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‘How the fuck does she drive this thing?’ I mutter to myself, yanking it into reverse and backing into a space across the road, my knee bashing the bottom of the steering wheel, my head skimming the roof. Cutting the engine, I stare across the road, wondering what reaction I’ll get this time. I’m returning her car. I’m being helpful. I laugh. I’m not being helpful at all. I’m being crafty. I had no intention of giving her the keys back after I manhandled her into my car on Tuesday, and I had every intention of using it as an excuse to see her again. But she refuses to answer my calls. I have no fucking clue what I’d say to her if she did answer, but I won’t have to worry about that for much longer. I look down at the cheap mobile phone that I picked up and key in her number. I know it off the top of my head, which makes me even sadder and more desperate than I thought. I don’t think I’ve called a woman in my life.

As it starts to ring, I break free from the confines of her pathetic little car. It can’t be safe.

‘Ava O’Shea.’ Her voice slides over my skin like silk, momentarily rendering me incapable of replying or moving. ‘Hello?’

‘Are you alone?’ I spit the words out fast, not thinking about how I sound or whether I should disclose who I am first. I’m not thinking straight.

I can hear movement and sudden heavy breathing, telling me she knows exactly who it is already – no introduction required. She remembers my voice, just as I remember every perfect curve of her body and desperate whimper of her voice. ‘No!’ She blurts the word after way too long of thinking about it. She’s lying to me.

I can’t help it, I sigh. ‘Why are you lying to me?’

There’s more movement, and my mind conjures up images of her darting to the window to look out, so I gaze up, seeing her shadow behind the blinds from my secluded spot over the road, where I’m loitering like a sad arse stalker. What the fuck is wrong with me? Every modicum of sense remaining is telling me to walk away, but that tiny side of my fucked up mind, the side that’s willing me to claim her, is stamping all over it.

The line goes dead, and I pull the stupid, cheap, pay-as-you-go crap away from my ear, looking at it in disgust. My ego wants to believe that the piece of shit is broken, but I know damn well she’s just hung up on me.

Only slightly concerned by the building anger smoldering in my gut, I dial her again, my mind invaded by those images of her standing before me in that fucking lace shit.

She doesn’t answer, and I resist throwing the phone to the floor, texting her instead. I know she’ll read it. She might not reply, but she’ll read it. I don’t think about what my thumb is bashing out on the keys.

Answer your phone! 

Just as I click send, I growl in frustration at my own abruptness. I’m trying to snare this woman, not scare her half to death. I dial her again, but she doesn’t answer again. ‘For fuck sake,’ I curse to the empty space around me, re-dialling. ‘Fucking answer!’

She doesn’t, but as I’m about to cross the road towards the house and smash the door down, the piece of shit phone screams the arrival of a text. My stomach turns, my stomach actually turns, and my brow breaks out in a light sweat.  I open her message.


‘Fuck!’ I curse. Bollocks to this shit. I’m not leaving until she says she felt it, too. I start striding across the road, bashing out another text, my march determined. I am determined. I’m fucking determined to make her say the words.

 Fine, I’m coming in.

It’s merely seconds before my phone is screeching in my hand, and I look down at it, smiling to myself as I answer.  ‘Too late, Ava.’ I purr, approaching the front door and cutting the call. I’m not giving her the chance to fob me off.

I start hammering at the door like a fucking madman, but I feel like it. I feel consumed with desperation to make her admit the connection. It was there, I wasn’t imaging it, and she said so herself. She can’t take it back now. I won’t fucking let her.

‘Open the door, Ava.’ I continue banging, not bothered about disturbing the peace or drawing any attention to myself. ‘Ava, I’m not going anywhere until you talk to me, please!’ I bang some more, impressed with myself for at least saying please, but I know it won’t make a fucking jot of difference, the stubborn woman.

Bang, bang, bang!

‘I’ve got your keys, Ava. I’ll let myself in.’ What the hell am I saying? Will I? I halt with my incessant beating of the door and think for a moment. It’s no good. My only thoughts are of seeing her again – feeling her, smelling her, making sure that she’s real. Yes, I will fucking use the keys. I bang some more, but stop, my back straightening, my ears listening carefully. And then I hear the thumping of petite footsteps. She’s coming down, and she’s mad. Good! So am I. I rest my hands on the doorframe and wait.

The door swings open, and I’m instantly gulping back air, taking in every fragment of her stunning presence – her hair piled high, her smooth, olive skin. Even the lounge pants have me trembling, and she’s not unaffected herself, although clearly trying to be. Why won’t she give up the fight? It’s happening. End of.

My eyes drift back up her legs lazily. I feel weak all of a sudden. The strength required to absorb her is almost too much. I could fall to my knees, and I wouldn’t give a shit about what she thought of that.

