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Edible, delicious, delectable.
Rachel Langley is more than familiar with those three words in her line of work. After all, she spends her afternoons and evenings creating desserts so divine that your mouth will water and your taste buds will tingle.
They aren’t, however, the words she would have ever expected to think of when she locks eyes with a certain lawyer she knows only as Cole.
With each encounter, the infuriatingly persistent man becomes more impossible to resist, and edible is the exact word that comes to mind.
Crave, demand, covet.
Cole Madison knows exactly what he wants, and Rachel Langley is it. From the moment he spotted her at Whipped, he knew he wanted to grab hold and take a bite.
However, the woman has enigmatic moves, avoiding him at every turn.
But not for much longer.
Rachel’s time is up, and as far as Cole is concerned, he’s waited too long for a taste of what he desires. Nothing, including the woman herself, will stop him from consuming what he hungers for.
The only question left is: Who will take the first bite?


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Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

4.5 yummy Cole Stars!

Gitte: Without doubt my favourite of the series so far. I had a feeling I was going to LOVE this one and I truly did. For so many reasons like, Cole, Caramel Sweets, Cole, Caramel Cole oh and Cole (never have I ever wanted to be a wrapped piece of caramel sweetie as much as I did reading Edible!). But it’s not all about Cole, I’ve always been intrigued by Rachel and there was so much more to her than I ever suspected, loved her even more in Edible.

The chemistry between Rachel and Cole is beyond sizzling. It’s burning hot and the fact that their meeting in Entice is still a strong memory for me upon starting Edible just shows the strength of these characters and their explosive connection. I give my utmost praise to Ella Frank for her brilliance and her excellent writing when creating these characters.  I devoured this book, spending most of the time sat in my freezer with my burning hot kindle in hand.

“Beneath his tamed and polished exterior, Cole was a fucking animal, and she wanted to be devoured by him.”

Seriously, what I absolutely loved about Cole is how composed, calm and controlling he is by day in his suit. He doesn’t even have to raise his voice, all you need is his eyes on you, his eloquent but demanding words and you’d follow him anywhere. Then, get him in the bedroom and this man has one passionate filthy mouth on him…

“You know, for a man so immaculately dressed, your mouth is filthy, and your manners are terrible.”

“I don’t really think it’s my manners that you’re interested in.”

Days later I’m still fantasising about a sexy composed lawyer in a suit (that hides a body made for sin) with that compelling, confident and hypnotising look in his eyes….Yeah I’m fantasising about Cole! Seriously…wow….just wow!!  Now, Cole wears a suit WELL…but…he also the way he sheds that suit….even BETTER….I replayed it in slow-motion many times in my head…Hmm should I be admitting to this openly Jenny?!

“Cole was a man who exuded confidence. He projected strength and determination in every aspect of his life, and it only made sense that he would carry it over to the bedroom. This wasn’t a man who was playing at anything; this was a man who lived the only way he knew how.”

Jenny:  Ummmm Damn straight! Admit it! Say it loud and proud girlfriend! I’m right there with you in regards to “Sex on Legs Cole”  In and out of a suit! He’s hiding a lot under that suit that’s for sure……Hmmm where was I? Oh…

I absolutely adored Exquisite, but have to say that Edible is hands down for me, my favourite out of the series! I was a gonner immediately and once Cole came on the scene…well, snared is an understatement.

I had high hopes for this book after falling for Cole in the previous little snippets we had of him and Rachel has always intrigued me. Together I expected their story to sizzle, but I have to say their story actually exceeded my expectations.

“Oh no, please. I’m not married. You can call me Rachel.”  Oh I plan to call it – when I’m deep inside you while you’re screaming my name

It wasn’t just the sexual chemistry between Cole and Rachel in this book, we learned so much about these two…their secrets, their sorrow, their pain and there really was so much depth to both these characters. Sure they sizzled…holy hell did they sizzle! But they both had me in tears at various times through the book.  Theirs was an emotional tale and what a perfectly told one it was.  Yep! I loved everything about this book!

Do not even get me started on Cole. I. Have. No. Words.  Of all that is holy, that man is one of THE sexiest male characters I have read.

“Hmmm, that’s much better. Whenever you are waiting for me, always wait as though I’m above you and about to slide inside you. Always be ready for me.”

