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Standalone in a series – Gritty Mafia romance
– We highly recommend reading this series in order as to not do so impairs the reader enjoyment and full understanding and appreciation of characters, their connections and a continuing storyline.

Love the Way You Lie : amazon us | amazon uk 
Tough Love – A Mafia Romance  (Free Novella)amazon us | amazon uk
Hold You Against Me :  amazon us | amazon uk


love the way you lieSYNOPSIS

A dark romance about the lies that lead us down…

I’ll do anything to stay hidden, even if that means working at the scariest club in town. Then he shows up, mysterious and yet strangely familiar. And so damn sexy.

When he looks at me, I forget why I can’t have him. He’s beautiful and scarred. His body fits mine, filling the places where I’m hollow, rough where I am soft.

He’s the only man who wants to help, but he has secrets of his own.

He has questions I can’t answer.

I’m running from my past, but his might catch me first



hold you against me 31stSYNOPSIS

Once upon a time the daughter of a mafia king fell in love with a foot soldier.

This fairy tale didn’t have a happy ending.

My sister and I barely managed to escape alive, and we’ve lived in relative hiding ever since. I’m safe now, but I can never forget the boy who gave his life to save mine.

Except there’s a chance that he’s still alive. And he’s fighting a war.

Even knowing the risks, I have to find him. I have to find some way to protect him, the way he protected me. But he isn’t the boy I left behind. He’s a violent man. A criminal. And he’s been waiting for me—the final pawn in a dark game of survival and love.


Skye Warren - Stripped

Tough Love and Hold You Against Me
Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

“I’m someone else now, someone darker. Someone you don’t want to know.”

We do love our Mafia romance reads, there’s just something about a tortured hero with a ruthless side and a touch of vulnerability, a man who will sacrifice anything for the woman he loves, a dark tale with danger and suspense in plentiful supply. When that’s brought to life by an author whose words and stories continually captivate us, we know to buckle in for one fabulous ride.

‘Suddenly his lips are against mine, warm and soft. God, I’ve seen those lips smile and twist and curse a blue streak, but I never imagined they could be this soft. ‘

Our hearts were pounding through Tough Love, the prequel story to Hold You Against Me (included in this book) that introduced us to Giovanni Costas, the eighteen year old son of a Mafia foot soldier and fifteen year old Mafia Princess, Clara Morietti who share a friendship and a blossoming love that is so beautiful and innocent in a world steeped in tradition, violence and danger. The Mafia way of life; where power is king, where marriage is a business transaction that has no place for love, a fact Clara and her sister Honor are about to experience. After all, Mafia Princesses are raised to look pretty, marry well and keep their mouths shut. Yet, they didn’t count on the love and sacrifice Gio would make to ensure Honor and Clara wouldn’t have to suffer that fate.

The prologue for Hold You Against Me is told in Gio’s point of view and what a harrowing, painful and heartbreaking prologue it was. The lengths this young man was prepared to go, the pain he was forced to endure and the loss he experiences all for love left our hearts a shattered mess.

“Where is the boy who held me in his arms when I cried? What happened to the boy I loved?”

Eight years later Gio and Clara come face to face once again, however, gone is the gentle hearted boy and in his place is a menacing, dangerous and damaged man, yet we didn’t have to dig too deep to expose glimpses of the tender man behind the hardened exterior.

“I want to look at you like this.”
“Like what?”
“With that hope in your eyes, like you know me.”

Those dangerous, brooding Mafioso men who we know, beneath it all, love their woman with passion and devotion make our pulses race and our knees weak. We can’t resist them …when they utter the word, ‘bella’ with such feeling, such possessiveness…well, we’re gone for. And we were well and truly gone for Giovanni, a ruthless tough guy with a loving heart that beats for solely for Clara.

“Bella,” he says, a wealth of meaning encapsulated in a single word. The love he once felt for me, the conflicted desire he now feels.

As for Clara, we found ourselves unable to connect to her on a deeper level. That was until we went back and read Love The Way You Lie. As hers and Honor’s story interconnects with this one, we felt we needed this background to her character to fully understand her plight and why it’s important to read Honor’s book. Clara never forgot the boy who stole her heart with whispered reassurances.

‘It’s right that I spent years mourning his death, because the boy I knew is truly gone.’

