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From the critically acclaimed, award-winning author of Golden Boycomes Abigail Tarttelin’s debut novel, written when she was just nineteen and never before published in America, a modern-day Romeo and Juliet about sex, love, and growing up.

My name is Flick and these are my images of my disconnected life, my forgettable weeks and unforgettable weekends. I am one of the disaffected youth. 

Marooned by a lack of education (and lack of anything better to do), Will Flicker, a.k.a. “Flick,” spends most days pondering the artistry behind being a stoner, whether Pepsi is better than Coke, and how best to get clear of his tiny, one-horse suburb. But Flick senses there’s something else out there waiting for him, and the sign comes in the form of the new girl in town—a confident, unconventionally beautiful girl named Rainbow. As their relationship develops, Flick finds himself torn between the twisted loyalty he feels to his old life and the pull of freedom that Rainbow represents.

The story unfolds in a small factory town in northern England, where bleak and sometimes treacherous circumstances make the taste of a love affair even sweeter. Told with humor and raw honesty, in a voice “both authentic and compelling”
 (GQ, UK)Flick captures an unforgettable moment in the life of a young man on the verge. 



Reviewed by Gitte

✯✯✯✯ Stars

‘…its true, we know what we lack – why d’you think we’re wankered half the time?’

Sometimes you read a book and it hits you in the heart unexpectedly. Something incredibly hopeless and ugly can actually have beauty and meaning. Be a life lesson and a discovery.

Flick our main male character tells a story that’s incredibly real, powerful and uncomfortable. It’s also a photographic snapshot of the now – the today. The actualisation of a certain demographic and the societal and cultural aspects that are the reality for some teenagers today in Britain.

‘Oh take me, self-pity, drag me down into your sweet nothingness.’

As I read I felt morose and despondent. Wanting to shake, rescue or parent our Flick. He’s an intelligent, clued up teenager that almost comes across wise beyond his years. Perhaps a little too mature. Completely aware and at ease with what his life entails and the prospects and reality of it. There were moments where I smiled or laughed; some in irony – some at the humour displayed through Flick.

‘I guess maybe we just have to accept at some point that our problems are our own fault and start dealing with them.’

Flick is extremely well written; so raw, evocative and descriptive it places you into the story. You see the sights, smell the fear and broken dreams and feel every ounce of what Flick feels. The self-acceptance and the given of the future is both heart-breaking yet understandable at the same time. It is what it is. Sometimes it takes more to stay than to leave. Sometimes leaving would be the easier option. Sometimes you know what you’re supposed to do but you chose not to. You know what’s what and you regretfully accept it. It’s a harsh reality of life.

‘Don’t you just want to give up on making this huge effort to get out and change things? Change isn’t necessarily for the better. Life’s all right, isn’t it?’

What would motivate you to change your life; seek a more favourable future? Love? A rainbow with the pot of gold at the end? Whilst I think Flick is a fantastic provocative read – at times – it did feel over written and perhaps taken too far in certain scenes which wasn’t necessary. The story is poignant in itself – the message clear. I have to applaud the Author on where she took this story; it was real and not what can be the norm in fiction. I highly recommend this very different and original read!

‘Think of that person you knew when you were a kid, who you always thought you could have loved completely and forever. Well, you could have. It’s the truth, and it’s the saddest and simplest thing. There isn’t just one person for each of us in the world. There aren’t many, but there are always a few people we could have made it with, that maybe we still want to make it with, that press themselves so close to our hearts they leave scars, and then slip through our fingers and disappear from our lives. And it doesn’t make a difference if you’re thirteen or ninety- eight because some things you feel are real, no matter when.’

**Reviewed from an ARC Copy provided by Atria Books with thanks**

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the virgin romance novelist


Her bosom heaved at an alarming rate as his rough hand found its way down to her soft, yet wiry briar patch…

Can you say briar patch in a romance novel? What about meat sword? That’s what it is…a meat sword, right, all meaty and sword like, slaying through the inner dungeons of a woman’s dark desires. What about breasts? Do bosoms really heave?

God, I have no idea what happens when private parts touch.

I’m a virgin trying to write a romance novel and can’t seem to write past a sex scene thanks to my lack of experience.

My two best friends encourage me to drop the pen for a while and gain some real life practice through multiple dating facets such as blind dates, online profiles, and random hookups.