I release an uneven breath, struggling to maintain sanity. I feel like I could lose my fucking mind. ‘Why did you stop it?’

‘What?’ she spits back impatiently, like she doesn’t know what I’m talking about. It makes me madder, my teeth clenching to a point I could pop one of the fuckers.

‘Why did you run out on me?’

‘Because it was a mistake.’ She doesn’t hesitate with firing that gut punching declaration in my face.

‘It wasn’t a mistake, and you know it,’ I sound like a lion, growling at their prey, but I couldn’t give a toss.  ‘The only mistake was me letting you go.’

Her eyes widen, but no words fall from those full lips, and I know it’s because she has no clue what to say. But then the door starts shutting, her face quickly disappearing from my sight. Without even thinking, my hand flies up and pushes against her, but I’m conscious of my strength and her petite frame. I could break her in half. ‘Oh, no you don’t.’ I’m in the hallway, shutting the door before I know what’s happened. ‘You’re not running this time. You’ve done it to me twice already, not again. You’re going to face the music.’ I look down at her. I’m failing miserably to rein in my staggered breathing. She starts backing away, so I move with her, not willing to lengthen the distance between us.

‘You need to leave. Kate will be home in a minute.’ she blurts urgently.

I halt, my face screwing up in annoyance. ‘Stop lying,’ I push her hand away from her hair where her fingers are twiddling wildly. That’s a habit. I think I’ve worked that much out – she plays with her hair when she’s lying, and she’s just done it during that pathetic statement, pushing me to lose the tiny element of doubt that may have been lingering. She wants me.  ‘Quit the bullshit, Ava.’

Throwing me a filthy glare, she turns to walk away from me. ‘Why are you here?’ she asks, just starting up the stairs.

I’m quickly in action, grabbing her wrist and spinning her around to face me. She can’t ignore me when I’m forcing her to look at me, to touch me. ‘You know why.’

‘Do I?’ Her perfectly arched eyebrow arches further.

She can’t be serious. ‘Yes, you do.’ I tell her, because I don’t know what else to say. She’s not going to make me spell it out, surely.

My grip is missing her wrist within seconds as she yanks it away and backs up, meeting the wall in just a few steps. ‘Because you want to hear how loud I’ll scream?’

‘No!’ I yell incredulously, but I have no right to sound so shocked or annoyed by her question. That was not the sort of line I should’ve delivered to this woman. She’s worthy of so much more. Despite that, though, I can’t help the inward smile from remembering her stunned face once I’d asked. And I still want to know the fucking answer.

‘You are undeniably the most arrogant arsehole I’ve ever met. I’m not interested in becoming a sexual conquest.’

‘Conquest?’ I snort, swinging away from her and marching up the hallway, desperately trying to think of something to redeem myself. ‘What fucking planet are you on, woman?’ So I insult her further by asking that. She has every right to be disgusted with me, but I can’t fucking help it. She draws behavior from me worthy of a high security psycho.

‘Get out!’ she shouts from behind me, and I freeze before turning to find her fuming.

‘No!’ I bark, continuing with my moody march.

‘I’m not fucking interested! Now, get out.’ She’s trying to be cool, but there’s still no need for that language.

‘Watch your fucking mouth!’

She recoils, looking at me like I’ve lost my mind. I might have. ‘Get out!’ she screams.

In my desperate, determined state, I have a moment of comprehension. I’m not close enough to her. Let’s see how resistant she is when I’m up close and personal to her, and fuck do I want to be personal with her. That encounter in the suite was tormenting – a perfect moment cruelly snatched from me. I know how good it’ll be, and I’m going to confirm it.

I stop and hit her with the eyes that women claim to love so much. ‘Okay,’ I say casually. ‘Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t want to see me again, and I’ll go. You’ll never have to lay eyes on me again.’ The very words tighten my gut and have every inch of my hard muscled frame praying that she gives the right answer. But would it be right, or would it be so very wrong? I don’t even know. I’m a mess.

It seems like an eternity passes, and she still doesn’t speak. She doesn’t say it. She can’t say it, so I seize the opportunity to move in. Three paces puts me before her, the closeness making my cock ache painfully as it hardens further, my heart smashing violently against my chest, my breathing accelerating to a stupid rate.

‘Say it.’ I breathe closely, willing her to inhale me into her. She’s shooting off sparks of desire all over the fucking place, and I know I am, too. ‘You can’t, can you?’

She’s battling my close proximity. It makes me smile, so I place my finger lightly on her shoulder, causing her to twitch and me to smile further. Starting the most precise running of my finger that I ever have, I trace a perfect trail up her taught, smooth flesh until I’m gently pressing the pad of my index finger on the soft void below her ear. Her breath noticeably hitches and her pulse quickens.

‘Boom…boom…boom,’ I whisper. ‘I can feel it, Ava.’

