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It’s that time of the week! Time to catch up on what’s happening in Bookworld! 
It’s been another fabulous week of Reading, New Releases, Upcoming Releases and some amazing Ebook Sales! Not only that, it’s been a busy, busy week of Bookworld news! So sit back, grab a coffee or a wine and catch up on anything you may have missed!

Happy Reading! 


Tillie Cole Giveaway – Have you entered our Amazing Giveaway to win a full set of the Hades Hangmen Paperbacks signed by Tillie herself? And it’s open Internationally! Be quick, there’s only a short time let to enter!

Tillie Cole also made our hearts beat like crazy when she sprung a surprise on us about the upcoming Hades Hangmen Novella, I Do, Babe! OMG! This is Styx and Mae (we won’t give anything away as it will have spoilers for those new to this fabulous series! As if being gobsmacked by the incredible Damnable Grace (Hades Hangmen #5) wasn’t enough for us! Is this woman trying to kill us with excitement? We had an Exclusive Sneak Peak on our blog, click here to check it out! You can pre order I Do, Babe here for Only 99c/99p! Amazon us | Amazon uk

Jodi Ellen Malpas gave Jesse fans a heart failure with this news! ALL I AM : Drew’s Story (A This Man Novella) will release in June: “He’s a devoted daddy. He’s sinfully hot. He dances on the risqué side of sex. Oh bloody hell and even more exciting is that…Jesse makes an appearance! Available to Pre Order here:  Amazon us | Amazon uk . If you haven’t read The This Man Series….omg! You need to get onto it! It’s ammmmmazing! Check out all the details here:

Elle Kennedy had some news! Did you know there is going to be a spin off of one of our absolute fave Hockey romance series? Well, there is! The Briar Hockey Series is a Spin Off from the Off Campus Series -. This was music to our book hearts, we’re ready for more of the fun, frivolity, emotion and sexiness these guys bring. Oh and the first book is going to be Fitzy and Summer’s story! Wooohoo!

KC Lynn shared some bloody fabulous news! KC is writing the Creed Brothers, a brand new series that made our hearts beat wildly! The tag line: ‘Fate made them brothers, loyalty made them family’ had us anticipating these books like crazy! Slated for a Fall release, this series will follow brothers, Justice, Braxten and Knox.

Audio and Emma Scott fans will be happy to know the Full Tilt Duet is now available on Audio. Oh gosh…this duet is so beautiful, so if Audio is your thing, be sure to grab them here.  Full Tilt on Audio : Amazon us | Amazon uk and All In on Audio : Amazon us | Amazon uk.   “We may not have months or years, but we have moments. Thousands upon thousands of them. Let’s take each moment, seize it and wring it dry. Okay?”

A.L. Jackson released the Cover for her her upcoming Release, Stand. This is a standalone in the Bleeding Hearts series releasing 22nd May. We’re really excited for this one after loving, Stay, also from this series, earlier this year. Check out our review for Stay.

Kate Stewart revealed a new cover for Anything But Minor, a fabulous sports romance we loved.  It seems Amazon didn’t think he covered enough of his crown jewels. Rafe now has pants!

Leisa Rayven revealed the cover for her upcoming release, Mr Romance, which we’re all pretty excited for! This is a standalone in the new Masters of Love series releasing 30th April and available to pre order here:  Amazon us | Amazon uk.

SM West released the cover for her upcoming release Made To Love, a standalone releasing 5th May which sounds fabulous! It’s a story about a sigle mother raising two older children who finds love with a sexy younger man! It’s available for the pre order only price of 99/99p  here : Amazon us | Amazon uk


Well, we don’t want to jinx ourselves so we’re not going tell  you the title of our current read, but….OMG! We are bloody LOVING IT so far! We’ve haven’t been able to put it down and after finishing the first book, we plan dive straight into book two so we’ll tell you more when we get into the next book.
It’s a Vampire/Paranormal and…we are in love with a sexy, brooding Slayer! Oh boy he is so manly and sexy! But…..we’re also very intrigued and loving an immortal in this story! The heroine is KICK ARSE! 

Did you miss one any of our APRIL REVIEWS SO FAR! 
Here’s a teaser from each book with details below.