Skye Warren delivered a gripping and vividly mesmerising dark story which gave us a glimpse into the treachery, deceit and perilous world of the Mafioso. There is a passion in her words that challenges the reader and a beauty in her prose grips us in its clutches. This is a story fans of Mafia romance will devour, but please read in the order we’ve mentioned below to gain the optimum reading experience of Gio and Clara’s story.

✲✲✲✲  ✲✲✲✲

Love the Way The Way You Lie
Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny

Upon finishing Hold Me Against You we immediately dived into Love The Way You Lie as we just felt we needed to know where it all started for Honor and Cara. As we started reading we realised that despite how it’s being sold there’s no way you could possibly get the most out of Hold Me Against You without reading this one first. The storyline is almost a continuation and you learn of family connections and get vital backgrounds. We struggled to connect with Cara and Honor until we read book one. It’s as if we went backwards and had several ahaa moments.

“I’m afraid of dying, but I’m more afraid of never living.”

So, in this story we learn just what happened after Honor and Cara escaped their Father – The Don – and a life being sold off to corrupt men of violence. This is Honor Moretti’s story. This is a story of two sisters on the run – when to make ends meet – Honor becomes a stripper and the pair of them live in hiding from the Mob. All she wants is hers and Clara’s freedom however it’s still not quite within grasp sadly and it doesn’t come easy nor cheap- it’s paid for by sacrifices.

“I think we never really get over the past. It’s always shaping us.”

Honor is not living an easy life and has to go through hell to support herself and her sister. A sister who seems oblivious at times yet understands why they’re there. After all she had a taster of what was to come if she’d stayed in the midst of the mob family and those who challenged it. Our hearts bled for Honor and we have to say we now understood the sacrifices, the fear and the tragic circumstances so much more.

Everything changes the night when a powerful man enters the strip joint and a connection is made between him and Honor. Kip, a man with a slew of secrets and a complicated past sets his eyes on Honor – or Honey – her stage name. We were swept up by Kip alongside Honor and followed their journey with trepidation and pounding hearts. Was all as it seemed?

“Oh, sweetie, you’ve got so many strings you’ll never get free.”

No all is not as it seems and a thrilling and emotional ride ensues as wicked ties and convoluted pasts collide. We really enjoyed this story and are so glad we read it as in hindsight it made us appreciate Hold Me Against You so much more. Again, we have to highlight how beautiful and evocative Skye Warren’s writing is. Simply flawless.


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Contemporary romantic comedy following the six bearded charming Winston brothers. Each book is a standalone

buy now from amazon us    buy now uk

grin and beardSYNOPSIS
Sienna Diaz is everyone’s favorite “fat” funny lady. The movie studio executives can’t explain it, but her films are out-grossing all the fit and trim headliners and Hollywood’s most beautiful elite. The simple truth is, everyone loves plus-sized Sienna. 

But she has a problem, she can’t read maps and her sense of direction is almost as bad as her comedic timing is stellar. Therefore, when Sienna’s latest starring role takes her to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park she finds herself continually lost while trying to navigate the backroads of Green Valley, Tennessee. Much to her consternation, Sienna’s most frequent savior is a ridiculously handsome, charming, and cheeky Park Ranger by the name of Jethro Winston. 

Sienna is accustomed to high levels of man-handsome, so it’s not Jethro’s chiseled features or his perfect physique that make Sienna stutter. It’s his southern charm. And gentlemanly manners. And habit of looking at her too long and too often. 

Sienna has successfully navigated the labyrinth of Hollywood heart-throbs. But can she traverse the tenuous trails of Tennessee without losing her head? Or worse, her heart?

 ❈ ❈

Grin & Beard It

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

4.5 ‘holy moly pudding pie’ stars

“Dance with me.”
“Because you want me to hold you, but you don’t know how to ask.”

As Sienna would say……..“Oh my dear mother of all swoony sighs…this. So. Much. This.”. THIS BOOK! We want to wax lyrical about how much we loved this story and these characters. Those Winston boys are quite the charmers and their shenanigans sure do leave us with big dopey grins on our faces. And Sienna Diaz…girrrrrl…do we have a huge crush on you!

