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arrow to the soul


She walks in the darkness—it is all she has ever known.

Arrow walks with death. It is bitter and black, and covers every step she takes. Trained from the crib to be nothing more than a death-bringer she knows she was born without a soul. The darkness is where she’s comfortable and she carries the weight of her duty notched on bow—ready to fly straight and true in to her enemy’s hearts.

He has known love and loss—and then he finds her in the darkness.

Adam knows his calling. Protect and serve. As a member of Trident Corporation he has found the perfect place to meet his obligations. Then he sees a woman with eyes of amber and he is taken under by her darkness. He touches her heart and knows he has no choice—share his light with a killer or lose his soul to her.

Darkness and light. Two sides of one coin. Retribution draws them together but before all is said and done they will learn love can either break you or make you stronger.

arrow collage

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

READ THIS BOOK!!!!  5+++++ Amazing and Beautifully written Stars

Gitte: This second series instalment right here confirms why Lea Griffith has become one of my all-time favourite Authors. This lady is in a class of her own. She is PURE CLASS! Her writing is magnificent, it’s stunningly beautiful, poetic and evocative. Lea turns me inside out as I weep, suffer, rejoice and feel every single emotion possibly known to a reader. From page one till the last I feel so incredibly spoilt as everything I experience and feel as I’m reading is pure perfection. Her words flow beautifully from the pages into my heart. It feels so graceful and pure; passionate and lyrical. My mind doesn’t register the fact that I’m reading; rather it’s as if I’m watching from the wings, feeling like a voyeur, as tragedy, horror, love and hope plays out before my eyes.

She walks in darkness but is afraid of it.’

“With pain you know you’re alive.”

We continue to follow the ‘sisters’ footsteps in ridding the world of the malevolence and horrific tragedy’s that were created and carried out by Joseph Bombardier and the evil that surrounds him. The mystery and intrigue deepens as the story continues and we learn more of the appalling past of the ‘sisters’ as well as the members of Trident. We’re getting closer and closer to the end and the puzzle pieces are slowly slotting into place. My attention was firmly held every step of the way as I inhaled one word after the next; the words imprinting on my mind and in my heart. I felt dizzy and exhausted by the time I’d finished.

There’s pedestals and then there’s Lea Griffith. I want to shout from the top of the tallest building to go read her books because you’ll experience journeys of the heart and soul which are hard to rival such is the intensity and power of this Author’s creations. Wow….I’m unable to, in any way, do justice to how fantastic this series is and how thankful I am to have experienced the works of this Author. Once again, Lea blew my mind and I can’t wait for book #3!!

You agree don’t you Jenny?


Jenny First things first Gitte, I want to yell to everyone –  READ THIS SERIES!!!!!  At one point in this book I stopped reading, put my Kindle down, sat back in my chair and reflected….. astounded at the sheer brilliance and talent of an author who can bring a story such as this to life.

How does one capture that imagination and present it with such flawless, lyrical prose and such beautiful vivid imagery? Lea Griffith had me believing in her story and I shared every heart stopping scene, every second of anguish, every thread of hope and every haunting, gripping, pulsating moment with her characters. The world in the No Mercy series is described so vividly yet this never overpowers nor  does it halt the flow of the story, in fact, every word demands attention and her settings almost fantasy like.

“That one has nothing – no soul, no conscience. Hell, she has a heart because she’s alive, but even that’s a dead thing in her chest.”

The passion, longing and potency of the relationship between Arrow and Adam enthralled me, the bond between the sisters captivated me and as Arrow’s horrendous and tragic story unfolded, I ached with her, I wept with her and I hoped with her.

In short, I was entranced, enthralled, moved…..hell, this book, and Bullet to the Heart before it, OWN me heart and soul. I wanted to savor and treasure every beautifully written word so as to do this story the justice is so richly deserves.  Each book is like a puzzle piece coming together and each revelation is devoured as we wait for more, being deliciously teased as we go. So yes Gitte, I absolutely loved this book. Magnificent!


Gitte: This is the emotional story of Arrow and her life will make your heart literally ache in despair and shock, as you learn what this girl has had to endure and what she’s been created to achieve. You’ll be rocked to the core at the atrocities yet marvel at the bravery, the heart felt emotion and the kick arse ability of this warrior girl. A girl borne to bring death; live death; a supposedly soul less creature according to herself, who lives and fights in the dark.

