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This time…I am making the rules‘  Erotic romance trilogy

We’re so excited to bring you this  EXCLUSIVE WESTON POV!
Rachel fell in love with this series in The Ground Rules and now, she’s head over heels after reading The Ground Rules Rewritten.
After reading our Weston POV, Rach said:
All I can say is Wow!  If I didn’t love Weston enough already reading this just sealed the deal. This moment when Weston caught sight if Mirella for the first time made my heart beat faster and my eyes fill with tears. Just beautiful. I’m feeling emotional now . It answers so many un answered questions. Loved it”

Check out Rachel’s Review and Weston’s POV below! 

Ground Rules Trilogy

**Purchase The Ground Rules for only 99c/99p :  amazon us | amazon uk | iBooks
**Purchase The Ground Rules Rewritten :  amazon us | amazon uk | iBooks

the ground rules rewritten


Five simple rules. And it was very simple…until it wasn’t.

It could have been much worse. We weren’t thinking straight and had put everything on the line – risking our marriages. So when Weston ended the arrangement, it was for the best – for all of us. But I was still heartbroken. I thought I’d shatter into a million pieces. I didn’t, I survived. Not only did I survive, I came out stronger and ready to move on with my life.

But then…

Weston reaches out to me. With a few soft words, a gentle touch and a lingering gaze, he crumbles all my efforts.

Neither Gabe nor I want to start this again, and we are determined to fight the temptation. But Weston and Bridget are not taking no for an answer, and the pull between all of us is still so strong.

I tell myself I can handle it this time. This time, I am in the driver’s seat. This time, I am rewriting the ground rules.



In Weston’s words…

 May 19th

The circumstances were ordinary, but the woman was anything but.

I remember every detail. I always remember. Whether this is a curse, or a gift, I’m still not quite sure. The smallest specifics, the most unimportant facts surrounding an event always seem to stick. But these recollections are often devoid of sentiment. I am rarely affected, or thrown by circumstance. I tend to not feel strong emotion. I always remain distant, looking in from the outside.

But on this fateful night at a busy restaurant, I realized there are exceptions. She was the exception.

In truth, I wished to be anywhere but there. But plans had been arranged, and I was without options, unwillingly caught in a corner. If it had been just myself and Bridget, I could have convinced her to forgo the evening – although, not without much effort and cajoling. But we were to meet my good friend Simon and his lovely wife Jennifer… and I am a man who keeps his word and his commitments.

I do everything in my power to please my beautiful perfect wife. I desperately wish for her to remain happy, to stay with me. Unfortunately, she has been pulling away for a while – our marriage has been a struggle these past few years. For the sake of my children, and myself, I can’t let her go.

To that end, I accompany her wherever she wishes, I surprise her with gifts, and essentially let her boundless energy wear me out repeatedly.

I was exhausted. The troubles of the week had worn me out. I felt raw, jagged. All I truly wished for was a quiet night with my children, perhaps popcorn and a family movie. The last place I wanted to find myself was at a busy restaurant. But unlike me, Bridget has always loved the hustle and bustle of the city.

As soon as we walked in, the noise grated my nerves – what seemed like hundreds of simultaneous conversations, kitchen noise, and a hum which was probably only noticed by myself, as I tend to suffer from sensory sensitivity. As Bridget chatted quickly with the maître d’, I inhaled a deep breath, and willed myself to relax a little, as I often need to do.

When I turned around, I saw her.

Her lovely eyes were fixed on me. I looked away instantly, not able to maintain eye contact with this beautiful stranger. But in the fraction of a second I was blessed enough to have, I saw everything. I noticed her dark thick wavy hair, and her big eyes; a soulful dark shade of brown. And those lips, ruby red, full and luscious; the kind of lips that can turn proper respectable men into lunatics – men much like myself. And the curve of her hips in that striking dress…

She stood out from the crowd – like a vision – a shiny spark of color in the otherwise very monochrome room. She reminded me of the silver screen actresses; a modern-day Katharine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall or Vivien Leigh. I admired these women as a child, when my mother and I delighted in classic films. These films are some of the very few fond memories I have of my mother. It was the only time she seemed to enjoy my company; the rare occasion I didn’t seem to press her nerves. All I had to do was remain quiet and enjoy the films with her. I was very good at being quiet. I still am.

