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A standalone taboo romance based on a true story.

Eighteen by JA Hussamazon us | amazon uk


Eighteen is hard.
And so is Mateo Alesci.
He’s hard to read, hard to predict, hard in every way that counts. He wants things from me.
Dirty things, nasty things, forbidden things.
And I have to give in.
His attention is completely inappropriate, but I can’t say no. The way he looks at me… the way he watches me through my bedroom window… the way he drags me deeper and deeper into his completely forbidden fantasy world just… turns me on. 
He knows it turns me on.
He holds all the power. He holds all the cards.
He holds my entire future in his hands.
And I have to give in.
Because Mr. Alesci is my teacher.
And I need everything he’s offering.
Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny
✯✯✯1/2 Stars

“It’s scary, Mateo.”
“It doesn’t have to be, Shannon.”

This book is not at all what we expected – to be honest that is exactly what we were expecting, after all this is JA Huss we’re talking about. You never know what you’re going to get as she likes to mess with your mind. After our last few reads which were quite emotional and morose we needed something easy to read with a few laughs and some heat. We sure got that in abundance whilst at the same time thinking bloody hell this is effed up.

“Do you like taboo sex?”

We loved the heroine, she had more balls, confidence and fierceness than many at the tender age of eighteen. We would’ve loved more of Shannon’s history in detail on what brought her to where we met her. This was an issue we had through the majority of the story; it felt incredibly rushed and surface skimming. Saying that though, the more we read the more we did enjoy it. The latter part of the story was much better as it had emotion, passion, twists and overall seemed more like the JA Huss we know and love.

“You might like to think you’re in control, but you’re not. I am.”
“You’re creepy, Mateo.”
“Thank you….”
“I told you, I don’t like stalkers.”
“I’m not a stalker. I’m your boyfriend.”

As for Mateo Alesci, what the hell is this guy all about, we’re still not quite sure?! Absolutely he made us want some freezer time because wow – but he was a freak! Sorry, but he really was, he was HOT and quite frankly a bit of a comedy figure at the same time. Not sure this was the intention but sometimes we couldn’t help but laugh at him. We’re still not quite sure what his background was either and what the truth is about him still.

“Life isn’t all or nothing, it’s something in between.”

So yeah, not what we were expecting but you know what, we kinda liked it! An atypical romance with a twist that’ll make an entertaining afternoon read.

Eighteen (18) by JA Huss
amazon us | amazon uk

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