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When eighteen-year-old Carmondy Hamilton moves across the country and starts a new school midway through her senior year, she immediately finds herself drawn to Beck Nicholson. They share a love for basketball, and he is tall, brooding and gorgeous. Soon, he is showing her new moves, both on and off the court, but he lets her know in no uncertain terms that he wants to keep it casual. However, soon their physical relationship heats up, they venture into the world of light domination, and a fragile trust grows between them.

Beck has a dark secret that he’s never shared with anyone, and when Carmondy takes matters into her own hands and discovers the truth, Beck feels betrayed. Can she convince someone who’s never let anyone in that it’s ok to ask for help? And when he realizes that he’s pushed her out of his life completely, can this dominant bad boy learn that when you love someone, sometimes you have to submit?

full court press

Reviewed by Gitte

Gitte: 3.5 Stars

This story is quite hard for me to review. I was waiting to start another book when this one came up in my FB feed and I thought it looked like something I’d enjoy reading while I waited. So with no expectations or background I read it cover to cover and I have to say this was an enjoyable addictive read. However, it didn’t wow me and I felt it left a lot of questions unanswered but I liked it nonetheless! I laughed, I got emotional and I have to say I cringed a few times too. Oh and I fell in love with a bloke called Anderson, sadly he wasn’t the main character but he sure was deliciously lush!

Full Court Press felt different, it was full of angst and messed up characters and the writing was quite unusual. I think it’s definitely a marmite book. You’ll love it or… not so much. I think going into it with no expectations and the fact that it was so different if not slightly odd is why I actually ended up enjoying it. The BDSM element was unusual as the characters are so young, however you have to start somewhere right? And I felt that what there was of this lifestyle was so tame and ‘innocent’ that you couldn’t call it that by definition anyway.

Okay, so we have Carmondy, a sweet confident girl who goes through a bit of a sexual self-discovery as well as a change in school and sport circumstances. I thought Car was funny, endearing and kick arse. However her family setting was so ridiculously weird and unexplained I just didn’t get it. I decided to try and ignore her family circumstances as they were unexplained and very slap dash’ly written. It was a loose end begging to be tied up!

Now Beck, what a complete arse! It took ages for me to like him and his arrogant man-whore ways. However, as more and more is learnt of his family situation and the extreme lack of love and compassion shown to him, I kind of understood and sympathised. The guy does have a heart, it’s just trapped beneath layers of hurt and disappointment accumulated across his childhood.

Aaaah then there was Anderson. I fell in complete love and boooo there wasn’t enough of him. He was such a FAB guy and I wanted more of him!! He shone like a diamond in the rough.

So yeah I enjoyed this story, surprisingly, because I had so many issues with plot holes and seriously…where the heck were all the parents??? These are teenagers! Anyway, if you can ignore questionable family circumstances, a lot of snow, and overlook a somewhat odd writing style then I’d say, add this one to your TBR list. Full Court Press is a ‘page turner’ story of friendship and learning to love. About damaged young adults who enjoy kink and who needs learn how to trust and let people underneath the false and hardened exterior. It’s about acceptance and patience. Enjoy.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“I guess not…”

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