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An insane love that will keep you from falling—or push you right off the edge.

All she needed was a job…
The last thing twenty-four year old grad student Angie Roberts needs is to worry about her new boss’s father. After all, she’s never even seen him. He remains sequestered upstairs in a house that looks like it should be the main feature in an episode of Hoarders. She had no idea the house was such a dump when she took the job. But she’s concerned about the safety and health of the old man living under such horrid conditions.

What she got was a mystery…
Despite warnings not to venture upstairs, she wanders up to the second floor. What she sees is shocking. The man she finds is a gorgeous, sexy, middle-aged man– and he’s stepping out of the shower. But something is definitely not right. Why would this wealthy, handsome man live in a house in such disrepair while his nine-teen year old son resides in a lavish penthouse? Why does he hide away from society? Why does he come to her rescue and then run away?

What she discovered was heartbreaking…
Angie learns that forty-four year old Grayson Whitmore suffers from schizophrenia. Paranoid, he retreats into his own world.

What she ended up with was a treasure…
Angie is determined to get through to Grayson. They form a friendship that blazes into an inconceivable love fired with raging passion. Angie must now come to Grayson’s rescue because the wicked that has been perpetrated on him is unconscionable. First, though, she must gain the trust of a man whose mind does not allow for such a thing.

♥ ♥ ♥


Reviewed by Jenny and Gitte

J&G:  ✯✯✯✯1/2 Stars

 “I need by books, Angie.”

Jenny:  That simple quote above tore at my heart and when you meet Grayson you’ll understand why.  Whilst reading Grayson’s story it was apparent this author had experience with the subject matter in some capacity because she never sought to over sensationalise Grayson’s mental illness. Instead she told Grayson’s story with sensitivity, honesty, love and kindness and it shone through on every page.

Grayson was passionate, brilliant, loving; beautiful inside and out who happened to be schizophrenic. His daily existence was a struggle and I felt every moment of confusion Grayson experienced and it hit me hard. There were times Grayson had me giggling with his dry sense of humour and then his vulnerability would break me, leaving me sobbing and clutching my heart.  On a side note G, I have to say we had quite the introduction to Grayson didn’t we? Talk about a lasting first impression! Wow!

This book was pretty steamy as Angie and Grayson’s passion could be felt through the pages, however the heat factor took a backseat to the emotional side of the story. In Angie, Grayson found a woman who would fight beside him and for him, and love him with abandon and I adored her. She had me in awe of her tenacity and no nonsense approach.

“Angie. My heart. My salvation. My love.”

In Grayson, Angie found a brilliant, beautiful and soulful man fighting battles in and outside of his mind. Arrgghhh I hated Charles with a passion, what a despicable man. I’m so relieved Grayson had Angie in his corner with here  and only a heroine with her fierce determination would do because that man was horrid!

“It’s me, Grayson. It’s Angie. I’m on your side.”

Despite being told through Angie’s pov, my emotions were in no way lessened as I completely experienced the internal battles Grayson faced as the author did a splendid job of relaying the hopelessness, fear and torment Grayson felt through Angie’s voice. These were two inspirational characters I believed in and who completely stole my heart.

“What’s it like for you, Grayson?”
“It’s a struggle to achieve balance. It can be a futile search for the absolute truth or an endless certainty of lies.
I’m constantly sifting through my thoughts, analysing them, looking for the truth. It never stops.”

A truly beautiful story of a love that knows no bounds. Just beautiful. I loved Grayson the man and Grayson the story. A definite recommend from me. How did you feel G?

Gitte: I wholeheartedly agree; this is an honest and true love story that begs to be read. The characters are extremely well written but it’s the story itself on a whole that stands out for me. The weight is not heavily laid at the reader’s feet to feel sorry, to pity or to see an illness before the person. Nor is anything dramatized emotionally or overcooked for effect. This story simply is. And that…that is what I loved above anything else.

“Was there something you needed me to put together?”
“Yes…My heart. It’s broken.”

I have to wholeheartedly applaud Lisa Eugene for writing a story that screams research, compassion, love and know-how. She wrote a brilliant man who shone for his personality, his presence, his awe-inspiring demand of attention and his compelling allure. Grayson is an amazing hero and his story made me feel so much; it made me cry tears out of frustration and love for the man himself and the consequential treatment of him through no plausible reason other than greed and lack of understanding.

“You’re mine! My heart! My peace! My everything! All mine!”

And yes, Jenny nothing much beats that introduction. A raw voyeuristic moment of animalistic passion and who can blame Angie for falling for this brilliant minded sexy man?

