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craving absolution

Farrah Miller and Cody “Casper” Butler have a longstanding relationship that both refuse to discuss.
It isn’t romantic.
It may not even be classified as a friendship.
Casper’s been saving Farrah from herself for longer than he’d care to admit, watching silently as she drowned herself in alcohol. Then, when she finally got her act together, he left. He told himself he was giving her time to sort herself out. He tried to give her space.
But getting shot in the chest can change a man’s perspective, and Casper’s done waiting.
When he shows up on her doorstep one night, everything changes.
He’s the man who’s seen her at her very worst.
She’s his weakness.
He runs when things get hard.
She never lets anyone see below the surface and is terrified of being abandoned.
He knows it’s a long shot, that there’s a good chance she’ll never drop her guard for him—but he has to try. Because a life with Farrah is exactly what he wants—even if he has to fight her for it.

´♥ ´♥ ´♥

craving absolution collage

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

J&G: ✯✯✯✯✯ Stars!

“She’s your soft place, son. A man needs a soft place to land when life gets fucked.”

Gitte: I love this series, bloody love it. Every instalment landing on my kindle I devour in one sitting revelling in the passion, the gritty world of the MC club, the drama and emotion. This is book #3 and I guess in some respects I see this as a series of ‘reader’s indulgence’ insofar as it has everything to satisfy you and then some. My ‘reading heart’ rejoiced with high emotion and tingles; Craving Absolution is without doubt my favourite in this series and one of my favourite biker books this year!

“I need you to fight for yourself, baby…I need you to fight for us.”

I know what to expect and I never feel let down or disappointed. It’s brilliantly written as always, the characters are flawed but you fall in unquestionable love with them and the story is hot, thrilling and addictive. There’s purpose and room for every single character, they all shine in their own right. So yeah, bloody loved Craving Absolution and wow the epilogue ROCKED!!!! Oh and there’s a scene involving a couple of tattoos, I was in tears!! Absolute TEARS, my heart overflowed!!!! What about you, Jenny?

Jenny:  I think it’s fair to say I LOVED THIS BOOK and was moved implicitly. We certainly shed a few tears chatting about it after we finished! I loved everything about it and I know I didn’t skip one word. Cody and Farrah’s story was one of my most anticipated of this series and it lived up to, and even exceeded, my expectations.  And yes….THAT scene…..I was a mess!  I’m still thinking about it!

“I’m in love with you.”….”I’m sorry for that….”

I completely agree! This is definitely up there as one of my fave biker book this year as well! It was pretty special. I inhaled it in one sitting and experienced every emotion possible.. There is something that set this one apart that’s for sure.

‘Our relationship was complicated….. dragged through the mud too many times to be clean and wholesome.’

Oh wow! That epilogue! I’ve read some fantastic epilogues and this one certainly stood out. It took my breath away! Amazing end to a fabulous read! It left me completely satisfied yet desperately wanting to spend more time with these characters I’ve come to know and love. As you say, each character has a place and none are insignificant to the story.

Gitte: Cody and Farrah’s story is really heart breaking yet oh so romantic. I mean Cody, wow, what a man. Sure, he has his faults and I wanted to shout at him for being a tosser a few times but his passionate heart and his dedication, love and protectiveness for Farrah….it all knew no end, it was infinite!! Cody grew up and what an incredible man he’s become with such a beautiful soul.

“I gave you space, baby. I gave thousands of miles of space, because I knew you needed it.”

Farrah was a bit of an enigma to me, I didn’t really have an opinion on her upon starting. However, she soon won me over and I slowly but surely fell in love with her strength and vulnerable character. She puts up a guarded front as a result of a traumatic childhood. How do you trust, love and embrace anything new and uncertain if you haven’t had much stability and love in life?

‘As much as I wanted to keep my distance, Cody was just as determined to break through.’

