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RED & WOLFE – Parts 1-3 (An Erotic Fairy Tale) by ELLA JAMES

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When Sarah “Red” Ryder loses her job as an art critic for a Boston newspaper, she’s brokenhearted. Worse than that? She’s broke. Her boyfriend recently left her – for a tatted-up hottie with a dick – so she’s stuck paying her hefty apartment rent alone. After two months unemployed, there’s no money left. With no immediate family to turn to, Red reaches out to her estranged grandmother, a reclusive writer living on an island off the coast of Charleston. Several days later, Red receives $30,000 and an invitation to visit.

James Wolfe is not Red’s grandmother. But he beckons her. Red has the ability to give him something he needs. He won’t take “no” for an answer, and he doesn’t mind screwing her over. He lost his conscience six years ago, when he was tried for the murder of his wife. Since then, life is about him – and the paintings he does under the mysterious pseudonym “W.”

Wolfe needs the island to keep painting. To live his life away from prying eyes. To keep up the anonymity of “W.”

Once he sees Red, he finds that he needs her, too. And Wolfe will have her. Any way he can.

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

J&G:   ✯✯✯✯ Stars

‘He’s beautiful. A handsome villain.’

J&G:  There are times when you just need to sink your teeth into something that’s hot, keeps you entertained, piques your interest and leaves you begging for more. Well, the Red & Wolfe Series provided exactly that and we loved it!

“You don’t seem stupid to me. Just afraid. And you don’t need to be afraid.”

The very dirty talking, sexually gifted, domineering and mysterious Wolfe certainly captured our interest, had us fanning ourselves and left us desperately wanting to know more about his fascinating character and tainted past. We’re so happy the final instalment is imminent because we have all sorts of conspiracy theories, discussing them for ages over the phone!

“What are your weaknesses?”
“I’m afraid that you are, Red.”

Red was going through a tough time when a chance….hmmmm chance?…meeting has her coming (no pun intended), face to face with Wolfe. He ignites every spark and she in turn answers the darker side of his sexual needs. Each is insatiable when it comes to one another and the nookie is extremely HOT!

‘It’s like he hypnotizes me. Were there any limits with him..?’

We turned the pages quickly and obsessively as our need to find out exactly what afoot and just who the mysterious Wolfe really was took over. This series is an easy page turner that’s brimming with intrigue and a heat factor that’s off the charts. It only gets better and better as what’s hiding in the darkness slowly gets exposed.

“You would have died alone. Because you are alone.”

**ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review. 


Purchase RED & WOLFE PARTS 1-3 here
(4th and Final Installment to be released this month)

PART ONE – Currently FREEE!

red and wolfe 1


red and wolfe 2


red and wolfe 3


Fourth and final installment due for July release 

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