She was with a man; good looking and slightly unkempt, a rugged type. Bridget and I took a seat next to them on the banquette as we waited for our table. I did not dare look at her again, but every inch of my being sought to do so. Bridget made polite small talk with the attractive man. I personally, am not one for these kinds of social dances. I only speak when I have something worthy to offer. And I only ask questions when I’m truly curious. I venture out of my comfort zone when I am intrigued. And I was very curious about her.

I finally dared a look in her direction, and I studied her. My gaze travelled from the soft curve of her calf, to the skirt of her pink dress, the swell of her breasts, the profile of her flawless face, and finally to her delicate hands; white as snow, red-tipped. She wore a wedding ring, to my dismay. I was disappointed by the fact that this complete stranger belonged to someone else. I was jealous. The utter ridiculousness of this emotion did not escape me. When she caught my gaze, I instantly recognized that flicker of interest… of awareness. A soft smile and a blush on her cheeks was all I could cling to before she tore her gaze away. My heartbeat sped, taking me completely by surprise.

I don’t usually react in this manner.

I’m told I’m an attractive man. But when I study my reflection in the mirror, I do not see it. All I see is a stiff stance, and an overly serious fellow. But I do often see that glimmer of attraction in the expressions of women around me, be it the barista at my favorite coffee shop, one of my secretaries, or my marketing executive.

I’ve always been indifferent. In this sense, my wife is secure. I’ve only ever touched another woman when my wife has given me the permission to do so. Thus far, there has only been my wife, and two other women. I admire, but I do not necessarily need to touch.

But somehow… I wanted to touch this one. Desperately. Like a child needs to touch everything that glitters.

What if I had my wife’s permission to do so? I mused. Even so, I highly doubted her husband would ever let me lay my hands on his beautiful wife.

My phone rang and jolted me out of my ill-advised reverie. If this beautiful woman, this complete stranger, could read my thoughts, she would be appalled, I admitted to myself.

Simon informed me he and his wife would not join us. Typically, I would have been a little vexed by the cancellation, but I wasn’t. Because the plans Simon had proposed had led me to this moment. I had seen the most captivating woman, and even if I never had a chance to utter a single word to her, the moment had left its mark on me.

I was sure we would be pulled away to our respective tables soon enough, and I would lose sight of her. But then, fate intervened. I believe in fate. I am a very logical man, but somehow I believe in this completely irrational concept. I suppose I’m a romantic – the result of the afore-mentioned classic love stories enjoyed with my mother, I’m sure.

When her husband stood to speak to the maître d’, I noticed how large he was. I estimated he had a few inches and a good forty pounds on me. He seemed like the type of man who could handle himself decently in a brawl. The kind of man who could surely flatten me in a second. His jaw was unshaven and his hair too long. He seemed like a free-spirit, carefree, much like his wife. I could only envy them. For I unfortunately am not carefree – my mind never ceases to work.

And for that reason, despite the fact that I hadn’t even spoken to her, I knew she would consume me for the next few days, until eventually, I would be distracted by work.

I listened carefully as he argued with the maître d’ over a reserved table. Apparently, they didn’t have one. I couldn’t help but smirk a little. I’ve always taken a small pleasure in irresponsible people like him finding themselves in these kinds of situations. I was sure they would leave soon.

But then I heard my beautiful wife say, “I have an idea. You nice folks could have dinner with us,” she suggested.

And my heart ceased to beat. Just for a second, thankfully.

“Our friends have just cancelled on us, and we have a table for four,” she informed them, in her usual cheerful tone. “It seems like fate, doesn’t it?”

Yes… it was fate.

I truly believe this.

The beautiful couple thanked us profusely, seemingly a tad ill-at-ease. They were skittish, understandably – we were complete strangers.

“You two really don’t strike me as sociopaths,” my wife jested.

I spotted a hint of a smile on the beautiful woman’s face when I finally mustered the courage to look at her again. But unfortunately, it was just for a moment and then she was serious once more. And I desperately wanted to see her smile again.

“Well, sociopaths do come in many shapes and sizes,” I added, holding my voice steady. My heart showed its presence as it pounded hard. “But regardless… I think we’ll take our chances and live dangerously.”

