A paranormal suspense romance Trilogy.
The Shadow is the highly anticipated follow-up to The Raven, a sensual novel set in Florence featuring the dangerously intoxicating coupling of Raven and William…

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Raven Wood’s vampyre prince has returned, pledging his love and promising justice for every wrong done to her. In the wake of their reunion, Raven is faced with a terrible decision—allow the Prince to wreak vengeance against the demons of her past, or persuade him to stay his hand. But there is far more at stake than Raven’s heart… 

A shadow has fallen over the city of Florence. Ispettor Batelli will not rest until he uncovers Raven’s connection to the theft of the priceless art from the Uffizi Gallery. And while the Prince hunts a traitor who sabotages him at every turn, he finds himself the target of the vampyres’ mortal enemy. 

As he wages a war on two fronts, he will need to keep his love for Raven secret, or risk exposing his greatest weakness…


The Shadow

Reviewed by Gitte

5 Stars

 “Here is a feast for my senses as well as my heart.”

Well, what can I say that I haven’t said before? Honestly. Hands down my favourite book in this series which once more truly showcased the brilliance of Sylvain Reynard’s writing. This Author has always had a moving and striking way with words and once more I was amazed at the perfection and beauty. It’s not just words; it’s poetry – it’s listening to a song whilst the heart beats in tandem to the tune – furiously thumping its way into a rising crescendo.

“I’d forgotten.”

“You’d forgotten what?”

“What it’s like to be loved.”

The Shadow had everything any reader of romance and paranormal seek to find in a story. It had excellent pace with moments of sheer passion, intrigue, mystery, action and utterly stunning romance.

‘A bird in a cage is never as beautiful as a bird that is free.’

Reading this in one sitting I didn’t come up for air as I followed the continuing journey of the beautiful sweet soul; Raven and the distinguished passionate and somewhat arrogant Prince of Florence; William.

“You’re mine now. No one touches you. No one hurts you. And everyone who has will pay.”

The Shadow will captivate every sense of your being with vivid imagery, an enthralling story and characters who steal your heart. Of harrowing pasts and memories – loyalties, treason and war. This sensual, mesmerising, thrilling and refined series reminds me of why I fell in love with the paranormal romance genre many years ago. It felt like coming home.

“You’re a dream. A dream of love I never thought I’d have.”




The Prince – Novella #0.5

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The Raven – Book One

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The Shadow – Book Two

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The Roman  – Book Three

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The Shadow Excerpt

On Sunday evening, after spending the day together, William and Raven stood outside his villa next to his prized Triumph motorcycle.

“I can’t.” Raven backed away. “The last time I rode with you, I was sick.”

His eyes locked on hers. “This will be different. I swear.”

“You like to drive fast.”


“But I have trouble holding on. Sometimes it’s painful for my injured leg. I may have to ask you to stop so I can stretch.”

“Then we’ll stop.” He moved closer and caressed her face with the back of his fingers. “I won’t let harm come to you. I swear by the relic.”

Heat flared in Raven’s middle at the sound of his words. “You must respect the relic very much. It’s the only thing you swear by.”

He nodded, his gray eyes dark and very intense. “We don’t have time for the story tonight. I need to be sure you’re deposited in your bed early enough to rest before work tomorrow.”

“I’d rather listen to your story.”

He brushed a kiss across her lips. “Another time.”

She pressed her cheek to his chest and listened to the strange sound of his heart. “The restoration project is almost finished. I’ll be on vacation until the beginning of September. We could go somewhere.”

“I would like that.” He nestled his fingers in her hair. “I would like to take you to York, where I was born.”

He wound a lock of her hair around his finger, his gaze fixing on the black strand. “And I would like to take you with me tonight.”

Raven looked at the motorcycle, her grip on him tightening. He watched her, a shadow of hope crossing his handsome face.

She could not disappoint him. “Lead on, old one.”

He smiled widely and led her to his machine.

William appeared to have chosen the darkest, most winding road that led from the city. Fortunately for Raven, his Triumph roadster had twin headlights that cut through the night.

She held him tightly, sitting as far forward as possible, her front pressed to his back, her arms clasped around his waist. The position was uncomfortable for her leg, but she ignored the discomfort, focusing on the feeling of being so close to the person she loved.

He wore sunglasses, but no helmet, much to her consternation. He liked to feel the wind in his hair, he’d said, and was indifferent to the risk of an accident.

“I won’t let harm come to you,” he’d promised, insisting she wear a helmet. He’d procured a black leather jacket to protect her from the wind and took great pleasure in placing it on her.

Raven clutched him more closely, shifting forward on the passenger seat at the back, her face turned to the side as the large, powerful motorcycle wound around the curves at high speed.

“Are you all right?” He lifted his voice above the roar of the machine.

“It’s a little fast.” Her reply was muffled by the helmet.

