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We recommend reading The Tear Asunder Series AND Perfect Chaos before reading Perfect Ruin.
Characters and storylines are woven through all books and it is essential to learn the background on each character. Details and links below. 

 perfect ruin cover




 There is nothing I care about.

No attachments.

No connections.

Outwardly, I’m a perfect gentleman.

Until my target sees my knife.

I fear nothing, not even death.

In my world, death is considered a privilege.

But my life comes with unbreakable cruel strings and

when I met her, I should’ve walked away.

I didn’t.

I was too selfish.

And that sealed her fate.

Because one week with me led her into the hands of ruin.


 We all have unique layers that make up who we are.

What makes us vulnerable or strong.

What we fear and what excites us.

But peel back those layers and you’re left naked and exposed.

They did that to me.

Each piece was slowly stripped away then burned.

I merely existed.

But there was one layer they overlooked.

The most important of them all—the tie to one man.

The man responsible for me being this way.

The man who found me.

And the killer who would do anything to protect me.

Perfect Ruin is the dark erotic story of Kai and London.

Their beginning.

And the continuing story of Vault.

Perfect Ruin

Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny

✯✯✯✯✯ Heart pounding stars! 

 ‘I’d hated him. Feared him. Desired him. Needed him. And loved him.’

Dark, gritty, evocative and passionate Nashoda Rose once again gives us a story that we just couldn’t put down. It was fast paced and thrilling. It had romance at the heart surrounded by violence and power and suspense. It had a cast of much loved characters trying to escape a horrific past and present – preventing a horrific future. Brilliantly written and flawless it was another top class addition to a series we love.

‘…that single moment changed the course of my life.’

We have to stress that this series must be read in order – we even needed to refresh our memory on certain aspects and we’ve read every book that went before. Some overlap and some situations and characters are intricately entwined; it’s easy to get lost. It’ll all become clear though and the amount of wow moments are really too many to count. The suspense was brilliantly written and we were on the edge of our reading chairs through the whole story.

‘Her choices had been taken away and she’d been trained to obey. Her survival had depended on being locked inside herself.’

She’d become nothing. Her freedom hadn’t freed her at all. It trapped her in a world she no longer knew how to survive in and she ran from it.’

London and Kai’s story was one of darkness and light. An innocent being brought into a horrifically ugly world through no fault of her own. Her life determined by circumstances beyond her control. Honestly, our hearts bled for this girl and broke at the violence

‘I liked him wrapped around me. I liked the feel of him. I liked him in bed with me. And I’d never felt so protected in my life. The irony was I had the feeling that Kai could very well destroy me.’

What we loved about Perfect Ruin is that our imaginations were left to roam and interpret. There were so many moments that could’ve been explained in gruesome detail, however, we were allowed to imagine as to what had transpired and been so traumatic. We actually loved this fact as sometimes that in itself is more haunting and shiver inducing.

‘You never stole or harmed the girl belonging to a cold ruthless killer.’

Be still our beating hearts – Kai. We knew his story was going to be bloody perfect; an emotionless violent and brutally trained killer who’d been conditioned to never form attachments. Fear grew to love as connections were formed, examined and explained. He was criminal yet heroic in many respects.

‘With London, I had no need to hide who I was. She was the lightness. She was the warmth that built inside me that had been destroyed.’

London brought out a side of Kai that he didn’t even know was in him or was capable of. In his own way this didn’t change him, he is who he is and we loved that.

“No more running. You’re going to have to be my braveheart in order to survive me.”

We don’t always have a say what happens to us in life and who ends up healing us is not always who we expect! Bring on Connor’s story; we are so ready!

“London, what we are can’t be explained with a word, only experienced.” Then I showed her.

“You. You’re my everything. You’re my always.”


Unyielding Series

Perfect Chaos Book #1 : our review | amazon us | amazon uk
Perfect Ruin Book #2 : amazon us | amazon uk
Perfect Rage Book #3 – amazon us | amazon uk

(TB Reviews)
WITH YOU (Prequel Novella), TORN FROM YOU (Book One
amazon us || amazon uk 

Tear Asunder

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Standalone : To find love, sometimes you first have to discover yourself…

without you


On the surface, Jenna Landsen has it all…

She’s smart, beautiful, confident, and married to Camden Landsen, who happens to be drop dead sexy and just as successful. But after five long years, all the success in the world hasn’t brought the romantic spark back into her marriage. Jenna fears it never will.

