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easy silence


They say you never forget your first love. No matter how many more come along or how much time goes by, there will always be that one person who will be forever embedded deep inside your heart and soul. For me, that was Jaxson Callahan.
We were complete opposites. I was a senator’s daughter. My parents were always too busy keeping up appearances on the political scene to show me love, so instead they bought my affection.

He was the son of a woman who allowed men to use and abuse her as well as him, just for her next fix. 
We became each other’s solace during that summer we met, creating a lifetime of memories in three short months. I provided him with a sense of hope that there was more than just the harsh reality of the life he had grown accustomed to, and he showed me a genuine love that I had been yearning for my entire life. We vowed to be together forever. I loved him and he loved me…. and nothing would keep us apart.

Nothing except the secrets that were hiding in that small seaside town.
Secrets that altered our destiny. We were never given any warning as we watched our future shake, crumble and disappear altogether, leaving us with nothing but memories of a bittersweet past.

Life can be beautiful.

Life can be kind.

And, life can be heartless…..because nothing about our situation was fair.

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Easy Silence Collage

Reviewed by Gitte and Jenny

✯✯✯✯ Emotional stars

If ever there was a story that split our book hearts in two then this is one of those. As we read the love story that was Sam and Jaxson we stumbled and dragged our feet through the first half,  being told to feel – told to experience rather than actually being in the story ourselves.

‘It was mature. It was undying, and it was the kind of love that most people don’t ever even get to experience once in their life. How fortunate was I to have gotten to experience it twice.’

Then suddenly about 40% from the end it was as if the story truly awakened – it began to demand our attention, our emotion and our undeniable riveted attention. We felt, we experienced – we truly and finally became a part of Easy Silence and it hurt. It hurt so much just the way we love it to. The love, the beauty, the pain and the anguish. We felt it all. That is why this review is so incredibly hard to write as until we were two thirds through we struggled a bit with the story, the way it was told and the nature of the heroine. Being spectators that are just okay with what we are being shown to suddenly being invited to participate mind body and soul is two very different types of plays. We are the kind of readers that enjoy the second option and for that the last 40% shone like five brilliant stars as opposed to the blinking on and off three. Now, there is no doubt that Beth Rinyu is a fabulous author who truly writes with emotion; she proved that time and time again. We only wish that heart and beating pulse had been threaded through the entirety of the story so that ours would have beat in tandem in return.

“It just doesn’t seem real to me that someone like me could be lucky enough to have someone like you.”

We won’t go into the story; you’re definitely going to want to read this one for yourselves and if you find it to be a slow start like us all we can say is you do not want to put this story down as it’s like a slow fizzing firework waiting to make you awestruck with its display. What we loved is that this Author wrote the story as it played out for her; her warning of this kept us reading and we loved this very fact because it proved to be worth it in every way that counts.

‘Together we created an easy silence, a silence that most people would find awkwardly eerie, but for us, it was symbolic of our relationship.’

**Reviewed from an ARC copy provided by the author with thanks.**

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easy silence




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a cry for hope


Hope McAdams life as she knew it ended on the same day that her eight year old son’s did.

Eight months later she’s trying to regain some semblance of normality, while trying to repair her once perfect marriage to a man who was her best friend, but now a complete stranger. Coming to the painful realization that she must fix the hole that’s deep within her heart, she goes home to the place that she grew up in hopes that time and distance will heal her wounds and lead her back to the man she loves.

Nick Abate is an old friend of Hope’s whose heart is also on the mend. He’s home on leave from the Marines, and when he and Hope reconnect, their friendship picks up right where they left off, years ago. They both begin to heal and feel whole again with the help of each other. But when their friendship crosses the line, will Hope be able to forgive herself and move on, or will the guilt that she is harboring once again cause her to slip back into the place that she has just escaped?

What happens when two tortured souls place their trust in each other? Will they find their way back to the ones they love or will their hearts remain connected forever?

hope collage

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

 G&J 4.5 Stars

‘This is the story about my family. My beautiful son, my once perfect husband, and finding the courage to live and feel whole again.’

Gitte: Okay, before I start I have to say that this has to be one of the most depressing books I’ve read in a long time. It was so damn sad and disturbing I think I continuously burst out crying throughout the whole story. I felt almost involved and devastated as the tragedies just kept on coming and at times they made me uncomfortable reading as I felt undeniably connected. I went through a spectrum of emotions from sadness to hopeful; elation to anger.