Penny Reid again delivered a feel-good romantic comedy with a poignant message which left us on cloud nine. If you’re feeling down and need a pep up, look no further than a Penny Reid book because her precision comedic timing, her gifted storytelling, her beautiful slow relationship build, her quirky characters, the kookiness of her story, the witty banter, the love of a tight knit family and the swooooony romance will have your heart singing in no time, as it did ours!

“You are so beautiful…I don’t think I knew what beauty was, until I met you.”

Jethro Winston (not named after Jethro Tull btw) is the eldest of the Winston clan who’s carrying around a substantial amount of guilt due to his past escapades and who is constantly trying to make amends for his indiscretions. This guy is carrying a lot on those burly broad shoulders, with some of it unwarranted.

“As a carpenter I know for a fact, if you want something to last, you have to build it to last. If we wanted to establish something lasting, we can’t build our foundation on just the physical.”

Sienna Diaz is a hot Hollywood commodity. A comedian/actress/scriptwriter whose star is on a continual rise. She’s a bit of a serial dater and always manages to pick the wrong type of man…mostly the shallow celebrity kind – the ones more interested in who can further their career than who can capture their heart.

“Think of how much better the world would be if people craved compliments about the beauty of their heart rather than the beauty of their face.”

Jethro comes to Sienna’s aid when she arrives in Green Valley, Tennessee to film a movie. She’s lost and on the verge of tears when this gorgeous, charismatic mountain of a man saves the day and assists her to her lodgings. They feel a connection instantly but this was no insta love, quite the opposite. Despite the searing chemistry between them, Jethro and Sienna’s romance was a slow and beautiful build. Penny Reid nailed the balance between passion, romance and relationship building perfectly.

‘I loved how he touched me, how he cherished me.’

Jethro Winston, you tempting, sexy, romantic…you damned well charmed the knickers off with your big heart, your flirty ways and your vulnerable side. You had us grinning from ear to ear with your wit. How could we not succumb to Jethro’s charm? Sigh. And how he handled schmoozy Hollywood big shot, Tom had us high fiving along with Sienna.

“Where I’m from, they call your kind a hipster or a lumbersexual, with the beard and flannel and such.” – Without missing a beat, Jethro responded, “Ah. See, where I’m from, they call my kind a man”

Sienna Diaz was the whole package. Beautiful inside and out. Although considered a ‘plus size’ in her industry, this lady was completely comfortable in her own skin. Sienna was sexy, endearingly goofy and her sense of humour had us in fits. She came across so real and down to earth despite her success. What an absolute hoot she was…we adored her!

Apart from the romance, wit and swoon factor of this story there’s the relationship between the brothers and their sister, Ashley.  The banter between them is priceless and as mean as they could be to one another and in spite of their past issues, there is this overwhelming feeling of love between them that captivates us.

“Congratulations, Jethro. She’s sweet on you. You’ve just taken one of the world’s most famous role models of feminine independence and turned her into a giddy, flustered mess of hormones. “

We fell in love with this book , experiencing that ‘feelgood’ feeling right from the first chapter, which never waned. Penny Reid has a way of delivering emotional moments without affecting the flow of the story or the mood of the reader. She is an author who doesn’t succumb to the notion of adding angst for the sake of angst and is an author who beats to her own drum, an aspect we especially admire in her storytelling.

For lovers of a fun and heartfelt romance, a hot alpha romantic hero, a gorgeous and real heroine, lots of high spirited mischief with six scallywag brothers, we recommend grabbing this wonderful series now! Your book hearts will be smiling!

 ❈ ❈

(all can be read as standalone’s – each book features a different brother)

Winston Brothers (1)

Truth or Beard : Our Reviewamazon usamazon uk
Grin and Beard It :Our Review | amazon us | amazon uk
Beard Science
  our review | amazon us | amazon uk
Beauty and the Mustache – Winston Brothers #0.5 :  amazon us | amazon ukI
In this book you first meet the Winston Brothers and their sister Ashley
This can also be read as a standalone

beauty and the mustache

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UNTIL NOW (Not Yet Series #2) by LAURA WARD


Standalone in a series
Swoony romance with a sports theme, a sexy quarterback, a single Mum and delightful little boy

‘He was tender and adoring, and I felt special around him. I felt… more. ‘

UNTIL NOW is available to purchase below

   buy now from amazon us           buy now uk

until nowSYNOPSIS

Dean Goldsmith is Indiana University’s star quarterback, and his dreams are about to come true. His undefeated season means he has a legitimate shot at the NFL. If he stays focused. Football comes first. 