But losing my virginity is proving to be tougher than expected… 


The Virgin Romance Novelist (2)

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

✯✯✯✯  hilarious stars! 

“You’re living through your characters when you need to be living in real life.”

Sometimes you just need a nice easy fun read to sweep you away. You know the ones…they’re sweet, swoony, fun and leave your face aching from the happy grin that’s constantly plastered there! We were just in the mood for just that sort of book and the book Gods must have listening because in our TB PM we found a recommendation for The Virgin Romance Novelist and it was just what the book doctor ordered!

“Let go, Rosie. You’re absolutely breathtaking.”

We’re both romance addicts who love the fantasy world created in these stories. Who doesn’t love those hot alpha guys who fiercely love their women and express themselves in one syllable sentences, who engage in ‘against the wall’ sex when they can’t contain that overwhelming passion they feel when the woman they desire so much as licks her lips. You know them, right? We love them in books but in real life we do love to be wooed and Rosie is no different.

Rosie Bloom loves those fluffy romance novels, losing herself in them with grand ideas of the Jane Austin variety where she believes there is a dashing hero waiting to sweep her off her feet and that true love will always prevail. She’s read about it in romance novels so it must be true!

“Love isn’t easy and love isn’t kind; love is something you sacrifice everything for in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, there is a person in this world who will accept you for who you are.”

Rosie works in a job she hates, which, we might add, provided us with MANY laughs – sorry Rosie, your misery was our hilarity! She’s led a very sheltered life, home schooled and over protected by her parents and completely naïve and clueless when it comes to sex – quite the opposite to her very oversexed flatmates Henry and Delaney. Rosie is introduced to the world of Erotic romance thanks to her sexually overt and well-meaning buddies, and life for Rosie will never be the same from this day forward!

“Make me proud and masturbate the right way, one hand on the tit and one on the clit.”

Rosie’s flatmates were hysterical! No beating about the bush (omg! bush…hahaha that reminds us of just one of Rosie’s unfortunate adventures *giggling*) with these two! If you want advice from Delaney, she’s more than happy to provide it and deliver it in her unique no filter way. Oh geez, she had us in fits!

“You need to get fucked… need to drop the books, spread your legs and get fucked.”

And then we have Rosie’s best friend Henry. Henry’s a man tart with a big heart, handsome and a bit of a demon between the sheets who’s never shy about passing on his knowledge to Rosie, and like Delaney, it’s in a no nonsense, no frills way…especially the blow job discussion! OMG! This guy had us swooning and giggling at the same time! Just one of the MANY highlights of this book!

“What’s a hummer?” Rosie
“A hummer is when you have his cock in your mouth and you hum lightly. The vibrations will jolt all the way down to his balls, and it will cause an amazing sensation to stir inside of him.” Henry
“Interesting. Should I hum show tunes?” Rosie

Rosie’s desire to write a romance novel comes to a halt due to her lack of sexual experience. She’s able to write about the mechanics of lovemaking but to convey the emotion and passion of the act, she will need to ditch the V-Card and put herself out for some firsthand experiences and so the fun begins….and the laughs, and the love, and the sweetness. Seriously…some moments had us in tears of laughter.

This was such a sweet, at times hysterically funny and ALWAYS entertaining read! Our romantic hearts were more than happy as Rosie, Delaney and Henry provided the perfect escape! We started with a smile, had a bit of a hiccup towards the end when the author introduced a scenario that felt very unnecessary and completely out of character. We felt quite disappointed in this particular injected angst and felt the character was let down at that point. However, we ended on a SMILE making it a definite recommend from us!

“Live a little.”
“I’m living.”
“That you are, but live a little with me, Rosie.”

 ♥ ♥ ♥ 

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the virgin romance novelist

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My life was mapped out and planned to perfection. I knew exactly what I wanted and where I was going, until I was thrust into his world and ripped from mine. In the blink of an eye everything shattered, proving to be nothing more than a cheap illusion. Now I’m living in this twisted form of hell, where enemies and friends are one and the same. I thought I wanted perfection. Now I don’t know what I want – perhaps not even my own freedom. 


I’m the definition of wrong. I’m violent, I’m greedy, and I stop at nothing to win. I’m a notorious bookie and in my game paying with your life is not just a figure of speech. You lose, I collect. I take whatever you have. She’s collateral for a debt, and if that debt’s not paid someone will die. This should be just business, so why can’t I kill her? 
Everything is not always as it seems. 

