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WHEN YOU’RE READY (The Ready Series #1) by J.L. BERG –

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the ready

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When you're ready
Can his love mend the pieces of her grieving heart?

Years after suffering the tragic loss of her husband, Ethan, which left her alone to raise their young daughter, Clare Murray still holds the last letter he wrote with the words “When You’re Ready” written in his familiar messy handwriting, unable to break its weathered seal. Ready for what? He was her entire world, and Clare had accepted a life without him, without love. Until years later, fate brings her to an emergency room, and face to face with a stormy-eyed doctor intent on changing her mind.

Logan Matthews is the son of a billionaire who has spent his entire life trying to make his absent father proud. Years of living up to a man who was more ghost than father, and a publicly failed marriage has left Logan cold and emotionless until he walks into an exam room and discovers a woman who can stop his heart, make his body burn with desire and leave his entire world altered.

But how far are Clare and Logan willing to go for love? When their love is tested, is Clare ready to put her whole heart on the line again? Can Logan learn the true meaning of love, even if it means sacrificing his own happiness? When a second chance at love is given, Clare and Logan learn you never know if you are truly ready until you’re ready to risk it all.

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Reviewed by Jenny

So there I was in a bit of a reading conundrum. I had no idea what I wanted to read next but I did know I was in the mood for something romantic. Something that was going to melt my heart, make me feel all gooey inside, keep me invested and hopefully make me cry and I have to say, When You’re Ready certainly ticked all these boxes.

This is a beautiful story. No doubt about it.  I am an absolute sucker for second chance romances, throw in a cute 4 year old who stole my heart, a wonderfully determined and beautiful heroine, a knock out, drop dead gorgeous hero and well…..I was sold!

This was such a heartfelt story about Clare, widowed for the past three years, faced with life as a single parent and putting her life on hold, after the passing of her husband Ethan, to care for their daughter.

“I felt like I’d lost a part of me, the part that made me feel like a woman, and I needed it back to feel whole again.”

Still grieving the loss of her husband, Clare has thrown herself into being the best Mum she can to gorgeous little Maddie but she misses the man who she loved with all her heart and whom she expected to live a long and happy life with.

“He’s never going to be here to take her to a ballet, or pick her up from school. He won’t walk her down the aisle or see her children. These are all things I know, and have known. And I’d made peace with that.”

Clare was so strong, so caring and I connected with her completely, she was a fun character despite the tragedy that had befallen her.  Enter Logan inter her life and this man ignites a part of her that has lain dormant for so long.  The ‘woman’ in Clare surfaces around Logan and although these two have sexual chemistry in spades, it is the meeting of the hearts that has you melting and turning the pages of When You’re Ready.

“Clare, this…what we’re doing. It has to be all or nothing. And I want off of you.  When you cry, I want to be the one holding you. No matter the reason. So please, let me hold you.”

Logan has always been closed off emotionally. Raised by a cold, heartless father, more interested in reputation than being a loving parent to Logan, has convinced Logan is convinced he is incapable of feeling and giving love.  Logan has thrown himself into his work and meaningless one night stands as a coping mechanism.

Clare and Maddie enter Logan’s life and show him that love is possible and it really does knock him for six. The intensity of his feelings towards Clare and Maddie is foreign to Logan and his desire to protect and become a part of their lives begins to drive him and makes him realise this has what has been missing in his life.

“And there it was, the new reason for my existence. To make her happy. No matter what.”

I was completely invested in Logan, Clare and Maddie. They stole my heart without completely. The story never felt morose, in fact, despite the subject I felt uplifted as I followed these two beautiful characters through the ups and downs of their relationship. They certainly had their fair share of obstacles to deal with and faced many challenges in their new relationship.

“Those emotions you just felt. I need you to remember all of them. Every heart crushing moment.”

Logan and Clare communicated. They would speak their minds and although their relationship moved pretty quickly it didn’t feel like “insta love” because we had time to get to know these two, to understand each personality and as a result, you actually felt the love blossoming between them.  As this was told in alternating POV’s between Clare and Logan you are afforded the opportunity to feel and hear both voices which only served to enamour me further to these characters. Logan was divine.  Witnessing him open up, grasping the emotion he felt over his love for  Clare captivated. The scenes with him and Maddie….arrgghhh…well, you can just scoop up my melted heart off the floor!

The author really did take us through our paces with this story. I cried and my heart ached in parts, I giggled in others, I swooned constantly throughout and in between the heartache I felt, I read this book with a goofy grin on my face because it really did hit all the right spots.

“I’m here, making new memories with you and that erases the bad”

There were a couple of issues with past/present tense but this in no way affected my overall enjoyment of this story. This book was exactly what I needed.  If you’re after a beautifully told romantic story about loving, losing, healing and finding that second chance,  and in the process finding yourself, then be sure to pick up When You’re Ready.  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

 4.0 Stars


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When you're ready


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