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Standalone dark romantic suspense
TBB 5 Star read! 


After a party gone wrong and in desperate need of money for the fall semester of college, twenty-year-old Nora Robertson needs to escape her hometown.

She accepts a summer long live-in tutoring job for a handsome man and his little sister at a secluded home deep in the mountains.

There is no running water.

No electricity.

No internet or cell service.

When her tutoring job ends she’s hit with a brutal turn of events … she’s not permitted to leave. After months in captivity, she makes a harrowing escape with her student that ends in a car accident on a desolate road. When Nora comes to, her student is missing. In a desperate attempt to find the girl, Nora will have to recount her time held captive.

The good and the bad.

Can Nora and the authorities work together to find the man who took her? Will they rescue the girl Nora tried to save?

Author’s Note: This is a dark romantic suspense.
Trigger warning: all of them. This will not elicit warm fuzzy feelings

THE TUTOR is available to purchase below


Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

‘He stole my magic. He decimated my innocence swiftly and succinctly. And let me tell you something, innocence is like hope – a necessary element for survival. ‘

Wow! What a gripping unputdownable read! We couldn’t move until we finished The Tutor, after becoming instantly seduced by K Larsen’s menacing, taunting and deliciously tempting opening pages. From the sinister feel of the first page, we knew this one was going to be one riveting, thrilling and unsettling read, and one in which we found ourselves easily trusting our hearts and minds to this incredibly talented author. This was our favourite K Larsen read. This story was really something!

“It was all a game. He was the only one who knew who was playing but it was still a game. “

First off, we absolutely urge you to go into this book spoiler free, and our review will be just that. So much of this read could be easily spoilt and it’s truly one where you simply have to trust in the author, because every page ensured our Kindles never left our hands as we constantly tried to second guess how this story would play out.

K Larsen has done a tremendous job of intricately weaving a number of players POV’s into the story as well as a back and forth, past/present composition which she carried out with a seamless flair. We never faltered or got lost along the way as this authors brilliant prose flowed spectacularly.

The story centres on 20 year old bookworm Nora Robertson. Sweet Nora prefers to have her nose in a book rather than out partying every night and whilst book smart, Nora isn’t especially life smart, unlike her best friend Aubry who is the fun to Nora’s seriousness.

“I think my greatest error was believing that if I cast a lovely net, I would only catch lovely things.”

At the insistence of Aubry, Nora attends a party, the fallout of which, would have life changing consequences for Nora resulting in her need to escape and accept a position as a live-in Tutor at a remote cabin in Mount Art working for the ruggedly handsome Holden Douglas, teaching his younger sister. It would turn out to deliver more than she could have ever imagined.

‘I will become his masterpiece, my scars his legacy. He will carve his way through my soul to my heart.’

We learn Nora’s terrifying story as she recounts it to various parties. Nothing is spared as we hear of the pleasure, the pain, the tender, the heartbreak, the brutal, the bravery, the fear…in fact, everything Nora felt, we felt deep within us, as Nora’s memories, conflictions and emotions are constantly laid bare on each page.

‘Fear is a funny thing. It changes the way you think. It alters your being. I’ve learned the heart is a wild beast, that’s why it’s caged inside our ribs… that monsters are real and they look like humans and that love is a fickle beast. All my life, people promised that dreams could come true…but they forgot to mention that nightmares are dreams, too.’

Despite this being a dark romance, we experienced moments of moving tenderness which were intensified among the dark, unnerving moments, eliciting moments of hope and love in places we didn’t think possible, and in turn causing us to question our every increasing conflicted feelings.

“There are chapters in my life I’d rather not read out loud.”
“Tell me every horrible thing you did and let me love you anyway.”

K Larsen masterfully delivered a brilliantly written story that came to life as she captured the nuances of each character, leaving us teetering on a knife-edge with each twisting turn of the page. By allowing us into the mind of each player, K Larsen ensured we witnessed first-hand the judgements and thoughts of each character throughout this complex story that still keeps playing out in our minds long after finishing. 