The most beautiful smile stretched across her lovely face. And it was for me. Just for me. I savored its unique almost childlike quality. It was inviting, playful and so, so very sweet. But then, she raised her hand to her mouth, and covered it. And I desperately wanted to pull that cruel hand away, and see that intoxicating smile once more.

This was it. This was the moment Mirella stole my heart.

Ground Rules Rewritten
Guest Reviewed by Rachel

✯✯✯✯1/2 Stars

“I’m part of you. I’m right here in your thoughts, in your heart, under every inch of your skin.”

I was so excited to get my hands on a copy of this after reading the first book and loving it.

I’m not entirely sure why this book captivates me so much, it’s a taboo subject many people wouldn’t feel comfortable with, a happily married couple drawn into a whole new world, they know it’s wrong and against all the rules of a normal marriage but it’s like an addiction they just can’t fix.

“We both know we don’t truly have each other. This has always been about sharing. She has you. I’m just borrowing you.”

In the first book Mirella and Gabe are swept away into a life style that neither are accustomed to. Weston and Bridget are very wealthy and live a lavish lifestyle, unlike Gabe and Mirella who are just two ordinary people living a completely normal life.

“You’re not fading. I’m afraid you’ll never fade. You’re all I can think about. You’re all I can see.”

Gabe, Mirellas husband loves her so much and they were happy in their marriage until the night they met Weston and Bridget. You ask yourself whilst reading this book if this happened to you would go through with something that could totally ruin your marriage. The moral part of me says NO but the naughty part of me says YES. If Weston were to put his moves on me I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to resist him.

“But for the life of me, Mirella, I swear, if he hurts you, if he makes one false move, I’ll kill the bastard.”

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen in book two but it soon becomes apparent very early on that Weston wants Mirella, and this time she’s in charge of the rules.
A very tense and emotional ride throughout, off the charts hotness and I will never look at snorkelling in the same light again.
Gabe, Weston, Gabe, Weston, Gabe, Weston??????? I’m still sitting on the fence with this one; maybe I can be greedy and have both, just like Mirella.

**Rachel reviewed from an ARC copy provided to her by Ardent Prose Promotions**


 Roya Carmen

The Ground Rules – only 99c/99p :  amazon us | amazon uk | iBooks
The Ground Rules Rewritten :  amazon us | amazon uk | iBooks
The Ground Rules Book Three : Date To be advised

About the Author


“Steamy romance with a dash of sass.”
Romance writer, mom, book junkie. I have been writing for over ten years, finding my passion for romance in 2008. When I’m not spending time with my family, I enjoy reading, painting, and writing – there is nothing I enjoy more than sitting down at my laptop and making up my own stories – and if those stories should include beautiful men, a little romance, and a few steamy scenes, all the better!

Connect with Roya
Twitter | Facebook | Web | Goodreads

With thanks to Ardent PRose PR 


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the girl on the train


Rachel takes the same commuter train every morning. Every day she rattles down the track, flashes past a stretch of cozy suburban homes, and stops at the signal that allows her to daily watch the same couple breakfasting on their deck. She’s even started to feel like she knows them. “Jess and Jason,” she calls them. Their life—as she sees it—is perfect. Not unlike the life she recently lost.

And then she sees something shocking. It’s only a minute until the train moves on, but it’s enough. Now everything’s changed. Unable to keep it to herself, Rachel offers what she knows to the police, and becomes inextricably entwined in what happens next, as well as in the lives of everyone involved. Has she done more harm than good?


Guest Reviewed by Rachel

✯✯✯✯ 1/2 Stars’

‘But then I think, this happens sometimes, doesn’t it? People you have a history with, they won’t let you go, and as hard as you might try, you can’t disentangle yourself, can’t set yourself free. Maybe after a while you just stop trying.’

I don’t usually read Thrillers but after hearing lots of talk about this book I decided to jump in and see what all the fuss was about, I wasn’t expecting anything, but this story gave me everything. The story is narrated by three different women Rachel, Anna And Megan. I was hooked from the first chapter and found myself speed reading in an attempt to get to the finish as soon as I could. I needed answers. I needed to know why Rachel was so messed up.