‘My Grayson was funny and brilliant. My Grayson was tender and passionate. My Grayson could melt my heart with the tiniest smile. But this man, too, was my Grayson, a man who was sometimes out of touch with reality, who lived in the distorted world concocted by his brain. It was a world of doubt, fear, and distrust.’

Angie is without question one of my favourite heroines of late. She displayed strength and compassion. She fell in lust and interest; then love with a man and never once questioned nor rationalised this all embracing love. Her POV was so incredibly strong that in no way did I miss not hearing Grayson’s voice; the emotionally laden writing and Angie herself made sure I felt and understood exactly what this man and their story was all about and I felt him; I felt the story. I definitely agree; this is a strong recommend from me too.

**Reviewed honestly from an ARC copy provided by the author with thanks**

 ♥ ♥ ♥


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You’re not supposed to want the one who torments you. 

When my stepbrother, Elec, came to live with us my senior year, I wasn’t prepared for how much of a jerk he’d be. 

I hated that he took it out on me because he didn’t want to be here. 
I hated that he brought girls from our high school back to his room. 
But what I hated the most was the unwanted way my body reacted to him. 

At first, I thought all he had going for him were his rock-hard tattooed abs and chiseled face. Then, things started changing between us, and it all came to a head one night. 

Just as quickly as he’d come into my life, he was gone back to California. 

It had been years since I’d seen Elec. 

When tragedy struck our family, I’d have to face him again. 

And holy hell, the teenager who made me crazy was now a man that drove me insane.

I had a feeling my heart was about to get broken again.

Stepbrother Dearest is a standalone novel. 

**Contains graphic sexual content and harsh language. It is only appropriate for adult readers age 18+

★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★


Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

J&G: ✯✯✯✯ Stars

‘Fate had screwed us over.’

Gitte: Wasn’t this story a surprising mixed-bag read! There was so much right with it, which kept me reading, yet there was also a part of me that felt cheated somehow in the latter part of this story. The writing was vivid, passionate and intense – the storyline felt original. I thought the characters were strong and imposing and their story touched my heart.

“I know I’m not supposed to care. But when it comes to you, what I’m supposed to be feeling has never seemed to matter.”

Stepbrother Dearest had a really likeable heroine who had a heart of gold and quiet strength and conviction. She’d get knocked down yet would spring right back up if her compassion was alerted no matter what. I absolutely adored Greta, when she loves she sure loves. As for Elec; well it took me some time to warm to this guy; sure he had a wicked sense of humour that had me in stitches and it was very clear that a tormented soul hid behind this bad boy tattooed façade. But wow was he an arsehole at times! My heart did break for him though so I have to applaud Penelope Ward because by the end this guy had me convinced. COLLEGES EVE TIT …. Yeah that’d only make sense if you read this book 😉

“You were the best thing that ever happened to me. I hope someday I can say you were one of the best, but for now, it’s only you.”

I guess I’m just not sure how I felt about hearing Elec’s voice in respect to placement and the repetition. What did you think about this part of the story, Jenny? If it hadn’t been for this ‘issue’ I think I would’ve loved it more, though I did think the manner in which we heard it was quite unique.

‘In life he led me to my one true love. In death, he made it possible to find her again.’

The epilogue pulled it right back for me, it rocked and with this lasting impression in my heart, well, I actually enjoyed Stepbrother Dearest despite my specific misgivings. It was emotional, angsty, sexy and funny, so yes, I would recommend.

Jenny: Me too G. There was much I enjoyed about this story and the characters. The story itself was fun and flirty yet balanced perfectly with a decent serving of passion and emotion. Greta was a beautiful character and I have to commend this lady for her patience and persistence with Elec who at times really didn’t deserve her friendship or compassion. She was such a sweetheart.

‘He was hers. I was his. It. Was. Fucked. Up.’

Now I do love a cocky, arrogant tattooed arsehole but Elec did test my patience at times and like you G, I initially found connecting with him rather difficult. As we got to witness the exchanges through Greta’s eyes, Elec’s antagonistic behaviour towards Greta came across as obnoxious and somewhat cruel. As Elec’s pov didn’t come until later there was nothing to counteract Elec’s behaviour and I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever warm to him.

“You’ve always told me you wanted honesty. I just gave it to you. I’m sorry if the truth is a fucked up mess.”