The Tutor was an absolute 5 star read for sure. You need to bump this book up to the ‘must read’ list, now!

“Your story no longer belongs to you. It’s my story now.”

(Click the book cover for more info)

(Click the book cover for more info)


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Complete Standalone in The Viral Series following Missed Connection, based on a heartbreaking viral Reddit posts.


Ryan Walters and Jackie Bowen became instantaneous friends during their wild and free years of college. He, the rugged, yet all American football player from a stable family fell hard for Jackie, the exuberant, spontaneous girl from a broken home who lived and loved life to the fullest. Too young to commit and wary of damaging the unique bond they shared, the friends to lovers make a pact promising to find one another again at the age of thirty and marry—if not already committed.

Years apart, after much growth and change, the two best friends seek one another out. In college, neither Jackie or Ryan could possibly know that every relationship to come would fall short of the one they’d shared together all those years ago.

When the two meet again, love and chemistry soar beyond their wildest dreams and they agree to make good on their promise. But a second chance at love can be fickle and fleeting.

The Marriage Pact is a story about letting go and loving with your whole heart no matter the circumstance—or how much it hurts.

THE MARRIAGE PACT is available to purchase below


Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny

4 ‘sobbing’ Stars – Spoiler-Free Review

‘He wanted to unzip her wounded heart, trace the open and vulnerable line with his tongue.’

We absolutely love the writing duo of K Larsen and Mara White; they’re pretty fabulous. Their writing is flawless, seamless and one completely complements the other. This story was superbly written, it was evocative with moments of stunning beauty. We could not put this story down and read with trepidation and worry, out of fear for where these two Authors were taking us.

“Since the day you joined the world, you marched to the beat of your own drum.”

This was a story of soul mates, the cruelty as well as the joys of life and the inspiration one person can be to another. This is a romance unlike others or the typical. Rather, this is a journey of life, Ryan Walters’ life –to be specific- with enough drama and obstacles to leave you exhausted as you turn the last page. We say Ryan’s story, as for us, this was his story. One that left us emotionally wrung out by the end.

‘Ryan suddenly had the sinking feeling that Jackie was even more unattainable than he had originally imagined her to be. Like a masterpiece in a museum, look but don’t touch. Admire it, love it. It can even be your favorite, but it will never belong to you.’

Like we said, The Marriage Pact was all about Ryan for us. He was one of those amazing and wonderful heroes you meet that is so all encompassing you literally become addicted, unable to look away. He had the biggest heart; he loved with an honest and unyielding ferocity that is unrivalled. His personality was so big it overshadowed those around him. His voice was magnificent and powerful to the point that we felt like we were made to care to such a degree that we felt utterly protective of him, wanting him to have the life he so deserved with the people who could measure up and be deserving of his light and his compassionate humanity. Because of this we resented how his life stood still as a result of the control wielded by another. His happiness dependant on the actions of the woman who held his heart in her cold detached hands. One knock after another creating a domino effect ultimately impacting Ryan and the possibility of love with his soulmate. Because of this we read with a melancholy in our hearts and a sad frustration ever present.

‘Jackie was vulnerable, she was sweet and sensitive. But she was hell-bent on not showing it and Ryan had learned to – no he’d been trained to accept whatever little he could get.’

The Marriage Pact is a recounting, a memoir if you will, of a young man who gave his heart to his best friend, Jackie. This girl remained a bit of an enigma to us throughout the years we spent with them together as well as apart. Despite getting her POV we felt that those chapters served more as an almost informative segment placed in a very personal story told by a young man. Whilst her story broke our hearts, we felt like we were looking in, rather than feeling as if we were there.

‘He would always reach out to her. She held that exalted place in his heart as the first person to whom you would tell both the good and bad. And for all he knew, maybe she always would. Maybe they were meant to be best friends, nothing less, nothing more.’

The dramatic effects tended to overshadow that romantic connection of friends to lovers; who were ‘meant to be’ in the forever kind of way. Almost as if romance took a back seat as we were told of a story that in many respects broke our hearts to the point of emotional exhaustion. Those moments of romance we felt and got to experience, well…. that vulnerable romance was a beauty to behold.

