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Fisher's Light by Tara Sivec


I guess this is it, huh? After fourteen years together, starting a life of our own on this island, five deployments and countless letters I’ve written you through it all, I finally go out to the mailbox and see something I’ve always dreamed of: an envelope with your handwriting on it. For one moment, I actually thought you’d changed your mind, that all the awful things you said to me were just your way of coping after everything you’d been through. I was still here, Fisher. I was still here, holding my breath, waiting for you to come back even though you told me you never would. You always said you’d find your way back to me. Out of all the lies you’ve told me, this one hurts the most.

Enclosed you will find the signed divorce papers, as requested.
I hope you find what you’re looking for. I’m sorry it wasn’t me.

To get the ending they want, Lucy and Fisher will have to go back to the beginning. Through the good and the bad, they’ll be reminded of why they always made their way back to each other, and why this time, one way or another, it will be the last time.

Fishers Light

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

✯✯✯✯ Stars

“You’re my light, Lucy. You are always the light in my darkness..”

The prologue and first chapter of Fisher’s Light was indeed haunting and sad. Catching a glimpse inside the very troubled and confused mind of Jefferson Fisher was heartbreaking, causing us to well up and reach for the tissues in readiness for the sob fest we expected to follow as we delved into Lucy and Fisher’s story of love, pain, loss and second chances.

‘I remember every moment I’ve kissed this man.’

We meet Lucy and Fisher,  two people, desperately in love who have lost their way and lost themselves in the process who try to find their way back to one another and are taken through past/present switches. By telling the story in alternative pov’s we were afforded the opportunity to hear both Lucy and Fisher’s account of the events that led to the dissolution of their marriage, telling of the pain and heartache they both felt and of the love they shared.

“You make everything perfect, Lucy. You’re my light and my life and all I need is your love to guide me home, not matter where I go.”

There were moments in Fisher’s Light that were pure emotion where we experienced the heartache this couple endured. Through Fishers words we understood his despair and self-hatred, through Lucy’s voice we gleamed an understanding of the confusion and pain she was experiencing.

“Sometimes there are important things to fight for right here at home.”

Notice how we said ‘we understood’ and not ‘we felt‘ their emotions. This is because, despite how beautiful and wonderfully written this story was, we didn’t quite experience the gut wrenching emotion we had anticipated in Fisher’s Light.

After discussing our feelings, we came to the conclusion this could be a case of reader preference.  We are both very much ‘show us, don’t tell us’ readers and have that desperate need to live in the moment with the characters. We need to walk in their shoes, and become a part of their story. This enables us to feel their heartbreak and their joy firsthand.

In the case of Fisher’s Light, despite there being some truly beautiful and heartfelt moments throughout, there were times we felt as though we were spectators in their story rather than participants. We wanted to be present in some of the most pivotal moments that transpired rather than read about them. To connect to them, we had to live them and at times it felt we were being told  ‘this happened or that happened’.  In the latter part of the book there were a couple of drama points added to the story that felt unwarranted, a bit silly and not befitting the overall emotional and touching tone of the story.

Tara Sivec is a without doubt a wonderfully versatile and extremely talented author and we did enjoy Fisher’s Light.  There were certainly some memorable moments we loved . Tara would elicit such strong conflicting thoughts between alternating pov’s which she executed beautifully.  Upon hearing Lucy’s account of events, we would become enraged at Fisher for his treatment of her, only to switch to utmost compassion for Fisher upon hearing his account.

“We took vows – for better or for worse. Why did you think that I couldn’t handle the worse? Or that I wouldn’t want to?”

How do you find your way back to the one you love, the one who owns your heart? Well, Lucy and Fishers story is one that’s told with love. We really did enjoy this story but found it didn’t deliver the gut wrenching emotional pull we had anticipated.  Readers will take Fisher and Lucy’s story to their hearts. You’ll find yourselves cheering for this couple and hoping they find the happiness they so rightly deserve, just as we did.