College senior and single mother, Grace Yeates, is determined to defy the odds. She is months away from graduating with a business degree, something no one thought she would be able to pull off while raising a four-year-old. All she has to do is focus on her number one priority—her son. Family comes first. 

Dean has no time for distractions, but when a gorgeous, snarky, redheaded waitress refuses to tell him her name, he can’t seem to focus on anything else. 

Grace knows she can’t let herself get caught up in a guy, particularly a man-whore like Dean, no matter how charming or sexy. She has two hearts to look out for now and no room for a Dean-sized distraction.

Everyone in Dean’s life agrees that Grace is the kind of complication his career doesn’t need. Grace knows that Dean is the kind of risk her heart shouldn’t want. 

But what if the last person you think you need, the one you shouldn’t want, becomes the one you can’t live without? Can their biggest distraction actually be the focus they were missing all along? 

Until Now (2)

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

“The strongest woman I knew needed something from me. Not football, not my family, not my friends, nothing had made me feel like more of a man.”

Do your hearts a favour and pick up a copy of this book because it is totally swoon worthy, A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E and sweet with a good dose of steam! Until Now left us grinning from ear to ear as we fell completely in love with this utterly charming, tender, witty and heart-warming story!

Until Now delivered so much that we love in a romance, and Laura Ward gave us a fave book boyfriend in the sexy, romantic, very cocky and swoooony Quarterback, Dean Goldsmith who met his match in the lovely, sensitive and resilient Grace Yeates, a young single Mum to Finn, the most delightful, funny and loveable little munchkin you could ever meet. Finn completely stole our heartswell, all the characters in Until Now did to be honest.

“Do you love her? Or are you trying to save her?

Is this story for you? Well, if you crave a beautifully crafted story and love your romance with a football theme. If you savour observing a strong, focused man fall to pieces over a beautiful girl who makes him work for her affections. If your heart skips a beat while witnessing and falling in love with the banter and adoration between an entertaining little 4 year old and a sexy hero…then grab this book. If you love banter between a guy and his mates and if you love the perfect balance of sport, romance and those awwww moments then we’re telling you now, you will be in romance heaven with Dean and Grace’s story in their words!

“Let me get to know you. Let me in.”

We were enamoured with every character in this story, with the secondary characters playing a huge role in Grace and Deans (and little Finn’s) love story. Dean’s family were fab! The Goldsmith D’s were so loving and fun. We want to gatecrash their Christmas this year! Dean’s mates, including the luscious Landon who we met in Not Yet all added to the overall feel and enjoyment of this story.

For Dean Goldsmith football is his priority. Whilst he likes to dabble in the ladies, it is football where his focus is centred. He’s about to complete college and it’s highly probably he’ll be drafted in the NFL. This guy is going places and he doesn’t need distractions, especially of the relationship variety. It’s football…football…football for this Dean!

Grace Yeates is a determined young lady who has had her share of pain and heartbreak in her past and is set on completing a degree in order to make a better life for her and the love of her life, her dear little boy, Finn. She too, needs no distractions, making sacrifices and dedicating everything she has to Finn, his well-being and his future.

We really felt the connection between Dean and Grace as nothing felt forced – the heat and chemistry between them sizzled and the bond between them all had our hearts drowning in happiness but it wasn’t all plain sailing for Dean and Grace, however the conflict, when it came was resolved in a manner that flowed perfectly and didn’t drag on for the sake of prolonging drama.

‘Grace was the most special person I had ever known. I felt like a beast had been unleashed inside my body. Like King Fucking Kong, I would trample anyone ever tried to hurt her again.’

Laura Ward writes from the heart and we can’t help but feel the love she has for her characters: it leaps off the pages and into our hearts as we give ourselves over to the warmth of her words. She left our hearts happy, acquainting us to characters who have left an indelible mark on us both. Another winner from this author and now…. we just need Jon and Daisy’s story…because we’re greedy like that! A definite recommend from us!

Each book can be read as a standalone

Not Yet Series

Not Yet Book One :  our review | amazon us | amazon uk
Until Now Book Two : our review | amazon us | amazon uk

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A smokin’ hot rogue angel, a witty and sexy forbidden romance.

‘Will Remiel’s love save Evangeline, or damn them both forever?’