‘The years of letters felt romantic, even if they never saw each other again. Maybe it was the old fashioned quality or the waiting game between sending and receiving that made it feel more special.’

You can’t force tears out of a reader, the connection and emotional bond has to be there in order to feel the force of those powerful moments. We got all the emotion from Ryan and his family, his chapters were laden with his inner turmoil and his passionate feelings and beliefs. In some respect they were the profound and had the depth that inspired that important connection for us as opposed to those of Jackie, in our opinion.  However, we never once doubted the strength and power of Ryan’s love for Jackie, hence why we wanted to climb inside our kindle and bear hug this wonderful man. The Authors made us care so much, we perhaps cared too much, an admirable feat.

‘What an extraordinary effort it was to come into this world and leaving it seemed unfairly easy. Life was tenuous, mortality scary. Death was so cruel and yet life was stronger, he’d just witnessed it in all of its raw and almighty glory.’



Check out TBB 5 Star Recommendation – Standalone
MISSED CONNECTION : The ultimate emotional second chance love story
“You are everything I’d always dreamed you’d be and so much more.”

Missed Connection 5th Jan


Twenty years weren’t enough for either of them to forget.

A chance encounter, a missed connection.

Two wayward stars that collided in a turbulent sky, at the right place, but at the wrong time in both of their lives.

What happens when they meet again? Do the same unforgettable sparks still fly?

Titan Jennings and Jesenia Van Buren may come from two different worlds but their hearts are open to second chances. No matter who or what may stand against them, love is what anchors their lives together.

Love may be infinite but time is not, Missed Connection is a novel about making the very best you can with what little you’ve got.

MISSED CONNECTION is available to purchase below


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Standalone mystery suspense thriller.

22nd TBB Rec

In idyllic Brunswick, Maine, a tragedy strikes, leaving one family struggling to stay together.
7 year old Sophie Anderson vanished from a neighbors front lawn in 2006 leaving the Anderson family reeling. Helen, a mother who never gave up hope.
Sam, a father who couldn’t cope. Cora, the even keeled sister and Shane, the angry half brother fought to maintain their family after losing Sophie.
Just when the Anderson’s thought they had moved past Sophie’s disappearance,
Cora finds Sophie shivering behind a dumpster in Portland, Maine 10 years later.
As Sophie integrates back into her family home a series of dark revelations rear their ugly heads leaving you wondering… is anyone who you think they are?

Imposter is available to purchase below:

purchase link small          purchase link small


Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

“Sometimes the missing aren’t meant to be found.”

What a gripping read! For us, this wasn’t just a suspenseful mystery thriller, it was also a story explored how healing can come from the most tragic and awful of circumstances. How can prosper from bad. Told in varying pov’s with seamless past/present switches, we couldn’t wait to uncover the whole story! To unveil the toll secrets, lies and deceit could weigh on a family!

‘A mother knew if her baby’s heart was still beating somewhere out there, and Helen never felt the loss of Sophie in the deepest recesses of her heart.’

It was the phone call that turned a family’s world upside down. A parent’s worst nightmare. Helen and Sam Anderson appeared to be living the idyllic life. Helen was a stay at home Mum devoted to her children. Sam a hardworking and devoted father to their children Cora (11), Sophie (7) and Sam’s son Shane (15) from a previous marriage.

Helen Anderson lived her worst moment as a mother when her 7 year old daughter, Sophie went missing after being dropped off by her father for a sleepover at a neighbour’s house. Our hearts skipped a beat as K Larsen so brilliantly captured the sheer terror, panic and palpable hopelessness Helen felt at that moment, and during the aftermath of Sophie’s disappearance. We felt it all!

“Where’s our baby?” she rasped. Fear clutched at her chest as she started crying. She let out a wailing cry. “Make this go away!”

But what happened to Sophie? Was she murdered? Kidnapped? Is she still alive? After ten years of grieving yet never giving up hope that her daughter being alive, Helen’s life takes a turn when her other daughter, Cora, now 21 calls to say she had stumbled across Sophie (now 18) shivering, cold, undernourished behind a dumpster.

