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Petra Hewitt’s the top ballerina in the world, and The Great Rubio her obvious counterpart, so why does she want to strangle him whenever he’s around? He’s haughty, abrupt, demanding—and alarmingly sexy. Petra knows Rubio is dangerous to her heart, to her peace of mind, and worst of all, to her career, but his rough flirtation compels her. When she gets a chance to play with him at a BDSM party, their professional partnership takes a feverish left turn.

After that, any attempts to keep him at arm’s length falter in the face of his obstinate sexuality. Rubio’s methods are ruthlessly erotic as he introduces her to the pleasures of sadism, bondage, pain, and submission. The more Petra tries to resist him, the more she craves his strength and control.

But as they play their sensual games of dominance and submission, career pressures mount, and an overzealous fan brings dangerous tension to their relationship. Soon, the dream gives way to the stark reality of her vulnerability. Maybe, just maybe, some risks are too terrifying to take

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Reviewed by Gitte

Gitte– 5 Stars

Fever Dream was fantastic….on so many levels it just about delivered everything you’d want and more from one of Annabel Joseph’s books. It was so passionate, beautiful, emotional, erotic and incredibly funny and sexy. My favourite bit? Rubio….Rubio the lovable arse from book one; Waking Kiss. This is his turn to properly shine and entice and wow did he do just that. He’s still arrogant and condescending, sexy, and funny. However, this time throw that fierce protective streak in and a dash of vulnerability and strong kink and he just became one of my favourite heroes in this genre!! I bloody LOVE this man, The Great Rubio!!! Sigh….

‘He had an aura, a way of moving that communicated both sensuality and masculine power.”…”with his tousled black hair and dark eyes, and that carved Brazilian jaw line.’ – Petra

The combination of the ballet and beautifully written characters just sweeps you away into an intense and stunning escape where your emotions will be racing all over the place as the angst, the drama and the love heightens. Oh and this one is intensely HOT with hard play…there’s no other word for it really, you may need to escape to the freezer whilst reading certain scenes! One in particular…bloody hell I thought I was going to pass out!

Now, who doesn’t want to strangle Rubio, seriously this man is still an arse but this time you kind of get why.

‘For the first time in a long time, The Great Fernando Rubio felt insecure and a bit threatened, and he didn’t like that at all.’ – Rubio

Sure he’s infuriatingly cocky, (his command of the English language is still funny), but feeling abandoned and excluded does that to a person right? It totally justifies saying someone has an unnaturally large and ugly forehead? Well…hmm maybe not.

“I need a partner with grace and lyrical beauty. Not a big-forehead robot like you.” – Rubio

For those of you who haven’t read Waking Kiss yet I’ll try and not spoil it for you. But basically, Rubio finds himself without a dance partner. His best mate Liam, the ballet benefactor and security expert from book #1, forces a new partner on him who will literally rock him to the core. The beautiful and brilliant dancer Petra. Neither make a very good first impression on each other and if words and looks could maim and kill…well. There’d be no Romeo & Juliet showing on the London Ballet scene. So, they say when we’re kids we taunt the ones we ‘love’…well it carries into adulthood in Rubio’s case. But seriously, this amazing man had me in fits of laughter at times, Annabel Joseph’s writing is so fantastically brilliant that you hear him in your head, with that accent, and you can’t help but laugh. And I have to say when he’s in his sadistic element, this guy is, what did I say earlier? Intensely HOT!!

“You have sad, horny eyes.” – Rubio

“I do not have sad horny eyes. That’s not even a thing. Some crazy shit comes out of your mouth, you know that?” – Petra

So, the emotional, dramatic and passionate journey that Rubio and Petra embark upon begins when Petra gate crashes a BDSM party at Liam’s house. This party jump starts a relationship that’s suddenly anything but professional.

‘He wished she wasn’t such a hard ass bitch. He wished she was a horny, cowering, deeply masochistic submissive, so he could run amok all over her delectable body until she broke down and cried. But no, she wasn’t. Too bad.’ – Rubio

Not that Petra wants anything other than to dance with Rubio (even that is reluctantly the case). She tries to fight him off, fight off the feelings he shockingly inspires deep within her

‘She could dance, but she couldn’t love. She was too scared, too selfish. She was a dancing robot…’ – Petra

But hey she’s human and Rubio is…well Rubio. That man would melt the hardest ice with his sexuality and commanding voice alone. No one would be safe! Temperamental and rough, he doesn’t suffer fools gladly and will not take any nonsense.

“I’m staring because – because_”…..’Because you’re completely ridiculously beautiful and because I’m insane. And because I want to take you up on every one of those offers right now.’ – Petra

Well, Petra sure makes an impression and we see the effect she has on him, how she brings out his heart closer to the surface of that hard exterior. It’s quite frankly heart breaking yet inspiring at times, which Annabel Joseph does best.

Lives are threatened, scandals are exposed and hearts play with fire as important self-discovery is made on both sides.

Now, the BDSM……if you don’t like it, don’t read this series, and definitely don’t read this book. If you do enjoy it, well, you’re in for a scorcher, a real treat to be exact! Enjoy it with a glass of wine sitting in your bath of ice!

‘Is okay to be scared. Is okay to be scared. Is okay to be scared.’ – Petra

Seriously love this Author, if that wasn’t quite clear yet hahaha! I mean I’m no fan of the ballet but her characters and her writing makes me want to jump on the train into London and head straight over to watch it…..then I want to watch Rubio….in any dance! Preferable the horizontal variety…..Too much?!

 ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

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