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If it flies, drives, or fornicates, it’s cheaper to rent it.

Nick is a top earner in the Market Garden, where rentboys fulfill their high-rolling clients’ every sexual fantasy. As a Dom and a sadist, he sets his own price and is experienced enough not to let any client get out of hand. He’s damn good at his job, and it’s easy money.

Or at least it used to be. But now he has a boyfriend. Spencer is a former client, a closeted corporate lawyer, and so beautifully submissive he’s perfect for Nick. He doesn’t even mind how Nick earns a living. He just wants to take care of Nick—something Nick isn’t quite sure how to handle.

In fact, Nick’s clearly off his game these days. Sure, he’s tired from his shift work and his studies, but mainly he’s bored by his clients and distracted by thoughts of Spencer—dangerous for everyone when he’s wielding a whip. Now Nick has to make a choice: give up his independence, or walk away from the only man he’s ever loved.

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Reviewed by Gitte

In this story we are back with Spencer and Nick as ‘If It Fornicates’ follows ‘If It Flies’.  I would strongly recommend reading this series in order.

I connected so much more with the characters this time round and that spark was back.  I realised as I was reading that what I’d missed in book #3 was the raw emotion and the character connection. I have to say that I really felt them; their struggles and reluctance to take that huge step of embracing love and changing their path. A step that could change everything.

So this was Nick’s story and he really took a piece of my heart with his inner battles. He’s facing the biggest challenge and decision. To follow and accept what’s in his heart. As someone who is fully in charge and fiercely independent he is reluctant to let go based purely on emotion.

Being the most sought after rent boy in the Market Garden, no strings, no emotions does he let it go and accept the connection he has with Spencer? Does he give it up or can he carry on and be with Spencer at the same time?

The passionate connection between these two is tangible and sweet Spencer, bless him. He really shone in this story and I finally connected with him. He places no demands, sure he knows what he wants but he needs Nick to find his own way. He respects Nick, in all the ways that count to him. This is whilst trying to sort out his own life.

Although the stories in this series are short, on the whole, these Authors succeed in making the reader feel and understand. They are quick passionate reads packed full of emotion. Again, it should be noted that Nick & Spencer’s story features BDSM.

This series is addictive, unique, emotional, filthy, funny and passionate ~ a great read for any reader who enjoys a bit of M/M on their tbr list.

Gitte: 4 Stars

Thank you to Riptide and Netgalley for providing this ARC for an honest review.


Check out and purchase If It Fornicates here
If It Fornicates (A Market Garden Tale)

Series Reading Order and Purchase Links:

Quid Pro Quo
Take It Off 
If It Flies
If It Fornicates
Captures and Surrenders – Release Date 19th August 2013

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City Mouse (Country Mouse #2) by Amy Lane & Aleksandr Voinov

city mouse


A magical weekend, a breathless declaration, a happy ever after . . . Right?


When Malcolm Kavanagh took his first step toward emotional maturity by declaring his love to Owen Watson, that was just the first chapter in their story. Anyone who’s ever been in love knows that happy endings take a lot more work than that.

One problem: Malcolm has never been in love. He doesn’t know the rules of a relationship and isn’t confident enough to trust that his is real. He learns the ropes by sharing his life and his flat with Owen, but relationship boot camp proves a challenge. Everything is a struggle, from accepting Owen’s low-status job to putting his boyfriend above his personal trainer.

Luckily, Owen knows a little more about relationships, and labors patiently to survive the first six weeks of their life together. From the art galleries of Cambridge to the tawdry majesty of the Dominion theatre, Owen adapts to England while Malcolm adapts to the whole human race. Maybe, if Owen is patient enough and Malcolm learns to give, the two of them can make it past Relationship Armageddon to a real happy ending.

Purchase COUNTRY MOUSE BOOK ONE  : Amazon US | Amazon UK
Purchase CITY MOUSE BOOK TWO :: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewed by Jenny and Gitte

3.5 Stars

Aleksandr Voinov and Amy Lane can’t do much wrong in our eyes; they gave us a great emotional sequel that had angst, passion, love and hope.

We first met Malcolm and Owen in Country Mouse which we loved. This unlikely relationship is still going strong in City Mouse. Well kind of. What with Malcolm’s snobbish attitude, work ethics and slight case of relationship OCD it’s no wonder laid back Owen with his big cuddly heart feels as if their relationship is a fighting battle at times. Not only has Owen left his home country to take a chance on love, he also has to be the one that keeps this relationship alive.

Malcolm still struggles to get to grips with the love he has for Owen as well as their relationship. His intentions are good, deep down…they really are but he has got his priorities all wrong. His heart though is in the right place, he just does not know how to let go and just feel. His trust and his confidence being the two main culprits; hindering him in this relationship where frankly he comes across neurotic and scared. Malcolm drove us crazy at times in this story!

Now Owen, big strong cuddly and patient Owen is worried with where their relationship is going and wondering but also hoping that they can get past the hurdle that can make or break a relationship. If it wasn’t for Owen’s persistence, faith and love their relationship would have fallen at the wayside.