She lied. It was far too fast and the strain of having to hold him so tightly aggravated her injuries, but she knew how much William enjoyed speed. She could feel his joy, his wild abandon, as he revved the engine in the straightaways and effortlessly guided the bike around the curves. Excitement thrummed through his body, his muscles taut with control.

Her thighs tightened on the outside of his as they went around a corner, her arms cutting into the unyielding steel of his abdominals. William decelerated and she heard him chuckle, the sound of his amusement disappearing on the wind.

He was happy. He was free. And because he loved her, he wouldn’t dare approach the speed he preferred.

“It’s a lovely night.” He gestured to the inky sky that peeked through the canopy of trees above them.

She hugged him in response. Her injured leg began to throb, so with regret she squeezed his right side, the signal that she needed a rest.

William slowed immediately, pulling off to the side of the road near a private drive. He removed his sunglasses, climbed off the bike, and helped her with her helmet, placing it on top of the seat before offering his hand.

When her stiff leg wouldn’t cooperate, he lifted her into his arms. In the dim starlight, she could still see the joy on his face.

His eyebrows drew together under her perusal. “What?”

“Seeing you happy makes me happy.”

Without warning, he pressed their mouths together. When they came apart, he whispered in her ear. “I’d forgotten.”

“You’d forgotten what?” Her questing fingers sifted through the hair at the back of his head.

“What it’s like to be loved.”




TB: Hello and happy Sunday, Sylvain – we are beyond the moon that you agreed to pop over for a little chat. It’s truly an honour as we are huge fans of your writing.

SR: Hello Gitte and Jenny. Thank you for the kind invitation to join you and your readers. It’s a pleasure to be with you.


TB: So tell us, when did you begin writing your first book?

SR: I began writing at an early age. I can’t remember when exactly, but I believe I was using crayons.

TB: We’d love to see those!


TB:  How did your love of Italy and her culture begin?

SR: I read Dante many years ago and his love for Beatrice always fascinated me. I’m also interested in Italian history. Much of my affection for Italy centers on the beautiful city of Florence and her citizens – past and present.

TB: We adore Italy, especially Tuscany – the beauty and of course the wine!


TB: What are the top three things you are yet to do in life which are on your bucket list?

SR: I’m an amateur rock climber and would like to climb a mountain.  I’ve always wanted to visit Antarctica.  I’d also like to study Arabic.


TB: Is there a book which you can re-read again and again?

SR: I’ve read JRR Tolkien’s “The Lord of The Rings” many times. I always enjoy the books and I always find something new.


TB: Have you got any hidden talents or a party trick up your sleeve?

SR: I’m a very bad ventriloquist.

TB: Can we be the judge of that? This is a talent we’d love to see and happy to be a part of – you can put your hands on our bums anytime!


TB: Do you have any writing quirks – writing habits?

SR: I can’t write until I’ve had coffee – sometimes more than one cup. And I must have almost complete silence when I write otherwise I can’t hear the dialogue.

TB: We’re more of a 10 cups of coffee before we can function kind of girls!


TB: What is your favourite/least favourite food?

SR: I like lasagna. I despise liver; it’s offal.

TB: Right Lasagne it is –  be at ours 8pm sharp 😉


TB: Are you a music fan? Do you have specific music whilst writing or silence?

SR: I’m a music fan. Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Gregory Alan Isakov and Matthew Perryman Jones. But I can’t listen to music while writing because it interferes with my ability to judge how the sentences sound.


TB: Do you have a celebrity crush?

SR: I wouldn’t call it a crush per se but I’m a big Star Wars fan.

TB: Hmmm…..


TB: Which is your favourite season and why?

SR: I like Autumn because it isn’t too hot or too cold and it brings with it the opportunity to build fires indoors.

TB: Ours is spring but we’re loving the sound of an indoor fire….candlelight….soft music…..


TB: Chocolate or Vanilla?

SR: It depends if we’re talking about ice cream or sex …

TB: Oh Sylvain….ice cream….always ice cream 😉

—oOo  —



Gabriel's Inferno

Gabriel’s Inferno Book One :: amazon us  || amazon uk
Gabriel’s Rapture Book Two :: amazon us || amazon uk
Gabriel’s Redemption Book Three :: amazon us || amazon uk 

About the Author


I’m interested in the way literature can help us explore aspects of the human condition – particularly suffering, sex, love, faith, and redemption. My favourite stories are those in which a character takes a journey, either a physical journey to a new and exciting place, or a personal journey in which he or she learns something about himself/herself.

I’m also interested in how aesthetic elements such as art, architecture, and music can be used to tell a story or to illuminate the traits of a particular character. In my writing, I combine all of these elements with the themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the transformative power of goodness.

I try to use my platform as an author to raise awareness about the following charities: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation, WorldVision, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, and Covenant House.

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