GULP! This man is still consuming my thoughts too Gitte and what he did for a suit…..well, Armani should bag it and tag it because wow!

If she thought he had been dangerous with clothes, removing them had just made him lethal.

All I can say is lucky the law firm where I work doesn’t have guys like Cole because us ladies would get no work done!  Cole really was like night and day. One persona out of the bedroom and good grief….a whole different persona in it and I LOVED them both!

Gitte: I loved Rachel for being who she really is without changing herself for others. Prior to reading Edible I thought she was the fun, sassy, and quirky sister of Mason and I really loved her self-assurance. In Edible we see a more serious side as we learn secrets of her silent suffering. During all what she’s gone through she never lost herself or who she is instead she safe guards herself with rules control as she tries to ‘survive’ and move past what has marred her life. I thought this girl showed great strength and her values and views on life were admirable. When Rachel wants something she doesn’t hesitate, she will question, maybe even drag her feet but ultimately she will go for it when she knows it’s right. Such a lonely, sweet, funny and compassionate girl with a huge heart.

“Rachel knew she was outside the box. She was okay with that; she had people in her life that loved her because of that. Mason, Josh, Wendy, and now Lena and Shelly all loved her just the way she was, but when she was alone in bed late at night, she found that it wasn’t enough anymore.”

A girl who’s got a penchant for bright colours, leather trousers and a man named Cole who doesn’t take no for an answer and who may be a bit of a stalker.

As for taking what you want. Yeah…the LUSH Cole knows exactly what he wants, he knew the minute he saw Rachel in Whipped. He wants her and the taste is long overdue. So when he meets her unexpectedly in the street…bring out the ultimate fighting weapon. The wrapped caramel sweet! Who would have thought a man eating a sweet would ever be so damn sexy? Cole is arrogant, he’s demanding and craves power and control but ultimately he wants Rachel for her, not to change or to have and then be done with. He actually wants her for her and realises that she needs encouragement and time to get over something bad.

“….In that case, I repeat, I won’t touch you again…until you ask me to.”

“And what if that’s never? She countered.”

“It won’t be,” he answered with far too much confidence.”

He’s intrigued…he’s infuriatingly cocky but his intentions and what he strives to get is all good. This man exudes perfection.

“This crazy, spirited, bright haired woman needed to be his permanently.”

Their journey is addictive, passionate, beautiful and extremely sensual and sexy. Ella Frank is the master of anticipation by building the reader up dangling that proverbial carrot, in this case sweet and spicy caramel in front of us as we inhale every word in this story.

“Rachel was finding it harder and harder to breathe. The man is too fucking much – cocky, arrogant, sexy, and bad…”….”When I look at him, I swear I can feel the power radiating from him. It isn’t that he is trying to project it; it’s just such an innate part of who he is..”

Yeah….I’m with Rachel on this one!!!

There were moments in this story where Cole’s past and his ‘life’ had my heart melted into a puddle on the floor. His interaction, the significance of the caramel sweets. The vulnerability in one aspect of his life. Heart breaking!

So many emotional and tender moments too as realisation and the intensity of feelings overwhelmed Rachel and Cole.

“I had no idea it would be you.”

I have to add that I loved getting more of Mason, Lena, Josh and Shelly. We got more of the whole gang together and separately and I enjoyed every minute of it.  They really are fab characters and hearing what they were up to and how they were getting along was brilliant.

Now, surprise surprise…..I may have screamed in excited anticipation when I read the teaser for the next book in this series. Ella Frankyou made Gitte a very, VERY happy reader because your next book….well I don’t want to spoil it but I CANNOT wait!!

Jenny:  One of the things I love about the Exquisite Series, is how Ella Frank has woven the family bonds as the invisible string that holds all these characters together. The family they have, the family they had, and the family they have created with each other. It binds these stories, the characters and it’s something I absolutely adore about The Exquisite series. Siblings Mason and Rachel have a truly unique and wonderful relationship and never is that more apparent than in Edible.

Now for Rachel and Cole.  Well, as I said, I was already head over heels for these two. The heat between them was off the charts and you really do need a freezer to sit in while reading this one!

They have an intensity between them. A lust, a passion that just emanates off the pages. Everything between these two is experienced by the reader.

“Would you like a taste, Rachel?”