**Reviewed from an ARC copy provided by the author with thanks**

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Fisher's Light by Tara Sivec

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The Virgin


The controversial story before the story continues in the critically acclaimed and award-winning series The Original Sinners.

For years, Kingsley Edge warned Eleanor the day would come when she, the mistress of a well-respected Catholic priest, would have to run and hide. She always imagined if that day came she’d be running away with Søren. But instead, she’s running from him.

Knowing Søren and Kingsley will their use their influence to bring her back, Eleanor alone, penniless and scared takes refuge at the one place the men in her life cannot follow: the abbey where her mother has taken orders. Behind the cloistered gates of the convent, Eleanor hides from the man she loves and hates in equal measure

She cannot, however, hide from her true nature. When Eleanor befriends a young virginal nun, she faces a startling sexual awakening. But Eleanor can’t stay forever, and the lure of her real life beckons beyond the locked gates. But to follow her fate means to leave Kyrie behind, a sacrifice Eleanor refuses to make

The lure of the forbidden. The temptation to sin. The price of passion has never been higher, and Eleanor will have to pay it if she ever wants to go home again.

 * * * *

The Virgin Tiffany Reisz

Reviewed by Gitte

✯✯✯✯✯ Stars

“A person’s heart is a maze. When you’re in the maze, you can’t see your way to the center of it. Only if you’re above the maze can you look down and really see what’s happening.”

Tiffany Reisz never fails to embrace me and involve every single one of my senses and emotions. The pedestal upon which she stands is so high in my eyes that I can never envision that not being the case. She has a magic touch and an unrivalled way with words that astounds and leaves an instant lasting impression. This series through The Original Sinners and The White Years have captivated and induced so many tears – an insistent racing pulse and so much laughter that thinking about it makes me want to experience it all over again, if I could. Now, I eagerly await The Queen!

“I used to think you walked on water,” Kingsley said, meeting Søren’s eyes. “Now I know you’re drowning like the rest of us.”

The Virgin begins and ends on the night before a wedding. But, just whose wedding is it? I have to say that although highly intrigued I was soon caught up in a night of heartfelt reminiscing in the company of Nora, Kingsley and Søren. The details of ‘the missing year’ coming into light out of a harrowing darkness.

“You can look at someone and think you know everything about them…but you don’t. We all have masks on. Or veils.”

As is always the case, it was told with a fervent intensity that had me reaching for tissues one moment – laughing through tears the next. It was equally devastating as it was hopeful and life changing for the formidable three – Nora, Kingsley and Søren. The intricacies of the push and pull; the intense heights of wants and needs. The astounding depth and growth. It was all perfectly flawless in typical Tiffany Reisz fashion.

“Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself.“  – Søren

I devoured The Virgin as expected … HA! And the eroticism was as per usual timed to perfection and written in such a vivid and powerfully poignant way, I found myself very hot under the collar, pun intended.

“She’s mine,” Søren said. “Nothing else matters but that. She is mine. The end.”

Nora and Kingsley respectively tell of two very honest and haunting memories on this important night and I inhaled every word as Tiffany Reisz made me a part of these reflections. I was there with them. I have to say that Kingsley’s year had me on my knees at times – this cocky arrogant King let me see a side of him I’ll always treasure. If at all possible; I fell even more in love with this formidable Frenchman.

That’s not to say Nora’s wasn’t wholeheartedly sincere and heart-rending also. However, I do feel hers was overall more of an internal journey of self-reflection and discovery. She found a part of herself that’d been lying dormant whilst healing old wounds. Her year was mind-blowing at times.

“Are you mine?” he asked her.

“I am yours. Forever.”

And she was hers. But she was his too, and she always would be.

The Virgin is another breathtaking book from an incredibly talented Author. The way the lives and inner most thoughts; love – romance and kink is tied together so intricately through the beating of three incredibly special hearts is overwhelmingly addictive. Possessive obsessiveness sprinkled with erotica, humour, and the fundamentals of religion written with intelligence and sarcastic wit and such depth. There’s nothing else remotely like it out there and I URGE readers to start at the beginning and pick up Tiffany Reisz. I can wax lyrical till the cows come home!

