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Not only that but…..we were also given the opportunity to chat to the cover model Mr Lionel Clerc (it’s a tough job but someone had to do it)

Book One will be available in the next couple of days, with books two and three due for re-release publication on or near the 25th August.  These will be re-released with the new covers and will be copy edited so be sure to check them out.

the devil's eyes

Nicholas Jayzon has broken through the destitute chains of his past by stealing, swindling and charming his way to owning his city. In the city where most everyone owes him a favor, Nick’s power is growing. The police can’t touch him and his enemies are becoming powerless to take him down. He is intelligent, cunning and above all … alluring. No woman can resist him. But, one woman is determined to get him, and her reasons are personal. Kayla Donovan has spent years preparing for the time she faces him again and plans on denying Nick as much of her as she can. She knows him; she knows what gets his attention and what he can’t resist. Kayla is the only one that can possibly look into his devilish eyes and not be besieged by them or controlled by a single whisper of his desire. If she is able to manage her fears, then there is no reason for her not to succeed, and if she can’t … well, she has nothing to lose. She has no one left to care about her or to miss her if she fails in her mission. She has no one, not since her beloved sister fell for him, became controlled by him, and eventually died for him. Driven by hate, Kayla is determined to find a way into Nick’s favor, find a way to make him trust her so she can find the heart of the devil and tear it apart before he captures hers. The Devil’s Eyes is a Dark, Intense, Romance novel. Not your typical story of two perfect people coming together after overcoming a life challenge. No, Nick and Kayla are two imperfect people, trying to overcome the brutal realities of their worlds and finding life as criminals comes naturally to them both.


the devil's revenge


The argument for my bail begins, and I lower my head until the doors behind me crash open with a thunderous roar. A vibration rushes through my body, I look up at the judge as his eyes widen and a cold silence takes hold of the room. It’s him. I know it’s him. It can be no other. Before I can turn I whisper his name and feel the energy of him blaze up my body as if the simple whisper of his name makes it true, makes him true. As hard as I fight my own curiosity I can’t stop myself, with all the assuredness in my head I still have to prove it to my own eyes. Turning, I slowly raise my head up and look upon the three gentlemen, dressed in dark suits and letting the hoods of their coats fall back and reveal expressions of pure – desired annihilation. But it is he that stands center and strong that confirms my suspicions. It is he that has caused this silence and chocked the breath out of an entire room. It’s as if the air could breathe and it breathes a trembling gasp of his name, with all that laid their eyes on this sight I see. Only I breathe his name and meet his eyes whispering … “I knew you would come for me.”

Only God could save me from a certain deadly fate, and so rightfully, he sent the devil to rescue me.

The sequel to The Devil’s Eyes is action packed while still maintaining the same dark romance and suspenseful tone of the first novel.


the devil's son

Chief of Police, Brady Simone is determined to go after the man that killed his parents but his new brother-in-law, Nicholas Jayzon, is doing everything he can to point him away from the man known as “The Barron”. The Barron, or rather, Dennis Savage, has inflicted his own kind of evil on people for longer than anyone can remember. Savage has no fear because no one can touch him, no one can get near him … except Nick. With darkened tenacity, Savage has watched Nick since he was a child and has never given up on his pursuit of him. He will do anything to have Nick join him and become a part of his organization. Savage will even allow Brady Simone to pursue him for a time, without killing him. For the sake of his sister’s happiness protecting Brady is important but keeping Savage away from his sister is Nick’s primary goal. If Savage learns of Lena, she will instantly be marked for death. Nick has no choice but to meet Savage in his own territory and ask for a favor, something he has avoided at all costs until now. Their meeting is ominous. It brings back memories and rekindles Savage’s desire to have Nick take the place where his father once stood. Will Nick be allowed to decline Savage’s offer again? Or will Nick find killers on his heels, ready to take his place in Savage’s favor? Or will Savage simply kill everyone that gets in his way and replace his desire for Nick with the only one that can replace him – Nicky?

“Savage’s voice cuts through my pain and releases me, allowing me to finally see again. To see Nicky hiding under the table, crying for his mother while Eey stands guard in front of my son with a ferociousness that even I wouldn’t dare go near. But it is Kayla that begins to weaken by his hands, slowly closing her eyes and beginning to near death while I can do nothing but watch. I have no choice now …” Nicholas Jayzon

 Expected Release Date for The Devil’s Masquerade : The Poison Book #4 –  30th August 2013

Expected Release Date for The Devil’s Masquerade : The Remedy Book #5 – Mid September 2013

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 About the Author

jennifer loren

Jennifer Loren graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Fine Arts Degree, specializing in Architecture and Design, and also obtained a second degree in Computer Design. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her German Shepherd, Riley. Since she started writing as a child, her aspirations to be a writer have always been in the back of her mind. During the recent troubling economy, she was laid off along with many in her industry. There was little hope for a job and even less so, when the eye disease, Diabetic Retinopathy, finally took its toll, she lost her eyesight in her left eye completely, and partially in the right. With little hope and little options she retreated into the world she knew as a child and rediscovered her love for dreaming up stories. The love continued through various surgeries and when she regained a majority of her eyesight, she decided to pursue an old pastime and the new passion in her life.

