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Find out what happens when you give six authors the SAME blurb and they write their OWN story.


You know those people that have a house full of motivational slogans? Embrace Every Moment, stamped on their coffee mugs. Always Kiss Me Goodnight painted above their perfectly made beds.

I’m not one of those people.

This morning I overslept, then slipped on a stray sock and banged my toe into the nightstand. The elevator in my building broke and I had to run down six flights of stairs. And then my local coffee shop was closed. For health code violations.

What’s that? Not the end of the world? You want me to suck it up?

Did I mention I’m wearing a wedding dress… on the subway?

It’s a Good Day for a Hot Mess.

Someone embroider that on a pillow.

LOVE IN TRANSIT is available to purchase below


Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny

Love In Transit is a fabulous unique idea which grabbed our attention the moment we saw how six Authors each wrote a novella with the same synopsis, the cover is gorgeous too! We managed to inhale a few of the stories which were deliciously different and well written. Without question we highly recommend picking this book up if you’re a romantic at heart and you’re looking for short sharp romantic, emotional and sexy hits that without question will each satisfy a lunch hour read or commute.  So, jump on board- wedding dress optional!

Times Square

‘Is there anything sexier than a man absorbed in a book? Not to this self-confessed book nerd there isn’t.’

Well, Jana Aston just satisfied our book loving hearts. Firstly, we have to admit it was our first time with Jana but what a fabulous first time it was. We laughed and swooned in equal measure. It was quick witted, very book-ish (if you read it you’ll know what we mean) and sexy. Loved it!

Wall Street Station

‘To save an angel, I prepare to make a deal with the devil.’

Liv Morris gave us her own version of a sweet fairy-tale mixed with poignant moments of ‘Pretty Woman’. So much packed into this one, which was a more emotional read; we swooooooned and fell in love!

The Hammersmith & City Line

“What’s so funny?”

“You’re wearing a really shit wedding dress on The Tube.”

Kitty French gave us….well Kitty French; and as we love her we inhaled her dirty and quirky reality TV romp with laugh out loud moments! LOVED this one.

Capitol South

‘My heart requires more time to heal before I try to open it up to another person.’

Raine Miller brought us pomp and grace with a real personal romantic touch. A swoony romance ultimately borne out of an upper class family commitment. Loved it.


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all i want


 Stranded in Chicago just two days before the holidays, Porter Daniels and Harlow Wilson have to clear the air. Can they finally stop circling each other and get what they really want for Christmas? 




Jointly Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

✯✯✯✯✯ feelgood stars!

“I’d risk anything and everything for her.”

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and what a perfect way to start off our festive season reading than with Stranded by BJ Harvey which is part of the All I Want Anthology!

Stranded was everything we could wish for in a Christmas Novella.  It was a delicious mix of sweet, flirty, fun, very sexy and Christmassy!  Just perfect! Harlow and Porter certainly use their time wisely (and passionately) while they’re stranded in Chicago just before Christmas and we enjoyed every minute spent with them.

We’ll put it out there and say we certainly wouldn’t be complaining if we were stuck with the absolutely drop dead gorgeous pilot Porter Daniels for a few days! Whoa! He certainly had us swooning through Stranded that’s for sure!

“I’m not strong enough to stay away. I need you more than my next breath, and I plan to keep breathing for a long, long time.”

Harlow and Porter both have feelings for each other but they have admired one another from afar. Being thrust together during a snow storm in Chicago, giving them the opportunity to test their feelings and the way BJ Harvey told their story was absolutely wonderful. We believed in the characters and we felt their connection immediately.

There’s nothing like a friends to lovers story, add in a Christmas feel, a wonderful story, loads of passion, two characters who are down to earth, no unnecessary drama, and we had a winner with Stranded. In fact we were sad to say goodbye to this couple and could have happily spent more time with them, we loved them THAT much!

“Kiss me, Porter.”

Stranded gave us that warm, Christmas glow, it left us happy, fulfilled and feeling as though we’d just opened and enjoyed the perfect Christmas present!

Don’t hesitate in grabbing this one, yule be glad you did!

**Reviewed from an ARC copy provided by the author with thanks**




Purchase the ALL I WANT ANTHOLOGY here
(Also see our Review for Snowflakes & Fire Escapes from this Anthology)

all i want cover



snowflake border


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She watched her best friend find her superhero. 
Now she wants her turn.