I breathed a sigh of relief when Elec’s pov eventuated as I desperately needed to experience his emotions and understand his reasoning. Once his story came to light and his behaviour explained, my heart broke for him, and I was afforded the clarity of seeing through his bravado. As a result I found myself falling in completely in love with Elec. The introduction of Elec’s voice was brilliantly executed but I do agree with you about the placement and repetitiveness at this juncture of the story as I found myself skimming now and then at this point.

“You make me feel things, Greta. You always have. When I’m around you, whether it’s good or bad…I feel everything.”

That epilogue!  It KICKED ARSE!  Any reservations I may have had were laid to rest with an epilogue that melted my heart and left me swooning. What a fantastic end this story! I do have to point out that I personally didn’t experience the ‘forbidden’ aspect of this story.

“If I knock on your door tonight, don’t let me in.”

If anything, the relationship between Elec and Greta, felt more organic than forbidden but I enjoyed immersing myself in their story nonetheless. A definite recommend from me too, G!

**Reviewed honestly form an ARC copy provided by the author with thanks**

Purchase your copy of STEPBROTHER DEAREST here


Available to purchase below:

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After getting dumped, the last thing I needed was to move next door to someone who reminded me of my ex-boyfriend, Elec.
Damien was a hotter version of my ex.
The neighbor I’d dubbed “Angry Artist” also had two massive dogs that kept me up with their barking.
He wanted nothing to do with me. Or so I thought until one night I heard laughter coming through an apparent hole in my bedroom wall.
Damien had been listening to all of my phone sessions with my therapist.
The sexy artist next door now knew all of my deepest secrets and insecurities.
We got to talking.
He set me straight with tips to get over my breakup.
He became a good friend, but Damien made it clear that he couldn’t be anything more.
Problem was, I was falling hard for him anyway. And as much as he pushed me away, I knew he felt the same…because his heartbeat didn’t lie.
I thought my heart had been broken by Elec, but it was alive and beating harder than ever for Damien.
I just hoped he wouldn’t shatter it for good.

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invitation 2

Welcome to your wildest fantasy…

The invitation arrives out of nowhere. No name. No address. Just one simple challenge.

‘Play with me.’ 

The games are intoxicating, each one more thrilling than the last. And pleasure is the ultimate prize.

He knows my secrets. He sees my darkest desires. He can drive me to ecstasy — and I don’t even know his name.

This is your invitation. Now it’s your turn to decide.

Are you ready? 

Discover the red-hot new erotic series from the author of THE SEDUCTION.

★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★

The Invitation Surrender

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

J&G:  ✯✯✯✯ Hot and heavy stars!

“That’s right, my darling. Let me pleasure you. Feel me, only me.”

J&G: Okay, well…ummmm….we’ll just venture out of the freezer for a moment to write this review. Bloody hell that was HOT! The passion and intriguing seduction is off the charts in this second installment

“You like that, naughty girl?”

After finishing up The Invitation: Prequel we couldn’t wait to get our grubby mitts on this one. We were already missing JJ and Ash and couldn’t wait to see them again. Ash returned to stir things up – he’s still as sexy and commanding as ever but there’s a mystery man on the horizon teasing, tantalising and torturing JJ’s body with absolute pleasure. Some girls get all the luck! Seriously!

“I think it’s time I gave this pussy the attention it deserves.”

So just who was this filthy talking hot as fuck mystery man who was tempting our heroine with promises (and deliveries) of sexual satisfaction and fantasies beyond her wildest dreams? Well, weren’t we dying to find out and let’s face it, whoever he was, he can distract us that way any day! Wow! Wow! Wow!

“You can take it, darling…he thrusts deeper….I’m just getting started.”

Gulp and SHOUTY CAPS GULP! We certainly knew who we hoped it was that’s for sure. Could it be him? Is it? Maybe, maybe not. We’ll tell you this much, it sure was fun and sexy finding out the man behind the fingers, the tongue, the teasing…….well, you get our drift….

We did have quite a few questions as some things just didn’t add up or even seem plausible but you know what? In this instance we didn’t necessarily think it damaged the enjoyment we got out of it. At the end of the day, this was a hot romp, a lot of fun and we seriously enjoyed every minute! We’re going to spontaneously combust waiting for the final book. Bring it on!!!!

“You always count. Most of all.”

**Reviewed honestly off an ARC copy provided by the author with thanks**

 ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★

the invitation

invitation 2

Release Date: 27th October No Pre Order as yet
the invitation release




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TORTURE TO HER SOUL (Monster In His Eyes #2) by J M DARHOWER

Mafia romance series – must be read in order

“With friends like these, who needs enemies?”

