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the enforcer 22nd Mar


They are the lost boys.
Sons of mafia mistresses expected to keep their fathers’ sins in the shadows. 
The lucky ones are forgotten. 
Unfortunately for Valentino “Tino” Moretti, his brother Nova was too smart to be forgotten, and too valuable to risk when he resists a life of crime.
So they punished Tino instead. 
Forced into the cruel world of the Sicilian Mafia at twelve, Tino was broken before he was old enough to know the man he was supposed to be.
Now he’s what the mafia made him. 
The enforcer. 
A trained killer forbidden to love, but he did anyway.
He loved Brianna all along. 
Raw and beautiful, their romance was all consuming and far too dangerous. 
They were ripped apart a long time ago. 
It’s not until the borgata tries to put out a hit on her that Brianna falls back into Tino’s arms, churning up their dark past and unraveling all the Moretti brothers’ closely guarded secrets. 
This isn’t the end of the story.
It’s only the beginning and it is brutal. 
There’s a reason enforcers are considered too deadly to love. 


Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte 

5 ‘you matter to us’ Stars

‘..all of them learned firsthand what love could destroy.
The kingdoms it could rip apart.
The lives it could ruin.
The hearts it could break.’

What a book! We have always suspected it would be Nova’s story that would bring us to our knees. After all, Tino came across as the wise guy of the bunch; the one who seemed to find light in a situation and who appeared to lack the intensity of his brothers yet we had wondered if that bravado was a façade for something much deeper. After having witnessed firsthand the agonising story beneath the man, we now know this was the case. Tino’s story was nothing short of heartbreaking and it brought us to our knees!  We could have never envisaged the path his story would take as we personally felt Tino’s pain, guilt and humiliation as it radiated from the pages of the ‘expendable‘ brother.

“It’s okay. We all got a sad story. Some more than others.”

In The Enforcer, Kele Moon delivered a powerful, moving and shocking story. This author writes so honestly and with such precision to detail it’s as though she has an intimate knowledge of the world in which she writes. We felt like she had taken us by the hand and personally lead us into a world that excites and terrifies us in equal measures as we explored the underbelly of the Cosa Nostra with her. We trusted her to navigate our emotions as she brought Tino’s story to life through her creative and potent imagery.  This may have been a long story but nothing was superfluous as we hung on every word. The light-hearted camaraderie was peppered through The Enforcer appearing when needed to alleviate some of sadness and anger we were experiencing.

“You take from whores. Use them. Don’t love them.”
“Cause they’re love starved. They’ve been hurt and beaten for so fucking long they are desperate for kindness. Love them, really love them, and they’ll die for you. They’ll bleed for you.”

The romance between Tino and Bri was allowed to develop in what felt like real time. It wasn’t rushed, but rather carefully constructed from youth to adulthood. This beautiful slow build ensured the depth of their feelings was paramount with the passion and chemistry searing yet with a sensitivity that befitted the very damaged man that was Valentino Moretti.

“I wouldn’t just bleed for you. I’d bleed motherfuckers out for you. I’d end worlds for you.”

Brianna was the innocence to Tino’s impurity.  Bri may not have been born a Sicilian but she understood their ways and she understood Tino. She never judged, she never flinched. A lesser woman would have run a mile, but not our heroine. Every bit the pawn as Tino, Bri was as tenacious as she was sweet.

‘Together, they were like a firework. Beautiful in the night. A dusty smear of ash in the morning when reality crashed in and ruined the high. They just weren’t ever meant to be more than one brief, amazing explosion of memories that should’ve been enough to sustain them. But it hadn’t been. Not even close.’

At the heart of this story though is the love between Romeo, Casanova and Valentino. Brothers who share a bond that is forged through struggle and pain and extends beyond blood loyalty and love. When these guys say they would take a bullet for the other, you know they aren’t just words, you KNOW they would die for one another. Yet is this very love, loyalty and nobleness that which could possibly be their undoing.