SAVING EVANGELINE is available to purchase below

buy now from amazon us     buy now uk

saving evangeline coverSYNOPSIS

Evangeline is the town pariah. Everyone knows she’s crazy and was responsible for the death of her last boyfriend. Even her mother left her and moved cross-country. Lonely and desperate, Evie decides to end her life.

Rogue angel Remiel longs to return to earth, but there’s just one problem. He tends to invite trouble and hasn’t been allowed back since Woodstock. The Boss sends him to save Evangeline, but there’s a catch: he can’t reveal his angelic nature, and he must complete the task as Father Remiel Blackson.

Forced together on a cross-country trip, a forbidden romance ignites and love unfolds. A host of heavenly messengers tries to intervene, but Remiel and Evangeline are headed on a collision course to disaster. Will his love save her, or will they both be lost forever?

Saving Evangeline

Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny

 ‘Everyone knows I’m a sinner of the worst kind.’

It’s no secret we love our Angels, especially the naughty rogue ones.  It’s also no secret that sometimes a book can sit on your kindle for a while and you kick yourself for not reading it sooner because it was THAT GOOD! Saving Evangeline is just that book. Wow how we loved this story, we can’t even explain the joy we felt whilst reading it despite some of the more sensitive emotional themes like depression and grief. Reading Saving Evangeline took us back to our early days of paranormal/otherworldly reads and we relished everything about this extremely refreshing story of an Angel sent to save a suicidal mortal girl.

 “You’ve pigeonholed yourself into this stereotype of the crazy, bad girl. My question for you, is why?”

This story had such a unique feel to it and was brilliantly written. It was hilariously funny and incredibly addictive. It was just what we needed, sexy and sarcastic- we absolutely loved it. It also had some incredibly poignant messages about life in general, believing in yourself and others.

“Grab life by the balls.”

You can be completely broken or you can think you’re completely okay. It’s only once you see yourself through someone else’s eyes or search deep within yourself that you realise. Your eyes are opened- your soul is laid bare before you. Remi and Evangeline’s story was as emotional as it was witty. It was quite simply stunning and it was deliciously tongue in cheek despite the heart-breaking underlying issues. Kudos to the Author for her flawless, refreshing and ballsy writing.

“All is fair in love and war.”

“Are we in love or at war?”

This was a powerful cross country ride with an intense focus on our two main characters with added encounters that is so much more than what it seems. Redemption, self-reflection, hope, understanding and awareness can be fragile and fraught with moments of self-doubt and the human element of guilt and shame. If this story was a colour wheel it would cover every single shade and colour nuance of vibrant light and shadowy darkness.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, smile Crazy Girl, ‘cause I love you.”

Remiel stole our hearts. A sexy and wickedly funny Angel who doesn’t follow rules per se and is quite frankly one of the hottest Angels we’ve ever come across. We fell in LOVE!!!! His banter with the beautiful darling Evangeline was fabulous, the chemistry scorching and the friendship sweet and supportive. We felt them as individuals as well as together and were with them mind, body and soul through their entire journey.

‘He’s compassionate, funny and straightforward. He gets me, the way no one ever has. And no doubt about it, he’s as handsome as the devil.’

Saving Evangeline has one of THE BEST epilogues we’ve read in a while. We were wondering how on earth this story was going to end and Nancee Cain NAILED it. We cried and laughed in the same breath.  So open your minds and hearts and go enjoy this crazy ride; a love story with a twist. An easy contender for a re-read and a special place on the book case of love, we can’t recommend it highly enough.

“Life is just borrowed time, Evangeline. That’s what you told me. You can either waste it, disregard it, or live it.”

**Rafe’s story to come late 2016


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Standalone : Angsty, surprising, heart-breaking, infuriating love story.

What happens after The Ballad of Brenda and Eddie?

purchase now


a way to get by 19th may SYNOPSIS This is not a romantic comedy.
This is not a fairytale.
This is not what you’re expecting.

Lies, secrets, betrayal.
Marriage, divorce, sex.
Love, heartbreak, money.

Best friends.
Old enemies.

Soul mates.

Happily Ever After comes in many forms.
A WAY TO GET BY is the story of how Brenda and Eddie found theirs.