As the family welcome Sophie back into their lives, there are questions they so desperately need answered yet Sophie is unwilling to discuss what had transpired in her life since that fateful day.

We have to say we picked the direction of this story very quickly, but then again, we don’t feel the author was hiding it in any way given the title and as we had recently watched a documentary with the same theme, we knew what to expect plot wise, so that wasn’t a revelation for us.

What was a revelation and what kept us voraciously turning the pages, were the what’s and why for’s that we desperately needed answers to. Where had Sophie been, why is she so reluctant to talk about the ten years of her disappearance? And more importantly was everything as it seemed?

‘Good people did bad things and bad people did good things. Black and white, somewhere along the years, mixed and made gray and now the gray was all that remained.”

K Larsen is a master manipulator and fabulous suspenseful author. She has woven a story of pain, loss, grief and showcased how closure and healing can come from the most tragic and painful of situations.  We understood the reasoning and actions from both sides. The desire to belong, the need to accept and we felt the raw emotion experienced by this family. It was addictive reading that’s for sure. Who is lying? Who is hiding a secret and is anyone who they say they are? You’ll have to read and find out!

4 Stars

Also, check out Jezebel – a standalone 5 Star thriller by K Larsen

purchase link small          purchase link small          purchase

“I promise you this story will make your head spin. It’s worth hearing.”


30 years of affection.
10 years of soul shattering love.
8 years of happy employment.
2 months of turmoil.
1 week of truth.
A lifetime of betrayal.

Would you have seen it coming?

Annabelle Fortin landed herself in a bit of trouble. Mandated to community service at an assisted living facility for early onset dementia she meets Jezebel, one of the residents. This is the story that unfolds over the course of Annabelle’s court ordered six month sentence. Nothing is what it seems.

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“I promise you this story will make your head spin. It’s worth hearing.”

Last year we read a book that left us reeling! Seriously….holy hell…Jezebel by K Larsen…blew our minds! It’s one of those books we will never forget!

And we’re so excited to bring you a Jezebel shorty story, titled
Aftermath, which is Gabriel’s POV.

If you haven’t read Jezebel, we highly recommend grabbing this book!
Currently on $$SALE for only 99c/99!! :: amazon us | amazon uk

See our 5 star review for Jezebel

Jezebel  colalge



30 years of affection.
10 years of soul shattering love.
8 years of happy employment.
2 months of turmoil.
1 week of truth.
A lifetime of betrayal.

Would you have seen it coming?

Annabelle Fortin landed herself in a bit of trouble. Mandated to community service at an assisted living facility for early onset dementia she meets Jezebel, one of the residents. This is the story that unfolds over the course of Annabelle’s court ordered six month sentence. Nothing is what it seems.

Gabriel Jezebel

* * * *

AFTERMATH : A Short Story by K. Larsen

Copyright © 2016 by K. Larsen

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.


 On one’s own terms

The day Gabriel decided to kill himself was a gorgeous, sun filled day. Hot and humid. But nothing about the appearance of the world matched his feelings. He had dressed himself in his best suit and pinned a note to his chest although he had no idea how long it would be before someone found his body. It didn’t matter though. He stepped carefully onto the dining room chair and secured the rope around his neck. He closed his eyes and thought about all the moments he had shared with his children. Annabelle in her little party dresses, flitting about the house carefree. Brant and his easy smile and charm. He’d wanted nothing more than a normal life and for a while, he’d had it. But had he even appreciated it while it was within his grasp? He couldn’t be sure anymore. Greed and plotting, murder and revenge had ravaged his life. Not just his life, those of his  children and both of his wives as well. Governments, the promise of notoriety and wealth, stole from his soul as much as he’d ever received from them. He’d made stupid choices for stupid reasons and it had all finally caught up with him. Gabriel never actually had what he wanted. It all came at a price. a price he had paid in blood;

He opened his eyes and looked up.

Yanked on the rope.


Without another thought, he stepped from the chair.