“Lost Boys fucking fly. We fly right? We’re better than them.”

In this book we discovered what shaped the boy into the man, the man into The Enforcer and bravo to Kele Moon for bringing this evocative, powerful, suspenseful and heartbreaking story to life. You had us weeping over the cruelty suffered by these men, giggling at the witty banter between the brothers and clutching our hearts at the unconventional romance between a damaged man and the woman who so fiercely stood by him. We rallied behind these Lost Boys and can’t wait to learn more about their world, their lives and their loves. There are questions we desperately want answered and wait with bated breath to continue Tino’s formidable journey in The Enforcers Revenge.

❈  ❈


Untamed Hearts

The Viper Book #1 – our reviewamazon us | amazon uk 
 The Slayer Book #2 – our reviewamazon us | amazon uk 
 The Enforcer Book #3 – amazon us  | amazon uk
 The Enforcer’s Revenge Book #4 – Coming in 2016
The Boss Book #5

❈  ❈


Battered Hearts

Defying the Odds Book #1 (Currently 99cc/99p) :  amazon us | amazon uk
Star Crossed Book #2 : our reviewamazon us amazon uk 
Crossign the Line Book #3 – our reviewamazon us | amazon uk 

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Erotic, highly emotional, darkly sexual love story. The pain in this story is vivid and real, the emotions even more so. Haunting and poignant, this series presents a darker side of BDSM.
Please Note: These books are numbered differently in order of how they were released, however, the story chronologically occurs by reading as follows:

Purchase The Eden Series
(to be read in this order)

Finding Eden amazon us | amazon uk
Claiming Eden amazon us | amazon uk
Beyond Eden  : amazon us | amazon uk


claiming eden 26th Jan



Fiercely loyal, Danny will do anything for his best friend and lover Paul. Yet when he turns to beautiful Mistress Circe for training to be a Pro-Dom Danny is forced to learn how deep his love for Paul really goes.
In order to train with her Circe expects Danny to do the one thing he hates above all others–submit.

Claiming Eden (1)

Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny

5 emotional stars!

 “He won’t hurt her. He doesn’t know how to hurt her.”

*This CANNOT be read as a standalone* – You must read this series (in chronological order – not the published reading order) as follows:  Finding Eden then Claiming Eden followed by Beyond Eden in order to read the series as intended and get the full benefit of an incredible series that will touch every part of your heart. The Eden series is hard to read but it’s fundamentally emotionally driven meaning aspects of the story become secondary to the mental and emotional torment of love and the self.

“I want him to be proud of me.”

“Your father is not a role model. He’s an abuser who beat a little boy so hard for so long he grew up thinking the only way to be loved is to have the shit kicked out of him.”

We read this series years ago yet still remember it with aching hearts and tears in our eyes. So, to say we were apprehensive yet eager to start reading Claiming Eden is an understatement. Paul, Danny and Eve have owned our hearts ever since we met them; their story so heart breaking, passionate and unusually romantic. Their journey is not easy rather it is fraught with pain and searing love. So many tears!

Danny loves Paul with all his heart and he knows he’ll never get that love and tenderness completely returned as Paul wants him to carry on and emulate a childhood indoctrination of pain equals love.

‘Devoted slave and loyal best friend was as close as they would ever get.’

Again, the story of Paul broke our hearts once more as much as it did the first time. We absolutely have no doubts at all that Paul loves Danny, but the nature of his love does not necessarily mirror Danny’s love for Paul and this is so fucking sad. The lengths Danny goes to in order to protect, love and keep Paul safe is heart-breaking. Danny boy craves and ultimately needs the softness and tenderness to make up for the unbearable pain giving yet his necessary struggle and incessant want to be what Paul needs makes his sacrifice so much more evident. Paul and Danny – best friends from childhood; their love is immeasurable yet heartbreakingly unalike.

He lost Paul in those tender moments when Danny wanted to hold him instead of hurt him. Love him instead of insult him.’