“I am nobody, Mr. Collins. A killer born in darkness, never to know the light. The shadow I cast blends into the black because light does not touch one such as me. It skirts around me, avoiding me at all costs, because I am a light eater…a death-bringer. I don’t bring the light. I destroy it.” – Arrow

A girl refusing to break and who unknowingly seeks light and love knowing nothing but hate, pain and revenge. She will make you cry yet she’ll also make you proud. Her story is veiled in mythical depictions and intrigue; her story is epic with no boundaries.

‘…Arrow was not whole. She had a heart, recognized it was so because she felt it beat, heard the blood rushing through her veins because it contracted within her chest. But she had no soul. The simple truth was she’d been born without one, and the lack of it allowed her to do what she did – mete out death.’

And what about Adam, this man was so powerful and a true warrior counterpart; the light to Arrow’s darkness.

“I had thought to taste you again, Mr. Collins, so I could remember that in the midst of death, there might be a reason to live.” – Arrow

The fighting scenes between Arrow and Adam were superb, so sensual and passionate; so very kick arse! We fell in love with Adam didn’t we J?!


Jenny: Oh absolutely Gitte. The passion felt between Adam and Arrow was palpable yet so moving and beautiful.  Every ounce of torment experienced by Adam deep was felt deep in my soul.

Adam Collins, the loyal, astute, razor sharp former soldier who is a born protector – a natural warrior whose biggest battle will be waged trying to protect Arrow and fight his feelings for a woman who disgusts him yet intrigues him. Hating himself and Arrow for what she invokes in him. How could he experience the depth of feelings he had for this cold and calculating soul less killer?

‘..he’d not ever seen anything quite so lovely in his thirty-two years, but she was death.’
‘Killer, his mind whispered. Want, demanded his body.’ –

Adam was able to see inside Arrow, to see the broken and vulnerable woman underneath the cold exterior. He felt the beating heart beneath the blackness and she called to him like no other. Having previously given his heart to another, Adam was torn between the space in his heart reserved for Aziveh and the thoughts of Arrow constantly occupying his mind. The conflict he felt over his longing and need for Arrow could be felt in every pore.

“You’re warning me away from a woman who disgusts me.”….”But I’m drawn to her like I’ve never been to anyone else. I don’t understand it.” – Adam

Adam had served in Afghanistan is a natural born protector and now serves Trident with his friend Rand. These men have stared death and evil in the face and their need to protect runs deep…death and killing come as part of that.  Arrow is committed to her sisters and they share an unbreakable bond, fuelled by a joint need for all costs. Worlds collide, loyalties are tested and in amongst the suspense and drama there is the simmering passion between a man and a woman who alternate between love, lust and hate.

“What is it you would give me?” – Arrow
“Pleasure such as you’ve never known. Because that’s what it will be, Saya.” –
“I’m nothing more than a killer, Mr Collins, and I’ve never known pleasure.” –

The bond between Arrow and her sisters would never waiver, the loyalty and dedication between Adam and Trident was a cemented bond. Arrow and Adam are two brave souls, each with a purpose, and each with a goal that will not be compromised despite the feelings that rage between them. It all makes for a gripping and heart wrenching read.


G&J: Lea Griffith wowed us with Bullet to the Heart and she has completely rocked our world in Arrow to the Soul. One can only surmise the journey she will take us on when she brings us Bone and Blade’s stories.  And we CAN’T WAIT! This is what makes reading a passion for us. To experience something so powerful that it can move us to the point of tears when discussing it long after closing the book, to know that on some level this book has somehow reached into our souls….that is the stuff book dreams are made of.

To be back with Bullet and Rand was mesmerizing and they too, brought us to our knees:

I told you Mr. Beckett…I told you what would happen. You are mine now and nothing touches what is mine….My sisters hold my loyalty. But you, Mr. Beckett, you hold my heart.”Bullet.

So put the children to bed, pour a wine, order some take out and prepare to become immersed in a story that is as gruesome as it is beautiful, as hopeless as it is hopeful.

Be prepared to have your reading world turned on its head as you enter the world of The Trident and The Sisters where love, revenge, passion, suspense and drama will consume every part of you until the very last page.

And now, Saya, do you know what you taste of?…..Now you taste of me.” – Adam

Prepare yourself to be bewitched by writing that is vivid, powerful and engrossing. Prepare to fall in love with this book!