She’s as stiff as a board, trying to escape my heated touch by pushing herself further into the wall. She’s going nowhere. ‘Please, leave.’ Her words are barely audible.

‘Put your hand over my heart.’ I take her hand and rest it on my shirt, just so she can appreciate exactly how I’m responding to our close proximity, too. This isn’t a one way street. I need her to know that.

‘What’s your point?’ she asks, but she damn well knows the answer.

‘You are one stubborn woman. Let me ask you the same question.’

‘What do you mean?’ She refuses to look me, only reinforcing what I already know.

‘I mean, why are you trying to stop the inevitable? What’s your point, Ava?’ I force her to meet my gaze by gently encasing her neck with my palm, bringing her face to mine with only a light need of pressure. I dip and ghost my lips over her ear, enticing a breathy gasp. ‘There it is,’ I whisper, the relief of hearing that tiny sound of submission emboldening me, sending my mouth on a leisurely tour of her sweet skin. She smells divine. ‘You feel it.’

She does nothing to stop me. She lets me have my way as I continue to work her with my lips, making my way across her jaw, my target those beautiful lips. I’m nearly where I need to be, and she’s going to love it.

Nearly there.

Just a few more pecks and my tongue will be meeting hers.

My pace quickens at the thought, until the squawking of a fucking phone suddenly breaks the delightful sound of her ragged, sex fuelled breaths.

My lips aren’t on hers anymore, but her palms are set firmly on my chest. ‘Stop, please!’

I sag on the inside and out, pulling my stupid phone from my pocket and looking down at the screen. Sarah? What the fuck does she want now? Does she have a radar on me? ‘Fuck!’ I stab at the reject button, sending it to voicemail, before focusing on a woman in my life who I actually want to speak to. I’m shocked by my own thoughts. I don’t just want to fuck her, I want to immerse myself in her voice, listen to what she has to say…but I want fuck her first. I’m not sure my talking skills will keep her attention. I don’t do talking, I fuck, that’s all, but maybe I could do more than that with this woman. ‘You still haven’t said it.’

She hesitates, but then draws breath, and I dread the words that I don’t want to hear. ‘I’m not interested.’ she whispers, sounding desperate, but I can’t work out if she’s desperate to get rid of me or desperate for me to prove her wrong. ‘You have to stop this. Whatever you think you felt, what you think I felt, you’re mistaken.’

A burst of laughter flies from my mouth. ‘Think? Ava, don’t you dare try and pass this off as a figment of my imagination. Did I imagine that? Just then, was that my imagination? Give me some credit.’

‘You give me some fucking credit!’

My shoulders tense. What’s the matter with this woman and her foul language? ‘Mouth!’ I yell, wondering what the hell my problem is. I’ve never given any of the dogs patrolling The Manor any flack for the odd curse, although I’ve always thought it foul and unladylike. Hearing the harsh language fall from those lovely lips, though, is really rubbing me up the wrong way. Something so beautiful shouldn’t be swearing, and especially not at me.

‘I told you to leave.’ she repeats, dragging me back to the present.

‘And I told you, look me in the eye and tell me you don’t want me.’ I stare at her, watching for any sign of a falter.

‘I don’t want you.’ she says quietly, but she’s not avoiding my eyes. No, she’s glaring at me, completely resolute. The words stab at my thumping heart.

‘I don’t believe you.’ I catch her fiddling fingers shifting quickly from her hair. She’s lying, she has to be.

‘You should.’ she affirms, the cold sheen glazing her chocolate eyes only strengthening her order.

Pain sears through me. Have I got this all wrong? No woman has ever knocked me back, and I’ve certainly never resorted to stalking them.

We’re just staring at each other now, her jaw clenched unwaveringly, me doubting myself – doubting all of my thoughts, assumptions and worst of all, my ability to lure a woman in. It usually takes one look or a flash of my smile. Am I finally getting too old?

I almost laugh as I run my sweaty hand though my mess of hair, but then frustration overrides my disbelief, and I curse like a twat as I stamp my dejected feet out of her house, diving my hand into my pocket and lobbing the piece of crap phone with all the force I can muster in an attempt to dispel some of my anger. It smashes to pieces, and I stand in the middle of the road, trying to establish exactly what the fuck has gotten into me. Why am I mad, because she’s denied and resisted me for a third time, or because I really want this one?

To keep.


If I wasn’t feeling so hollow and cheated, I might laugh at myself. Me? Jesse fucking Ward wants to keep a woman? The idea is insane.

I slowly turn, looking up at the house and feeling in my trouser pocket. Her keys. I pull them out and play with them in my hand for a few moments, before shaking my head and walking back across the road to post them through the letterbox.

That’s it. I’m done. I don’t need to resort to these kinds of desperate measures. Grabbing my real phone, I start pacing down the street, dialing the big guy to come get me.







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