There was a naughtiness about Rachel, a cheekiness that I always loved. I was dying to get underneath Rachel’s façade as I knew there was more to her that met the eye.  I didn’t, for one minute, expect what was delivered in Edible. Her story broke my heart and endeared me to her even more. This woman has known pain, hurt and insecurity and hearing the depths of what Rachel had experienced in her life really was a revelation. It was heartbreaking.

The tender moments with Cole, his life, his secrets…well, they just completely stole my heart. I certainly had tears streaming down my face reading these moments. They will melt you completely.

“He looked pained, like someone had ripped out a part of him and told him he couldn’t have it back. “

Edible had it all. It was so much more than a hot read. It was sensual, moving, passionate, steamy, full of emotion with wonderful characters and an truly addictive and at times, sad  storyline. This was an absolute winner!

“How is it that you make me want so many things I had sworn I
 could do without?”Cole

I will NEVER be able to chew a caramel ever again without getting hot and bothered and caramel sauce?? Well, I won’t be ordering THAT in public for fear of making a spectacle of myself.

Oh and as for the next book in this series??? OMG! Gitte and I screamed when we read that what it was to be. Talk about a treat and a half! To say we’re happy is an understatement! WE CANNOT WAIT!!!!!




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Blind Obsession


Obsession, defined as the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image or desire….

Chantel Rosenberg’s passion for music and life had never shone brighter than the time she spent in Bordeaux France. It’s a time when feelings arose and desires ran deep, a time that fundamentally changed her life.

A man living in seclusion, Phillipe Tibideau is haunted and plagued by memories he cannot disregard. Choosing to live a quiet life in his Chateau surrounded by the vineyards of France, he’s left his passion for art behind.

However, the time has arrived to tell his side of a tale. A tale that has depicted him as a ‘beautiful monster’ and he’s finally allowing someone close.

Close enough to ask questions. Questions he’s not sure he wants to answer. Questions about her.

For up and coming journalist Gemma Harris, the pursuit of truth is what drives her and when a job of a lifetime presents itself there is nothing in the world that will stop her from taking it. Even if it does mean leaving her home for several months to stay at Chateau Tibideau, with him.

This is a story of what happens when three passionate lovers collide and the desire for truth, art and music merge.

Chateau Tibideau is a place full of unanswered questions, dark sinful desire and a beauty so hauntingly sad it will have you wondering how you will ever leave the same…. 


Blind Obsession pic 

Review by Jenny & Gitte

4.5 beautiful stars

Jenny:  Well Gitte, wasn’t this a beautifully decadent and intoxicating read?  I really didn’t know what to expect from this book but what I got was a million miles away from anything I had imagined.

This book brought it to the table didn’t it! Passion, mystery, intrigue, beauty and this erotic tale really was something magical. There was something so very special in the way it was all interactively brought to life through the senses and really was more an experience than simply a read.  This book took you deep in the moment don’t you think?

Gitte: I have no words really Jenny. Whilst reading it I was intrigued, addicted and swept away by the beauty of it, it was definitely not simply a story; it was a piece of provocative erotic passionate and emotional art.  I wanted answers and understanding and as soon as I had finished reading a million thoughts went through my head. I was wowed and am very conscious that this story can be easily ruined for readers who should experience it ‘blind’ as we did.

Jenny:  I had to keep reminding myself that this story was set in present time. It really did have that  bygone era feel about it and you were swept away by the beauty and magnificence of this story weren’t you?  I can’t put my finger on what it was….the music, the speech, the setting…it felt lush and somewhat historical in feel.

There are three players in this story. The inquisitive, passionate Gemma Harris.  Who is drawn to Phillipe in such an intense way.

“I want him with such an unexpected ferocity that I barely stop myself from begging him to rip off my clothes and fuck me right where we stand”

Gemma is a Journalist entering Phillipe’s reclusive world when given the task of interviewing this seductive, capricious and temperamental artiste to ascertain the truth behind the disparaging rumours that have been written about him in the press.  This is a man plagued by memories which constantly haunt him and have left a mark on his heart.

“He seemed so lost, yet at times, he was also so present and so angry”

And the mysteriously enchanting, delicate, passionate and ethereal like Chantel, sharing a love that was so all consuming, an aching love which she feels to her core.