TBB also Recommends

Monster in His Eyes Book One :: amazon us | amazon uk | our review
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Don’t say it unless you mean it…

It’s a simple concept, one I’ve said time and again, but something people don’t seem to comprehend. You should choose every syllable carefully, because you never know when somebody will hold you to your word.

Somebody like me.

I’m not a good man. I’m not. I know. I have enough darkness inside of me to rid the world of every stitch of light. But there’s one I could never harm, one light I couldn’t bring myself to snuff out.


She thinks I’m a monster, and maybe I am. I taunt her with my touch, get a thrill out of torturing her soul. But I’m not the only one. The world is full of monsters, and I’m not the most dangerous one out there.

Not even close…

God help me, I love her.

I do.

And God help anyone who tries to take her from me.

♥ ♥ ♥

Torture to her soul

Reviewed by Jenny and Gitte

J&G:  ✯✯✯✯ 1/2 Stars

‘I’m going to tell you a secret.
 A Secret I’ve never told anybody.
I, Ignazio Vitale, have always been afraid of the dark.
 If you tell anyone that, I’ll kill you.

Gitte: And so it began, the unravelling of Ignazio Vitale. The monster. The enigma.

‘I’m a haunted man. Darkness surrounds me. Figuratively. Literally. It’s dark. It’s that heavy sort of darkness. The kind you can feel when you breathe, the denseness filling your lungs and slowly suffocating you.’

I started falling in love with him in Monster in His Eyes but by the end of Torture to Her Soul he owned my heart. The last third of the book I cried, raged and swooned feeling every word that belonged to this man.

‘The world made me who I am, and the world pays for that mistake every day.’

I truly mean it so I’ll say it. Naz was and still is brilliantly haunting as well as a haunted character. Perfect in his imperfection; beautiful in his ugliness. He has a heart; it brokenly beats despite the man himself being reluctant to heal in the world of distrust, violence, lies and secrets.

“You make something beautiful enough and people forget just how much it can hurt you.”

Now, I have to admit, I found the beginning quite slow and I began to worry as I neared the halfway point. Why? One reason; Karissa. I’m not entirely sure why, but her behaviour and reactions annoyed me as the story progressed. I wanted to slap some sense into her for a variety of reasons. Then….suddenly the story grabbed me by my throat, pun intended, and I inhaled the latter part as it got oh so good and if you’re wondering, Karissa did redeem herself in my eyes. I guess at times I felt overly protective of Naz and thought this man, despite the world he lives in, truly loves in his very own way.

“You can’t smile and act like you love me one second then destroy my world the very next. You can’t do that and expect me to still trust you.”

I was hooked again and reminded why I love everything about this couple and their emotionally raw, violent and highly passionate story. Did you feel satisfied by the end, Jenny?

Jenny:   After a bit of a shaky start I did feel completely satisfied by the end of Naz and Karissa’s gritty and raw journey. I have to agree with you regarding Karissa, Gitte. For some reason Karissa grated on me for part of Torture To Her Soul and I now know why. Despite being a ‘bad‘ man, my heart truly belonged to Naz. I felt every emotion that poured out of him and yes, I felt a little protective of him too. As this was told through Naz’s eyes, every shun, every word spoke in anger, every sideways glance made upon him by Karissa was like a dagger to my heart. Oh I know I should have been as angry with Naz as Karissa was, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Every passionate proclamation of Naz’s love for this woman seared me.  I will say that like you Gitte, Karissa did eventually redeem herself to me.

‘I’ll give her anything. I’ll tear my fucking chest open with my bare hands, rip out my heart and hand it to her, if that’s what she needs. All she has to do it tell me.
All she has to do is ask.’

 Naz was such a complex and fascinating character whose inner turmoil and quest for justice/revenge had me warring with myself over his actions, yet I never faltered in my feelings towards him. I felt everything. His emptiness, his loss and the choices he made out of loyalty and duty. He’d certainly become clouded by the demons from his past and once the story gained pace it had me in its clutches and never let me go.

‘I’ve lived a life of darkness already, years where the sun didn’t shine on me, and now that I’ve seen daylight again, I don’t think I could ever turn my back on it.’

Naz’s passion, the desperation of the love he feels for Karissa, a woman who overwhelms him, who affects him with every touch, every look was palpable and moving.

‘She’d be happy living in the clouds, but I grabbed her by the feet and dragged her back down to the ground.’

The suspense towards the end of the book had me gripping my Kindle. I want to say bravo for the ending because I had questions and thankfully they were all laid to rest by the final scenes at the end of the book which was brilliantly done.