In the words of Bullet…….. “vous êtes mon coeur. Toujours”This book and this series are in our hearts forever!

ARC received from author in exchange for an honest review.



No Mercy

(Our 5 Star Review)
Amazon US || Amazon UK

(Our 5 Star Review)
Amazon US || Amazon UK 

Amazon US || Amazon UK

Expected Publication December 2015

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**This is a short story**

Lacey Caldez is in a bind.

Her bills aren’t paid, her mother is broken, and they’re about to lose their house. Realizing she’s low on options, she buries her pride and approaches the last person she ever wanted to owe a favor to.

Robbie Reynolds is brutal, demanding, and one hell of a mobster. He’s also her ex. But despite his character flaws, he offers her a chance to avoid financial ruin—but can she stomach what he’s asking of her?

capricious collage

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

J&G: 4 Stars

Gitte: Well this was another very short but high impact story from Jade Eby, wasn’t it Jenny?! It really astounds me just how much emotion and character connection she can achieve in such few words. Did I wish it was longer, absolutely, because the writing and the depth is flawless so would love a full story from this Author. I ended up feeling kind of satisfied but I wanted more, the ending was a tad abrupt albeit powerful. I thought our heroine had real strength and conviction whilst struggling in life and the snapshot we got was very compelling.

“I don’t know why I wanted to play good for so long when being bad feels so much better.” – Lacey

She’s an enabler and a provider with her wits fully aware. She sure packs a punch and I’d love to read more about her.

‘That’s the thing about power: it consumes you from the inside out. Races through your veins like a shot of crack, begging you for more….’ – Lacey

Jenny: Sure was Gitte! This author sure does possess a talent for packing so much into few pages and I honestly don’t know how she does it and yes I am desperately waiting to get my grubby little mitts on a full length novel by Jade Eby because if this is what she can do with 30 pages…what would she do with 300!!! It would be epic that’s for sure!!!

“You don’t have the luxury of quitting. I own, you remember?” – Robbie

What a heroine! I thought Lacey was going to be something very different to how we first met her and her strength and fortitude were commendable. Backed into a corner she shows off some real gumption that’s for sure and I really would like to know more about this kick arse character. Robbie was a complete dick who played on Lacy’s weaknesses.

“I was that heroin addict back for her latest fix” – Lacey

So yeah, I really enjoyed this one and whilst this may have been short it was anything but sweet. It was gritty and gripping and I inhaled it….I just would have loved more!! This is a great in between read when you want something quick and enthralling.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

Check out and purchase Capricious here:


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reapers legacy



Eight years ago, Sophie gave her heart—and her virginity—to Zach Barrett on a night that couldn’t have been less romantic or more embarrassing. Zach’s step-brother, a steely-muscled, tattooed biker named Ruger, caught them in the act, getting a peep show of Sophie he’s never forgotten.

She may have lost her dignity that fateful night, but Sophie also gained something precious—her son Noah. Unfortunately, Zach’s a deadbeat dad, leaving Ruger to be Noah’s only male role model. When he discovers Sophie and his nephew living in near poverty, Ruger takes matters into his own hands—with the help of the Reapers Motorcycle Club—to give them a better life.

Living with outlaw bikers wasn’t Sophie’s plan for her son, but Ruger isn’t giving her a choice. He’ll be there for Noah, whether she wants him or not. But Sophie does want him, has always wanted him. Now she’ll learn that taking a biker to bed can get a girl dirty in every way…

legacy collage

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

J&G – 4.5 Stars

Gitte: When I started reading Legacy I felt like I was coming home; it was a fab feeling, it really was. Here we have a biker story which isn’t excessive on grunting clipped alpha speak or over the top drama and violence. Joanna Wylde writes great MC books; she really does. The story was really quite beautiful in amongst the gritty biker world and the characters are not one dimensional or over written; the writing itself flowed and was descriptive yet not overly so. I really loved Legacy and was swept away in the story from the get go. My only small niggle is that it lost momentum in the middle and began to drag a bit until the big climax at the end (pun intended). But overall, once again this Author wrote a story that’s ended up on my fave biker bookshelf, no question! You loved it too didn’t you Jenny?