We hope with all our hearts that Kele Moon decides to write more which takes us to the time after Beyond Eden. Claiming Eden opened up old wounds from when we read this series last and the only healing grace would be more from Paul, Danny and Eve.


 ஐ ஐ ஐ

A Totallybooked 5 Star Series.

(to be read in this order)
Finding Eden amazon us | amazon uk
Claiming Eden amazon us amazon uk
Beyond Eden  : amazon us | amazon uk

 ஐ ஐ ஐ

Reviewed by our Male Reviewer

beyond eden 1


Three lifelong friends find themselves tangled in a web of love, pain and dangerous secrets in this erotic Garden of Eden tale.

Tall, dark and handsome Danny Carlow has always gotten whatever he wants except for the two he desires more than anything—his best friends, lovers Paul and Eve. Determined to claim what was never supposed to be his, Danny waits like a snake in the grass, poised for the right moment to offer them a temptation too delicious to resist.

Artist Eve Everton made the painful decision to leave her true love Paul for the siren call of New York City. Now ten years later, with her life in shambles, she returns. When Paul’s waiting arms aren’t available, Eve falls for Danny’s charm and finds herself a willing accomplice in the dangerous games Danny plays.

Paul Mattling is a successful attorney with a bright future ahead of him, but behind those brilliant blue eyes are secret desires for a taste of the forbidden. Will he play it safe or give in to Danny and Eve and bite the apple?





Handsome, angry and spoiled, Danny Carlow struggles to find his place in the world when his hatred for authority makes survival difficult. The only thing that keeps him from completely giving up and turning to a life of crime is his friendship with clean-cut Paul Mattling. More than his conscience and his best friend, Paul’s also the one Danny secretly pines for with every ounce of his being.

Paul is a natural over-achiever with a football scholarship and straight A’s to boast about. Yet Paul is haunted by an abusive childhood that’s left him more scarred than anyone realizes. Looking for an escape from his demons, Paul has his own deviant secrets, ones he doesn’t want anyone, especially Danny, to know about.

When dark desires are accidentally revealed Danny and Paul end up coming together in a clash of wild passion more tumultuous than either of them could have anticipated. Tasting the forbidden is sweet, but it turns the tables on their relationship, putting everything, even their lifelong friendship, in jeopardy.


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In the UNTAMED HEARTS series we meet the younger characters from Battered Hearts, Chuito, Tino and Nova.
Untamed Hearts is a wilder, darker, more violent series.
All three of the heroes are criminals in one way or another .

The Slayer should not be read as a Standalone. To garner the most out of this series we recommend reading them in order and also recommend reading Star Crossed and Crossing the Line – Books 2 and 3 from the BATTERED HEARTS series as characters and stories overlap.
(Details below)

The Slayer


To Chuito the apartment was a self-imposed prison for a lifetime of sins. To Alaine, the girl next door, it was salvation from her overbearing, religious father.

He was a devil.
She was an angel.

Two people who should’ve never met, let alone become friends, but it’s not until they give into the dangerous passion that’s been simmering under the surface for five years that things go to hell. 

On the outside, Chuito ‘The Slayer’ Garcia is on top of the world. He’s successful. He’s wealthy. He’s a champion MMA fighter surrounded by friends who support him, but they don’t know what he was before he came to Garnet.

A gangster.
A thief.
An addict.
A murderer.

Now his past is churning up demons he can’t ignore. Chuito knows he needs to go back to Miami to end it, but there’s something holding him back, a single temptation he can’t resist before leaving.


She’s the one drug he can’t give up…even if it destroys them both.

The Slayer #2

Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny

✯✯✯✯✯ Stars

“To me you’re coke. Fine. Smooth. Perfectly white. Very bad for me, but so fucking sexy I don’t give a shit. It’s worth going down for.”

This was quite the grand impressive read, so much happened and we spent time with all the characters from the Battered Hearts series, which we loved, as well as getting excited about what’s to come from hereon in with our Italian contingent.