Despite a run of bad dates with Mr. Wrong, Mr. Boring, Mr. Bad Breath, Mr. Grabby Hands, and even Mr. Say I Love You After One Date To Get Into Your Pants, Kate McGuinness is more determined than ever to find the one.

Having tried everything else, she turns to the internet in a last ditch attempt to find her elusive prince. 

But Kate doesn’t want an everyday, run of the mill love. 

She wants the kind of love that makes your heart skip a beat. The kind of love that makes you dance in the rain and bottle up the sunset. The once in a lifetime kind of love that authors write about, musicians sing about, and lovers dream about.

Could a certain police officer in training, who has come to her rescue in the past, be the one to swoop in and save her heart? 

What if the love Kate desperately seeks has been in front of her the whole time?
She just needs to open her eyes to see it…

*Disclaimer: This book contains a hot as hell stripper with a penchant for public sex and exhibitionism who may or may not succeed in bringing out the inner firecracker in all of us. Oh, and don’t forget the batteries.*

true bliss pic

Reviewed by Jenny 

4.5 G.O.G. Stars!!

I loved this book and can’t wait for more in this series! We met all these characters in Temporary Bliss (Bliss #1) and spending time with them again was a real treat!

True Bliss begins with Kate talking about her desire to meet Mr Right instead of Mr Right Now and I have to say that reading this book was like being on a brunch dates with my single mates and listening to them bemoan the lack of men out there looking to settle down, of hearing their plight of looking for, but not finding that special love. Not just any kind of love though….Kate, like my mates wants to experience THAT love.  You know the one?

“I want the kind of crazy love we’ve been warned about. The kind of love that makes your heart skip a beat. The kind of love that makes you want to dance in the rain and bottle up the sunset while screaming at the top of your lungs. The kind of love that authors write about, musicians sing about and lover’s dream about.” – Kate

Yeah, that kind! Kate’s situation came across so real and so familiar that you feel as if Kate  could be one of your girlfriends and you’re there with her as she tackles the single dating scene looking for love.

‘I want to be loved. Is that so wrong?’ – Kate

Kate is searching for Mr Right and Zander is searching for Miss Right. Can their paths finally collide and allow them to see what everyone else sees, how they are so right for each other? Can the person you’re destined to be with be the one that’s right in front of your face?

We first met Kate and Zan in Temporary Bliss and whilst I adored them then, I completely and utterly fell in love with them in True Bliss. These two characters will melt your heart, set it a flutter and although you’ll be completely satisfied, you’ll still want more!

Kate is the best friend of the crazy gorgeous Mac and Zander was once of of Mac’s three booty calls. Hmmmm…awkward!  Zander assumes Kate would have an issue with his past dalliances with Mac…you know, the whole someone’s seconds dilemma, and should they ‘get it on’ he’s worried that Kate may hold regrets.

Kate has a “three date rule” whereby she won’t sleep with someone until the third date. Tricky, because if ever two people needed to release that pent up sexual energy it’s these two. Pass the ice bucket!! But both aren’t looking for a quick hook up though and Zan wants to prove he can be the man Kate needs and goes all out to make her see it. Let me tell you folks, when this man delectable man wooed…..dear god….did he have me SWOONING.  Zander in woo mode is something to behold. Sigh…..

“It’s killing me to say no to you Kate. I just don’t want to be another thing you regret in the morning. You’re more than a quick lay, you’re a lifetime of making love.” – Zander

See what I mean….serious swoony Zan in action!!  Zander, our gorgeous stripper come police rookie in training, is a natural protector and has been since he was forced to become the man of the house at only thirteen, taking care of his Mum and three sisters following the passing of his father.  Kate wants to feel loved and protected and the attraction and find the love of her life and the chemistry between these two sizzles.  I was desperately willing these two to be together. They were so perfect for one another and complimented each other so beautifully.

True Bliss was such an easy, romantic and wonderful read and I was completely lost in this story in every way. It never felt weighted down with over descriptive prose or relied on drama for the sake of drama. The story flowed well and I relished every single minute spent with characters who were such a joy and who feel like old friends.