Jenny:  OMG Gitte, I really did enjoy this one and I’m so glad we left this one ’til now because after reading a few meh books I was depending on this one to pull me in and have me falling love with the story and the characters and I’m happy to say…Reaper’s Legacy did just that.  I will agree there were one or two times when it did drag a little but these were just small blimps in what was an otherwise engaging, hot, emotional, passionate and wonderfully entertaining read…..and yes…the climax was certainly worth it!

In my opinion Joanna Wylde writes a biker book to perfection and somehow manages to bring us that perfect blend of grittiness, alphaness (I’m sure it’s an actual word), passion, emotion, hot sex in abundance and a storyline that keeps us glued throughout. As you said, here have some down and dirty bikers who are alpha to the extreme yet they’re able converse without the cliché monosyllabic overtones. Yep, this was a winner.

Gitte: So we have our heroine, Sophie. What a sweetheart she was. She fell in love….first love with an arse called Zack. Zack was a complete cock, and not in a good way. He got our Sophie pregnant then treated her like crap. Her first time no less, but she got a beautiful baby boy out of it and the scene where Noah is born was so emotional and beautiful I had a few sniffles and tears. Ruger is Zack’s half-brother and is there for Sophie when Noah’s born. The bond between Ruger and Noah is cemented immediately and several times through the story you realise just how much this is true and the poignancy of the moment comes to a head at the end in the most amazingly beautiful way!! I don’t want to give this certain moment away because the surprise and the effect it had on me cemented my love for Ruger’s character. I understood completely why our Sophie was in lust and love with the bad arse biker Ruger!!!

‘Ruger had to be the hottest guy I’d ever met. He was all danger and hard muscles with his tattoos and piercings and that goddamned black Harley of his. When he walked into a room he owned it, because it only took one look to see he was a fucking badass, the type who takes what he wants and never says he’s sorry.’ – Sophie

His tattoos….the symbolism….sigh…..

Sophie was a sweet and clued-up character. At no stage did she annoy me nor did I question her. She’s a young Mum and does her best under the circumstances within which she and her son live. Albeit not very nice circumstances and I have to say my heart hurt for them in the beginning of the story. Sophie, questions everything; good girl!! Also, she has self-worth and knows what she wants and won’t settle for less.

“I deserve to be with someone who gives a shit about me, as a person. Someone who values me enough not to fuck other women.” – Sophie

She goes through a lot in this story but every step of the way she has a man covering her back. A man I fell in complete love with who had depth and a way with words.

“Whatever else happened, you gave me beautiful.” – Sophie

Sigh….Ruger…..what a man….over to you Jenny!

Jenny: Oh yes please! I’ll take Ruger. What a man indeed!! From the first time we met Ruger in his confrontation with Zack and Sophie to all the times he was there for Sophie when she needed him I fell more and more in love with this tough biker dude. This commanding, tattooed, possessive, dirty talking alpha biker with dimples and a tight ass  was the epitome of a bad boy but he had a heart of gold and stepped up when it mattered. Oh yeah, Ruger could be a dick at times….but oh how we love these bad biker boys!

“I think you’re a raging asshole.” – Sophie
“Yeah, well I think you’re a bitch, but my cock likes you, so we’ll figure something out.” – Ruger

Ruger’s allegiance to his “Brothers” was cemented; his dedication, love and commitment to Noah a bond that would never break from the beginning and the exchanges and special moments between these two absolutely melted me. Just beautiful to see the bond between this man and his nephew.

“From day one, I can say with a clear conscience that there is nothin’ –not a fucking thing – on this earth I wouldn’t do to protect him or you……”

Ruger was such would have me giggling one minute, melting the next, wanting to punch him a couple of times and then have me repeatedly fanning myself the next and whoa!!!! the intimate scenes between Sophie and Ruger were off the charts!!!!

“The fact that my dick’s in its happy place is probably saving your life. Trust me when I say I’m seriously considerin’ strangling you, Sophie. Thinking about fuckin’ you helps balance that out.”

Ruger’s unyielding need to protect Sophie and Noah meant bringing them into his world which was akin to mixing oil and water.  Ruger’s world is one of loyalty exacting revenge – an eye for an eye at all costs, Sophie wanted safe, secure and sedate. What she got was  a controlling Ruger. But there’s no denying the sizzling chemistry brewing between them or the devotion and bond they feel for one another – compromise is the key….easier said than done.

Oh and the symbolism of the tattoo you mentioned G…..just….I have no words. It was beautiful and rendered me speechless. Wonderful.

