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“What’s worse, living when you want to die or dying while you’re fighting to live?”

Standalone : Highly emotive story 

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letters written in white


What’s worse, living when you want to die or dying while you’re fighting to live?

I’m dead.

I’m cold and alone and I’m dead. There’s no air in my lungs. My chest is as cold and hollow as a cave on a snowcapped mountain side. My heart no longer beats there. 

Frigid winds whistle through my ribs and the sadness inside me weeps like my favorite tree. 

Days ago, I met with death face to face. 
The mirror, our meeting place. My two darkened green eyes stared deeply into hers. 
I tilted my head to the side. She did too. 
“It’s time,” I whispered. “It’s time,” she whispered. 

And with that I turned away from her, the woman in the mirror who knew all of my secrets and all of my pain. I walked away from her and yet we’d never been closer than we were in that moment. 
The inner struggle was over. 
No more arguing with the woman in the mirror. 
No more arguing with myself. 
The choice was made. 
She was the victor. Or was I?

That was the day Riah Winter died.


Letters Written in White

Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny

✯✯✯✯✯ incredibly moving stars.

“… in life we never know the battles others are facing. We don’t know the demons they are hiding. Everyone you have ever met is fighting something.”

We’ve never read this Author, we knew nothing about this book nor had we read the synopsis. We thrive on the unknown. We wanted the complete unknown so we began reading…..

“Depression is like water. It finds all of your cracks and trickles in inch by inch.”

The writing is of the most stunning and beautifully poetic perfection; the subject matter honest, true and many aspects so inherently close to every heart beating in the world. Kathryn Perez took a mirror to every single person and asked one thing: find yourself – do you see it? Do you recognise it?

‘The angel of death has spent years seducing me in the name of anxiety-laced depression.’

There’s a grain of self-truth running through every letter and every word written. How do you review a book that exposes various aspects of human nature, thought and feeling in every single one of us – baring our very own souls to the naked eye? We can’t and we won’t. This is not fiction – this is real life – facets of life that has touched us both – as we’ve experienced, are currently living with as well as seeing ourselves in situations depicted through the words in Letters Written in White.

‘Sadness seeped into my veins, and it became a drug I would forever be a slave to.’

It’s been said that we can experience six major emotions in life. We say not so. Emotion is not that simple nor that basic. Emotions are complex, personal, internal as well as external. Emotions can be mixed as well as singular – they can be understood as well as be confusing. In any given situation we can feel a multitude at the exact same time which can be overwhelming and impossible to pin down or rationalise. We are all different. We all have our own demons to slay…..

‘The only thing one needs to remember about pain is what they learned from it, and then you have to let it go.’

Kathryn Perez wrote something we were not prepared for; yet as we wept we felt, we saw and we were reminded ourselves….

‘I wish I had laughed more, played more, hugged more, and I really wish I had just learned to let it all go more.’

*Please note: In the copy we received, the actual story itself finished at 65% with other content relating to the story filling the remainder of the book.

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letters written in white


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Romantic suspense series – frienemies to love with a  Hollywood theme

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Amelia London is America’s sweetheart. Noah Sloan is America’s bad boy. Both are former child stars and once were lovers. When they are cast as the leads in the upcoming erotic suspense blockbuster—Sinners Like Us—they are forced to come to terms with the issues that tore them apart to begin with.

As the whole world watches, can they keep their secrets hidden? After all, everybody is a sinner… 


Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

✯✯✯1/2  Stars

‘Even after all of these years, Amelia London was still my kryptonite, and she still didn’t know it.’

Well *shakes heads* that was….different…unexpected…entertaining, off the rails and all kinds of mad and we did enjoy it.

We’ve come to expect a gripping and engrossing read when we pick up a J J McAvoy book and we can’t complain about the entertainment factor of this story even if we were left wondering “what the hell is going on?” a few times because this was one crazy ride.

“The only love that last in Hollywood is the one we fake and sell to others.”