“Let me touch you in the way you just touched me

Gitte: Yes absolutely Jenny, I did feel that the story came across as more historical than current. I think it was the prose, the setting, perhaps even because the story seemed stripped bare of any outside influences as we never left our main characters and of course there was the elusive Chantal.

 “Would you say they were right? Were you obsessed with Chantal Rosenberg?” – Gemma

Gemma, a journalist has been requested to set the story straight of whatever happened to Chantal Rosenberg who had an intense, obsessive relationship with Phillipe Tibideau, in fact she was intoxicated by him. Or perhaps as the press painted it – his obsession which led to his world famous paintings and the brain washing of his muse Chantal.

“…After all, one of the most horrid stories he read about himself described him as a man who had picked the wings from a butterfly….”

We know something awful has happened and that Phillipe is a broken tormented man who is living as a recluse surviving through living in the past with the ghost of his love that has taken and damaged his heart beyond repair. He is such a complex man, so withdrawn, morose, arrogant and angry, so many emotions that seem to change within the blink of an eye only to turn seductive, passionate with such a seductive prowess.

“When I fuck you, Gemma, I want your eyes open, looking right at me. I’ve never hidden who I am from anyone I’ve touched, and I won’t start with you.”

Phillipe carries a huge burden of self-blame and knows he has the ultimate power to destroy and ruin a woman’s life.  So when the unwanted desire for Gemma stirs his very being with the added confusion and guilt, he is a man torn in half. The wanting and desire coupled with the despair tearing him apart. The desire has two faces whilst telling his story alongside Chantal.

Gemma is intrigued, mystified and attracted beyond belief to Phillipe, an attraction she fights feeling it irrational despite the power and allure of this man. She wants to know him, know Chantal and ultimately know their story. The path she gets led down is harrowing, beautiful, passionate and oh so tragic. Gemma is both frightened and embarrassed by the passion he awakens within her. Phillipe well his self-loathing chants Seduce….Tempt…..Destroy.

“I’m struck with the realisation that I’m holding onto a man, who for now, is holding onto me but he has still not let go of her.” – Gemma

Jenny:  This story is like a beautifully orchestrated masterpiece that comes to life little by little. It is resplendent in its beauty and every word is so carefully and intricately woven.  You really feel like you were drawn into,  and inhabited their world.

“Everything has a beauty but not everyone sees it”

I have to say the ending left me with many questions but this did not detract from what was overall an exceptionally well written and compelling story, so different to anything  I’ve read recently.  The pacing was slow which seems intentional to enable the reader to experience the whole movement, mystery and beauty of the story. It’s was like watching a play. Watching each character own their piece of the stage and watching each one of their stories unfold and come together before your eyes.

“I felt this desperate compulsion to become one with him”

It is extremely hard to review this book without giving away too many details and to do so would only unfair of us as reviewers. This book needs to be experienced and felt in the way the author has painstakingly presented  and intended it to unfold.

“This was desire. This was to crave. This was what it felt like to want”

Beautiful. Mesmermising. Resplendent. Erotic. Moving. Passionate.  Engaging. A true reading experience.

Gitte: No doubt Jenny, this was truly a brilliantly written journey. I lived and breathed Phillipe, Chantal and Gemma and have to say at times I hated their story as much as I loved it. However, this was purely based on the intensity of my emotions which reflected theirs.

I have to say, considering the heartfelt anguish, the passion and the absolute tragedy of love lost that the ending hurt my heart. It really did. I won’t say why or how. Just know that I understand the why as it falls in line with the story but it is not what I ultimately wanted.

Arc supplied by author for an honest review

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Blind Obsession



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Entice (Exquisite #2) by Ella Frank



What if everything you think you want isn’t what you actually need…

Dr. Shelly Monroe is a woman who doesn’t shy away from going after what she wants, but lately good sex has been hard to find. Shelly’s become increasingly frustrated with the men she’s been dating and the men she believes are the right choice.

Joshua Daniels is certainly not even close to the right choice. In fact he is exactly the wrong choice. For one thing, he’s Mason Langley’s best friend and best man. Second he’s too much of a risky complication for Shelly to even consider.

Then why can’t she stop thinking about how delicious he looked that first night she met him at Exquisite? Why is it so imperative to keep her lusty desire for a man that doesn’t meet her preconceived mold hidden from Lena and Mason, her trusted friends?