G&J: So, we really loved Reaper’s Legacy and we love Joanna Wylde’s flawless writing. This was a great second instalment in this series and even though Horse will always have a very special place in our hearts; Ruger comes a very close second. Like super close!!!

‘The man was like heroin – seductive, addictive, and a damned good way to wake up dead.’ – Sophie

Reading Legacy was effortless and it had just the right amount of grit and raw emotion. At no point did we think it was over the top nor did we do any eye-rolling. In fact we mostly swooned, got teary from the emotion, got a tad hot under the collar from the passion…oh and we laughed out loud a few times too:

“Jesus you piss me off”…….”Good thing your c***’s so fucking hot.” – Ruger
“Don’t call it that.” – Sophie
“Good thing your vagina’s so gosh-darned hot”….”Because I really, really want to stick my penis in it and have repeated sexual intercourse, bringing us to a mutually satisfactory culmination of our desires. How’s that sound?” – Ruger

It was great catching up with all the characters again from book #1 and we have to say we are gagging for Devil’s Game (Reapers MC #3)…like wanting it NOW!!!!  Because Hunter & Em…well we know this one will be quite the ride!!!

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

Check out and purchase the Reapers MC Series here

Reaper’s Property

Reaper’s Legacy (Reapers Motorcycle Club)
Releases 4th February 2014

Devil’s Game (Reapers Motorcycle Club)
 Releases 3rd June 2014

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She is pretty and talented – sweet sixteen and never been kissed. He is seventeen; gorgeous and on the brink of a bright future. And now they have fallen in love. But… they are brother and sister.Seventeen-year-old Lochan and sixteen-year-old Maya have always felt more like friends than siblings. Together they have stepped in for their alcoholic, wayward mother to take care of their three younger siblings. As defacto parents to the little ones, Lochan and Maya have had to grow up fast. And the stress of their lives—and the way they understand each other so completely—has also also brought them closer than two siblings would ordinarily be. So close, in fact, that they have fallen in love. Their clandestine romance quickly blooms into deep, desperate love. They know their relationship is wrong and cannot possibly continue. And yet, they cannot stop what feels so incredibly right. As the novel careens toward an explosive and shocking finale, only one thing is certain: a love this devastating has no happy ending.

forbidden collage

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte
G&J ~ 5+++ Stars

“How can something so wrong feel so right?”

Gitte: I have no words, honestly none, that can give a deserving recognition of just how harrowingly beautiful and severely upsetting this story is. It left me absolutely distraught but not for the reason I expected. I read Forbidden in one sitting and it made me question who should be allowed to love whom when it’s consensual and of no detriment to anyone in society.

“You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel”

Tabitha Suzuma’s writing is beyond sublime; the words bled from the written pages into my battered and broken heart as I read on. There’s not many more taboo subjects than the one dealt with in Forbidden, quite frankly, it will make many readers not want to read it. This is a mistake. Trust me! It’s one hell of a hard and difficult read, yet, at the same time it’s the easiest too because I hesitated once, only once, because truly, I got it, I understood, I felt it and I was willing….willing it with all my heart to end up a certain way. I will never forget this story, it completely ripped out my heart as I cried for hours.

“At what point do you give up – decide enough is enough? There is only one answer really. Never.”

Forbidden is one of those epic written masterpieces every true reader will want to experience. It will challenge your morality, your perception of what’s right or wrong. It will make you believe for a moment in time that there’s nothing simpler and more deserved than consensual love, no matter who you are or what you are. It has courage and heart in abundance. But also, and this is what I believe is one of the strongest messages in this story; when two young people are forced into a stressful and heart breaking parental role through no choice of their own, they will adapt accordingly and any support or love given is soaked up like water in a sponge. What is love if not based on friendship, support, acceptance and a shoulder to rest your weary head on?! Maya and Lochan’s story is love in its true definition; their powerful story will break your heart yet at the same time I thought it to be inspirational and it had a purity that was astounding considering the topic which is abhorred by society.

“At the end of the day it’s about how much you can bear, how much you can endure. Being together, we harm nobody; being apart, we extinguish ourselves.”

Lochan will forever be etched in my memory as one of the most beautiful and selfless characters I have ever had the honour of reading about and I will never forget this journey! So many questions come out of reading Forbidden, what are the results of conditioning by society? Circumstance of childhood? Attitudes? Living your life in secret from the outside world with only one person who truly understands the hardship? Well, the list goes on. Is love really that wrong when both parties are willing participants and when that love is harmless to others?

