Books That Made Us Cry

Note to readers about this category:
These are the books that made us either ugly cry or they simply had us welling up with deep emotional moments throughout.
They’re the books that hit our hearts or struck a chord with us in some way.
We hope you find a read to touch your heart as well.

Where there is a series, we have included the first book only.
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9 Responses to Books That Made Us Cry

  1. loveleylaura

    Bookmarked this page because I’m itching to explore this category more! To me, the best reads are the ones that have the power to illicit deep emotional responses, even if it’s an “ugly cry” like you cleverly described! I’m in desperate need of another book that tugs on my heartstrings after finishing Bascomville. The lady sitting next to me on my 3-hour long flight to Atlanta didn’t put it down once, and once I saw her spilling tears I had to get the scoop. Downloaded it from the author’s shopify ( and was relieved that I read it in the privacy of my own apartment to spare public onlookers from my ugly cry face that would probably put Claire Danes’s to shame…

  2. Kim Bowers

    Spiralling Skywards by Lesley Jones
    Currently there are two books in this series. Books 1 and 2 are about the same couple but it’s the second book that will have you ugly crying.

  3. T. Sweet

    Well I read me before you when I heard the Michie was coming out and I thought I was dying inside from the tears.

  4. Wendy

    Poet Of The Wrong Generation is a novel that you recommended this year. It moved me to tears on many occasions. One of the most beautifully written love stories of any year. Thank you for sharing this review with me.

    • admin

      Hi Wendy! We’re so happy to hear you picked it up and loved it too! Wasn’t it a fabulous read! We’re looking forward to more of their story…fingers crossed. Hugs Jenny and Gitte xo

  5. Shea Moran

    Thanks for putting together this list! I’ve read several of the books you have on it and I look forward to reading more. I just love it when a book draws me in and stirs my emotions so much that I’m an emotional wreck. Those are the kinds of books that stay with me. One book that made me cry my eyes out that you don’t have on your list is, Where One Goes by B N Toler. It’s one of my top 20 favorite books of all time.

  6. Susan Dilly

    I’ve read 33 on your list & only counted the trilogy’s as one. Mostly love anything you rave over, so keep up the good work.

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