It seems unreasonable that being with a man completely wrong in theory could somehow feel so right. Then why is it the more she sees him the more enticing he becomes?


amazon us | amazon uk


Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny 3.5 Stars 

Gitte:I was so excited to start Entice after having loved Exquisite as much as I did and started a reading frenzy as soon as it landed on my kindle. To begin with Jenny I was loving it because of Josh, shallow yes, do I care…well no. The first half of this book was pretty amazing; it was hot, exciting, sexy and thrilling. The POV’s were fabulously written and this Author sure knows how to write sexual tension!

Unfortunately half-way through it kind of nose-dived for me, which really hurts my heart to say, but as always I have to be honest. The reason for why this story moved from a 4.5 down to a 3.5 was down to one scene which I just could not get my head around. The heroine’s actions so extreme under the circumstances that the storyline that ensued was in my eyes not really a storyline but rather the aftermath of a woman’s unnecessary histrionics. Did you feel the same Jenny, or was that just me?

Jenny:  No, it wasn’t just you, I agree with you completely.I had been hanging out for this book.  I absolutely loved and devoured Exquisite in one sitting and was so looking forward to meeting Josh! I was the same as you Gitte.  The minute that Entice ARC was on my Kindle I put the “do not disturb” sign up to the family and prepared myself to become totally enthralled with Shelly and hot Josh.
And devour the book I did, well, for the first half that is.  Ella Frank sure does build up the sexual tension and writes some amazing scenes, both in the lead up to and the act itself. She certainly raises the steam factor and introduces some very unique scenes in her books which I love.

I am absolutely gutted to say I had the same feelings as you.  I struggled with this book after the halfway mark.  I was so over Shelly….I was still madly in love with Josh, but too frustrated by Shelly and for the life of me I couldn’t understand her behaviour.  The dual POV’s were done really well and if anything, hearing form Josh made me even more frustrated with Shelly.  I just felt sorry for him at times.

Gitte:  So our heroine, Dr Shelly Monroe (Lena’s best friend) is intelligent, confident and stunningly beautiful. She pretty much has it all except that one great guy. Shelly is adamant to avoid scroungers who live hand to mouth in ripped jeans with a slap dash view of life and responsibility. She wants someone responsible and successful, someone she can be proud of who won’t break her heart. Shelly has real “Father Issues” and creates this exterior to hide her pain. She pushes people away, won’t let them in and adopts every avoidance tactic under the sun. Did I feel sorry for her, yes of course I did, and I really did like her to a point, however, there is only so much I as a reader is willing to go through in the “will she won’t she drama.”  When it gets to the stage that I feel sorry for and sympathise with our hero more than our heroine I know the Author has lost me a little bit. I am not sure whether this is just me or other readers feel the same. Perhaps some readers felt for Shelly and thought Josh’s consequent actions after “the scene” were frustrating…who knows?! I just know that I was completely team Josh for the last part of the story and I understand his actions; which at the end of the day were spurred on in order to guard a vulnerable heart!

“You’re not ready for me, Georgia,” he told her softly. “And that’s a real shame…”

Jenny: I absolutely adored Lena and even though they are very different personalities, I expected to have the same feelings towards Shelly as I did Lena.  I really did like her for the first part of the book but then we sort of lost that connection.  Shelly’s indecision drove me crazy.  As you say, there’s only so much to-ing and fro-ing you can tolerate before the character becomes a bit grating, and unfortunately Shelly just pushed the envelope a little too far for me.  I absolutely connected with Josh 100%.  I loved that guy and hedid have to take pretty extreme measures to convince Shelly to let down her guard.  I loved the interactions between Rachel, Lena, Mason, Josh and Shelly and the scenes with them all together were a pleasure to read and so entertaining.

Gitte:  I agree Jenny, I loved when all the characters were together, those scenes were fab. Right, so our hero; Josh Daniels, an old friend of Mason’s, moves back to Chicago having recently left a deceiving and demanding girlfriend behind. He wants the simple life back; his work and a decent woman.

“He was not in the market for upper class and high maintenance. He wanted middle class and low mainenance.”

Josh is every woman’s fantasy. The complete package.  I fell in love and lust with this gorgeous, sexy dirty talking alpha man!

The attraction between Josh and Shelly was instant and extremely sexy and intense. Yet both knew the other was the exact type they were meant to stay away from.