 “When did you become so weak?”
“I don’t know. I don’t know where that strength went, I don’t remember losing it. I think that over time it got chipped away, bit by bit, by life, by the living of it.”

The majority of the book was written in Rachel’s POV which at times was draining, her life is one big mess and she spends most of her time drunk. At times whilst reading Rachel’s chapters I actually felt as if I was her and I had to put the book aside on a few occasions to remind myself that I wasn’t her and I wasn’t inside this book.  This is an intense read, full of twists and turns. A book full of secrets waiting to be uncovered.  I thought half way through the story I knew where it was heading but I was so far from the truth, I didn’t see the end coming it was a shocker.

‘I am not the girl I used to be. I am no longer desirable; I’m off-putting in some way. It’s not just that I’ve put on weight, or that my face is puffy from the drinking and the lack of sleep; it’s as if people can see the damage written all over me, can see it in my face, the way I hold myself, the way I move.’

This book was well written and took me on an uncomfortable ride. I felt strange for days after I had finished, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. This book could be the next big book to movie; it would be amazing to see this on the big screen.


 Amazon us || Amazon uk

the girl on the train



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the ground rules cover


1. Don’t sleep around.
2. Don’t kiss and tell.
3. Be nice.
4. Don’t text or call.
5. Don’t fall in love.

The rules are simple…until they aren’t.

I have everything I ever thought I could want: a nice home, a job I love, two beautiful girls, and my husband, Gabe – my high school sweetheart who still rocks my world. If you ask anyone to describe me they would say, “Oh, Mirella? She’s such a nice girl.” And I was…until a mysterious, peculiar man and his beautiful wife enter our lives. 

Weston and Bridget Hanson are no ordinary couple—they’re stunning, enigmatic, and sexy as hell. During the course of one unexpected evening, my ordinary world is turned upside down. How could it not be when Weston and Bridget propose the unthinkable? And when the unthinkable is so very tempting, giving in becomes inevitable. 

It sounds so logical and simple. Just five rules and we can all have what we desire. But the heart doesn’t follow rules, and now passion, jealousy, and confusion threaten to tear everything apart.

Two beautiful couples. Five simple rules. One hot mess.

The Ground Rules

Guest Reviewed by Rachel

✯✯✯✯1/2 Stars

‘Two beautiful couples. Five simple rules. One hot mess.

Having been very happily married to my own husband for 14 years and high school sweethearts like Mirella and Gabe I was instantly intrigued by this book. The act of wife swapping has always felt wrong and seedy to me a total taboo subject so I went into this story almost expecting to just read a few pages, realise it wasn’t for me and DNF. Oh boy was I wrong!

This is the first all-nighter I’ve pulled in a long long time; I just couldn’t put it down. I was hooked from the very beginning. I was instantly drawn to Mirella and Gabe, feeling an instant connection with this couple.

Gabe and Mirella were just an ordinary happily married couple with children, they were still very much in love and had a great relationship in the bedroom and outside until one fateful night when they meet Weston and Bridget Hanson.

Weston and Bridget are on a completely different wave length to Gabe and Mirella; they have money, style, and are very well educated. They say opposites attract and this foursome certainly did.

“I think both of us know, deep inside…our relationship is about to change.”

I’ve always believed that if you are happily married that’s it!!! Yes we may check out other people from time to time but that’s human nature, to act on such attraction is something else entirely and this book proves that if two people have such a strong chemistry, as much as you try and fight it when it takes hold of you there is nothing you can do to stop it.

I was totally swept away with the magnetic pull Weston had on Mirella. She literally had no chance. She was hypnotised by him like a moth to a flame.

‘Can someone have two soul mates? I’ve never been so confused.’

I just hope us ladies never get to meet a man like Weston in the real world as our happy little lives could be torn apart, I’m not sure I would have been able to resist him.

 Amazon us || Amazon uk 

the ground rules cover


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The song


This is David ‘Tag’ Taggert’s book, a supporting character introduced in The Law of Moses. This is a stand-alone story, but it is highly recommended that The Law of Moses be read first to avoid spoilers.

She said I was like a song. Her favorite song. A song isn’t something you can see. It’s something you feel, something you move to, something that disappears after the last note is played.