“If you saw the crowd I used to run with…let’s just say we put the original in original sin.”

 **Reviewed from an ARC Copy provided by the author, with thanks** 

* * * *


The Adventures of Nora Sutherlin, Dominant and Erotica Writer
TB Series Reviews

Original Sinners

The Siren        : amazon us amazon uk
The Angel       : amazon us | amazon uk
The Prince      : amazon us | amazon uk
The Mistress  : amazon us | amazon uk 

The Adventures of Eleanor Schreiber, Submissive

White Years

The Saint    : amazon us | amazon uk
The King     : amazon us | amazon uk
The Virgin  : amazon us | amazon uk
*  The Queenamazon us | amazon uk 

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With all she has to offer, she’s his to command…

Aria DeWitt is a runaway bride. Only months away from her wedding, she panicked, returning her engagement ring and donating her gorgeous gown to charity.

She’s less than pleased when she’s reassigned to a new work project and sent to work with Grant Kingston in the middle of nowhere. She knows of his reputation as a recluse and genius, but she isn’t prepared for how handsome, powerful and deliciously Dominant he is, or how he ignites something inside her that no man ever has.

Grant isn’t happy when his cherished solitude and creativity is shattered by Aria’s unwanted and unwelcome arrival. That is until he glimpses her carefully concealed vulnerability. Aria’s confidence and responsiveness intrigue him, ensnaring him in a way he’d never believed possible, chipping away the ice that shrouds his heart.

As he interacts with her, he realizes why she ran from marriage. She’s never met someone strong and complex enough to hold her interest. And suddenly, he’s determined to be that man.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of anal sex. 

Command (1)

Reviewed by Gitte

✯✯✯✯ Stars

There’s something so thrilling and exciting about Sierra Cartwright’s writing. It’s incredibly clever, humorous and passionate. She makes geeky sexy which I love. Although it’s quite insta romance it doesn’t feel overly forced or contrived. Rather; it comes across quite convincing and powerful as the story goes on – though I did somewhat struggle with the timespan of certain scenarios.

“I needed to be sure I could let go of the past.”

The banter and interaction is so inquisitive, all-encompassing and natural you feel it building with every word and you feel part of a new discovery and romance. The scenery and imagination is quite breath-taking. Four friends who individually are sexy, successful passionate dominants. Each, so far, has a story which is told brilliantly and Grant & Aria’s is no different.

“You’re coloring outside my lines again.”

“That’s what I want,” he told her. “And it’s what you want, as well.”

“I’m going to make you yearn for me, Aria. For me and only me.”

Aria is a woman in control of her life and comes across quite single-minded and focused. She has a path and she dictates the route. There’s no cross roads, sharp corners or bends as far as she’s concerned though life did recently take a change of course which unsettled her somewhat and has caused a subconscious limbo.

“You chew through weak men as if they’re candy, then you complain when you get a toothache.”

Grant could almost be considered a workaholic recluse. This man is loneliness personified due to a broken relationship that hurt him deep. He’s heading for a burnout in his spectacular mountain retreat. A home that provides him with a lifestyle where he doesn’t get much human interaction. Enter Aria and his life suddenly has colour again and his very being wakes up.

In other words – Julien happens, my Julien I hasten to add because this man STILL has my heart. He is like a constant force in every book so far, the master puppeteer who seems quite lost himself but overcompensating with his brilliant mind, his dead pan sarcastic humour and his love and protection of those he holds dear. Sigh….where was I? Yes, so Julien works his astute ‘magic’ and as always acts out concern, love and respect.

Each book in this series can be read as standalone; however I’d recommend reading this series in the order suggested to get to know all the characters, experience the hot passion and follow the charming gorgeous genius – Julien. I can’t even describe how much I love this man!

“You’re pushing a nut up a mountain with your nose.” He frowned.

“What the hell does that mean?”

“I’m not sure,” Julien admitted. “Sounded better in my head before it came out my mouth.”



