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Standalone – contemporary romance

‘”I have a heart. I just don’t allow it to do its job.’


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dear heart

I didn’t plan on him. Or for him. 

Or anything that had to do with Cal Donovan from Boston. 

Meeting him had been a complete and utter surprise, taking me one hundred percent off guard.

I met new people every single day in my line of work and none of them affected me. Wasn’t that the way of things though?

You could meet a thousand people and they’d all mean nothing to you.

But then you’d meet that one and they suddenly meant everything.

Dear Heart - I Hate You
Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

‘Nothing made you realize how much you’d been ignoring your heart, until someone came along and smacked it awake simply by existing.’

It’s been a while since we’ve read a book by J Sterling book and boy did we love Dear Heart, I Hate You! We loved so much about this he realness of the characters, the believability of her words, the beauty of her writing and the ease in which she immediately hooked us into Jules and Cal’s story.

We couldn’t help but become swept up in Jules and Cal’s relationship as it felt so natural and unforced. We keep coming back to the word real, because everything about this book really did come across as so real. We all know a Jules and Cal, or have been a Jules and Cal which made their story completely relatable and easy to connect with. We believed everything that transpired, as though we shared their good times feeling compelled to offer a sympathetic ear or shoulder to lean on through their heartbreaks. J Sterling crafted such a believable relationship between Jules and Cal that we could feel ourselves nodding in agreement and understanding everything they were going through.  

‘Who we loved wasn’t always a choice. Sometimes it was an irresistible pull, a gravitation force, something we couldn’t see or control that drew us toward another. It had a secret weapon, a tool of sheer force to use against us – our heart.
And once that son of a bitch got involved, you could say good-bye to reason.’

Jules Miller and Cal Donovan are both ambitious, driven, career minded individuals who have no time for relationships or matters of the heart, devoting all their time and energy into progressing and succeeding in their chosen fields. Jules lives in LA and is visiting Boston for a seminar when she meets and becomes instantly attracted to Cal in a hotel bar. They strike up an instant rapport, spend a few days getting to know each other and decide to try a long distance relationship of sorts, getting to know each other with all the anticipation of a new relationship yet with no expectations.

‘He was a powerful force, that boy from Boston.’

However the heart is fickle organ that doesn’t account for distance, timing or career constraints and it isn’t long before Cal and Jules realise their hearts are becoming involved. With their relationship developing via long distance, Jules and Cal conversed, getting to know one another on a platonic level, connecting emotionally without the distraction of sex whilst trying to sort out the logistics of spending time together on a physical level. Can it work? Do they want it to work? Are they prepared to make the sacrifices required to be together? Well, that’s something you’ll have to find out for yourselves.

The secondary characters supported the story perfectly; from Jules crazy friend Tami, Cal’s gorgeous mate Lucas (thank you J Sterling for not making him stereotypical) and Cal’s sweet Hockey playing brother (we can’t wait for his book!)…. everything hit the mark for us in Dear Heart, I Hate You and we’d recommend it in a heartbeat!

 ‘You could close your heart to love forever, but you’d miss out on all the good that came with giving and receiving love. You had to decide if it was worth the risk.’

We adored this book and J Sterling proved that less is more by keeping her story on track, providing just enough drama to hit our hearts and thankfully steering clear of introducing excessive or unnecessary angst. The conflict felt real and heartbreaking  as we found ourselves sympathising with Jules but at the same time we understood where Cal was coming from. The writing was fabulous. It was an easy read and that is in no way meant in a negative way, in fact, just the opposite – it’s a huge compliment to J Sterling because she made this love story feel so effortless and natural yet she delivered it with so much heart and love, ensuring we inhaled every word she wrote. Grab this one guys! You’ll be glad you did.

‘You wrecked me. I opened my heart to you.’

 4 stars

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THE GAME CHANGER (The Perfect Game #2) by J STERLING

the game changer cover



Jack & Cassie’s story continues in the follow up to the Best Selling book, The Perfect Game.

Thrust into the spotlight, Cassie must learn how to navigate the waters of this sometimes unforgiving and cruel world. It’s a lifestyle that makes you question your happiness and sanity as the past is never truly far behind.

How do you stay together when the world’s trying to tear you apart?

the game changer collage

Review by Gitte

Jack ‘effing’ Carter, yes I’m late to the game I know but I’m here and loving him now!

So, I read the first book in this series and wasn’t sure about it. I loved the writing style and the characters and then what I called ‘the incident’ happened and Cassie and Jack’s story lost me somewhat. Each for their respective behaviour. However, I did enjoy and like it and wanted to find out what was coming next for them, and wow am I glad I did. Cassie grew up and Jack completely redeemed himself. Yes I am batting off all you ladies for Jack…this is my review, so I can say what I want and he’s MINE! So there…’nuff said.

