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Standalone emotional and beautiful otherworldly romance.


All the Evers

Fallen Billow should be in college like most of her friends, but instead she’s raising her brother and working as a housekeeper at a vintage local hotel. It’s back-breaking work, but not nearly as challenging as fending off unwanted advances from the hotel’s owner.

Thomas McHugh is fighting for our country, across the globe and decades before Fallen Billow was even born. So there’s no way they’re soul mates. There’s no way he can be desperate to see her, hold her, kiss her. Except there is.

Is it a dream when he inks his name on her skin? Is it a delusion when she puts her hands on his face and says she loves him? Nothing has ever felt more real.

Fate has etched paths for Thomas and Fallen that even time cannot touch. A Purple Heart proclaims Thomas’ valor and bravery. And his death. But Fallen dares to dream of the impossible. She wants Thomas to stay. Just stay.

A tribute to all who have served our country, this novel honors the impossible beauty of love and the endless power of hope. Come open your heart and celebrate the many facets of bravery with Fallen and Thomas.

FOR ALL THE EVERS is available to purchase below

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Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny

“When I saw you? When you looked at me? I felt like I’d been waiting to see you my whole life, that my soul was off center until you put your arms around me. I felt safe, and until then I hadn’t even been sure what safe was.”

This is a very difficult book to review in too many words as it’s so easy to ruin it with spoilers, which we have always vowed never to do, as we ourselves hate knowing anything that will impact our enjoyment of a story. So as per usual, we won’t. Debra Anastasia has written something incredibly special in For All The Evers. It was superb and mesmerising.

“Yours is a face worth fighting for. Don’t worry. I’ll make your future safe.”

A story dedicated to her Uncle Thomas whom she’s never met, and who fought and died in war. We know he would’ve been incredibly proud of her for writing this epic romance in his name and honour. If that wasn’t enough to make our hearts beat that little bit faster, this story took our hearts and pushed them so much further. Truly. Madly. Deeply.

“If true love hurts more than this does, I don’t want any part of it.

A story with an otherworldly feel written in the most enthralling, beautiful and captivating way. Debra Anastasia reminded us of why we fell in love with her writing years ago. This felt utterly real, honest and bursting with hope and love. We were overwhelmed by how intensely we felt this Authors heart beating in every page turned. Her love for her characters so powerful, we were fully involved as we felt the pain, the love, the loss, the desperation and the hope. We felt the fight. We felt the importance of this story and the passion for it. We felt every single word.

“Dream girl. I love you enough to die for you.”

Written from the heart, this is a journey where past meets present, depicting bravery, addiction, sacrifice, determination, perseverance and redemption. Ultimately it captured the very essence of love and what we’d do in the name of love.  We cried tears of joy and devastation. Debra Anastasia wrote a wonderfully unique story that felt so different and new. We willed it to be, with fear in our hearts. Wanting and needing this love to survive, be real and conquer what is unfathomable. Thomas and Fallen’s love story stole our very souls, Debra Anastasia handed our hearts to them through her words and we gave them gladly.

“I’ll love you for all the evers I get.”




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The final installment in this paranormal suspense romance Trilogy, set in Florence featuring the dangerously intoxicating coupling of Raven and William…


From the New York Times and international bestselling author of Gabriel’s Inferno comes the thrilling conclusion to the dark and sexy paranormal romance series, following a young art restorer and the vampyre prince she loves as they fight against a mysterious figure who holds the fate of Italy’s vampyre population-and their souls-in the balance.

The Roman is available to purchase below:

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Reviewed by Gitte

‘William would stand between her and the darkness. Always.’

Without hesitation this series is one of my all-time favourite paranormal romances. It’s exquisite in its beauty and epic in its ‘old school’ paranormal aspect. So vivid and captivating; – so enthralling and exciting. Every single one of your senses will stand to attention and your heart beats in rhythm with its tempo. Perfection.

“You were the one who taught me hope, Cassita.”

This final instalment was a tempestuous one of saving your true love, fighting vampyre battles of old and new as well as overcoming the inconceivable and unthinkable, enemies and obstacles alike. It was fast paced when it mattered and seductively slow and passionate when needed. So very exciting in its paranormal hunt, so very sensual in its romance.

You are my choice, my destiny, my blessing and my cure.”

One for the heart and soul as we not only spend a luscious time in Italy but also travel to various scenic parts of Europe. A vivid voyage of the imagination, of the heart and of the world’s beauty. A fighting journey of setting your soul free and watching it soar. Of Raven showing strength, determination and honest purity of love and William showing a compassionate and human core to his vampyre being.

“Women are mysterious,” he mused.

She laughed. “In what way?”

“They’re a study in contrasts; soft and strong, fierce and gentle. They can do everything, of course, and yet one feels compelled to do everything for them.”

This is William and Raven’s final chapter and I was riveted wanting them to find their peace and keep their intense love for one another safe from those wanting to tear it asunder and exert revenge and war. I have to admit to having my reservations as I just couldn’t see how it was going to end well for this precious love affair, what with all the loose ends and persistent deception and double crossings. However, once again, Sylvain Reynard proved to be a master of the written word. It was surprising in its unique brilliance and overwhelmingly heart-breaking yet inspiring all at the same time.

‘So much pain. So much death.’

This series must be read in order, and with all the books now available to purchase you’re in for an experience of passion and thrilling suspense woven into an impressive cultural and artistic beauty.

“It will be best if we feign indifference to one another.”

“You may as well ask the sun not to shine.”




The Prince – Novella #0.5

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The Raven – Book One

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The Shadow – Book Two

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The Roman  – Book Three

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Gabriel's Inferno

Gabriel’s Inferno Book One :: amazon us  || amazon uk
Gabriel’s Rapture Book Two :: amazon us || amazon uk
Gabriel’s Redemption Book Three :: amazon us || amazon uk 


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