The “relationship” between Josh and Shelly had such an explosive beginning as I mentioned before and the well written alternating POV’s had such a huge impact I immediately connected with the characters. Oh and not to forget the extremely well written sexual tension.

So overall, did I enjoy Entice? Yes I did, but I just couldn’t love it as much as I loved Exquisite. Would I recommend it? Absolutely, as this Author is pretty amazing and is a brilliant writer.

I have to say as well that I cannot wait for Rachel and Cole’s story which we got a bit of an introduction to. I have a feeling I am going to LOVE that one already!

Jenny: Where do I start with Josh?  Complete and utter love and lust.  No doubt about it, this guy had it all.  The sexual chemistry between these two was felt on every page, it was scorching.  I did enjoy this story, just not as much as Exquisite.  I would absolutely recommend this book.  This author certainly can write a captivating, hot, funny, warm, steamy read with characters you’ll fall in love with.  Oh definitely bring on Rachel’s book! Can’t wait for that one!

Arc provided by author for an honest review


You can purchase Exquisite here 

Exquisite (Exquisite Series)


You can purchase Entice here 
Entice (Exquisite Series)

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Exquisite (Exquisite #1) by Ella Frank

exquisite bon


Her heart was guarded…

Tormented by self-imposed guilt, Dr. Lena O’Donnell has spent the last nine years in survival mode. Struggling through days that seem to blend together and battling her way through each horrifying night, she’s determined that this is what she deserves…

Until he tore down the walls…

Mason Langley’s life is going exactly the way he planned it, until her. A confirmed bachelor and the successful owner of the hottest restaurant to hit Chicago, he never expects to be blindsided by an angry woman in a pair of scrubs. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t seem to shake the doctor, and he finds himself liking the way she makes him feel.

Almost over night Lena finds her world turned upside down by Mason and the sexual desire they discover together. Slowly, she lowers her guard and invites him inside but when tragedy strikes she begins to believe that sometimes it’s better to be alone and safe than to love and lose.


amazon us | amazon uk


4 Stars Reviewed by Gitte and Jenny

Gitte:    So Jenny I thought this was a fab debut novel by Ella Frank.  The story line didn’t immediately grab me the reasons for which I will come back to in a minute; more like it slowly grew on me, then suddenly it had me all warm and fuzzy…much like an unripe peach left out in the hot sun..*wink wink*

Jenny:  haha Gitte! Love it!  Great way to describe how this story unfolded!  It did take a little while for me as well and I’m guessing the same reasons as you but then……..  it had the peaches,  and then it definitely brought the cream…*wink, wink* indeed

Gitte:    Hahahaha yeah sure did! I thought Exquisite was written really well, it came across real and was an authentic portrayal of human emotions.  The story flowed really well and the changes in point of view between Lena and Mason were effortless and not once was I confused as to who was speaking and it definitely made this story so much more emotional having both voices. It also made me fully connect with Mason!

Jenny:  Have to agree with you there.   I thought it was really well written and I connected with Mason immediately.  I’m a fan of dual pov’s so I really did love hearing from Mason and thought his voice added so much to the flow of the story.  Then there was this one scene… …I think you know the one I’m talking about……..go on, try and read my mind!

Gitte:   Let me guess…….it has to be the shower scene!   OMG Jenny how HOT was that shower scene….the visuals wow…That…is….all…!!!

Jenny:   That was beyond hot!  We do love a good shower scene don’t we Gitte and this one was up with the best of them.  Wow!   In fact there were quite a few sizzling moments in this gem of a book!

Gitte:   Overall, to me this was a really refreshing romance because our hero and heroine didn’t immediately fall into bed with each other with instant attraction instead they almost kind of “hated” each other on sight.  Mason found Lena to be bad-tempered and harsh and she thought he was an infuriating Casanova. But despite that, the attraction was there.

Jenny:   Yes, Lena definitely had a preconceived notion of whom and what Mason was and she was a cranky piece of work but somehow they “clicked”.  The sexual tension was palpable that’s for sure.

Gitte:    The banter between them was great, the drama was fab and once we got to the sexy time…umm yeah NICE ONE!! Though Jenny; I have to say what the effing hell was the hair/cock thing all about? I just did not get or understand that one…I re-read it a few times and nope don’t get it and I kind of want to shout eeewwww!!! What was that?