The rope bit into the skin at his neck. His fingers clawed at the rope out of instinct. His eye bulged from his head as his lungs struggled for air.

They burned.

Gabriel’s mind raced.

A thousand small thoughts.

A hundred regrets.

He changed his mind.

Gabriel wanted to live.

Then everything went black.

Monsters aren’t born, they’re made.


Gabriel stared blankly out his office window waiting. His daughter Annabelle should have been home an hour ago. Life lately had become a breath of fresh air. For the first time in decades, he felt his heart squeeze with joy. With life, again. The strains, sins and horrors of the past seemed to finally dissolve into oblivion. He was able to rebuild a relationship with Annabelle and it felt right. Life felt right as of late. It was a foreign feeling for him.

He ran his fingers through his already disheveled hair and looked up at the ceiling. It provided no answers. He tried his daughter’s cell phone again and it went to voicemail. He shook his head and made his way to the kitchen. He would start dinner himself.


Pierogis sizzled in butter, garlic and oil in the cast iron skillet on the stove. The smell filled the large space. Gabriel smiled to himself as he flipped each puffy pocket over in the pan. Annabelle loved it when he cooked pierogis for her. The chime of the doorbell startled him. He set the spatula down and strode to the front door. When he opened it, he immediately wished he hadn’t. Blue police lights strobed behind the officers standing before him. A sense of Deja vu washed over him. Brant. His chest constricted painfully.

“Mr. Fortin?”

Gabriel looked to the short uniformed man and nodded. Behind him, from inside the house, a burning odor made him realize the pierogis were ruined. “That’s me.”

“I’m Officer Mazak and this is Officer Richards. May we come in?”

Gabriel, confused but curious, opened the door wider and nodded. With an outstretched arm, he gestured to the living room.

Officer Masak spoke first after everyone sat down. “You’re daughter Annabelle is dead. There was an incident at the assisted living facility where she worked. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we will need you to come to the morgue and identify the body as soon as you can.”

Gabriel’s world spun wildly out of control. Anguish encompassed him. Surely there was some sort of mistake. Annabelle would be home any moment.  “What incident?”

“Sir, the fire alarm was tripped and the building cleared but there was no fire reported. However it appears Annabelle didn’t make it from the building with everyone else. Is there anyone you know who would want to harm her?”

“Harm Annabelle?” Who would harm a child? Who would harm his child? He squeezed his eyes shut and dragged a breath through his nose.

“Yes. Was anyone angry at her? Would anyone have a reason to hurt her?”

“Why? What happened to her? What are you saying?”

“It appears she’s been stabbed.”

“Stabbed? At the assisted living facility?” Nothing made any sense to him. The officer’s words seemed garbled and too thick to understand. Tears welled in his eyes. He blinked them back. Gabriel felt every emotion he was capable of. Anguish crushed his ribs. Hope clung to his brain. Heartbreak shattered his heart.

“Yes Sir. Again we’re sorry for your loss. Is there anyone you need to call?”

Monica. My God. He had to find Monica. “No. Yes. I don’t know. What are you doing to find out what happened?” Gabriel demanded.

“Sir, and investigation is under way. As soon as we know anything we will contact you.” The officer’s face held sympathy but it did nothing to quell Gabriel’s pain.

“Where is the morgue?”

When the officers finished their spiel and had written down the morgue address, Gabriel shuffled them out of his house. His brain was frozen on the only sentence he’d heard, You’re daughter Annabelle, was killed. What kind of cruel world would steal both children from a parent? He fumbled with his cell phone. Who should he call? Mark? Would he know something? Was he the one who did it? On the third ring Monica picked up. Sooner or later he would have had to tell her and sooner seemed like the better option.

“What?” she snapped. As always, their relationship was strained whenever they had contact lately. A part of him reveled in the fact that to her, the world was intact. That her greeting was a small piece of normalcy when everything else was spinning out of control.

“Annabelle is dead.” The words tumbled from his mouth without emotion. They erupted from him as a fact, a statement. Silence expanded between them. Then, on the other end of the line, shrieks and wails emerged to pummel his ear drums.