Now, Cameron stole my heart too. There’s a harrowing scene with him and Farrah that just made me want to pick him up and hug him. It made me cry!  I really hope we get his and Trix’s story. Well played Nicole Jacquelyn looks as if the next generation’s up and I for one will one-click every single one!! I highly recommend this series for its passion, twists and turns, raw emotion and swoon worthy romance. What about you, Jenny?

Jenny:  Oh you can bet I’ll be 1clicking anything in regards to The Aces Series. I just can’t get enough and yes please, please, please…..let’s have some of the next generation! Their stories will be just as riveting!

I loved Cody. I found myself forgiving him his sometimes bad judgement calls because I knew his heart was in the right place. He’d watched, protected and loved Farrah from afar but didn’t always have the foresight to think through the consequences of his actions. Sure I wanted to slap him now and then but this guy completely had my heart. He had me swooning many a time!

“Don’t ever hide from me again, I’m all in, Farrah.”

Like you, I wasn’t sure what to think of Farrah in the beginning but my feelings for her grew throughout the story. Such a broken character, she certainly made me tear up a few times. Healing from her past would take time, opening and trusting would entail breaking down her carefully constructed walls and I was with her every step of the way.

“Don’t leave without waking me up, okay? “I don’t like waking up with you gone.”

Cody and Farrah’s story has been brewing throughout series and I particularly love how this author manages to so effortlessly and seamlessly weave each character and story into the other and she never shies away from bringing us the gritty side of her MC world. She tells it warts and all and her characters are honestly flawed. In this installment she brought us some nail biting moments, lots of twists, shocks, drama and, some truly heartfelt romantic moments which made my heart burst. Yep, this was an absolute winner for me too!

**Reviewed on ARC copy provided by author**


Nicole Jacquelyn

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Our Review


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LEAD (Stage Dive #3) by KYLIE SCOTT



Stay up all night with the sexy rockers in Stage Dive, the epic New Adult series from New York Times bestselling author Kylie Scott, author of Lick and Play.

As the lead singer of Stage Dive, Jimmy is used to getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants it, whether it’s booze, drugs, or women. However, when a PR disaster serves as a wake-up call about his life and lands him in rehab, he finds himself with Lena, a new assistant to keep him out of trouble.

Lena’s not willing to take any crap from the sexy rocker and is determined to keep their relationship completely professional, despite their sizzling chemistry. But when Jimmy pushes her too far and Lena leaves, he realizes that he may just have lost the best thing that ever happened to him.


Lead By Kylie Scott

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

J&G:  ✯✯✯✯ Stars

Lick set the standard for the Stage Dive series for us. That story had the perfect balance of emotion, humour and character development. David and Ev stole our hearts, we ‘felt’ their story and it’s still one of our favourite rock star books out there!

Jimmy’s always been a fascinating character. The tortured soul in a band full of larks. HIS was the story we were dying to read. His was the story we felt was going to tug at the emotions and we expected to witness and feel his pain first hand. We thought this book was going to destroy us.  After all, Jimmy had demons he carried around for years and was personally responsible for nearly driving the band apart.  We did see the occasional glimpses but just expected more…..

Now, don’t get us wrong, we had plenty of laughs and there were certainly a couple of moments in Lead that pulled on our heartstrings but we missed the emotion that was so prevalent in the first book.

‘The man was cracking before my eyes and watching him come apart felt like torture.’

Whilst we certainly did enjoy Lead we feel the original formula is something we really miss and we’re beginning to think that maybe this lays on us. Maybe our expectations for the rest of the series following Lick have been mistaken and the mood and emotion which wow’ed us so incredibly much in Lick was not how the rest of the series was intended to play out and if so, then that’s on us.

‘Jimmy Ferris as an illegal, dangerous, controlled substance. Funnily enough, I could see it. The man affected me on all the levels no matter how much I tried to resist, damn it.’


****What we loved about LEAD****

~ Lena: She really stole the show in Lead. Her character was multi-faceted and as we only had her POV we really got to understand and empathise with her. Lena has very quickly become one of our favourite female characters out there. She was no-nonsense; feisty and honest. She knew what she wanted and she wouldn’t settle for second best.