On a serious note, I loved and celebrated all the underlying themes and messages in this story. They are all applicable to real life and something we should all bear in mind. How we treat each other, showing compassion, forgiveness, trust and embracing love. Words can hurt whether it be directly or indirectly, so choose them wisely.

“Why do people love seeing other people in pain?

“I don’t know. Because people are petty, shallow, and jealous? Because they think they want what you have and when it’s not so glamorous, they’re happy it’s not all it’s cracked up to be?”

I won’t write too much about the story as this is book #2 and I don’t do spoilers, instead, as per usual you’ll get my emotions of what I read.

So I’ll start with Jack who was the biggest pain in my arse from ‘The Perfect Game’ and who had a lot of grovelling and making up to do in my book (pun totally intended). I have to say, his pov was spot on, so well written, because I did a 360 in my feelings on him.

We find him explaining to Cassie where he’s ‘been’ and ‘why’ over the last six months. What he needed to resolve, and I was won over. This guy completely realised what he needed to do and he painstakingly did it, all the while keeping tabs on ‘his girl’ Cassie so as not to lose that connection. He loves her, that much is obvious (all I’ll say here is letters…sigh) and he’s completely repentant of ‘the incident’, which once this story moved along, I saw in a slightly different light. You’ll see why, especially if you were a sceptic like me.

Jack was hurting, his pain immense and he would move heaven and earth to win back his girl. Am I still a teeny weeny bit mad at him? Absolutely yes, would I have taken him back…hell yeah! This guy works for it, no doubt, he’s unrelenting in proving to Cassie how much he loves her and can’t live without her. Oh and I have to say the way J. Sterling wrote the atmosphere of Jack on the field. pitching, had me swooning! Jack’s pov was very convincing and so well written. Well played Sterling!

“I love you. I wish there were different words that I could say, but no one’s been clever enough to invent any yet. So it’s all I’ve got. But it’s everything. I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you…..” ~ Jack

And then there was Cassie who I already loved despite a few annoying decisions in ‘The Perfect Game’. She’s still strong and self-aware, funny and sweet. She has to face not only the re-building of a relationship with the man she loves, but also the stress of suddenly being thrust into the limelight. This girl struggles and it all comes to a head when the bitch from the past comes rearing her ugly head sprouting her lies and spreading her evil, not her legs this time.  Yeah, a whole lot of something went wrong. A women is a woman’s worst enemy that’s for sure. The pressure and scrutiny, the lies and gossip. Cassie also has to adapt to the invasion of privacy, that’s a lot of bloody pressure.

We see yet another few cracks develop in the newly cemented patched up hearts, and it all comes to a head and Cassie runs. I wasn’t happy with Cassie, but I kind of understood it….kind of. Cassie has balls, she just forgets that fact every so often and needs reminding.

“Running away isn’t really showing you have a temper. It just shows you have….legs.” – Jack

I also have to say I love Melissa. She’s the voice of reason and sits on everyone’s shoulder whispering truths and sense into their ear…well everyone’s except her own.

“I’m not telling you this to make you feel bad, Jack. I’m telling you this so you’ll understand the repercussions your actions had on her. You made the mistake, but she had to pay for it…..You broke her Jack.” ~ Melissa

“I broke me too….” ~ Jack

And Dean……can’t wait for his book!!!

I only have two niggles when it came to ‘The Game Changer’, one is book crossovers from another Author. I’ve never liked them, in fact it takes me out the moment of the book I’m reading and makes me think of the other character’s book. It doesn’t matter what book it is and whether I loved it or not, characters should stay in their own books and not stray. Unless of course they stay within the same Author’s books. There, now this is my opinion so you can completely disregard it if you disagree. I don’t mind. The other niggle was Jack’s reaction to Cassie’s innocent discretion and her wanting to have a couple of days’ time-out. Umm hello Jack, you can’t really blame the girl after everything that’s happened and changed in her life. Whilst I don’t agree with Cassie, I really don’t agree with Jack’s reaction. Yeah, I can throw whatever back in your face Jack because I don’t have to live with you oh and I still love you!

“What matters the most is who you love. Because when everything else is a distant memory, the people you love are all that’s left. And love is the single most important thing we can do in our lives. Give it. Receive it. Teach other’s to do it.”

So overall, I loved this second instalment and really recommend you picking this series up, even if you weren’t keen on book #1 like me. What a class act J. Sterling is to make me do a complete U-turn and fall in love!!!

“You’re my Game Changer. Because nothing else matters if you’re not with me.”~ Cassie

Gitte: 4 Stars

ARC supplied via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

baseball heart

Check out and purchase The Perfect Game Series here

The Perfect Game: A Novel (The Game Series, Book One)

The Game Changer: A Novel (The Game Series, Book Two)

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