I won my first fight when I was eleven years old, and I’ve been throwing punches ever since. Fighting is the purest, truest, most elemental thing there is. Some people describe heaven as a sea of unending white. Where choirs sing and loved ones await. But for me, heaven was something else. It sounded like the bell at the beginning of a round, it tasted like adrenaline, it burned like sweat in my eyes and fire in my belly. It looked like the blur of screaming crowds and an opponent who wanted my blood. 

For me, heaven was the octagon.

Until I met Millie, and heaven became something different. I became something different. I knew I loved her when I watched her stand perfectly still in the middle of a crowded room, people swarming, buzzing, slipping around her, her straight dancer’s posture unyielding, her chin high, her hands loose at her sides. No one seemed to see her at all, except for the few who squeezed past her, tossing exasperated looks at her unsmiling face. When they realized she wasn’t normal, they hurried away. Why was it that no one saw her, yet she was the first thing I saw?

If heaven was the octagon, then she was my angel at the center of it all, the girl with the power to take me down and lift me up again. The girl I wanted to fight for, the girl I wanted to claim. The girl who taught me that sometimes the biggest heroes go unsung and the most important battles are the ones we don’t think we can win.

 ♥ ♥

THe song of david collage

Guest Reviewed by Rachel

✯✯✯✯✯ Stars

“Do I make you feel more alive?”

Sometimes we come across a book that we don’t just read, we inhale where every word feels like poetry as our brain translates the story to us. When the characters seep there way into our souls, you can almost taste and touch along side them, and their emotions squeeze around your heart giving it a physical ache. That’s how I felt with The Song of David by Amy Harmon.

The Song of David is the story of Tag an MMA fighter who had a big role in The Law of Moses, and if you haven’t read that book, then try and read that first because I promise you, you will love it. Tag was a tortured young man with lots of severe problems, but I am so glad he got to tell his story as his character, although troubled, was one of great strength. Moses and Tag were an unlikely match to form such an amazing bond but through circumstance they became like brothers. Moses has a significant role in this story and the bond between them is purely magical.

“I love you Millie. And it’s the most amazing feeling, the most incredible thing I’ve ever felt. I can’t hold it in my chest, that feeling .So it spills out of me whenever you’re around. It spills out of my mouth and my eyes and ears. It spills out of my fingertips and makes me walk faster and talk louder and feel more alive. Do you feel that, Millie? Do I make you feel more alive?”

This story is one of the most beautiful heart felt tales to date. A young man, a natural born fighter having to use his fighting skills in a whole new light. Along the way he meets Millie who has her own set of difficulties to deal with, and together they find out just how much their struggles are irrelevant to the bigger picture. There are so many lessons to be learnt from this book and I’m sure each and every one who reads it will find their own message in the story line.

I don’t cry very often in books but after I finished I was left drained mentally but felt rewarded at the same time with the beautiful experience this has given me and one I can’t recommend highly enough.

 ♥ ♥

The song

Amazon us || Amazon uk

Law and Song

Amazon us || Amazon uk

Standalone but it is recommended to read The Law of Moses first.
Amazon us || Amazon uk


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American heiress Amelia Hathaway needs to start anew.

Her husband cheated on her, and when everything she wanted in life slipped through her fingers, she fell apart. When she did, she took another heart wrenching hit as she lost the respect of her children.

When her ex took her family from California to live in the small town of Magdalene in Maine, Amelia decided it was time to sort herself out. In order to do that and win her children back, she moves to Cliff Blue, an architectural masterpiece on the rocky coast of Magdalene.

Her boxes aren’t even unpacked when she meets Mickey Donovan, a man who lives across the street, a man so beautiful Amelia takes one look at Mickey and knows she wants everything from him.

The problem is, she finds out swiftly that he’s friendly, he’s kind, but he doesn’t want everything back.

Amelia struggles to right past wrongs in her life at the same time find out who she wants to be. She also struggles with her attraction to the handsome firefighter who lives across the street.

But Amelia will face a surprise when her friendly neighbor becomes not-so-friendly. As Amelia and Mickey go head to head, Amelia must focus on winning back the hearts of her children.