~ The humour: Kylie Scott has a wicked sense of humour which really translates well on paper. She had us cracking up so many times we lost count.

“Your shirt is so ugly it made her cry.”

~ The romance: From Lena’s POV we got swept up in how her crush progressed to love through humour and forced circumstance. It was sweet, funny and quite emotional at times.

“You’re watching me all the time and it’s fucking creepy. I can’t take it anymore.”

~ Catching up with the whole crew especially David & Ev. The Stage Dive guys are something special!

~ Kylie’s flawless and excellent writing. We got swept up, no question.

“I can’t stand not having you there, not knowing what you’re thinking, what you’re doing, not being able to tell you things and share them with you.”


****What we felt was missing in LEAD****

~ Jimmy’s POV: We were told rather than left to experience therefore did not feel or get that emotional connection. Jimmy’s story is the one we were both so eagerly anticipating therefore we were disappointed not to get inside his head and feel his pain. Jimmy’s an addict; he’s struggling and has a real attitude problem. He’s the suffering rock star……we didn’t really feel this.

“So it’s preferable to live your life alone and unhappy?”

“Better than winding up broken. Better than breaking someone.”

~ The relationship between David and Jimmy: Though explored in Lead, once again, the emotion and angst felt by the brothers was missing. As this had always been alluded to throughout the books we were so looking forward to ‘feeling’ these moments and we didn’t.

~ The rock star element: There was none to speak of really. There was no musical setting where we felt the exhilaration of what rock star books should have.

Kylie Scott sure does produce characters who put a smile on our faces and warm our hearts. Lena was pure joy and a bloody good match for the wayward Jimmy. Although Lead didn’t pan out quite as we anticipated, it was most definitely an entertaining read and we certainly enjoyed it.

The Stage Dive series has been a lot of fun that’s for sure and we’ve enjoyed this series so far. We’re eagerly awaiting Ben’s book in December. We think we know what you’re up to Benny Boy and looking forward to seeing how your story unfolds.

**Reviewed on ARC Copy provided by publisher via Netgalley**

Meet David, Mal, Jimmy and Ben

stage dive series

LICK:  amazon us / amazon uk
PLAYamazon us /amazon uk
LEADamazon us amazon uk
DEEPamazon us / amazon uk


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RED & WOLFE PART 4 (Final Installment) by ELLA JAMES

 red and wolfe 4 cover


Return to Rabbit Island for the heart-pounding conclusion to Red and Wolfe’s story. Don’t forget your extra panties – but this time, you might also want to bring your gun. 

´♥ ´♥ ´♥

Red & Wolfe #4 collage
Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

J&G:  ✯✯✯✯ Stars

Gitte: So, Jenny….that conclusion was a bit full on with thrilling drama wasn’t it? It was sexy, fierce and hot too, of course, but that was a given!

It was the first time in six years that my daydreams haven’t starred a ghost.’ – Race

I was so excited to read the final instalment of Red & Wolfe and I wasn’t disappointed, though I’d never say no to more from these two. Maybe a few years down the line to catch up and see how they’re getting on. I guess what I’m saying is, I wanted more ‘afters’. Do you agree, Jenny?

Jenny:   Yes indeed! That conclusion! Okay, I admit I didn’t see that coming. It was certainly an action packed ending! I was kept guessing and ummmm yeah, the sex in this one was plentiful and HOT!

“Jesus Red. You really fuck me up.”

I completely agree with you about the ‘afters’, G. A little more at the end would have capped it off perfectly.

Gitte: As for this series as a whole, I really enjoyed  it for what it was. It was intense, intriguing and sexy. Definitely a recommend from me and I think Ella James’ writing is brilliant. Her characters are lovable and kind of fucked up, but in that instantaneously appealing way we love!