TB Review
Amazon US || Amazon UK || Amazon AU

TB Review
Amazon US || Amazon UK || Amazon AU

Amazon US || Amazon UK || Amazon AU

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Sweet Hope (Sweet Home #4) by Tillie Cole


My name is Ally Prince and I’ve always been unlucky in love. I don’t know why, I just always… have.

When all of my best friends were falling for their soul mates in College, I was left behind. I was Ally, the pretty cousin of superstar quarterback, Romeo Prince. I was Ally, the best friend to the most amazing group of girls I’ve ever known—a title I loved, but one I became tired of ‘just’ being. And I was Ally, the one on which they could all rely.

But to me, I was Ally, the girl with the heart no one had claimed… And I was, Ally, the girl, who underneath it all, was heart-breakingly lonely.

I LOVE love; the thought of it, the nervous excitement of falling for Mr. Right, the desire of someone becoming my entire world… of me becoming theirs. I’ve always wanted passion, heart-stopping, epic, life-changing romance… I’ve always wanted the fairytale… I’ve always wanted it all.

It just never seemed like I would get it.

For the past few years I’ve thrown myself into my career as a museum curator. I’m the best of the best, the person every museum wants to hire, so when an opportunity came up to move to Seattle, I jumped at the chance. My cousin and my best friend lived in Seattle and I needed a change. 

I needed a new beginning.

I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone in the Emerald City. I wasn’t expecting to work closely with the reclusive new sculptor my all-important gallery design was centered around. And I certainly wasn’t expecting to fall for him… heart-stopping, epic, life-changing love…
My real life fairytale come true.

But, like in every fairytale, there’s a villain, a dark and tortured soul… I just didn’t know that the villain and the hero in my story would end up being one and the same.

New Adult Romance Novel—contains adult content, sexual situations and mature topics. Suited for ages 18 and up.


Sweet Hope Tillie Cole


Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny
**Spoiler free review**

✯✯✯✯✯ ‘There really aren’t enough ‘Stars

‘Lei era speranza…She was hope. La mia luce…my light.’

Sweet Hope is one of those stories where if we could give it an infinite number of stars we would. This book is perfection and on an emotional level we don’t read and experience often. The writing is once again of the flawless and evocative calibre that is the signature of Tillie Cole. She grabbed our hearts once more with her words right from the onset and still hasn’t let go. We will never forget this story Sweet Hope has left an incredible impression on our hearts. No words we say can possible do Tillie Cole any justice here.

“You’re not the villain in this story, you’re the beautifully flawed hero. You’re the dark hero who has been sacrificing himself all along.”

Now; we are very aware that this story can be very easy to spoil for future readers. Tillie Cole herself has asked for non-spoiler reviews and we wholeheartedly agree. What a shame it would be for readers not to go into this one ‘blind’. So; we will not talk about the story in any detail, instead we will tell you how we felt. After all we read to feel and be shocked, surprised and overcome with emotion. That is the very essence of why we read and so it should be.

“The most beautiful art is often born from the most desperate of circumstances.”

We had so many phone conversations whilst reading Sweet Hope; it’s the kind of raw almost poetic story that swallows you up and spits you out emotionally exhausted at the end. We both sat reading with constant tears in our eyes and cried on the phone to each other. Many coffees were consumed and yeah both of us got stress headaches from the crying. Did it ease up? No, the emotion overwhelmed us right till the end building steadily to a crescendo that had us on our knees unable to breathe. And you know what? We’d read it again just to feel the power of Tillie Cole’s words.

‘He was living, breathing poetry. Not love poetry, but the poetry which tears out your heart, rips it to shreds, pushes it back into your chest, and makes you question what the hell just obliterated your soul.’

Her characters have such depth and intensity we’ve taken them into our hearts in an everlasting embrace. What a way to finish a series with an epilogue that had us smiling, laughing and crying in equal measure. Heartbreakingly beautiful in every way possible. Surprising and astounding as every single character from this series had us riveted and remembering moments whilst experiencing thoughts and feelings all over again. THIS is why we read – pure book magic.