My only issue were a couple of instances where the story would jump in time and then be told via flashback.  At these times I would have preferred to have stayed in the moment with Zander and Kate because I was enjoying the development of the relationship so much I wanted to experience every single second in real time. But, the flashbacks were so well written that I was able to just go with the flow and enjoy the fun.

My heart broke for Zander and Kate when miscommunication, non disclosure and circumstances cause the path to true love to experience some hiccups.  But Zander wasn’t giving up and when Zander fights for his woman, trust me,  you will be doing some major dreamy sighing let me tell you.  I was a gonner. He is up there as one of my favourite book boyfriends and I just loved him!

‘I love you enough to fight for you until you tell me there is no hope, then I’ll fight harder. You are the only woman I want to be with, to laugh with, to live with, to make love to.’ – Zander

The situation and characters created by BJ Harvey felt so real and relatable the story was told in a beautifully witty and endearing way,  allowing True Bliss is the perfect escape.  I dare you to read this book without a smile constantly plastered on your face….when you’re not fanning yourself or madly swooning that is!

‘One look like that, and I’ll give her the world and ask if her she needs anything else.’ Zander

This author has a knack for bringing real life situations to life in her stories, turning them on their head and in the process creating a fun, passionate, swoony and very entertaining read! I know I’ll be 1clicking the rest of the Bliss Series without hesitation.

“I thought I was the luckiest freaking woman in the world because I was loved by you. You’d chosen me.” – Kate

True Bliss had the perfect blend of drama, heat, romance, passion, romance and a huge helping of fun.  The banter between all the characters will result in you falling in love with them all. This was a lose yourself and enjoy every minute kind of read and was one I couldn’t put down until the end. I read it with a grin on my face and warmth in my heart. Pretty bloody satisfying I’d say!

‘Kate has me, all of me. I feel claimed. I’m totally caught. Hook, line and sinker’ – Zander

I know the feeling Zan buddy, because you, Kate and the whole True Bliss gang certainly had me hook, line and sinker too!  Loved True Bliss and highly recommend it.

*ARC received for an honest review*


Bliss Series


 TRUE BLISS – Book Two


 PERMANENT BLISS – Book #3.5 – Novella

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temp bliss 

Makenna Lewis cringes at any mention of the word commitment. She doesn’t want or need a relationship, but she does like sex (who doesn’t).

That explains Noah, Sean, and Zander, her three ‘friends with benefits’.

They know the score, they know they’re not the only one, and each of them provide her with a different physical need that she craves and enjoys.

Until a late night encounter with the delicious Daniel Winters turns her preconceived notion of no-commitment completely on its head.

Soon she finds herself feeling things she vowed never to feel again, and when Daniel pushes for more than she’s willing to give, she falters.

What do you do when something that you’ve known to be so wrong in the past feels so damn right?

If you’re Mac, you run and hide.

But is Daniel the type of man who takes no for an answer?

Temp bliss collage

Reviewed by Jenny

Mackenna Lewis has commitment issues, and she has every right to have them too.  Having been burned by an emotionally and physically abusive relationship, Mac makes the decision to never again allow a man to dictate to her, nor make her feel less than herself.

Walking away from this life, I make a vow to myself; never again will my life be dictated by a man, and never again will I let love lead me astray.’ Mac

Feeling as if she has become the shell of her former self, Mac heads back home and back to the person who knows her best and who knows exactly how to help her over her traumatic experience. And that’s her best friend Kate. And what a pair Mac and Kate are.  Seriously, I loved these girls. They were like a tonic to one another – never judging, always supportive and both so much fun.

 ‘I need to reclaim myself, my identity, my freaking backbone that I used to be known for.’ – Mac

I felt like I wanted to grab a bottle of Tequila, a slice of lime a bit of salt, throw on my PJ’s, curl up on the couch, watch a couple of rom-coms, enjoy some witty banter and basically laugh my tits off with these two best mates.  They felt so real that at times,  it was more akin to eavesdropping on a real conversation as opposed to merely reading about it.

