturbing although reading Consequences & Truth were a little out there but I loved them both!

  54. Brandi Bradford

    Consequences (I’ve had to put this one on hold.) and The Dark Duet series are the most disturbing. Would love to win this one after reading this review.

  55. Sandy Lion

    CJ Roberts books were amazing and disturbing but in one of the best books I have read (both Captive in the Dark and Seduced in the Dark)

  56. Jenn D

    I love a good angst-fest! Haven’t been markedly distraught since reading The Opportunist by Taryn Fisher or The Dark Duet by CJ Roberts…so I’m definitely looking forward to this! Would love to win!

  57. Casie

    I would love to read this book. The most disturbing books I’ve read thus far but are also on top of my favorites list is The Dark Duet by CJ Roberts.

  58. Julie VN

    Pretty much any VC Andrews book… though I read them a LONG time ago. I have a pretty high tolerance for disturbing subject matter now. Don’t know if that’s good or bad? LOL! Looking forward to reading The Tied Man.

  59. Jessi

    Book sounds amazing from the reviews would love to read this. Been awhile since i’ve read something dark.

  60. Amy

    The Dark Duet is the most disturbing series I’ve read, but I absolutely loved them!!!

  61. Pam

    Although I have a few disturbing books on my to read list, I haven’t attempted any of them yet.

  62. Rose

    Looks interesting and thanks for the insightful review.

  63. Nora

    Thanks for this review. It sounds like a heartbreaking story, but your review has challenged me to read it anyway. I got the book right after reading what you wrote. I’m planning to start slow with the reading and see how it goes. Thanks again to you and the author!

  64. Tabitha McGowan

    As the author, can I just say thank you *so* much for the amazing review, and the comments that follow (not to mention everyone who’s now downloaded The Tied Man because of this recommendation)! I only hope the writing lives up to your expectations. I’m delighted that people are enjoying/hating/going WTF??? over my book, and talking about it with such animation and passion!

  65. Amy Malek Concepcion

    Consequences is probably the most disturbing book I have read. Ruining Me was tough too.

  66. Michelle Lovell

    When I was a lot younger, I read a book that my grandmother had, called Helter Skelter. Scared the shit out of me, and I don’t think I ever even finished. Even the cover was horrifying.
    I also just finished Reason to Breathe and Barely Breathing and Reason was gut wrenching/terrifying.

  67. Susana Rivera


  68. jennifer jones

    I would have to say Captive in the Dark but I absolutley loved it

  69. Raquel Perez

    Truth… still trying to finish reading it 🙂

  70. Vanessa Martins

    Wow! This book seems great. It certainly goes to my TBR shelf. Thanks for the giveaway.

  71. Becky N

    Easily a toss up between The Light/Dark Duet or Consequences and Truth!!

  72. Frannie

    Ah I want this!!! Last book I read über disturbing was the dark duet both were crazy good!

  73. Starlyn Legaspi

    Would love to read this but it sounds like it better come with a box if Kleenex.

  74. Marina

    Sounds like that is a must read…most disturbing book read-dont think I have any as yet…but there are too many I have yet to read…..

  75. Kelly

    I’m not sure. I think that there were some pretty horrifying things in the Breathing series by Rebecca Donovan, and Captive in the Dark and Seduced in the Dark by CJ Roberts. Many of the books I’ve read have had disturbing things in them but I don’t know which has been the most disturbing. Thank you for the giveaway. Sounds like an interesting read 🙂

  76. Charli A

    The most disturbing book I’ve ever read was one by Dean R Koontz. I can’t remember the name of the book, but what happens to the family…..I think a movie was actually made from it and I couldn’t watch it.
    Great giveaway!

  77. Dawn K

    Loved this bok thanks for the recommendation. I have told everyone I know about this book it was very emotional and the Finn has been unforgettable can’t wait for the seqeul. Who is the man featured on your review he is so my Finn?

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