Gabriel’s chest shriveled then.

His heart calcified into an insignificant chunk of stone.

Ugliness begets ugliness

“These are her personal effects. They’ll be released to you after they are released from evidence.” The man spoke but Gabriel didn’t listen. He stared at Annabelle. Prone. White. Unmoving on a cold aluminum colored slab. Monica had collapsed at the sight of her daughter and was escorted from the room. Gabriel stayed. Riveted. His last moments with his daughter would be these. He wanted to stay forever. He wasn’t prepared to let her go. From the waiting area he heard a blood curdling scream. It snapped him from his thoughts. How long had he stood there lost in his own past? He strode quickly from one area to the other. Monica had Annabelle’s belongings splayed out before her. A chain hung from one hand. Rings dangling at the end. Annabelle’s cell phone in her other.

“I will kill her Gavin!” she screamed at him. Her face wore a raw pained expression. He wrinkled his brow in confusion and took the phone from his estranged wife’s hand.

It couldn’t be possible. His breath was sucked from his lungs in a moment. He struggled to breathe as he flipped from one picture to the next. There was no mistaking Celeste Fontaine. She was gorgeous even decades later. Gabriel lifted his eyes to Monica’s. Hers were rimmed red and swollen. “This is all your fault,” she seethed. The rings clanked as the necklace chain swung. He lurched forward, grabbing the necklace and inspected the rings. Before thinking better of it he marched back into the Medical Examiner’s office and demanded to see Annabelle again.

“Flip her over.” He had a sneaking suspicion he would be looking at an identical knife wound. The M.E. did as told. Gabriel gasped, choking for air. Celeste Fontaine was alive. His world tilted on its axis. He stumbled before catching himself on the end of the examination table. “What did the toxicology screening say?”

“We won’t have results back for another 24 to 48 hours. Sir, are you okay? Should I get the detectives down here?”

“No,” Gabriel clipped. No, no one could help them and he knew it.  If Celeste Fontaine had been alive all these years, if she had truly found him and Monique, there would be nothing the police or he could do to prevent her wrath. He wasn’t even able to tell the police his true identity. The government had already done what they could. There was no one and nothing that would aid him or Monique. But how? How had Celeste lived? How had she rebuilt herself, her life? Fear gripped Gabriel tight. He sank to his knees and let out a chilling scream.


Monica paced the living room. Every noise and creak of the house made her jump. “She will come for us too.” Her voice was frantic.

“No. No she won’t,” he replied. “We’re meant to suffer. Killing us would be too good for us. She wants us to suffer.”

“We have to find her Gabriel.” The name slips off her tongue as if it were just yesterday she used to call him that.

“And how would we go about that Monica? For decades she’s lived and watched and planned and we’ve been none the wiser.”

“We know she’s using Jezebel as her name. Surely we can have one of the C.I.A agents look into it?” Monica slumped down next to him on the couch. She hugged a pillow to her chest, sniffled and then sobbed because it smelled like Annabelle.

“I’m sure she’s not using that name. Clearly she wouldn’t be that stupid. All this time she was sitting there week after week with our daughter. We had no idea. As for the C.I.A. we burned that bridge a long time ago.”

Monica wailed a broken, ragged cry. Gabriel didn’t have the desire to comfort her. In part, she was to blame. They were both to blame. There would be no absolution for them. They were now left to rot in their lives, re-live the pain they had each caused, day after day. Gabriel swallowed down the bile that crept up his throat. He had accomplished nothing in the lifetime he was given. He would never be anything. His world had been a mirage, that much was apparent now. Celeste Fontaine had pulled the rug from beneath his feet. She stole his career in France. She stole his family in the United States. She stole his marriage. She stole everything from him. And he had been so smug at one point in his life. He’d truly believed that he could move on and have it all; that the sins of his past would never be able to touch the moments of his future. How foolish he’d been. Disgust washed over him when he looked at Monica. He couldn’t remember how or why he’d fallen in love with her and it irked him. “You need to leave,” he spat at the woman he used to love.