“…with you…I feel…I feel…everything, every-fucking-thing…right here…”

Ally is without question one of our favourite heroines in fiction. Her understanding, compassion, intelligence, maturity and capacity for love is immense. She’s a fighter and displays such strength emotionally it was an awe inspiring experience. Her loyalty and passion is unwavering and her beliefs cemented and fought for.

‘She was fucking perfection. She was light. A blazing golden light. When you’re locked in perpetual darkness, you’ll do anything to fucking chase that light.’

When Ally gives her heart it is not done half-heartedly. Ally finds the love she’s been waiting for in the most unlikely of places – she falls for the passion and soul of another. She sees him before being faced with the man himself and it was incredibly powerful.

‘I wanted to forget who I was for a while…at least for tonight. Forget it all. The last few weeks, the last few years…everything…just for a fucking while.’

Elpidio the dangerous and intense mystery, the artist – the broken man who speaks from his soul through his hands. A man with a past so tragic and violent. Our hearts bled for him. His place in the world is one he no longer understands, his past a constant darkness surrounding him. A darkness he doesn’t take lightly and accepts as his fate. His karma. This man stands in the face of adversity – a storm in which he is the eye, knowingly feeling the weight of his actions and their consequences. But this man carries within him a heart-breaking acceptance, a loyalty so fierce brought on by a devoted love and protection. Elpidio brings his entire heart to the table as well as his penance.

“His work….it’s my soul. It’s life, death, love, tragedy, and everything in between, every human condition….everything.”

This love did not come quietly. This love came like a ferocious storm which picked up all the pieces and changed fates forever. A love that spread its wings and enveloped more than just Ally and Elpidio. It was an incredible experience that will stay with us forever. THIS…..this is how you bring your readers to their knees and reminds them why they love to read! A standing ovation by us to Tillie Cole.

“He’s my more, my bolt of lightning, the one I’ve been waiting for all my life.”

**Reviewed from an ARC copy provided by the author, with thanks**




Sweet Home Series

 Sweet Home Book One : amazon us | amazon uk | our review
 Sweet Rome Book #1.5 : amazon us amazon uk | our review

  * * * *    * * * *


Carillo Brothers

 Sweet Fall Book#2 (Carillo Boys #1) : amazon us | amazon  uk | our review
♥ Sweet Hope Book #3 /Carillo Boys #2 : amazon us  amazon  uk | our review
Sweet Soul Book #4 / Carillo Boys #3 : amazon us | amazon uk


amazon us amazon uk | our review



* * * *    * * * *



amazon us || amazon uk | ibooks |our review

Pre order for 10th November release
amazon us | amazon ukour review




amazon  us | amazon uk |  our review

amazon us | amazon uk || our review

amazon us | amazon uk  |our Review

Releasing 2015

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American heiress Amelia Hathaway needs to start anew.

Her husband cheated on her, and when everything she wanted in life slipped through her fingers, she fell apart. When she did, she took another heart wrenching hit as she lost the respect of her children.

When her ex took her family from California to live in the small town of Magdalene in Maine, Amelia decided it was time to sort herself out. In order to do that and win her children back, she moves to Cliff Blue, an architectural masterpiece on the rocky coast of Magdalene.

Her boxes aren’t even unpacked when she meets Mickey Donovan, a man who lives across the street, a man so beautiful Amelia takes one look at Mickey and knows she wants everything from him.

The problem is, she finds out swiftly that he’s friendly, he’s kind, but he doesn’t want everything back.

Amelia struggles to right past wrongs in her life at the same time find out who she wants to be. She also struggles with her attraction to the handsome firefighter who lives across the street.

But Amelia will face a surprise when her friendly neighbor becomes not-so-friendly. As Amelia and Mickey go head to head, Amelia must focus on winning back the hearts of her children.

She soon discovers she also must focus on winning the heart of a handsome firefighter who understands down to his soul the beautiful heiress who lives across the street is used to a life he cannot provide.