When life gives you lemons, open a bakery and name it Vi’s…

Violet Streiff made the exact mistake her mother warned against—she fell in love with Liam Coffman, a charming finance major. When he left her heartbroken to further his career, Violet drowned her sorrows by opening a bakery, and now relies on Bob, her eighteen-pound cat, for warmth at night instead of a sexy man.

To find love, sometimes you first have to discover yourself…

When Jenna’s job offers an extended trip to New York, she packs her bags and takes a two-month vacation from life. The chance of her marriage surviving looks grim, until the surprise of a lifetime throws a wrench in her plans to stay in the Big Apple for good.

You can bend the rules—but sooner or later they’ll break…

When Violet meets a gloomy but totally drool-worthy guy named Camden in her shop, she’s sure her luck has changed. There’s no denying the chemistry, but he’s married, and that’s a major problem. Violet isn’t a homewrecker. Still, staying away from Camden proves nearly impossible. That is, until his wife comes home.

Two women.
Two men.
Double the chance to find love in the most
unexpected places—or double the chance for disaster. 

Without You

Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny

✯✯✯ Stars

‘Why can’t I just love what I have? So what if things aren’t perfect?’

“I think it’s just life. It got the better of us.”

Lindsay Detwiler is a new Author to us and we were so intrigued by the synopsis to Without You that we jumped in eagerly, it sounded so different and emotionally charged.  From what we understood this was a story about two couples whose paths cross when both relationships are in the danger territory.

‘…people fall into ruts, couples drift apart, and temptations threaten to overthrow the power of marriage.’

‘It sounds so simple, but it isn’t anything of the sort. How do you reconnect with yourself when it feels like all of the pieces are misplaced, scattered by experience, sorrow, and time?’

We identified with many aspects covered in Without You, but we have to be honest and say that we were quite surprised at times too. Whilst beautifully written we found it quite slow for the majority of the story only to feel rushed toward the end. We felt that after such a large proportion of time being spent on setting the scene and warring with emotions and justifications for what was to come it was over without us experiencing the afters. Yes, it had us riveted and we were desperate to see how it would all end up – we just would have loved more.

‘We, victims of our own senseless carelessness and bad luck, are forced to trudge through life without the missing item, big or small. We are, as the old saying goes, sometimes unaware of the value of the particular thing until it’s gone.’

Now, whilst in some respects this is primarily Jenna’s story, we have to say she was our least favourite character in this book, in fact, we disliked her immensely. Now, don’t get us wrong we understand where she was coming from in many respects. However, overall we just found her a petulant spoilt princess who thought the grass was greener and wanted her cake and eat it too. There was not emotional connection there sadly.

‘Maybe distance will help us rekindle the passion, the love we had not long ago. If nothing else, maybe a change of scenery, a break from my humdrum routine is what I need.’

Her behaviour, reasoning’s and ‘not my fault’ attitude was immature and disproportionate to the years married and her age. It felt all wrong, especially after a very emotionally distressing event which Jenna appears to treat as an inconvenience – she never convinced us of her heartfelt love and compassion. We think, if these characters had been older with actual ‘real’ problems it would have been a whole different story, maybe. Thus, sadly – Jenna’s the reason we just didn’t love this book.

‘…no matter how hard I try to focus on other things, he’s always invading my thoughts. He’s always invading my thoughts. He’s always the whisper in my heart, the voice incessantly resonating in my head, He’s the roadblock in my future, whether I want to admit it or not. He’s the constant what if, the constant why not, the constant regret.’ – Vi

Now, Violet – we fell in love with her and actually she was the complete opposite of Jenna. She came across mature and took responsibility for her actions.  In many ways the two couples were a mirror image and showed two different perspectives. We didn’t really get to know Liam really as he didn’t feature throughout the story but we understood their journey. Ray -Violet’s best mate was a confusing part of their story which was never really resolved. We did love the ‘relationship’ he had with Vi, though.

“..as much as I love you, I can’t ask you to give up your dreams to let me follow mine. Don’t you see? It’s not fair to either of us.”

We can’t forget to mention Camden, the hero in this story. The man who loved with his whole heart and never faltered. Talk about throwing someone who can’t swim in at the deep end, poor bloke. We understand parts of why Jenna struggled in her marriage to Cam – however – give the man a chance to understand your issues and try and work through them. We couldn’t blame him for his confusion, despair and sudden isolation in what is a partnership.

So, whilst we didn’t love this story, we did enjoyed it and liked how different it felt with a new and varying perspective. We will definitely look out for more from this Author.

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without you




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