Jenny:   Oh yeah, the sexy times were very sexy indeed, but OMG! Haha!  Gitte – when you rang me asking:  “have you got to the cock/hair thing yet”?  I thought you were joking –  ummm no you weren’t and that part had me perplexed to say the least.

Gitte Right, so we have Mason….our Hero. I loved him! He is a celebrity chef, owner of Exquisite, with a Casanova reputation. He is funny, gorgeous, vulnerable, loving and has an endearing cockiness about him. He was one of the most personable male hero’s I have met in a while, because he was almost attainable if that makes sense? Mason is still looking for “The One”…

“My dad once told me that one day I’d meet someone who drives me so crazy I want to strangle her and yet never would because I can’t bear for her to be gone. Well, that’s when I’ll know I’ve met a woman worth keeping.”

So our serial dating bachelor Mason is not only a cocky hottie, he has such a huge heart for his family and friends. He melted my heart so many times I lost count… our serial dater met Dr. Lena O’Donnell.

Jenny:    I can’t add much else to that GG.  I loved Mason Langley!!!  He was confident, hot, successful, warm, tender, handsome, funny and smart, with an amazing body and had a great ass (what?? well, he did!) And yes, he had room in his heart for everyone.   Really, what’s not to love?   I did enjoy him standing up to Lena.
“So suck it up princess.  Easy, relaxed Mason is gone”……….(go Mason!)

Gitte:   Our heroine Lena is a Paediatric Doctor who has still not come to terms with a tragedy from her past. Since then she has functioned in life, but you couldn’t say she has been ‘living’ it. She has had no real romance or fun. She is an intelligent, lovely girl with a big heart which sadly is covered in armour so thick that she lets nothing in and nothing out in return.

Now Jenny, I think this is where I had a few problems with the story grabbing me at first. I have to be honest here; I didn’t like Lena much to begin with. I understood why she cut herself off, guilt and the pain of bereavement affects us all in different ways. I got that this girl had a heart of gold and the way she was with her friend, her patients made her come across as a funny, loving and a spirited girl at heart. Therefore, to me, her almost icy personality that surfaced at times did not make sense to me and almost put me off her completely. It was downright rude, not a reaction to a situation. I don’t know how to explain it really Jenny but I just didn’t get the intense hot/cold thing she had going at first. Did she redeem herself to me…absolutely!! Her strength and her love and determination won me over.

Jenny:     Yep, I know Lena was also the reason I had a hard time connecting with this book at first.  I did feel sorry for her because of the guilt she was carrying around and the blame she put on herself for her past but she just seemed to be downright mean at times.  Her personality swings were like watching ping pong.   I kept telling Mason (via my Kindle) to run for the hills – she just seemed awful to him..
She definitely did redeem herself and I really warmed to her but have to say that had it not been for Mason being such a great character, she could have stopped me in my tracks at the start of this story because I really wasn’t connecting with her at all, but Ella Frank turned that around she became warmer and more relatable, even sexy and sensual.

Lena:  “I think I just came from just looking at you”

Gitte:    Oh Jenny how amazing was Mason in helping her deal…he is so  determined to knock down that armour of hers, and show her what love and life is all about! LOVE HIM!!! Oh Lena did her best to scare Mason off and push him away but our Mason is nothing but persistent and ummm thorough!!!

Jenny:    Gitte, how many times did we say “I love Mason Langley” (GG:  quite a few actually!) when we were discussing this book?  Mason was a persistent man and he saw something in Lena that she didn’t even see in herself.  How he got her to face her problems and was there for her – oh that man melted my heart.  When he was dealing with his demons?  Oh Mason I wanted to hug you and make it all go away.

Gitte:   So yeah, this story got to me, slow start then suddenly I was hooked and I have to say I loved all the supporting characters too.
It was an emotional journey of love, strength, pain and fighting for the one you love by saving them and showing them how to love and live life again.

Jenny:   Having just returned from Chicago this book was a trip down memory lane for me and I loved relating to the places mentioned in the book.
It really was a good story and had everything you could want …. wonderful characters, a story of fate, hope, love, loss, sorrow and finding the one, your missing other half.   Oh, and the heat factor was way up there!   Yes Gitte, I did love this one.


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