‘Besides,  isn’t there a monster in everybody?’

A fantastic series that will be up there as one of our favorites this year.

**Reviewed off an ARC copy provided by the author with thanks**

NB: Torture to Her Soul is a continuation of Monster In His Eyes and told through Naz’s POV. This is not a retelling of Monster in a different pov and as such you must read Monster In His Eyes first.

 ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★

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training lady townsend


Take a rousing romp through 1790s England with this first of four Properly Spanked novels…

The Lady Aurelia has been promised in marriage to the Marquess of Townsend since she was four and he was fourteen. Unfortunately, she grew up into a pillar of propriety while her betrothed grew up into a renowned rake. Of course, no one would expect such an unsuitable match to go forward…which is why they find themselves at a loss when circumstances force them to the altar and into each other’s arms.

Hunter, the beleaguered marquess, believes he’ll survive the uneven match by continuing to frequent his well-trained coterie of whores and courtesans, but Aurelia’s powerful father has other ideas. When he blocks Hunter’s access to the only women shameless enough to cater to his decadent desires, the marquess informs his new wife that something will have to be done.

That “something” will be the immediate commencement of her erotic training…whether she wants it or not.

♥ ♥ ♥

training lady townsend

Reviewed by Gitte

✯✯✯✯ Stars

I’m an absolute huge fan of Annabel Joseph, I’ve enjoyed every single story I’ve read by her, some more than others sure, but I’ve never read one of her stories and not enjoyed it. So this time I was really worried going into Training Lady Townsend as I’ve not read many historical novels. I can probably count on one hand the total I’ve read. The synopsis intrigued me though and I was in the mood for something different so I attacked it with excited anticipation. Can I just say the cover does not do the story any justice, so if you’re a cover snob like me and don’t like people’s faces on your covers, don’t let that stop you from reading this one, you’d regret it. You’d be missing out on a funny, sexy and erotic historical. I haven’t read anything really in this genre to compare it to, but I don’t think there’s any need really. It was brilliantly written as I knew it would be; I loved the characters; one feisty and stubborn the other a complete cad. And the setting, well, I loved the aristocratic British-ness and I now see ginger root from a whole different perspective….ouch! Oh and Berkshire….very close to my heart!

‘Damn the Duke and his godforsaken moral compunction. Not only was he saddled with an ice cold wife, now he had no outlet for his more perverse desires. It was an impossible situation.’

I have to say I found Hunter absolutely lush; what a character. He was cheeky, controlling, sexy and arrogant. Beneath that though, he had a heart that just hadn’t found what it was completely looking for. It knew what it wanted and under what terms but it hadn’t found its match. I have to admit he had me in stitches of laughter at times; this over the top larger than life aristocratic toff who just didn’t give a toss about propriety and social standings.

‘This was a pathetic display of fellatio, but she was submitting to him in a way he never imagined she would.’

Hurrah, how refreshing to have an innocent virginal heroine who doesn’t seem to surprisingly excel and be the best ever at every sexual act in the book (pun intended). No ‘first timer’ best he ever had in this story. How original!

 ‘He’d spent a decade training a coterie of women to cater to his sexual tastes, and he wasn’t going to throw them all away because a forced marriage to an uptight prude.’

Lady Aurelia, bless her quiet strength, she did not have a clue what she was in for in this arranged marriage and I felt incredibly sorry for her during the ginger root scenes. Is this really a historical truth? If so, hurrah for modern inventions because, ouch….again! She was so sweet, delicate in nature and dare I say it, emotionally reserved. The way in which she’d been brought up she never stood a chance. But they do say you should always watch the quiet ones.

‘She didn’t know how to feel about him. She didn’t know how to feel at all.’

She was brilliant and fully came into her own once she went through a self-discovery and found what lay beneath her manipulated persona. Sure, at times I felt sorry for Hunter, hahaha yeah go figure, but I understood her reservations and incredulity at her situation.

‘She wanted to scream…but she’d never been allowed to scream so she didn’t know how.’

The way these two dealt with their arranged marriage was quite romantic, hot and humorous. It’s definitely the most light-hearted erotic read from Annabel Joseph in my opinion, but I enjoyed it nonetheless and will definitely continue with this series. Hunter’s ‘gang’ were brilliant too and I can’t wait for their stories. You’re in for a romp-tastic ride!


**Reviewed off an ARC copy provided by the author with thanks**

 ♥ ♥ ♥

Purchase your copy of TRAINING LADY TOWNSEND here
training lady townsend

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