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MINE (Real #2) by KATY EVANS



He’s mine, and I’m his. Our love is all-consuming, powerful, imperfect, and real…In the international bestseller REAL, the unstoppable bad boy of the Underground fighting circuit finally met his match. Hired to keep him in prime condition, Brooke Dumas unleashed a primal desire in Remington “Riptide” Tate as vital as the air he breathes… and now he can’t live without her.

Brooke never imagined she would end up with the man who is every woman’s dream, but not all dreams end happily ever after, and just when they need each other the most, she is torn away from his side. Now with distance and darkness between them, the only thing left is to fight for the love of the man she calls MINE

mine pic

Reviewed by Jenny and Gitte

 Gitte:  3.5 Stars
Jenny: 3.5 Stars

Gitte: How excited were we Jenny to get our hands on more Remy? This man is so complex and different to so many hero’s out there and let’s not forget the fighter status! I have to say that in ‘Mine’, my favourite scenes were the ones with Remy in the ring. Katy Evans is the writing queen of the MMA fighter scenes in my opinion. They are detailed and so well written and I applaud her for that!

‘He comes into my line of vision, a flash of red, and swings up into the ring, so lithe and muscled, so sleek and agile. The lights shine down on him as he gets rid of his red robe, and suddenly he’s there. So masculine and raw. Every woman’s fantasy…..’

So, it breaks my heart to say that ‘Mine’ just didn’t wow me. I wish with all my heart that I loved it, because I love Remy and I love this Author. But the story line just didn’t work for me, because there wasn’t much of one in my opinion and also, Brooke sadly frustrated the hell out of me through most of the book.

Basically, Mine became all about Brooke’s anxieties and her sister, again. It became all about nookie, Brooke and Nora. There was no huge drama or suspense. Saying that though, mostly the nookie was hot and any scene with Remy in it, training or fighting was lush!

The only secondary character I really loved was Mel. LOVED her. She was so funny and real and she spoke her mind with abandon!

“Riptide is a bit of a Neanderthal, isn’t he? He’s so fucking primal….” – Mel

I don’t really know how to explain it other than to say, that for me, ‘Mine’ dragged a bit, it became repetitive and I wanted to skim any scene with Brooke moaning and bitching.

Gah, I feel awful but I have to be honest, I just didn’t get it, this is a follow up book but we didn’t really get anywhere! I know I’m not a lone voice in this because you felt the same didn’t you Jenny?

Jenny:  You’re definitely not a lone voice G and I have to be honest and say in all my time of reviewing  this review is one of the most painful I’ve had to write because I loved Real and was so excited for this book. In fact I would go so far as to say it was one of my most anticipated upcoming releases.  I was dying to see how Brooke and Remy fared and what life had in store for them. How they progressed and how they were overcoming their problems etc. I guess what I expected from Mine was a progression and I just don’t feel that was accomplished.

“You’re blinded because you’re mine.”
“No, I see you because I’m yours.”

We’ve discussed Mine at length with each other and unfortunately we are of the same opinion that this one just didn’t wow us.  We did enjoy it enough to follow it through to the end and felt the last part of the book brought it home but sadly for me also, it was a little to late.  Mine lacked the impact we had anticipated from this story.  I wanted to blame it on my mood, tiredness…..anything, and in fact I’ve been dragging my heels finalising this review trying to decipher what  it was exactly that didn’t work for me and like you I found it repetitive, awkward at times, Brooke’s characters appeared to have changed her constant bemoaning and internal dialogue made the story drag for me  and the felt a little too similar to Real at times..

Towards the end of the book there were some emotional scenes that grabbed me and I totally agree that Katy Evans can write an amazing MMA fight scene that is full of gripping imagery for the reader.

I found the whole sniffing, petting and carry on to be awkward and not endearing or sexy though there certainly were some bloody hot scenes in Mine that’s for sure! Wowzers!

Gitte: Now, Remy….

“That’s right, ladies and gentlemen! Bitches and manwhores! Girls and fucking boys! You want him? You got him! Say hello tonight to yourrrrrr one, yourrrrr only, Remington Tate, RRRRIIIIITIDE!!”

All I have to say is, this man is still so very lush. I give this man five Stars for being a fierce, passionate, protective, ripped fighting machine with a heart of gold and having the patience of a bloody saint. All this and he still deals so well with the memories of a fucked up childhood and his black episodes.