Lust. Blood. Lies.

Nothing this wrong should feel so right.

Wrong collage

 Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny

✯✯✯✯✯  stars!

‘Life is so twisted. Everything’s not always as it seems.’

Yes it was wrong but it was SO fabulously right in every way that counts. We bloody LOVED Wrong. It wasn’t as dark as what we were expecting, but then with the amount of truly dark books we read we think we’ve become somewhat desensitised.

‘You can release a bird from its cage, but if you’ve clipped its wings then its freedom is merely false kindness.’

It was a dark romance – as in so unconventional that if it was real life everyone would run a mile in the other direction. But this is fiction and the writing being as brilliant as it was we felt the vulnerability threaded through the ugly and violent.  We felt the romance.

‘Every day it becomes harder to remember why this is wrong.’

This story had the impact that it did because of an extremely strong heroine and an antihero who not only had brawn but brains too. Both were so well written we connected and fell in love with them from the get go. Sure, Jude didn’t quite endear himself to us from the opening scenes however, underneath a criminal and violent façade is a bloke with a conscience and a sense of responsibility. His past and family has defined his actions; his own sense of self at war with that very sad fact. Victoria our British heroine is one tough and feisty survivor who did not go gently into the darkness. We loved that about her.

‘She does things to me no woman has ever done, and I almost hate her for it.’

Revenge, family vengeance; an eye for an eye – how far would you go? Protection and redemption rolled into one. This story had a beautiful romance in its own original guise wrapped in ugliness. We loved every minute of it. Now, to say we are anxiously awaiting the second book in this series is an understatement because yes; Jude and Victoria’s journey does not end here.

‘You fuck with me, I’ll kill you, because no one takes anything as serious as death.’

**Reviewed from an ARC copy provided by the authors, with thanks **

 ღ ღ ღ 

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wrath cover

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Hypnotized cover


Unlocking her mind… Will unleash his darkest desires.

Marlow Kane

Two years ago I had the perfect life. Then…BOOM…everything was gone in a one shocking instant that left me dead inside.

Now I’m a hypnotist on London’s famous Harley Street. I’ll help you kick a habit, lose an irrational fear, shed some pounds, or explore your past…

My new client Olivia Swanson is an incredibly beautiful, mysterious and troubled young woman who has lost her memory. As our sessions commence her deepest darkest desires are laid bare and I realize she is not at all what she seems to be.

What I uncover is so intoxicating I begin to lose all sense of professionalism. I know I should abandon our weekly encounters—I know I should stop—but I can’t…

What I fear most is what I am discovering about myself….

Olivia Swanson.

Marlow Kane is unlike any man I’ve ever known. He has film star looks, a ripped body and a very sexy American accent. But sometimes when he thinks no one is looking I see pain swimming in his eyes.

To excavate my buried memories I gave him permission to delve into the darkest recesses of my mind, but I’ve now begun to experience flashbacks. The problem is I don’t recognize the woman in my memories.

But I say nothing because I fear he may suddenly stop and I cannot let him walk away. I live for his smoldering gaze and forbidden touch. 

He has no idea that the deeper he goes the more entangled we become….

  * * * *


Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny

Rating: 4.0 Stars

The synopsis for this story grabbed us as did the fact it was set in London. This was a first for us by this Author but it certainly won’t be the last. The writing was flawless and the characters had incredible depth as we connected with them emotionally as well as their story.

‘A butterfly wing is a miracle, made up of thousands of tiny, loosely attached pigmented scales that individually catch the light and together create a depth of color and iridescence unmatched anywhere in nature. Our identities are like the butterfly wing, made up of thousands and thousands of tiny, loosely attached memories. Without them we lose our color and iridescence.’

Marlow Kane is a hypnotist who helps rich and privileged clients on Harley Street. This arrogant sexy American has a tragic past which he‘s still coming to terms with as it still plays out in his present life. He’s professional and innovative and you feel as if he truly cares about the wellbeing of his clients. His track record is flawless and his emotional state, though down-hearted, seems fully in control. His sexual dominance literally oozes off the pages and set our pulses racing whilst we read.

Everything Marlow Kane is used to in his routine daily work and his predictability in clients is put into question when Lady Olivia Swanson enters his office. His intentions are pure and honourable, his willingness to help and understand clear. He immediately realises that not all is as it seems with his new client. His conscience and beliefs are challenged as he questions and truly feels again.