“I’ve got you now, Red,” he whispers. “I won’t let you go again.” – Race

Wolfe stole my heart (and my knickers!) and his ‘confessions’ in this instalment broke me emotionally a few times! As for Red, well she pretty much rocks! Dirty filthy fairy tale indeed!!

Jenny:  It’s been a great series  and one that has sucked me in from the get go. Ella James put a new and filthy spin on a classic fairy-tale and managed to pull it off convincingly, bringing it to it’s dramatic conclusion in this final installment.

“I want you. I have no idea why. Maybe I’m crazy.”

Wolfe….my what big….hands you have Mr Wolfe. He was something else! Argghh the unraveling of his story explained so much about this man and his past was indeed heartbreaking . Red is one feisty redhead! Wolfe had his hands full with her…or is that of her?…on her? Hmmm you get my drift. Lots of drama and action, both in and out of the sheets between these two passionate characters. A satisfying end to an addictive series.

Now I can’t wait to see what Ella James delivers with her new serial Beast next month!

**Reviewed off ARC Copy provided by author**


Our reviews for Parts One to Three here

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BREAK THE SKY (A Spiral of Bliss Spin Off Novel) by NINA LANE

break the sky


Do you ever let go, storm girl?” he asked. “Ever lose control? Ever surrender?”
“Never,” I whispered. “I never surrender.”

A smile of both promise and warning curved his beautiful mouth. “You will.”Atmospheric scientist Kelsey March is under siege. Her tornado research project is on the skids and she’s fighting conflict in her university department. So when irresistible bad boy Archer West suggests a hot, wild fling while he’s in town, Kelsey is unable to resist his sexy offer.


Kelsey and Archer embark on a intense, exhilarating affair. But soon their differences and private battles encroach on their desire, and Kelsey discovers that Archer is a storm she can’t control.



Break the sky

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

J&G✯✯✯✯✯ Breathtaking stars!

Jenny:  I LOVED this book so much!! I finished Break the Sky in one sitting and could have easily have gone back and started again. I should have known from the outset how completely mesmerised I would be with Archer and Kelsey’s story because Nina Lane constantly produces quality stories with quality characters. I never fail to connect to her stories through her flawlessly superb writing, eliciting a passion and emotion from within me that is second to none. There is nothing superfluous in this ladies prose. It’s true class all the way and Break the Sky only cements those sentiments.

‘I wanted more than more. I wanted everything he could give me. I wanted to find out just how much I could take.’

I will admit to initially being a bit nervous that Dean’s character could perhaps be compromised in this one.  After all, this was Archer’s story and of course it would address the unresolved issues between Dean and Archer which could have shown Dean in a negative light. Clearly I forgot who I was dealing with because Nina Lane has far too much talent and love for her characters to allow that to happen. Instead I gathered an insight into the underlying struggles and what transpired between these estranged brothers and it was heartbreaking. I cried a few times in this one Gitte!

Gitte: Oh wow, Nina Lane did it again, what a brilliant and passionate story this was. I was worried whether I would fall in love once more after the fantastic Spiral of Bliss series, but yeah, I should’ve guessed that there was no way this Author was going to disappoint! Nina Lane is a beautiful writer, emotion pouring straight from her heart onto the blank pages thus bringing complete and utter bliss to an adoring reader like myself.

“I surrender……”

I absolutely LOVED Break the Sky; the writing was without doubt superbly stunning and flawless as always. I was swept up from the get go and just couldn’t put Kelsey & Archer’s story down. So much passion, emotion and intensity. So much humour and powerful hard hitting moments.  I truly forgot to breathe at times.

‘Too much. Everything about him was too much. He was too big, too beautiful, too dangerous, too goddamned cute.’

Archer West stole my heart and he’s not giving it back but that’s okay, I don’t want him to!! My heart did the full rollercoaster ride with tears and laughter to a powerful lyrical beat whilst my pulse threatened to hammer out my skin. Nina Lane, you blew me away (pun totally intended!)