“You’ve always been my best friend, my soul mate, and now I’ve fallen in love with you too. Why is that such a crime?”

Thank you to my book soul-mate for insisting I read this story! I know you’ve not forgotten a moment of how you felt when you read Forbidden three years ago, have you Jenny?!

Jenny: Absolutely Gitte. I have never forgotten the deep seated emotions Forbidden elicited from me all that time ago, nor will I ever. At the time of reviewing this book on GR in 2011 I made the comment “I think this book will stay with me forever” and it definitely has done just that. In fact, discussing it with you again after you had finished it brought all those feelings of hopelessness and despair I experienced whilst reading it, to the surface.

It is testament to an authors talent when they can write about such a taboo subject such as incest which can have you reeling but then have that same subject become secondary to the story, to the point where it falls into the background and you find yourself concentrating on the unfolding love story and believing in the their relationship between Lochan and Maya, due to the circumstances which brought  them to that point. In my mind I was saying their relationship was wrong but in my heart it felt so right.  There were definitely a lot of conflicting emotions going through me at the time but what I remember most about this book was the intense love I felt between the children and between Lochan and Maya. That these two young souls were forced into a situation of being parents when they were still children themselves broke me.

“He is my soul mate, my fresh air, the reason I look forward to getting up every morning.”

I’ve championed this book since I read it and have only met a few people who concentrated on the incest part of this story and have not been consumed the story of Maya and Lochan. The majority have felt as I did and have become consumed with the story itself and not the taboo subject.

“There are no laws, no boundaries on feelings.We can love each other as much and as deeply as we want…….”

I have wanted Gitte to read this book for so long. I knew she would feel every page of this book and experience deep emotional feelings because of her passion for reading and her respect for a well written story. I knew this would burrow deep into her soul and her feelings after she read Forbidden were as intense as I expected. It’s not often you’re afforded the opportunity to read a book that has such a profound effect on you and I know G and I will be discussing this one for a long time to come.

So, as Gitte said, if you can put aside your feelings in regards to the taboo topic of this story and push forward you will never forget it. It will break your heart and it will have you questioning yourself all through it.

“What else could he possibly have done? What choices did he ever have?”

This was such a beautifully tragic story of love and commitment and of love knowing no limits. Of two young people forced to survive and protect their family in such a hopeless situation.

“It was only a matter of time before it broke through our fragile web of denial, forcing us to confront the truth and acknowledge who we are: two people in love – a love that nobody else could possibly understand.”

We put this book forward as our Bookclub read this weekend and we the response was overwhelming. There wasn’t a person in that group of 70 readers who didn’t feel something, who didn’t experience true sadness throughout this book. It will certainly test you but it’s a test worth taking.

Amazon us || Amazon uk



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Ford Aston is not too picky about what he wants out of Christmas. He’s not into this holiday—like at all. He doesn’t do presents, or family dinners, or parties, or church.
He does pets. And he’s got one lined up for Christmas Eve. In fact, it’s the highlight of his day. And if he can get through drop-in visits, nosy twelve year olds, an inappropriate conversation with his best friend’s girlfriend, dinner with a family that’s not his, and a party at his mother’s house—well, he might just get home in time to enjoy himself with a stranger and make it all OK.


Ford Aston is getting the f*ck out of Denver. He does not give a shit about blizzards, getting his old-ass Bronco over the Rocky Mountains in one piece, or a girl knocking on his hotel door looking to be saved.
Ford Aston is known for many things. Being an emotionless, messed up bastard, a freakishly smart social outcast, and a cold, domineering master who keeps “pets” instead of girlfriends.

And after Rook broke his heart, he plans to keep it that way.


Ashleigh is getting the f*ck out of somewhere, but she’s not quite sure where she’s coming from, let alone where she’s going.

Ashleigh is known for nothing, and that’s exactly what she’s got going for her. She’s broke, stranded in the mountains with a three month old baby, and Ford Aston is f*cking with her head.

Big. Time.

And she plans to f*ck with his right back.


It’s a coy game at first, filled with flirting, and innuendo—but Ford soon realizes something is not quite right with Ashleigh. In fact, something is seriously, seriously wrong and the closer they get to their final destination, the closer Ford gets to the truth.

