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Vain by Fisher Amelie











Gitte 4.5 stars

I absolutely loved Vain.  It was a well-written, powerful and emotional YA story that felt so real and takes the reader on a beautiful yet ugly journey of humanity.

To begin with we find our main character Sophie to be a bitch personified. She is, on the surface, an ugly person through her actions which are without forethought of consequence. She could not care one iota who she hurts in the process when she goes for what she wants. She is a spoiled rich brat who has no real friends nor has she had any parental love and guidance growing up. Sophie is angry and feels so alone so she manipulates people to feel something then discards it and moves on to the next object or person, only to repeat the same behaviour. I have to admit here that I disliked her tremendously to begin with despite knowing there was more to her as a character.

Sophie has been through the courts on several occasions and when she is once again caught with drugs she gets sentenced to six months working at an orphanage in Uganda. Nightmare for Sophie right?! Our Sophie has no idea what a life altering “sentence” this will turn out to be. The moment Sophie’s feet touch African soil her journey of self-discovery and redemption begins.  This journey highlights what faith, love and honesty to oneself and others can achieve.

Joining her on this journey is Ian who works at the orphanage. Now Ian, understandably, is not impressed at his first sight of Sophie. He has her pegged immediately. I absolutely loved Ian. He was gorgeous, extremely honest and a hard-working true hero. Sophie and Ian’s relationship was perfectly paced and came across as genuine and real. It was the kind that leaves butterflies and I loved it.

The setting of this journey was heart breaking and harrowing. It was real life. It gave glimpses of what life is truly like for many whilst incorporating a girls journey…a love story…a second chance of healing and becoming who you truly are and want to be.


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Callum & Harper (Sleepless Series #1) – by Fisher Amelie

Amazing – Devastating – Heartbreaking – Tragic – Dramatic – Frustrating

I am speechless!!!

I started this book and had NO CLUE what I was in for. No way was I prepared for how this book would affect me. A complete shocker of emotional torture kind of book. My first by this author but definitely not my last!!!

I laughed and *sighed*…but mostly I cried, I shouted and nearly threw my kindle at the wall in frustration and annoyance at times!!!

Callum & Harper are the most lovable and well written characters, I fell in love instantly and wanted to pick them out of my kindle and put them in my pocket for safe keeping. The way they love each other is unlike any other, it is so pure, intense, passionate and protective.

The tragic journey they go through broke my heart!!

“One day, you and I are gonna wake up and be alright. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but one day. One day. I promise you.” – Callum

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Thomas & January – by Fisher Amelie

Ok so I just loved Callum & Harper which was book 1 in this series by Fisher Amelie so I was so excited to start Thomas & January and although I enjoyed it, I didn’t love it. The story seemed a bit rushed and I would have loved to actually get to know Tom and January better. That being said this story has drama and yummy romance, and I loved that the characters from book 1 were in this one too!

January comes from a huge family, she is the oldest of 10 kids. I really liked her, she was intelligent, confident, determined and had this adorable innocence. She turns down a scholarship at Berkeley for a job in the music industry which is where her passion is.

Thomas Eriksson ran off to Austin when the love of his life got engaged to one of his friends. His band split up when the members got different priorities so he is now an acclaimed music scout. Thomas has completely changed and is now a completely different person to what he was in book 1. Rather than being “Tie-Dye Tom” he is now scary (but still gorgeous) looking, dark and brooding. He is pretty miserable.

Thomas and January meet at a gig. January is there supporting her friend whose band is playing. Thomas is there in his scouting capacities. January is immediately attracted to Tom and they share a snog. Tom pretty much freaks out as he is still feeling brokenhearted and he treats her pretty badly after that kiss…..

And this is where Tom and January’s journey begins…

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