Jenny:  Archer was such a beautiful character. I loved him. Sure he’d made mistakes but he had paid for them and learnt by them. Underneath all I saw was just that small boy who needed to belong, to be loved, to be praised and to be cared for and wow did my heart bleed for him. He needed a Kelsey in his life! Oh and ummmmm he had a very dirty mouth……pass the fan!!!

“He is a good man. A survivor.’

I always loved and admired Kelsey in The Spiral of Bliss series but in no way could I have imagined the depth that lay behind her character.  Kelsey was always so supportive of Liv and Dean and I couldn’t have guessed the struggles she was hiding.  Her character not only fascinated me, but connected with her completely. Archer awakened and allowed Kelsey to be who she really was and in turn Kelsey showed Archer the man he truly is and I was swept away with it all.

‘I’d once been a girl who met challenges without fear, but that girl had been gone for more years than I cared to remember.’

There were parts of the story that were exhilarating weren’t they Gitte? I think Nina captured the storm chasing better than anything I’ve watched on screen. I was on the edge of my seat, gasping with exhaustion after some scenes. Nina Lane encompasses everything I love about reading.  Her stories ignite a passion in me that leave me gasping for more! Passionate, thrilling, emotional and fun. Break The Sky had it all! I “triple dog dare you” not to love it as much as I did. Absolute perfection!

Gitte: Archer West…bloody hell this man had me wrapped up tight with his fierce passion, protectiveness, filthy mouth but more so his strength entwined in a soft thread of vulnerability.

Being labelled the black sheep of the family is not easy. It only gets easy once you’ve worn this coat of disappointment  for so long it’s conformed to your being and you feel at home in the downward spiral of self-destruction.

‘I wondered how he could seem both whole and broken at the same time. He was like a painting whose varnish had cracked over time and yet was all the more beautiful because of the damage.’

Archer has a hell of a past and his brotherly relationship with gorgeous professor Dean was profoundly heart breaking and I read on as if walking on eggshells. My heart categorically and irrevocably ended up belonging to Archer West. He is without doubt the essence of everything that makes up the male perfection.

Now Kelsey, what a surprise she was. I really liked her character from the Spiral of Bliss series. Being Dean’s best mate we knew of her compassion, strength and hardworking no nonsense attitude. Well, this girl had so many facets to her as a result of her interpretation of her past and her current need for respect and affirmation in her line of profession. Archer truly brought out in her what made this girl amazing, beautiful and lovable.

‘My risk-taking, brilliant scientist girl. She needed storms.’

The love affair of Archer and Kelsey was incredibly powerful and there’s no better scene depicting this than the storm chasing one which had me on the edge of my seat with my heart racing. Well done Nina Lane; you’re still on that pedestal of brilliance which is why I love reading so!

**Reviewed off ARC copy provided by author**

Purchase BREAK THE SKY here

break the sky

 ´♥ ´♥ ´♥ 

Although Break the Sky is a spin-off standalone, we recommend reading THE SPIRAL OF BLISS series first.
Our reviews for series here 

spiral of bliss





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after i do


From the author of Forever, Interrupted—hailed by Sarah Jio as “moving, gorgeous, and at times heart-wrenching”—comes a breathtaking new novel about modern marriage, the depth of family ties, and the year that one remarkable heroine spends exploring both.

When Lauren and Ryan’s marriage reaches the breaking point, they come up with an unconventional plan. They decide to take a year off in the hopes of finding a way to fall in love again. One year apart, and only one rule: they cannot contact each other. Aside from that, anything goes.

Lauren embarks on a journey of self-discovery, quickly finding that her friends and family have their own ideas about the meaning of marriage. These influences, as well as her own healing process and the challenges of living apart from Ryan, begin to change Lauren’s ideas about monogamy and marriage. She starts to question: When you can have romance without loyalty and commitment without marriage, when love and lust are no longer tied together, what do you value? What are you willing to fight for?