One night of devastation, self-loathing, and emptiness turns into the best thing that ever happened to Ford Aston. But one day of in-your-face reality threatens Ashleigh’s whole existence.

taut collage

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

Slack (Novella) J&G: 3.5 Stars
Taut: J&G 4.5Stars

“Who are you Ford Aston?”

J&G:  Well, after meeting Ford Aston and falling madly in love with him in the Rook & Ronin series we were in book heaven when we found out Ford was going to tell us his story.

This very complex, socially awkward, sexy and kinky genius definitely had a story to tell – what with him keeping his “pets” and his devastation over the unrequited love he felt for Rook. There was so much we needed to know about him and in Slack we started to scratch the surface of this deep man.

‘I am the first to admit that my rules are unreasonable. My behaviour is atrocious. My indifferene is derogatory. But if the pets don’t care, why should I.’ – Ford

Slack took us back to the events leading up the New Year’s Eve party at Chaput Studios where we left off in Manic and we certainly gained some insight into this very intriguing character.

“You’re one disturbed, messed up freak.”

Slack was a little bit of an  introduction of what was to come in Ford and set the scene for the unveiling of a very different side to the man we had come to know.

Jenny:  So….Taut. Wow! Gitte, if you had told me when we first met Ford in the Rook & Ronin series, that it would take two very special girls to steal Fords heart I would have balked.

‘So I guess I was right after all. I’m not defective.’

After all, Ford doesn’t do relationships, he avoids being touched preferring to be the one doing the touching and making demands as far as sex goes. He had his “pets” and they were just that. Women he had on hand to fulfil his dominant side and his sexual pleasures.

“I’ll just warn you. A night with me, my undivided attention, that’s not something you’ll ever forget. I might ruin you for life, I might make it impossible for you to ever be with another man again………….”

Still feeling the pain of losing Rook to Ronin and harbouring an all-encompassing love for her Ford takes off to drive to LA and leave his friends and Rook behind to try and forget and move on. Boy, he didn’t bargain on just how much that trip would change his life did he Gitte? He was to meet a woman who was sensitive, beautiful and hiding her own pain and sorrow. He was to meet his kindred spirit of sorts.

Gitte: Well, I’ve been a Ford girl ever since we met him Jenny. There’s just something about him and I knew his story would be pretty passionate and highly addictive.

“…relationships aren’t something I normally do. I do sex. I do fucking. I do blow jobs, I do bondage, and I keep pets. I keep girls as pets, Ashleigh. I never get their names, I never ask them out on a date. They’re given a time and a place, they meet me or they don’t. If they don’t show up and I feel like fucking, there’s always another girl on the list.” … “I told you, I’m not a nice guy. I’m Fucking Ford. It’s practically a nickname. This is how I operate.”

And yeah it really was passionate. I didn’t realise it was going to be so beautiful and emotional too though. I think this was because of Ashleigh, she truly brought the real Ford to the surface. There was a hand of fate when these two met in a snow storm. They both needed guidance and help. Ford amazed me, he truly opened up his soul and his heart to this girl and not only did I love her for healing Ford, but I loved her for being her. She was a great heroine and she didn’t take any of Ford’s crap. My heart went out to both of them as they went through an emotional healing of heart and mind.

‘That’s it. I need this girl. She’s so lost. She’s looking for someone to help her and I’d like to be this person. She’s got a hold of my heart…’

Ford has always made me melt into a puddle on the floor one minute and fanning myself the next. This is still the case and I love him even more now after seeing a vulnerability and learning of his childhood and who he really is.

‘I don’t understand what I am, I just deal with it…’ ‘The real me is filled with curiosity. I want to know everything. I want to understand everything’ ‘So I have to turn me off. I have to be something else.’

His relationship with his Mum but more so his Dad was truly beautiful. Oh and the image of Ford cradling a baby….sigh…..

‘My Dad was a great man…He was my biggest champion. He made me stronger…He pushed me to be better, learn more, try harder.’ – Ford

J&G:  We both thoroughly enjoyed Fords story.  There were some surprise reveals and some we had guessed but in no way did knowing take anything away from the journey Ford was to take in Taut. We learned so much of this man…of his past struggles, of his feeling of being an outcast, of his guilt over his father and why he would distance himself from so many in his life who loved him without question. Ford’s story was moving, funny and well told.