‘That is the beauty of having a best friend. They’ll walk over hot coals with you; they’ll tell you when you’re being dumb, and they bail you out of trouble, unless they’re sitting right beside you in the cell. ‘ – Mac

In the four years since returning home, Mac has met and begun a “friends with benefits‘ relationship with three gorgeous guys, Zander, Sean and Noah and Mac frequently meets up for quick romps and hot sweaty sex with each of these divine men whenever the mood strikes her or them….one on one that is, not all together….although…….hmmmm maybe that’s for another book 😉

All I can say is Mac is one lucky, lucky girl! Each man is the thing fantasies are made of and each provides a different outlet for Mac on a physical and emotional level without the fear of commitment hanging over hers or the guys heads. The situation suits Mac perfectly and everything is peachy until…..the day she claps eyes on Daniel Winters!!

‘Holy shit! I could be in a dark room, blindfolded and bound, and climax from his voice along.’ – Mac

Good grief this man was gawjuss!  Not only is he easy on the eye but Daniel is successful, gentle, warm, funny, sexy as sin, with a hint of that alpha possessiveness that drives women wild.  In fact, he’s pretty much everything a woman would want in a man. But Mac has another three men in her life – is there room for a fourth? And just maybe…….could Daniel supersede all the others?

‘Shit! I need to tell him about the other penises in my life.’Mac

The attraction is instant and so ensues a cat and mouse game of Daniel trying to convince the non-committal Mac that they are perfect together and that a relationship is possible, but Mac needs a lot of convincing.  An awful lot of convincing because darn it, that’s not going to cut the mustard with our commitment phobe heroine. What’s a girl to do?

Mac knows Daniel is sincere and isn’t a douche like her ex but Mac is gun shy and it will take a lot for Daniel aka Superman aka Delicious Dan – to convince her otherwise. As deep as Daniel’s feelings are for Mac, he isn’t going to force her hand. Daniel realises this is something Mac needs to work out in her own time, but is Daniel willing to wait around for her?

“Tell me you feel this, gorgeous? Tell me I’m not dreaming this…”  –Daniel
“I’m feeling it, and it’s scaring the shit out of me…”

I loved the support system Mac had in her family and in Kate. These girls really do share an amazing bond and their antics and interactions were priceless and added so much to this story.  I loved their banter and they frequently had me giggling.

I loved Mac as a heroine though I will admit there were times I truly did want to shake her.  She exasperated me with her ping pong decisions and actions and I really did feel sorry for Daniel during these times.  Don’t get me wrong, I understood why she made the reacted the way she did but that didn’t stop me becoming frustrated with her.

“God, I want to hate you for doing this to us, but I can’t,” he whispers, kissing my forehead one last time before stepping back. “I could never hate you, Mac. That’s why this fucking hurts so much.” – Daniel

I really did enjoy Temporary Bliss. It was like a comfort read for me. You know the ones where you can feel your face forming that constant dopey grin.  It had me feeling happiness, sadness and heartbreak and I was captivated! There were times my heart broke for both Daniel and Mac but I have to say, mostly Daniel.  I felt Mac’s pain, I felt it when her spirit broke, but I felt Daniel’s conflict and pain immensely even though this is told through Mac’s voice.

“As hard as this is for me to say, don’t come back to me until you figure out what you want and who you want it with because I’m getting sick of watching you walk away.” – Daniel

Mac was such witty and engaging narrator. Her inner musings were at times funny, at times sad, at times frustrating, a tad naughty, but above all, Mac felt so real. She was friendly, warm and relatable. How refreshing it was to have a heroine who was so open about her sexuality and didn’t shy away from the fact that she loved sex without commitment. Mac was like a breath of fresh air.

I absolutely adored the secondary characters and hope we get to hear more from them as I felt had something more to give.  I loved spending time with each and every one of them.  Loved, loved, loved the epilogue!   I did feel as though I wanted to experience more of Daniel and Macs relationship as it did feel a tad rushed at the end. There was much I still wanted to explore – to witness it all first hand, but this could be attributed to the authors’ ability to connect me to the characters because I know I wasn’t ready to say goodbye! I really hope we get more – I know I’ll be 1clicking if we do!! Temporary Bliss had passion, humour, heat and emotion…not to mention a smorgasbord of hotties .  A great read for a lazy Sunday and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jenny: 4 Stars

ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest review


Bliss Series


 TRUE BLISS – Book Two


 PERMANENT BLISS – Book #3.5 – Novella

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