This book is told in dual POV with a non-linear timeline

❈ ❈ ❈

A way to get by

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

“I’ve loved you during every moment since then. I will love you every minute we’re apart. I will love you even when my soul is beyond soothing, my heart is still bleeding. I will remember your smile and your laugh and the smell of your skin, although I’ll be trying my damnedest to forget. I’ve loved these days. I’ll hate the days to come.”

What a FANTASTIC concept and didn’t this show a VERY different and enthralling side to T. Torrest. We couldn’t put this addictive read down for a single minute. We almost want to say….”Will the real T Torrest please stand up!” because this was so unexpected and so unlike anything we’ve previously read by her. This author deserves a big pat on the back for this original and novel concept.  Wow! What a compulsive read!

We firmly believe you will gain so much more from this story if you limit yourself to reading the synopsis and if it sounds like something that might grab your fancy then that’s really ALL you need to know! It’s best to read this story as the author intended without spoilers and be prepared to throw your Kindle a time or two ’cause this one is angsty!

‘How did I get so lucky? Just look at that girl. She was incredible, inside and out. Nobody smiled like Bren. Nobody laughed harder. Nobody looked finer. Nobody fucked better. My forever girl.’

We were immediately drawn into the story and once we twigged who the main characters were and what this story was about (we read an early copy before a synopsis was available), we were excited at the notion of discovering what happened to this mysterious couple, asking each other many a time….”where is T Torrest taking us with this story?

If you’ve ever listened to the song, Scenes from an Italian Restaurant by Billy Joel, a song that gave us a sardonic and romantic glimpse into Long Island middle-class life in the late 70’s, then Brenda and Eddie will be familiar to you. They were the loved up King and the Queen of the prom, the couple all others aspired to, the darlings of the dating scene.

Eddie and I were the love of each other’s lives.’

Brenda was the lazy girl who loved Eddie with a passion, the girl with champagne dreams on Eddie’s beer budget. Eddie, the sexy guy with the engineer boots, leather jacket and tight blue jeans, loved his Brenda to his core, but could he provide her with the lifestyle she craved? Was love enough for these two? Did you wonder what became of them and what really transpired? Did you ever ponder if these soulmates found their way back to each other or did their dreams disintegrate completely?

‘I would have been perfectly happy living out the rest of my days wrapped up in her arms. But when you have a marriage where only one person is invested in making it work, it can’t work.’

Well thanks to the brilliance of this authors mind, and a a little help from Billy Joel’s many songs, we, at long last uncover the ins and outs, the intricacies, the angst, the passion, the love, the heartache and the complexities that is the relationship between Brenda and Eddie as T Torrest so deliciously fills in the gaps of their love story and their lives over the decades and what an exasperating and gripping story it is! We think Billy Joel will be very surprised at the path travelled by Brenda and Eddie.

‘I just got tired of living up to her failed expectations.’

We have to say that Brenda grated on us and wasn’t a particularly easy person to warm to. Whereas we fell completely in love with Eddie and our feelings never wavered in that regard, we found Brenda’s reasoning’s  incomprehensible and it seemed she was incapable of seeing,  and appreciating what was in front of her, but don’t let that deter you from this story because it’s one worth staying with…..not that you’ll be able to stop once you start!

You’re not a disappointment. You’re…you’re everything. It’s our life together that hasn’t lived up to my dreams.”

What we learned about this couple blew our minds! This story had it all! Passion, yearning, heartfelt emotion, angst galore and many infuriating moments (in that good emotional way!), and didn’t we LOVE IT ALL!  So don’t delay! Bubble wrap your Kindle, grab a bottle of white, a bottle of red, perhaps a bottle of rose instead and prepare to devour a read you’ll be thinking about for the longest time.

4.5 stars

 ❈ ❈ ❈

Also by T Torrest and recommended by TB REMEMBER WHEN TRILOGY AMAZON US | AMAZON UK | Our Review

remember when

We adored this NA romance trilogy that took us back to that time before the real world kicked in, that limbo between adolescence and adulthood, that trial of hanging on to the past while figuring out where the future will lie. 
With heart-shredding romance, steamy love scenes and hilarious eighties references, readers of all ages will find themselves rooting for Layla and dreaming about Trip for years to come. It’s an endearing journey through the tumultuous world of friendship, family and high school… 
…and the memory of that one incredible guy your heart just can’t seem to forget. 

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