Despite the fact that we loved this sequel we can’t say we were fully satisfied at the end. Our hearts were still aching, we still felt issues were unresolved and we felt it wasn’t enough. We still worry for our Malcolm and Owen!

Thank you to Riptide Publishing and NetGalley for providing us with an ARC for an honest opinion


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If It Flies (Market Garden #3) by Aleksandr Voinov & L.A. Witt

if it fliesGitte: 3.5 stars
Jenny: 3.0 Stars

In this story from the Market Garden series we meet two new characters; Spencer and Nick. If It Flies is told in Spencer’s voice with the next book in the series being told from Nick’s. It should be noted that this story features BDSM.

Its Spencer’s first time at the Market Garden for the sole purpose of “getting off” having been convinced by the ‘full of life’ Percy that he needs something to get out of the stale and controlled life he is leading. He is existing but not really living, he is lonely and getting desperate for human sexual contact. Rather, he spends all his days working in a law firm with no spare time for relationships.  Spencer is tired and lost; he just wants someone to make him forget and take him away from it all in both body and mind.

Percy takes Spencer to the Market Garden one night where Nick is working. When Spencer sees Nick he is immediately attracted to him. Spencer has no idea on what to do, how to approach nor what he is really seeking, he just knows he wants Nick.  Nick who is cocky, dominating and extremely intuitive and as Spencer later discovers;  Nick is a Sadist Dom to his Masochist submissive.

One night of thrilling discovery and self-realisations for Spencer is not enough…he wants more, more with Nick and he will pay anything to feel what Nick makes him feel and un-feel.

What neither Spencer nor Nick accounted for was the possibility of a romance getting entwined in the encounters. Nick is the rent boy, Spencer is the john….what happens when one of them refuses to leave it at that?

As usual the writing power of these two Authors is off the charts; however we found this instalment to lack that magic spark which the previous books in this series have had. Could we put our finger on specifics…No not really.  Something was missing , but we hope we find it in the next story where we get to hear Nick’s voice and we cannot wait so bring it on!


Check out The Market Garden Series here:

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Take It Off (Market Garden)

If It Flies (A Market Garden Tale)

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Take It Off (Market Garden #2) by L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov

Take it offGitte: 4.5 scorching stars
Jenny: 4.0 smokin’ stars!

G: So I thought Quid Pro Quo was HOT, well Take it Off was a SCORCHER, right Jenny??!!!

J:  You’re spot on Gitte.  This was indeed an intense scorching read!!!! (notice lots of exclamation marks there!!!!!!!)

G:  We met rent boys Tristan and Jared in Quid Pro Quo where they discovered johns would pay good money to watch them with each other or in other words watch Tristan tease and take on Jared. Don’t know about you Jenny but I’d pay good money for that too, though reading about it comes a pretty close second because of the writing of this brilliant duo. It hits just the right spot….hahaha

J:  Oh hell yeah G!!!! The old credit card would definitely get a work out with with Tristan and Jared.  I’d up the limit for these guys in a blink of an eye!

G: Together Tristan and Jared have the men just where they want them and really it is a bit of a power play for Tristan. We know from book #1 that Jared wants more with Tristan. He wants all of him not just the “job”…he has a HUGE crush on him.

Well this time we get Tristan’s thoughts and yeah he wants Jared too and is becoming increasingly frustrated with his feelings and how to go about getting what he wants as he is not sure Jared feels the same. See, Jared is becoming more confident in himself on a whole, aware of his sexuality and is becoming increasingly playful and cocky.

In Take it Off Mr. Rolex re-appears and the rules of the game change.  We find ourselves back in a hotel room but this time with a lusting and wanting Tristan and a provocative and seductive Jared.

Tristan wants Jared, all of Jared without having to get paid for it and without the voyeuristic eyes of the johns; Jared wants to mercilessly tease Tristan to get his attention and payback from the first encounter they had with Mr. Rolex.

I have to say I loved it; it was a hot and erotic seductive dance between two guys who clearly have the perfect chemistry!!!

J:  Yes, we saw Jared gain more confidence in his feelings and actions towards Tristan and in Take It Off it was Tristan who was a bit on the back foot which was an interesting dynamic change from book one and one I really enjoyed.   Payback is indeed a bitch as Tristan found out…albeit in a very provocative and sensual way.  The chemistry between these two goes into overdrive and yes…..that dance!  That took, what was already a hotness factor, up another notch.

These two authors really do manage to pack so much into so few words and they do it so effortlessly.  The character development is there, the story is always really good and you really feel the moment plus, they give us just enough to leave us longing for more.  Can’t wait for the next book.  More Tristan and Jared….. and Mr Rolex…..just what is his story?  Another fantastic read in this series.


You can check out Quid Pro Quo (Market Garden #1) & Take It Off (Market Garden #2) here

Quid Pro Quo (Market Garden)

Take It Off

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Country Mouse (Country Mouse #1) by Aleksandr Voinov & Amy Lane

country mouseSYNOPSIS

Owen may be a bit of a country mouse, but he’s loving his vacation in London. After a long day playing tourist, he’s on the hunt for some cheap beer and a good burger. Instead he finds a man hunting him, an arrogant prick with only one thing on the brain: the kind of meat that doesn’t come on a bun.

