FIGHTER (All I Want Anthology) by TIJAN

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Jax Cutler is one bail jumper Dale doesn’t want to help her family catch, but he soon becomes the one she can’t let go.
Published in the All I Want anthology.

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 Jointly reviewed by Gitte & Jenny

✯✯✯✯ Stars 

“Take us to jail Hayley. It’s a good day to wear orange.”

Oooh we really enjoyed this novella! It was fast paced and full of delish kick-arse characters. Tijan is a brilliant writer; in amongst the action there’s laugh out loud humour, drama, passion and romance. Oh and a load of bloody hot, funny and gorgeous characters. Each could have their own story; and we hope they do. Especially Chris, who intrigued us.

So, we have Jax the lush and fit fighter slash bail jumper who’s the target of a family of bounty hunters – a bunch of gorgeous hot brothers and one studious ‘home for the holidays’ sister. Jax doesn’t want to get caught but there’s a good reason for why and Dale isn’t keen on helping her bounty hunting brothers with their target when she realises they’re after her ex-boyfriend, Jax. It’s all a very hilarious ride with a sexual chemistry that had our pulses racing.

‘They were going to arrest me too? They took out a warrant on their little sister?’

Jax and Dale’s story was a snippet of which we are sure is to be a real sexy emotional and funny read. We read it one sitting and could have kept going. It smacked of something new and intriguing and we can’t wait for more….We want and need MORE!

“Losing you was a wake-up call. You ripped my heart out…”


Features some fantastic novella’s 

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