‘But just once, just fucking once, I’d like the Sandy instead of the Rizzo.’ – Ford

We have to say, we were in awe of this man. This author did an amazing job in revealing Ford’s struggles and exactly why Ford was the way he was. We really did feel for this man in ways we didn’t understand in previous books. Sure, we had loved him for his kink, hotness and his naughty side in the Rook & Ronin series but we came to love him for his beautiful heart, his struggle, his sensitivity and his loyalty. To see this once emotionally stunted man give himself to not one, but two hearts was mesmerizing and engaging.

“You take all the bad away for me, Ford. When I’m with you, all that stuff disappears.” – Ashleigh

Oh Ford has lost none of his sexiness and alpha-ness…..our Ford still retains the kinkiness and sexual mastery we know and love him for. The chemistry between Ford and Ashleigh was off the charts. This instalment was passionate, sensual, beautiful, funny and heart-warming.

“But I’m so far from satisfied I just want to curl up in a dark corner and die.”  – Ashleigh

We thoroughly enjoyed Fords story – his voice was believable and so well constructed by JA Huss. There were twists and turns that were both heartbreaking and heart-lifting. Ashleigh and Kate will completely steal your heart and we’re happy to have left Ford in a good place. An unexpected place, but a good place.


ARCs supplied by author in exchange for honest reviews

Check out and purchase Slack and Taut here:

SLACK: A Day in the Life of Ford Aston (Rook and Ronin Spin-off)

TAUT: The Ford Book: (Rook and Ronin Spinoff)

taut teaser

Exclusive Excerpt of TAUT:

I find the timer function on my phone and set it for fifteen minutes. Ashleigh glances down at it then looks back up at me. “So, fifteen minutes?”

I don’t smile, on the outside anyway, but I do on the inside. “That was the deal.”

“And I’m gonna be satisfied?”

“Well, that’s up to you, I guess. I promised you a satisfying answer to your one question. You turned down the promise of an orgasm if I recall correctly.”


I want to laugh because she just has no idea how I work. But I don’t laugh, because she’s about to find out and I want to watch her reaction when it hits her. I like to read their minds as they try to figure shit out.

“Well, what do I have to do to get satisfaction?”

“Follow directions.”

“Sounds easy.”

“Then you should be wildly satisfied in fifteen minutes, Ashleigh.” She shivers when I say her name and I know she’s been thinking about this all day. I press start on the timer. “Take your clothes off and don’t talk. I’ll be right back.”

She’s got the shirt off before I can even turn away. It stops me dead for a moment, because even though I’ve seen her breasts on several occasions, I’m just not ready for how spectacular they are when bared specifically for me. They almost look fake.

“They’re not fake,” she says. Like she’s reading my mind.

“No talking.” I point to the pink panties. “Remove those and present yourself to me, I’ll be right back.”

“Timer’s running, Ford. So chop chop.”

I look back at her as I get to the stairs and shake my head. “I own you right now, Ashleigh. I’d be careful.”

I’m quiet when I enter the bedroom. The baby is lying on her back, arms out, mouth open and breathing deep with sleep. I fish around in my dresser drawer until I find the black silk scarves, then quietly leave the room and go back downstairs.

Ashleigh is standing naked all right. She’s shaved clean down below and she’s got her hands behind her back, her chest out. She’s wearing a big smile and she’s swaying back and forth a little, like she’s the one in control here.

I smile too. “Well, you’ve almost got the position down, but your form is a little off. So I’ll correct that later.”

“With those?” she says, looking down at the scarves.

“Shhh. That’s three now. You’re gonna be sorry if you keep this up.”

“You just wasted four minutes, Ford—”

I cup my hand over her mouth and put my other hand firmly on the back of her head to hold her still. Her eyes widen and look up at me. “I don’t like to repeat myself. When I tell you to be quiet, I expect compliance. I own you, Ashleigh. That was the deal. And if I want you to open your mouth, believe me, I’ll let you know when to do it and where to place it.”

I remove my hand from her mouth and take my attention back to the scarves.
“Yes, sir,” she quips softly.

I smack her on the ass. Hard. She yelps and tries to move away, but I have her wrists and I bind them up behind her back with one of the scarves. “I warned you. Now stop.”

She looks up at me, her brow crinkled, but I just slip the other scarf around her eyes and that takes care of that.

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