Standalone : Hockey themed romance. Funny, sexy and emotional.

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The Score


He knows how to score, on and off the ice

Allie Hayes is in crisis mode. With graduation looming, she still doesn’t have the first clue about what she’s going to do after college. To make matters worse, she’s nursing a broken heart thanks to the end of her longtime relationship. Wild rebound sex is definitely not the solution to her problems, but gorgeous hockey star Dean Di-Laurentis is impossible to resist. Just once, though, because even if her future is uncertain, it sure as heck won’t include the king of one-night stands.

It’ll take more than flashy moves to win her over

Dean always gets what he wants. Girls, grades, girls, recognition,girls…he’s a ladies man, all right, and he’s yet to meet a woman who’s immune to his charms. Until Allie. For one night, the feisty blonde rocked his entire world—and now she wants to befriends? Nope. It’s not over until he says it’s over. Dean is in full-on pursuit, but when life-rocking changes strike, he starts to wonder if maybe it’s time to stop focusing on scoring…and shoot for love. 

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The Score

Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny

 ✯✯✯✯✯ ‘little Dean’ Stars

“Stick with me, kid, and your entire life will change for the better. That’s the Di Laurentis guarantee.”

Oh wow how we love this series, Elle Kennedy just never fails to make us smile, laugh and swoon. The Score is just what we needed and we can’t even count how many times we laughed out loud scaring everyone in our vicinity.

Dean…….Dean……DEAN!!!!! You cocky male slapper you, oh how we fell in love with you. Whilst hugely sexy and passionate, this guy had us crying with laughter continuously. Twilight imprinting, hot baths and the romping pink…errrrr….’Winston’. We bloody LOVE you, Dean!!! We defy anyone not to fall in complete love with everything Dean! He really did show how big and loving his heart is too, as well as a loyal, kind and caring friend.

‘But goddamn it, Logan is never going to let me live this down. Taking a bubble bath with a pink dildo? Allie has doomed me to a fate as the punchline of a never-ending joke.’

The Score for us felt like a breath of fresh air insofar as; sure we’ve read similar stories before but it felt so different and we just didn’t want it to end. Elle Kennedy is a fabulous writer who had us grumbling whenever we had to put our kindles down for real life’s interruptions. And kudos for knocking this incessant need on the head for Authors to slut-shame in their books! Lady, we applaud you for making it okay to enjoy a bit of slap and tickle as and when we want to and whoever the fuck with!

“The life of Dean sure has a lot of rules.”

“Without those rules, there is no life of Dean.”

We have to say as far as heroines go, Allie kicked arse. She was funny, sweet, level headed and loved with all her heart. The dynamics between her and Dean were spot on and we rooted for this couple all the way through.

“Allie.” I draw a steady breath. “We need to stop now. Before my balls disappear altogether and my man-card is revoked.” One blond eyebrow flicks up. “Who has the power to revoke it?” “I don’t know. The man council. The Stonemasons. Jason Statham. Take your pick.”

“Ha. I’m going to post it all over the internet. Guess what, folks – Dean Sebastian Kendrick Heyward- Di Laurentis is over at my place right now watching soaps and drinking girly drinks.” She sticks out her tongue at me. “You’ll never get laid again.”

As we all know – as readers – wherever happiness goes so does trouble and sadness. Whilst we won’t go into details, we will say that our hearts hurt in parts and a realness seeped in – in order to show growth and strength. So whilst we laughed and swooned, we sure did feel incredibly sad too.

“I’m not going to stand by and watch you stick your head in a bottle because you’re too afraid to face the pain.”

Allie and Dean are very much opposites yet their ‘spark’ and banter felt completely convincing and they just fit in every way that counts. We loved them individually and as a couple. Catching up with the gang was fabulous and we are now eagerly awaiting Tucker’s book. Bring it on! We HIGHLY recommend this series to all lovers of romance and laughter.

“Then move the fuck on, babe.”

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Our 5 Star Review and Excerpt
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Amazon US || Amazon UK 

Amazon us | Amazon uk

Amazon US | Amazon UK

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