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dirty thoughts


Some things are sexier the second time around.

Cal Payton has gruff and grumbly down to an art…all the better for keeping people away. And it usually works. Until Jenna MacMillan-his biggest mistake—walks into Payton and Sons mechanic shop all grown up, looking like sunshine, and inspiring more than a few dirty thoughts.

Jenna was sure she was long over the boy she’d once loved with reckless abandon, but one look at the steel-eyed Cal Payton has her falling apart all over again. Ten years may have passed, but the pull is stronger than ever… and this Cal is all man.

Cal may have no intention of letting Jenna in, but she’s always been his light, and it’s getting harder to stay all alone in the dark. When a surprise from the past changes everything, Cal and Jenna must decide if their connection should be left alone or if it’s exactly what they need for the future of their dreams. 


Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

✯✯✯ Stars

‘How was it possible to both dread and crave something at the same time?’

When we read the synopsis for Dirty Thoughts, there were two things that drew us in and had us hastily 1Clicking this book.

First off we relished the chance to spend some time with a guy who sounded so….for want of a better word, normal. Yep, our Cal Payton was a sexy, cranky, dirty talking MECHANIC!! Secondly, this was a second chance romance between two high school sweethearts, one of our favourite themes, so it was a no brainer. This was exactly the type of book we were in the mood for at the time!

‘Cal was….real.’

There were certain things we really enjoyed about this story. For instance, Cal. Here was a guy who could be such a grouch, who enjoyed his own company rather than socialise, except with his brothers and who, after having his heart decimated by the love of his life when he was only 18, had resigned himself, quite happily, to a life of bachelorism.  Cal conveyed this gruff exterior yet underneath he was this loveable vulnerable character. He was the one whose heart would need the most protection. Whereas Jenna, our heroine came across as the stronger, stoic character of the two, an aspect we really enjoyed in Dirty Thoughts.

“See….I can speak in kiss too.”

After raising his brothers and losing Jenna, Cal had decided marriage and children were not to be part of his future. Cal’s Mum walked out on Cal and his two brothers he was only six, leaving his father devastated and bitter, with a heart closed to everyone including his boys. Cal stepped up to take on the role of surrogate father to Brent and Max shouldering all responsibilities for the boys, nurturing them and seeing them into adulthood, all of which had left Cal exhausted and afraid to open his heart again.

“I know it’s hard to care, Cal. I fucking know. But where would Max and I be if you didn’t.”

Jenna MacMillan left Cal to pursue a life away from their small town when she was only 18. Cal and Jenna shared a love they thought would see them married with children, instead it left them both broken hearted. When Jenna returns to their hometown, old feelings resurface and Jenna aims to find the warm, kind and loving man who used to reside beneath this cool and grouchy exterior Cal exudes.

‘The Cal of today was dangerous for her heart.’

We did enjoy this story and whilst it didn’t exactly wow us, we did find it to be a sweet and sexy tale of finding the other piece of your heart and a love that withstood the test of time.  Dirty Thoughts was an easy, low angst and not overly dramatic read and sometimes that’s just what you’re in the mood for.


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dirty thoughts


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