“If I can’t even fix myself, how the hell can I even begin to think about fixing us?” – Jamie

Now, the writing was pure class; the moving from past to present flowed perfectly. It was flawless and seemed almost effortless to the point where I felt as if I was watching it play out. My one and only gripe with this story was how predictable it was. I called the twists and the ending a third way through and because of that there was no real surprises for me. It was just a little bit too obvious how it was going to play out sadly.

Nevertheless, this was an astonishingly beautiful depiction of true love, strong friendship, soul-mates, sorrow and learning how to overcome tragedy. A Cry for Hope was an emotionally exhausting journey and I felt every single heavy and burdened step our characters Hope, Jamie & Nick had to take and every bit of the turmoil they went through.

“I can’t start a new life until I can get rid of the painful memories in my old one.” – Nick

It was so very upsetting at times watching what these characters went through to heal themselves and each other. This is one of those stories that deserves for the reader to go into it blind isn’t it Jenny!?

Jenny:  Absolutely Gitte! Even though, as you said, the story was a little predictable, it is imperative for readers to enter into A Cry for Hope without spoilers, and without any preconceived ideas about the story.  It was so beautifully sad and moving and my heart ached.

I read this whole book with a heavy heart and cried so many times throughout but my heart was also filled with so much hope for these characters. I loved them and wanted them to heal and find that second chance after such a tragic start to the story.

“I’m so sorry for hurting you, Hope. I just want the pain in my heart to go away.” – Jamie
“Me too, but I don’t think it will ever go away, Jamie. It may subside over time, but it will never completely go away.” – Hope

As you said, the past/present switch was executed to perfection leaving me sobbing as I witnessed the destruction of a love that once seemed unbreakable. It crushed me. Experiencing their love from its passionate and loving highs, to its guilt ridden and painful lows really took me on an emotional ride that I’m still thinking about now. These characters own my heart.

Gitte: In my opinion; because the writing was so beautiful and the connection to the characters so easily established early on, you can’t help but feel the intensity of the grief and struggles experienced in the aftermath of Hope and Jamie losing their son Charlie. The grieving process is harrowing; the finger of blame inevitable. I literally cannot imagine anything worse than having to bury your own child. The strength of the love that remains after their marriage hangs in tatters is palpable. As is the strength of friendship and love between Hope and Nick. It touched my heart and broke me to the point of copious tears shed.

“Mommy’s really scared, Charlie, so I’m going to hold your hand, if that’s okay…”

So many hearts connected; such intensity of love felt and such strength of characters and convictions. I felt every word of this second chance emotional romance; you did too didn’t you Jenny?

Jenny: The writing certainly was flawless with the author capturing so fluidly the pain and torment and utter bone crushing grief one would feel in Jamie and Hope’s situation. Each punishing the other for something that was beyond their control, yet at a loss on how to repair and deal with the loss in their hearts.   Jamie and Hope loved each other deeply yet how do you cope when that love and commitment is tested, when the man who is the other half of your heart feels so distant?

“I miss my husband. The man that I could tell anything to. The one that I used to laugh and cry with. The one who would hold me in his arms whenever I was feeling down.”

I felt every moment of their pain and I cherished every second of hope they felt.  I came undone at times as the love they shared became overshadowed by the pain and guilt over the loss of their beloved son could was mirrored in each other’s eyes.  How hard to love someone to your core yet have the person evoke painful memories by their mere existence.

‘I’m not a mom anymore and it just hurts…….’

I felt every moment of this story Gitte, and we shared a few sobbing phone calls throughout and our hearts hurt that’s for sure. This story was a wonderfully told story of second chance love and loss, the importance of friendship and my heart broke and it soared through a story which moved me completely.

J&G:  This story was breathtakingly beautiful and earth shattering moving. As it’s told from present to flashbacks we felt as if we were sharing this soul searching journey with Jamie, Hope and Nick.

We experienced Hope and Jamie’s relationship from the heart-warming and tentative new beginning of new love to an intense and solid love between two soul mates right to the moment  Jamie and Hope’s world is shattered and beyond.

“You need to stop feeling as if you need to be punished for something that was out of your control.”

Each character is lost in their grief and each handling their feelings differently with Jamie and Hope questioning each other’s  actions and as Hope reaches out to her old friend Nick, you wonder if she will find solace in the arms of another, or if her love for Jamie will lead her back to the man who has shared her life, her hopes, her dreams, her happiness and her sorrow.

‘Charlie was the centre of my world. He was the greatest gift that I had ever received…..’

Beth Rinyu handled this story with sensitivity, warmth and beauty.  The characters were relatable with each playing such a crucial role in Hope’s healing and we loved every sad yet hopeful step Hope took.

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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A Cry For Hope

A Cry For Hope 

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