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Killing Time (One Eyed Jacks #1) by Cindy Gerard

killing timeJenny 4 Stars

I have to be honest, this is my first introduction to Mike “Primetime” Brown from the Black Ops series, and wow! I’ll definitely be putting the Black Ops books on my reading list to check out in the  near future.

Mike Brown is definitely the guy you want onside in any situation that requires an alpha, smart, sexy, kick ass guy to come to the rescue.  Yes, this guy certainly captured my attention.

Mike is living a solitary life after copping the blame for a failed mission in Afghanistan, Operation Slam Dunk, ended in the loss of lives and was forced to take a deal that went against everything he believed in.  He thought he was doing right thing, but it cost him everything.

It’s eight years later and we find him in South America, drunk, as he has every year on the Anniversary of OSD going through the motions until Eva Salinas walks into his life.

Eva’s husband was on Mike’s team when the mission went terribly wrong, she lost her husband and she wants answers and she expects Mike to give them to her.  She knows there was foul play afoot and wants to get to the bottom of it.

Eva is one sexy, sensual woman and soon ensnares our Mike in his drunken, lustful haze.  After hearing Mikes heartfelt story about that night, she soon realises that maybe Mike wasn’t responsible for the deaths of those men, and although she doesn’t trust him implicitly, there is something about the man that gives her enough cause to align with him to find out just what happened that night eight years ago.

I haven’t read a lot of suspense romance, but I can tell you I will be checking more out, because this one certainly did hold my attention and I felt like I was in the thick of the action. This was high on suspense, the chemistry between Mike and Eva, though not as explosive as some books I’ve read, was certainly felt and these two made a hot couple!  Eva is more than a match for Mike!

They had more than a lust, these two had a bond that you felt early on and it was wonderful to see it develop from there.

“Well, how’s this for not playing games? You scare me to death, Eva.  You…make me feel things….and want things…and realise that I need things I’ve never let myself need before”

The supporting characters were all kick ass and I loved the camaraderie between them all.   The story was fast and suspenseful and I loved the style of writing.  A few times there I had to come up for air.

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Killing Time (One-Eyed Jacks)

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