She soon discovers she also must focus on winning the heart of a handsome firefighter who understands down to his soul the beautiful heiress who lives across the street is used to a life he cannot provide.


Soaring Collage

Guest Reviewer

✯✯✯✯✯ Perfect Stars 

What does reading a Kristen Ashley novel mean to me? The short answer? EVERYTHING. I have release dates scheduled in my phone, and appointments are scheduled avoiding those release dates. I have teaser chapters downloaded. Heck, she even has her own folder on my kindle! KA is the absolute Queen of transporting you totally, completely and utterly into her World; and I have been fully transported to Magdalene over the last few days. The detail she uses in her books to describe, not only the setting, but everything from a room, to an outfit to a bowl just puts me in reading heaven. Soaring is 654 pages of pure bliss from the supreme best!

I am in love; perfect booklove. Soaring was KA at her very best. An epic love story that will be re-read and re-read. Soaring tells the love story of Mickey Donovan and Amelia ‘Amy’ Hathaway, but it is also so much more than that. This is the story of two broken families coming together. Something that happens all over the world, every day. KA stories are relatable; they feel real. Yes, we have the whole hot, knicker melting alphas that I don’t often come across in real life but I allow myself to be indulged!

It had been almost a year since we were last in Magdalene, and it was fabulous to be back. What I especially love with the Magdalene series is how the characters are older, usually divorced and already have children. Amelia is 47 and has two children from her first marriage to Captain Knobhead, Conrad; Auden and Olympia (Pippa), who were total little rat-bags to their mum at the start. Mickey is 48, and has two children Cillian who was adorable, and Aisling, who had heart-breaking issues of her own going on.

“You have absolutely no idea what I need. And the sad part about that is that you didn’t notice you’d already given me everything I’d ever need just letting me sit at your dinner table with your family.”

I felt incredibly emotional reading the first few chapters of Soaring. As a mother, to read about Amy’s broken relationship with her children was absolutely heart-breaking; and I loved how KA made the love story between Mickey & Amy a simmering, slow burn so these other issues could be handled.

“You know that’s bullshit. There’s something here. Something strong. Something I tried to fight but couldn’t. Something that draw’s us to each other. Something we’re both old enough and smart enough not to ignore. And there’s something you don’t even know that makes it more.”

There was some angst involved during the first part of the story, and because of this angst, I have to say I didn’t completely warm to Mickey straight away, but Mickey had his reasons which was an on-going under current throughout the story. However, when the moment came that I fell for Mickey, I fell HARD! Amy however, I loved from the start, and I was completely rooting for her. There were times reading when I wanted to high-five my kindle, but well, that would have been daft! I would go as far as to say she is one of my favourite KA heroines ever. She was spirited, humorous, a great mum, and completely selfless. I want to be like Amelia Hathaway when I grow up!! I want to shop at Wayfarers, and have burgers at Tink’s and work at Dove House. Oh and a hot fire-fighter / boxer would be a bonus!

“I am who I am. I have what I have. And one of those things I got that I wanna keep is you.”

Kristen Ashley writes with a humour that is just perfect. Mickey & Amy’s banter / bickering had me smiling big. Mix into that some funny kids, and some even funnier old folk and you’ve got yourself a winner.

“I’ll warn you, might make me crazy, might make me a dick, don’t give a shit, but I get off on goin’ head to head with you. So if you feel like keepin’ your gloves up, baby, bring it. ‘Cause I know after doin’ it for a while and then getting’ that kiss from you, you keep doin’ it, when I finally fuck you it’s gonna wreck you.”

As with pretty much all KA’s we come across previous characters in the series, with Josie and Alyssa being perfect friends for Amy. Alyssa, and her one liners had me cracking up. I would recommend that you would read the first book in this series; The Will before reading Soaring, as Josie and Jake’s back story is referred to occasionally.

Soaring was just perfect, with a sublime epilogue that was pure KA. Equal parts smiling and equal parts tears in my eyes (I had tears in my eyes A LOT during this book). Every loose end is tied up, and a couple of teasers dropped in for the next book in this series. I can’t wait!!


Magdalene Series

Our Review
Amazon US || Amazon UK || Amazon AU

Amazon US || Amazon UK || Amazon AU

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