“I want him like my next breath….I want every fragmented part of him. I want his body. His mind. His heart. His beautiful soul.” – Brooke


Remy’s story still makes me cry big fat ugly tears.

Jenny:  Remy really shone for me in this one even though I do feel he was kind of given a bum ride. To say I’m eagerly awaiting his book is an understatement because I’m so ready to hear from the man himself.  Geez G, I totally agree that this man certainly needs to be commended on his patience because he certainly cops a lot of crap from all directions and showed great fortitude when dealing with it all.

“Stop fucking punishing me, Brooke. I love you.” – Remy

He’s such a beautifully written character and my heart goes out to him time and time again. To rise above all the adversity he has faced really melts your heart and connects you to this character.

Gitte: Then we have Brooke.

“I know what I’ve got, and you’re a little handful of trouble, that’s who you are.” – Remy

What the heck happened to her Jenny? If I was meant to feel sorry for her, sympathise with her, understand her…well something went wrong because I didn’t get her at all. I haven’t really got much to say. I loved her strength, attitude and devotion in Real, but in ‘Mine’ it was a whole different Brooke. Yeah I just don’t know what to say Jenny, it breaks my heart and I feel like the world’s biggest meanie right now sadly but I wanted to kick her in the shins through most of ‘Mine’, well until about eighty percent anyway….

Jenny: Brooke, Brooke, Brooke…….I have no idea what happened to her in Mine but I really did want to slap her a couple of times.  I really liked Brooke in Real also. She was strong, compassionate and funny but something happened to her in Mine and I found her to be pretty high maintenance and whiny, though I wonder if this had more to do with my feelings being so strong for Remy and what he had to contend with on all levels.

“Did you think there wouldn’t be days where I loathed you more than I loved you for tearing me apart? Did you?”

I’m still conflicted on that one.

Gitte:  Right then, so sadly I didn’t love ‘Mine’, the last third of the book was fab but it was too late for me, but I still love Remy. He was given a bum deal in ‘Mine’, yet he shone and showed real heart despite this. I can’t wait for the next book where we get to hear his voice!! So my 3.5 stars go directly to RIIIIIIPPPPTIDE!!!!

Jenny:  I agree G.  The last third of Mine was fantastic. It was moving, beautiful and these two really connected at that point but like you it was just a tad too late because my irritation with certain aspects of the story were already ingrained in me.  Geez I hate writing reviews like this but as always we have to honestly convey our thoughts and even though Mine wasn’t a standout read it was still a book I enjoyed. I just didn’t love it.

I have to say I’m counting down the days until Remy is released because I am DYING for that book.  To hear from Remy, to feel him through his voice is something I’ve been anticipating since first reading Real. Bring on Riiiiiiiiiiiptide!!!!!

‘Hard, lean, and perfect, he is all dangerous, all beautiful and all mine.’ – Brooke

He is indeed Brooke!!!


Check out and purchase the REAL SERIES here; 

Real (The REAL series)

Mine (The REAL series)

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Release Date for Remy : 26th November 2013

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MMA Romance – Standalone

Purchase REAL by KATY EVANS here: amazon us :: amazon uk



A fallen boxer.
A woman with a broken dream.
A competition…

He even makes me forget my name. One night was all it took, and I forgot everything and anything except the sexy fighter in the ring who sets my mind ablaze and my body on fire with wanting…

Remington Tate is the strongest, most confusing man I’ve ever met in my life.

He’s the star of the dangerous underground fighting circuit, and I’m drawn to him as I’ve never been drawn to anything in my life. I forget who I am, what I want, with just one look from him. When he’s near, I need to remind myself that I am strong—but he is stronger. And now it’s my job to keep his body working like a perfect machine, his taut muscles primed and ready to break the bones of his next opponents…

But the one he’s most threatening to, now, is me.

I want him. I want him without fear. Without reservations.

If only I knew for sure what it is that he wants from me?


Reviewed by Jenny and Gitte – 4.5 Stars

Jenny:  We can never get enough of MMA book with a tortured hero can we Gitte? But what I found with this one was that there was a twist with regard to the MC which I found quite different and, as sad as that was, I enjoyed that this delved a little further than being a romance. Remy was at the heart of this story and I found him such troubled and interesting character.