DAMNABLE GRACE by TILLIE COLE –  Series to be read in order – Dark, gritty biker romance – 

A HANDFUL OF FIRE by ALEXIS ALVAREZ Standalone Second chance, single Dad, emotional romance with angst – 

EASY MAGIC by KRISTEN PROBY –  Standalone otherworldly sweet, steamy romance – 

THE GRAVITY OF US by BRITTAINY C  CHERRY – Standalone beautiful emotional romance – 

JUST LIKE THAT by NICOLA RENDELL Standalone  sexy, saucy laugh out loud romantic comedy– 

THE CHOSEN by JR WARD – Book 15 in the paranormal series that has readers gripped – 

DIRTY GAMES by BARBARA ELSBORG Standalone dark emotional MM Romance – 

THE MARRIAGE PACT by K LARSON & MARA WHITEStandalone second chance sad love story

RIPPLE EFFECT by KERI LAKEAnti hero dark erotic romance series now complete – 



All books are 99c/99p or Free


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Trilogy – friends to lovers/older man, younger woman



So here’s the deal. I’m sixteen and I’m getting married. Super weird, I know.

My dad is a cattle rancher in Montana. Or he was, until he died suddenly, leaving me an orphan (which is still a thing). I’m sixteen months away from being a legal adult, so I have two choices.

Foster home, or married. To Jake Talley. The foreman of the ranch and my best friend.

It’s legal. It solves all my problems. Except now I’m living with Riverbend’s hottest cowboy – my husband (in name only of course) – and I’m still in high school. Trust me, no one wants to date Weird Married Ellie.

But it’s cool. All we have to do is wait it out until I’m eighteen and we’ll get a divorce. Then Jake and I will go back to being normal. We’ve got this.



I’m twenty-six, and I never saw this coming. Married. To a kid I’ve known her whole life. But there was no way in hell I was going to let her live at a foster home, instead of at the ranch where she belongs.

Sure we’re married but it’s not real. Just a piece of paper. My girlfriend is furious but I know I’m doing the right thing – for Ellie. For sixteen months, it’s me and her against the world – until the divorce.

No big deal.

Or is it?

THE BRIDE TRILOGY can be purchased below 

The Bride Book One – amazon us | amazon uk
The Wife Book Two – amazon us | amazon uk
The Lover Book Three – amazon us | amazon uk

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

4 Stars

‘We were Ellie and Jake, Jake and Ellie.’

S Doyle is a new to us author, and the synopsis for this trilogy immediately sucked us in! It sounded angsty, gripping and we were told from readers who had read the first book it had a Kristen Ashley ‘feel’ about it, so we couldn’t wait to dive in! We’ll be honest and say we didn’t get the KA vibe at all, with neither the story nor the writing bearing any resemblance to the KA books we’ve read, however each reader feels a story differently.

This coming of age drama was laden with drama and angst. Boy did these two make life difficult for themselves as they adapted to living together. At first, we struggled to get into the story, however we soon found our groove and needed to know how this was all going to play out.

Because of Ellie’s age, we will disclose that there is no underage sex in this story, in fact, Jake shows a tremendous amount of restraint with the hormonally awakening Ellie, respecting her age and their platonic predicament implicitly and Ellie wanting to give herself over to love, settling for nothing less.

The trilogy is told in dual POV’s with Ellie’s side of the story was told more in the way of a memoir and so it read as a naïve, hormonal, confused 16 year old, so the immaturity of her voice was to be expected. We loved that Ellie remained strong, sticking to her guns about her worth, with Jake’s pov bringing a balance to the story.

“Jake. I deserve to be loved as much as I love you.”

At nearly 17, Ellie Mason, is left an orphan and a multimillion dollar cattle ranch in Montana, after her father’s death. With no legal guardian, the only option available for Ellie is to go into Foster care. However, this option doesn’t suit Jake Talley, the family cattle hand who lives in the bunkhouse on their ranch, was right hand man to Ellie’s dad and really, the only ‘family’ Ellie now has. Jake decides the best solution and to avoid the foster system, even if it is for sixteen months, is to marry Ellie, divorcing when she turns 18. There’s a 10 year gap between the pair and Jake looks upon Ellie as a little girl, he hasn’t yet noticed to maturing woman before him. So, he can do this for sixteen months can’t he? Stay in a platonic marriage to keep the ranch and Ellie’s dad’s legacy. Except, Ellie is blossoming before his eyes and Jake wants to make sure Elllie’s virtue remains intact so as not to draw town gossip to their relationship.

‘What if I married Ellie thinking I could save her, but instead ruined her life because people though she was the type of girl who could be seduced?’

The story takes us from Ellie being the bride, the wife, the lover as is evident from the titles and in that process we see the growth of Ellie’s character as she comes into her own from young innocence to womanhood.

“You are the most important person in my life. I’m the most important person in yours. I don’t want you to end up hating me.’

This is one angst ridden ride. The kind that makes you want to throw your hands up in frustration whilst at the same time flipping to the next page to see what happens. Jake and Ellie’s relationship is a whirlwind of emotions that’s for sure. An entertaining read tracing the trials and tribulations of a friends to lover’s romance.


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