Soaring Collage

Guest Reviewer

✯✯✯✯✯ Perfect Stars 

What does reading a Kristen Ashley novel mean to me? The short answer? EVERYTHING. I have release dates scheduled in my phone, and appointments are scheduled avoiding those release dates. I have teaser chapters downloaded. Heck, she even has her own folder on my kindle! KA is the absolute Queen of transporting you totally, completely and utterly into her World; and I have been fully transported to Magdalene over the last few days. The detail she uses in her books to describe, not only the setting, but everything from a room, to an outfit to a bowl just puts me in reading heaven. Soaring is 654 pages of pure bliss from the supreme best!

I am in love; perfect booklove. Soaring was KA at her very best. An epic love story that will be re-read and re-read. Soaring tells the love story of Mickey Donovan and Amelia ‘Amy’ Hathaway, but it is also so much more than that. This is the story of two broken families coming together. Something that happens all over the world, every day. KA stories are relatable; they feel real. Yes, we have the whole hot, knicker melting alphas that I don’t often come across in real life but I allow myself to be indulged!

It had been almost a year since we were last in Magdalene, and it was fabulous to be back. What I especially love with the Magdalene series is how the characters are older, usually divorced and already have children. Amelia is 47 and has two children from her first marriage to Captain Knobhead, Conrad; Auden and Olympia (Pippa), who were total little rat-bags to their mum at the start. Mickey is 48, and has two children Cillian who was adorable, and Aisling, who had heart-breaking issues of her own going on.

“You have absolutely no idea what I need. And the sad part about that is that you didn’t notice you’d already given me everything I’d ever need just letting me sit at your dinner table with your family.”

I felt incredibly emotional reading the first few chapters of Soaring. As a mother, to read about Amy’s broken relationship with her children was absolutely heart-breaking; and I loved how KA made the love story between Mickey & Amy a simmering, slow burn so these other issues could be handled.

“You know that’s bullshit. There’s something here. Something strong. Something I tried to fight but couldn’t. Something that draw’s us to each other. Something we’re both old enough and smart enough not to ignore. And there’s something you don’t even know that makes it more.”

There was some angst involved during the first part of the story, and because of this angst, I have to say I didn’t completely warm to Mickey straight away, but Mickey had his reasons which was an on-going under current throughout the story. However, when the moment came that I fell for Mickey, I fell HARD! Amy however, I loved from the start, and I was completely rooting for her. There were times reading when I wanted to high-five my kindle, but well, that would have been daft! I would go as far as to say she is one of my favourite KA heroines ever. She was spirited, humorous, a great mum, and completely selfless. I want to be like Amelia Hathaway when I grow up!! I want to shop at Wayfarers, and have burgers at Tink’s and work at Dove House. Oh and a hot fire-fighter / boxer would be a bonus!

“I am who I am. I have what I have. And one of those things I got that I wanna keep is you.”

Kristen Ashley writes with a humour that is just perfect. Mickey & Amy’s banter / bickering had me smiling big. Mix into that some funny kids, and some even funnier old folk and you’ve got yourself a winner.

“I’ll warn you, might make me crazy, might make me a dick, don’t give a shit, but I get off on goin’ head to head with you. So if you feel like keepin’ your gloves up, baby, bring it. ‘Cause I know after doin’ it for a while and then getting’ that kiss from you, you keep doin’ it, when I finally fuck you it’s gonna wreck you.”

As with pretty much all KA’s we come across previous characters in the series, with Josie and Alyssa being perfect friends for Amy. Alyssa, and her one liners had me cracking up. I would recommend that you would read the first book in this series; The Will before reading Soaring, as Josie and Jake’s back story is referred to occasionally.

Soaring was just perfect, with a sublime epilogue that was pure KA. Equal parts smiling and equal parts tears in my eyes (I had tears in my eyes A LOT during this book). Every loose end is tied up, and a couple of teasers dropped in for the next book in this series. I can’t wait!!


Magdalene Series

Our Review
Amazon US || Amazon UK || Amazon AU

Amazon US || Amazon UK || Amazon AU

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