A fallen boxer.
A woman with a broken dream.
A competition…

Remington Tate. Remy. Riptide.  We know him by many names, but knowing the man. What makes him tick, what drives Remy’s compulsive and at times unpredictable behaviour? Where does his anger, confusion and uncertainty stem from?  Why was he so tortured and could Brooke  be his salvation? Was she going to be the woman who sees so much more than the angry, manic fighter the fans see? That’s what I wanted to unravel and I couldn’t wait to find out.

Remy finds it hard to communicate, finding it hard to express himself and is most definitely a man of few words, and this again was something I really wanted to further explore.

Brooke knocks Remy for a six when he first locks eyes with her and continues to be confused by the intense feelings he has for her.  Unable to precisely communicate his emotions through thought and words, Remy uses music/songs to express his feelings and this was such a poignant and beautiful part of the story and being an absolute music nut, I LOVED it!  The author put a lot of effort into having the right songs for Remy and Brooke, even so far as to obtaining lyrics, and I’m so glad she did because this really did add to the story.  I know there is one song in particular I will listen to from now on and always think of Brooke and Remy.  Somehow the author turned it into “their song” for me and I loved that.

Remy 1

Gitte: I loved this story Jenny, for so many reasons, not just for the obvious ones like the fact that we have a gorgeous tortured hero in Remy, but the fact that this one absolutely put a different spin to the typical MMA stories out there. Remy is a complete force of nature. He is F.I.E.R.C.E! Like the dangerous quiet before the devastating storm. There is something so utterly raw and intense about Remy that just traps the reader…he exudes this power that is unrivalled. He makes you miss a breath. He is like no other. He left me speechless!

What I loved most about him though is the way he communicates through music. Remy is a man after my own heart. He reduced me to a puddle on the floor by his feet in complete captivation and desire.

His immediate and intense attraction to Brooke, an attraction he is unable to communicate, gave me chills.

You cannot relax into this story completely as the danger is there and you just don’t know which way it’s going to go. Remy was complex and his story broke my heart…made me cry! This Author had me gripped and on the edge of my seat through the whole story, oh and the music…spot on!

remy 2


Jenny:  You’re so right Gitte.  In a way, you do read this with some measure of dread in your heart because you feel so much for this tormented man.  Brooke is a tough cookie and tries to deny her feelings for the intensely closed off Remy, who fights as a way of dealing with his aggression.  This man brings out such a need in Brooke she is unsure of how to proceed with Remy but knows she has to proceed with caution.

As her physio it is her job to keep this man in peak condition, to make him ready for every fight on his calender, to take care of him and keep him in peak condition physically and mentally.

Remy relies on Brooke in more ways than one and his feelings are so extreme towards her she must be guard herself against the intense and unpredictable Remy. Remy, what can I say about Remy? Loved him. Remy will melt your heart.  He will break your heart at times and you will want to just grab this big bear of a man and hold him. Hold him until you make everything right for Remy.  His has not been an easy road. Misjudged, used and misunderstood, but with Brooke by his side, can she help him tame his demons and be the Remy he desperately wants to be? I really enjoyed Real, it was a different take on a theme I love, the sexual chemistry was off the charts and I’m glad I got to read Brooke and Remy’s story.  A story with heart about a man who will steal it. The ending completely melted me.

Gitte: Brooke was a great heroine. She too has had emotional trauma in her past and it has shaped her into who she is the day she meets Remy and affects her actions from then on in respect to the intensity of feelings she has for him. Brooke has had to change her life and find her place and now has the added uncertainty of Remy.

Remy has so much turmoil within him yet lacks the words. The reasons for who Remy is, his struggles and his aggression he cannot put into words.  By keeping Brooke at his side he tries to show her, tries to convey who he really is through music, show her another side. Brooke reciprocates and I thought this journey was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking at times despite the ugly and gritty rearing its head throughout. The sexual tension was so intense, built up to the extreme so that you literally can’t take any more.

I loved this story and without a doubt I absolutely fell in total LOVE with Remy. I applaud this new Author for taking a different path in the genre of MMA romance. It worked and she nailed it!

ARC supplied by author for an honest review

remy 3


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