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Connect with Jennifer

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Jennifer is represented by More and More Creative – connect with More and More here

A word from More & More about the cover model.
MORE & MORE strive for excellence.
It’s all about the author and their story, always giving More to get you More.  Acquiring Lionel was a great feat….but he is above all else a gentleman who was gracious enough to agree to be Nick Jayzon for The Devil’s Eyes series and we couldn’t be happier.

Cover Designs by By Hang – connect with them here 

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That’s right!
We were lucky enough to get the chance to chat with the gorgeous Mr Clerc, the cover model for the Devil’s Eyes Series.

Oh, and we found out a little secret about him as well.

He has 2 tattoos…… one on his shoulder and one on his wrist.

The one on his wrist is an ambigram – “If you look at it one way it says Born and the other side it says Free”.

The one on his shoulder was apparently a “teenage mistake” but is says in Chinese “Discovery and Honor”.

Sigh….he has tatts too!!!!



TB:    Are you an avid reader? If so what is your favorite genre?
LC:   I do like books reading. An avid reader ? Well, I don’t know how many books you must read on a monthly basis to become an avid reader but I would say that I m reading more or less 1 to 2 books per month.

Actually, my lifestyle helps a lot. I spent most of my time on the road between jobs, giving me a lot of time to “kill”

I don’t have a specific genre. I guess it depends on my mood. Right now, I m more into spiritual stories such as Paulo Coehlo but I m expecting soon to switch to Devil s eyes and Nick & Kayla story 🙂


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TB:   Is this your first time as a book cover model?

LC:   Yes first time. I must say, I m quite impatient on those books releasing. Those covers have a special interest for me if I compare with the usual jobs I m doing.

black scroll

TB:   Well we really hope you appear on more of them…juss sayin’.   Tell us, if you could describe yourself in three words what would they be?

LC:   Freedom – Discovery – Positive

black scroll

TB:   A lot of our fellow Google stalkers – ummm researchers would love to know, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

LC:   My spare time is mostly dedicated to sports, essential more for my mental than my body shape. Taking care of people I love and really important for my well being is to have time for myself, to be alone and relax.

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TB:      What is your all time favorite movie?

LC:      I can’t reply to this question. I m such a movie consumer, I have seen so many great movies of various kinds, it would be impossible to chose one.

TB:    What is currently playing on your iPod?

LC:    Right now, I m having this Soul period such as Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Bill Withers etc etc. Joyful music that give you positive energy

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TB:   .  Loving the soul stuff!   If you could choose a super power what would it be?

LC:   Without hesitation, the power of flying 🙂  I guess, this gives even more sense to my previous answer on the 3 words description

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TB:   What’s your background in modeling? When and why did you get started? Was it for the glamour? The money?

LC:    Well, this is quite a long story. To make it short, long time ago, I had the chance to live in San Diego to learn English. First trip ever for me outside Europe. Such an amazing experience that changed my life forever. Been discovered there and quickly signed a contract with Ford Models in the USA and other top modeling agencies throughout the rest of the world.

To be honest, even though I have been told many times that I should consider a model career, I didn’t even imagine me doing it. I do have a graduation in Finances in Switzerland, I was looking more for such career.

It came to me 1 random day in a second. I gave it a try, not for the money or the glamour but for one reason only, I wanted to travel and discover the world more than everything. This opportunity was just  the best gift ever to receive.

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TB:   Well we think whoever told you to take up modelling was bang on the money! You’re perfect for it.  If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

LC:   Thank you.  One more good question. This is also something I have been asking myself many times.

I am having this privilege to travel the world and this give me some trouble to answer to this question.

I wish I could take the best things in each country I have visited and create my own paradise on earth.

At the end, I m coming from Switzerland and it will always be my safe house, the place I need it time to time. If you didn’t have the chance to visit my country, I really invite you to do so. You won’t find more peaceful place with beautiful nature and breathtaking landscape.

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TB:   Oh geez….pour the wine we’re on our way!   Thank you so much for your time today Lionel
LC:    You are  welcome Jenny and Gitte. Thank you for having me on Totallybooked.

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UK Links to The Devil’s Eyes Series here:
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Link to The Devil’s Son Book #3 





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