Eighty-hour weeks at a trading desk don’t leave Malcolm Kavanagh much time for meaningful relationships. Besides, in his world, everything’s a competition-even sex. When his newest one-night-sub fails to show, Malcolm sets his sights on the pretty young Yank on the bar stool beside him.

Owen’s all for an adventure with a native, but he’s not the pushover Malcolm thinks he is, and Malcolm’s not as shallow as he tries to be. They both soon learn that nothing’s too intimate to share with a stranger, and the strangest things happen when two people share the most important pieces of their hearts.

Purchase COUNTRY MOUSE BOOK ONE  : Amazon US | Amazon UK
Purchase CITY MOUSE BOOK TWO :: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Reviewed by Jenny and Gitte

4 Stars

 Gitte:  Sigh…where do I start Jenny?! I really did enjoy this story.  It’s co-written by one of my favourite Authors so I was really looking forward to jumping in. I have to say though that despite it not being one of my favourites I really liked it. It was short, it was fun, it wasn’t too intense or emotional and it hit the spot!

Jenny:  I’m siging right there with you.  Where to start?  Of course….I’ve always said that Aleksandr Voinov could rewrite the phone book and I’d read it, so yes this became a must read for me and the synopsis sounded really good.  Whilst, I agree that it’s not my favourite of his, I have to say that I absolutely did enjoy every minute of it. It was such a fun story to escape into for a while.

Gitte:  It amazes me when Authors co-write Jenny because in this case the story is so seamless and fluid and prior to starting I was sure I’d recognise the Authors’ different writing styles, but I didn’t, I read it in one sitting and at no point did I hit a stumbling block or find that there were more than one voice involved. Owen and Malcolm came across solid, intense yet playful and oh so lovable.  This was a class act! What did you think Jenny?

Jenny:  I agree wholeheartedly G.  I read this in one sitting and never once did I skim nor falter in this wonderful story.  I loved both these characters.  I loved seeing Owen bring out the playful, caring side of Malcolm and I loved seeing Owen care for Malcolm and even manage to bring out a side in Malcolm, that even took Malcolm himself by surprise.

“Kindness is not weakness, Malcolm”

 Gitte:  I loved Owen and Malcolm Jenny. They were very night and day on the outside, portrayed somewhat deceptively. I felt like it was a bit of a ruse, with them starting off as one, me having them pegged down in my head…then as I read on, they almost did a 360 as they showed more of their true selves and shed the façade. From the start, unbeknownst to them, I believe they fit perfectly as each evened the other out, brought them out of , the slot they were occupying in life and emotionally; they needed that; they were ready for that.

Jenny:    Seeing them together was like seeing that last piece of the jigsaw being placed…..they fit so perfectly but neither of them were aware that they were missing that final piece, each other,  until the met one another.  I have no idea how authors co-write a book but seeing these two provide the fluidity of writing that, whilst they are both very different in their writing styles, it works so perfectly, so effortlessly that I look forward to more collaborations from these two authors.

Gitte:  Owen – “the country mouse”, did you not think Jenny that the description makes him come across as a bit meek….and also like this is a guy with no depth? I thought this was so misleading. This guy is amazing. So confident and sure of himself, who he is; what he wants. He is funny and enjoys life and isn’t scared to take a chance on this blood- minded guy he meets in a dingy pub.

Jenny:  Yes GG! I was I was expecting Owen to be meek, reserved and well yes, lacking depth but  nothing could be further from the truth.  Owen was a wonderful open, expressive character and so caring and yet so sexual, I loved how he brought Malcolm out of himself.

“Look at me” Owen whispered.  “Look at me until you can’t anymore”   

Gitte: Then we have Malcolm. I felt immediately that here is a guy who once put up a shield to protect his vulnerable self yet over time it has become so weather worn it’s almost welded itself to him making the true Malcolm blocked and stifled underneath this irritating cocky “pretend” dominant.  There were times in the beginning that rays of his true self shone out through the cracks in this shield which Owen obviously caught sensing the fake pretence and illusion. It took me a little while to warm up to Malcolm, Jenny.

Jenny:   Hmmm Malcolm, what a contradiction this man was.  I loved seeing his defences come down and those defences eventually shatter with Owen.  What an absolutely beautiful fit these two were and watching them bring out the absolute best in each other was mesmerising.

Gitte: I really thought the banter between these guys was fab, taking holiday sex and romance to a new level. It was fun, yummy and intense at times. A perfect balance of a quick swoon worthy and hard-hitting read. I loved how as a reader I started off on one path then taking a sharp turn onto another, I love surprises!! And yeah it being set in London made it all kinds of special too.

Jenny:  Loved everything about this book.  The banter was engaging, funny and and felt so real.  The sex was steamy, the intensity of the story and characters was spot on and it kept me entertained and had me devouring this fun story from start to finish.  I have to say the last scene in the book made me well up.   What an absolutely perfect ending to such an enjoyable story.  Captivating!

“Kiss me like a man Malcolm”

Gitte read and reviewed as an ARC for Netgalley

Jenny read and reviewed purchased copy


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