Monica’s head whipped backward, offended. She stood but hesitated. Her mouth opened but then snapped closed. Good, he thought. Monica Fortin turned and exited the house. Gavin Fortin got up and stormed out of the room. Tomorrow was a new day and he knew exactly what it would bring.

Purchase Jezebel here

Jezebel : amazon usamazon uk
Lying in Wait :: amazon usamazon uk
Lying in Wait is a companion Novella and must be read after Jezebel

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Standalone : The ultimate emotional second chance love story
MISSED CONNECTION is available to purchase below
 amazon us :: amazon uk

Missed Connection 5th Jan


Twenty years weren’t enough for either of them to forget.

A chance encounter, a missed connection.

Two wayward stars that collided in a turbulent sky, at the right place, but at the wrong time in both of their lives.

What happens when they meet again? Do the same unforgettable sparks still fly?

Titan Jennings and Jesenia Van Buren may come from two different worlds but their hearts are open to second chances. No matter who or what may stand against them, love is what anchors their lives together.

Love may be infinite but time is not, Missed Connection is a novel about making the very best you can with what little you’ve got.


Missed Connection

Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny

✯✯✯✯✯ ++++ heartbreakingly beautiful stars!

 “Where have you been my whole life?”

“Right here, waiting for you to turn up again.”

You know one of those stories that grips you from page one and never lets’ go until you’ve turned the last page? Well Missed Connection is that kind of story. It was everything and more – it was absolutely flawless – it was perfection. It had everything that gets our book hearts completely invested – falling in love whilst devouring every single beautiful word and sentence written by K. Larsen and Mara White.

“What is it about you, Ty? What happened to us that night?”

‘This is what second chances feel like, magical and decadent, almost like you’ve beat the powers that be at their own game.’

When we began reading we were immediately reminded of a Craigslist notice which was shared far and wide on Facebook and Twitter. At the time it brought tears to our eyes and we both said how we’d love a book written about this moment in time. Well, who knew – it happened?!

‘His words are more than poetic. They were meant for me. Ty is looking for me.’

We certainly didn’t until we opened up this book. It was unquestionably inspiring, romantic, emotional, passionate and quite heart-breaking too.  It was a story of soulmates – fate, hope and second chance love.

‘The ghost of this woman kept alive only by a matchbook, a tattoo and now, a post, just hanging out somewhere online.’

We loved that Titan and Jesenia were mature characters who’d truly lived; had a past and a present which resembled normality in life with much realism. Whilst living their own lives and bringing up their respective children; Angie and Luke, each knew that twenty years ago their heart and soul connected with a strangers – a connection that lasted one night in a diner after which neither met again…until they did.

‘It touches me deeply to know that a moment that was so pivotal in my life – was important to someone else – that it also lives on through you.’

Jesenia is in a loveless marriage; a politician’s wife who has an incredible bond with her daughter. Whilst she suffers with her own personal demons she still remembers that night when she gave a piece of her heart to a chance encounter. Jesenia stole our hearts – completely.

“So I’ve thought a lot on this whole thing and here’s what I’ve come up with – some relationships are anchored by their faith in God, when everything falls apart, both parties come back to their faith and it holds them together. Some relationships are anchored by their deep appreciation and respect for their partner. But you and I we have something different, we’re anchored by a moment in time. A chance encounter. We’re anchored by hope.”

Ty, the most eligible bachelor in contracting is raising his teenage son as a single Dad whilst reminiscing about the night his soul connected with another. We felt his longing and frustrations at what was such a highly emotionally charged moment which changed his path in life. We fell in utter love with Ty – the man he is – well he is quite simply amazing in so many respects as well as inspiring.

“You are everything I’d always dreamed you’d be and so much more.”

We urge you to pick up Ty and Jes’ story – it’s quite the journey and you will feel every emotion that is possible as you follow their journey both apart and together. Learning with them as well as exploring the mystery and romanticism of a one chance encounter that shaped lives and held such a stronghold on two souls forever.

 “I hope you know, that if I could, I would give you the stars. But, instead all I can give you is everything I have in my heart.”


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Missed Connection 5th Jan


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