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Collide by Gail McHugh

collide revealJenny : 3 Stars

I so wanted to love this book, I really did.

I did start out enjoying it.  The opening couple of chapters hooked me in and I was feeling a connection to Emily as we join her in her move to New York where she is making  a fresh start following the death of her mother.

These initial scenes drew me in and I was feeling for Emily at this point and thought, here it is, I’m going to love this girl and love this story.  She’s independent, compassionate, sweet and came across quite strong at this juncture of the story.

At this point we are also introduced to her boyfriend Dillon who comes across as loving, thoughtful and caring.  He has been her rock during her mother’s illness and steered her through the days following her mother’s death.  Dillon has been there for her.  Attentively looking after her and visiting while she is at her mother’s bedside wherever possible.  He’s by her side, but it’s what you would expect from a loving boyfriend.

Emily is making a delivery the day she first encounters Gavin.  There is a charge between these two.  A connection they both feel that neither can deny.  Gavin acknowledges it, Emily tries to dismiss it.  After all, she is deeply in love with Dillon.

I really did enjoy hearing both Gavin and Emily’s voices in this story and it enabled me to experience his instant attraction and the overall intense feelings he had for Emily that he couldn’t explain.  He knew she felt them too but getting her to admit her feelings for him was going to take some work, but Gavin was prepared to do whatever was necessary to make Emily admit her feelings for him, feelings he knows they both share.

Once Dillon is back on familiar territory he starts showing glimpses of the “real” Dillon.  The real Dillon is very different to the Dillon we’ve been introduced to earlier on.  In fact the real Dillon is inconsiderate and pretty awful and herein lies my problem with how I started to disconnect form the story and the characters.

As Dillon’s real personality flaws started to emerge so does his disrespect and unreasonable treatment of Emily start coming to the forefront.

On the one hand we have Gavin.  Gavin is the perfect guy.  Handsome, kind, caring, wears his heart on his sleeve, a stoic millionaire playboy who doesn’t realise something’s missing in his life until he meets Emily.  After having his heart broken some years earlier, he’s always been a bit gun shy of relationships and falling in love but after seeing Emily, he has feelings he thought he would never experience again.

The decision on who to choose was simple really.  Well, it was for me. Who do you choose?

The cruel, manipulative awful Dillon or the wonderful, kind, caring, passionate, protective Gavin,  who never ceases in his pursuit of her knowing that she felt the same way about him.  “Tell me how much you fucking want me”

The fact that Emily had such a hard time deciding and flip flopping drove me crazy.  I just didn’t get it.  Yes, I understood that she felt she owed Dillon something for how he supported her through her  Mum’s illness and passing and she was mindful that Gavin and Dillon were friends, if you could call them that.

But for me,  I really couldn’t grasp the extent she went to in her  relationship with Dillon and how she disregarded all the signs that were right in front of her face.
Emily would never listen to anyone but most of all she refused to hear Gavin out.  This frustrated me and I felt so sorry for  Gavin who was so patient and he never shied from telling Emily how he felt
You belong with me, not him.” Every part of you was made for me. Your lips were made to kiss mine, your eyes were made to wake up to me looking at you in my bed every morning, and your fucking tongue was made to roll my name off it. I am more certain of us than I’m certain that I require oxygen to breathe.” 

Yes, he certainly let her know his feelings whereas Dillon seemed to provide her with nothing but heartache and confusion.

Emily frustrated me to the point where  I wanted to jump into my kindle and slap some sense into her and tell Gavin to run and never return and find happiness elsewhere,  and the miscommunication over the ex girlfriend was irritating and and unbelievable.

The over abundance of words stalled the story for me at times and I found some of the analogies a bit off putting too “he licked thorugh the sweet juices as if he were savoring a popsicle on a hot summer day”.

I did however find myself wanting to know what happened and the ending has set up book two perfectly.


An Arc was supplied by the author for an honest review


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