First up we have to admit that we’re not huge fans of serials and feel the lull between books sometimes has a tendency to break the momentum of the story and so we don’t pick them up all that often, most times preferring instead to read the book in its entirety.  We do feel Child Star suffered in that way for us and think readers will benefit more by reading Noah and Amelia’s story in its totality when Child Star The complete novel releases on 24th November as we felt by breaking up the books, the story lost its cohesiveness and impacted on our enjoyment by being a little disjointed in places.

‘All of my best memories were of him…of us.’

That being said, J J McAvoy certainly did weave one rollercoaster ride here. What we thought going to be one thing turned out to be something else entirely. There were parts we loved and parts that left us a bit flummoxed. There was definitely a lot to take in because there was a hell of a lot going on.

The first book was a terrific start to this series and reiterated why JJ McAvoy has established herself as one of our favourite authors, she never fails to hook us in with her characters and the stories she tells.

‘I loved him to the point of idiocy.’

We do love a good Hollywood romance and especially one that loaded with love/hate passion, secrets, lies and sexual chemistry that steams up the pages and Child Star certainly had that and a LOT more but for us the extras didn’t always work and at times became a bit farcical.

The comparisons can certainly be drawn between this book and Fifty but we found that aspect quite amusing, at times it felt like a dark satirical look behind the scenes of film making which was quite intriguing.

Noah ‘the ego has landed’ Sloan was quite the diverse character, displaying a moody arrogance that made him appear an egotistical cock but that outward persona masked something very deep in this man. Noah may have come across as an arrogant arse but boy was he vulnerable underneath it all. The success and wealth he enjoys belies the secrets and pain he hides beneath the surface and we adored this character as we did Amelia.

 “I think the reason we all love Damon and Blair is because we relate to them. After all, there is a sinner in all of us.”

Noah and Amelia share a past that stemmed from acting in the same show as children. They struck up a friendship, moved through adolescence and began a relationship that ended very badly. Both bear scars, regrets and animosity towards one another from that time, so when they are cast in the same steamy movie together, a movie based on an intense relationship and a bestselling book…..well, how do they put their past behind them and complete this movie and sidestep ALL the obstacles in their way?

‘The director said he wanted this to be tasteful, that it wasn’t pornography. But that just proved how naïve he was. Did he think I could tie her up, punish her, kiss her, and suck every inch of her and make that look tasteful?’

Child Star was like reading a fanfiction of a fanfiction. We were always kept on our toes but we did feel the chaos surrounding Noah and Amelia tended to distract from their relationship and the Hollywood vibe we had hoped to experience from this story wasn’t always apparent. We couldn’t even begin to tell you what this story is about…it’s suspense, it’s passion, it’s heat, it’s intrigue and it’ second chance romance all rolled into one exhausting, engrossing and insane trip! So hop on if you dare!

 ‘My first kiss? Noah. My first time? Noah. My first heartbreak? Noah.’ 

One thing we do need to address is the editing, or should we say, lack of in J J McAvoy’s books.  We’ve been with this author since the beginning, we’re HUGE fans and devour every word she writes and have given feedback about this issue both personally and in our reviews yet the editing in Child Star was once again terrible. We can accept the odd grammatical error here and there but having to go back and re-read passages to decipher what the author is trying to say has become tiresome and annoying and completely takes us out of the moment which is a crying shame because J J McAvoy is a brilliant storyteller yet the poor editing continually lets her and her readers down.

We truly hope it’s something that will be taken into consideration as we receive a lot of reader feedback telling us if it wasn’t for this author’s genuine and brilliant talent they would have given up on her books by now. We would hate for JJ to lose readers and feel the editing issue can no longer be ignored. The day will come when patience runs too thin.

  ☆  ☆ 



Child Star Book One :   amazon us | amazon uk | iBooks
Child Star Book Two :   amazon us | amazon uk | iBooks
Child Star Book Three: Releasing 17th Nov – amazon us | amazon uk | iBooks

 ☆  ☆ 

Releasing 24th November – Pre Order now!
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