‘I hurt as much today as I ever did and I guess I always will.’

Olivia Swanson is one damaged and emotionally messed up beautiful and sensual young Lady. No memory; no connections and no comprehension of what has been and what is after a traumatic accident. As Dr. Kane slowly begins to unlock her varying memory compartments, darkness and sinister moments and flashbacks are unearthed. Not only is Olivia awakened so is Marlow Kane.

Was it a false memory? False.

Hypnotize was not only passionate and incredibly sexy. It was thrilling, intriguing, mysterious and haunting. It felt quite exciting as well as we were one with Olivia trying to find closure and discover a past and memory alongside her. As it unfolded our only gripe was with certain tangents which remained unexplained as well as a bit of a rushed ending. For a standalone it felt a tad incomplete and unresolved. However; we really enjoyed Hypnotize and would definitely recommend it!!

 **Reviewed from an ARC copy provided by the author with thanks**

  * * * *

Amazon us || Amazon uk

Hypnotized cover


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Complete Series – sexy, thrilling and erotic. 


When I was twenty-eight years old, I wrote my own winning lottery ticket. A simple idea thrust me onto the fast track to wealth, and into a world I had only ever dreamt about. I submerged myself in the unfamiliar, a life that seemed all too alluring … until it lost its appeal. I made my fortune, built my castle, and then exiled myself within its comforts once reality set in.

Far too late, I discovered I was drowning in a sea of hungry sharks. Given the choice to sink or swim, I chose the latter … and it cost me everything.

Devin McIntyre, the most dangerous shark of them all, was the last nail in my naïve coffin. His beautiful smile and amazing cock tainted me in ways I could have never imagined.

I craved him. I needed him. I loved him.

Miserable with the outcome of my prosperity, I set out to change what disgusted me most—the first decision being to rid myself of Devin. Little did I know that taking that first step would make me a slave to a man far more tempting … or that my addiction to Devin would threaten to ruin it all.

I was a prick, but I never hurt anyone that didn’t deserve it.
Well … until Nina.
I was a very smart man who made a very bad decision, but the mistakes I was paying for were not just my own.
My behavior toward her, no matter how unforgivable, had always been about protecting her—from me, from my wife, and from the long line of mistakes I would never be able to rectify.
Nina was finally done with me, and I knew it was for the best. I could finally keep her safe from depraved people like me. I needed her as far removed from the situation as possible. I tried to force myself to be content with her decision to move on … until I found out whom she was moving on with.

If you are not a fan of cursing, erotic and extremely explicit sex, cheating, immoral behavior, dysfunction or sexual scenarios that may make you feel uncomfortable this is not the book for you. FILTHY EROTIC ROMANCE

THE EXCESS SERIES is available to purchase below


The Excess Series

Series Rating: 4 Stars

 “Your misery makes you beautiful.”

We were lucky; we read this trilogy in one hit so avoided the waiting after a couple of cliffies. This story does not do what it says on the proverbial tin. It had twist, turns and a few errr wtf moments. It was erotic suspense with various levels of kink. The covers drew us in and the synopsis sounded promising so we jumped straight into the unknown.

‘And I was once again alone. Who exactly was I crying for?’

The writing was addictive and flawless which meant we were hooked from the onset. It had a dark sinister tone with off the charts passion, suspense and deception. The characters were hard to get a grip on but we have a feeling that this was intentional as they mocked us, shocked us and grabbed our attention.

“Don’t make me this monster, because for her, I will be.”

Sexy and thrilling the story developed but all along we could hear the Author’s voice in the background whispering for us not to get settled and comfortable. Part reason being the unnecessary Author warning which in some eyes could be viewed as an inadvertent spoiler.

“Some things are to be lived in the moment only, they can’t be captured.”

The Excess series explores the moment your past catches up with your present dressed in many guises. It explores a love that is not tied up into a neat little red heart. Rather it’s overwhelmingly chaotic and dangerous. Ugly and punishing.  Devin, Aiden and Nina’s story is an intricate web of sexual desires and intrigue. This is not fluffy rainbow erotica. This is filthy, dirty lies.

“Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.” – Andre Malraux

**Reviewed from ARC Copies kindly provided by the author, with our thanks**

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