This is a love story about what happens when the love fades. It’s about staying in love, seizing love, forsaking love, and committing to love with everything you’ve got. And above all, After I Do is the story of a couple caught up in an old game—and searching for a new road to happily ever after.


´♥ ´♥ ´♥

After I do

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

J&G✯✯✯✯ 1/2 Stars

“I don’t know where we go from here…”

Jenny: This story hit me on such a level so deep and provoked some strong emotions. It was as though I was living through the heartbreak and hopes right there with the characters. My heart soared and broke with Lauren and Ryan. I’ve witnessed marriages in the same state of disrepair as Lauren and Ryan’s. Some survived, others didn’t and Taylor Jenkins Reid captured those raw emotions perfectly.

My heart is truly broken. And I know that even if it mends, it will look different, feel different, beat differently.

My feelings switched between hope and sadness in this emotionally charged, sometimes humorous and powerfully thought provoking story. Hope that these two could find their way back. Sadness at the thought that the apathy, disconnection and lack of communication had caused too much damage and they would be lost to each other forever. I witnessed their feelings of emptiness and I cried with them when the realisation of the state of their marriage hit home.  I felt a part of their story. What about you Gitte?

‘There is a part of me that feels like years ago I stopped fighting with you. It just became easier to agree with you or ignore you.’

Gitte: I really enjoyed this story, it was flawless and flowed beautifully. It smacked of reality and real life marriage struggles. It was completely believable and touched me deeply with the rawness and intensity of emotion.

“Just because you can live without someone doesn’t mean you want to.”

I think we all know couples who have gone through what our couple did in this story. Ryan and Lauren quite simply forgot who they were together as well as apart; slipping into a damaging routine which can have a negative impact on the romance and excitement of love and life.

Jenny:  I thought the way this author infused Ryan’s pov into the story was brilliant and it was at those times I came completely undone. Hearing from Ryan broke me and I have to say he was the character who elicited the strongest emotions from me. I felt so drawn to Ryan’s character and needed his happiness as much as I needed my next breath.

‘Nothing you could ever say out of love could hurt as much as it did to look into your eyes and see that you couldn’t stand me anymore.’ Ryan

Lauren was somewhat meandering through her marriage, choosing apathy over actions, silence over communicating her anger and frustrations. When their passion subsides, when life gets in the way and a day of not communicating their feelings became a week, a week became a month….finding their way back became a task. Could she find her way back to the man who stole her heart? Her reconnection with her family was beautifully told and she needed time to become re acquainted with herself again. I love when makes you think and After I Do certainly did.  I devoured Lauren and Ryan’s story. I cried, I laughed, I loved.

Gitte: Ryan stole my heart. No question about it, his voice of sheer honesty and turmoil screamed pure emotion and came directly from the heart. This bloke, all through the story, tried to give Lauren everything she wanted. But it came at a price!

“Ryan and I are two people who used to be in love. What a beautiful thing to have been. What a sad thing to be.’

At no stage did I think this guy was in the wrong nor did I question his actions or motives. However, I did question the year of no communication and the ‘okay to see other people’, it just didn’t sit well with me. Also, it wasn’t really delved into or examined.

“I don’t know why I’m laughing….This is the saddest moment of my life.”

As for Lauren; she was lost, so lost that she’d accepted non-communication and became almost lazy in her commitment to the marriage, unbeknownst to her. I loved her interaction with her Granny and her family. The connection and bonds; the wise words. Well, they all served to wake Lauren up from her slumber.

‘Why do we undervalue things when we have them? Why is it only on the verge of losing something that we see how much we need it?’

I absolutely empathised with both characters and I recognised and related to many issues highlighted in their story. I’m a huge emotional reader and I have to say, Ryan’s communication where we heard his inner thoughts had me in absolute tears at times. After I do didn’t just make me cry though, it made me laugh and it made me believe in the beauty of a surviving romance after a dark stifling storm. It was an intense and raw look at trying to get back to the time before.

 **Reviewed on ARC copy provided by Atria via Netgalley**


After I Do


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