“He’s my love story.”

First though we have to say we absolutely loved Alaine and Chu’s love story, because ultimately that is what this was. Set in violence, revenge and family loyalty.  This is pure classic Kele Moon, the Author we fell in love with many years ago. We cried an abundance of tears – laughed till our cheeks hurt and got completely caught up in the intense passion. To be honest, by the time we’d finished it felt as if we too had gone through a few rounds in the cage with Chu.

“I was born un diablo, and I’m gonna die one. Devils don’t change; just like angels don’t change. You shouldn’t be in my bed, Mami.”

We loved Alaine, the sweet no nonsense and fierce beauty who has such a huge heart and loves with her very being. No wonder Chu was hesitant to act on his love for her in any other way but friendship, after all, he believes himself to be the Devil and bringing her into his gangster life would taint her pure heart and place her in a position of danger he doesn’t want for her.

‘Gangster tears weren’t ordinary tears. The cut had to be deeper than bone, a hurt that made motherfuckers unrepentant murderers. It ripped open souls and bled out humanity.’

We absolutely loved Chuito; the tattooed bad arsed MMA fighter with a horrific and tragic past still playing into the now. Besides the hard fighting persona of Chuito he had such a beautiful heart and when he does romance it’s the kind that melts you into a puddle on the floor. All we’ll say here is the dancing scenes!!

“Just listen to the music. Close your eyes. Listen to the drums. Feel it. Feel it like a heartbeat. Like life. You want it to be a love song, hear the sex in it. Hold me like I hold you. Like you need me.”

We can’t fault how Kele Moon brought this love story to light. The depth and attention to every detail and emotion was flawless. A perfect balance of harrowing emotion, laughter, pure romance and heat inducing freezer time. When we say Kele brought it all we mean, she brought it ALL!!!

‘She felt like his salvation, like the angel he always thought of her as, but he fucked her like a devil anyway.’

We cannot recommend her Battered Heart series highly enough which is the best place to start to get to personally meet all the characters; then move onto The Untamed Hearts series. You’ll be in for an epic journey of magnificent emotional magnitude. We can’t wait for more to come with Tino and … sigh…. Nova!!! These two mafia hard-men brought an electric passion yes at the same time as having us in fits of laughter. Perfect combo if you ask us!

“Join our sinners’ party. Come sit.”

**Reviewed from an ARC copy provided by the author, with thanks**

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Untamed Hearts

The Viper Book #1 – our reviewamazon us | amazon uk 
 The Slayer Book #2 – our reviewamazon us | amazon uk 
 The Enforcer Book #3 – amazon us  | amazon uk
 The Enforcer’s Revenge Book #4 – Coming in 2016
The Boss Book #5

❈  ❈

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Battered Hearts

Defying the Odds Book #1 (Currently 99cc/99p) :  amazon us | amazon uk
Star Crossed Book #2 : our reviewamazon us amazon uk 
Crossing the Line Book #3 – our reviewamazon us | amazon uk 

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THE VIPER (Untamed Hearts #1) by KELE MOON

Romance Series with MMA – Mafia theme

In the UNTAMED HEARTS series we meet the younger characters from Battered Hearts, Chuito, Tino and Nova.
Untamed Hearts is a wilder, darker, more violent series.
All three of the heroes are criminals in one way or another .

The Slayer should not be read as a Standalone.
To get the most out of this series we recommend reading them in order and also recommend reading Star Crossed and Crossing the Line – Books 2 and 3 from the BATTERED HEARTS series as characters and stories overlap.
(Details below)

the viper

Marcos Rivera is a fighter. A gang member. Someone who has seen the dark side of humankind and survived. He has lost family and gained enemies. He has stolen cars and destroyed hearts, stripping one for money and the other for pleasure. His past is haunted and his future is bleak.

Until her.
Katie Foster is a high school history teacher. Smart, strong, and sexy. She is a woman Marcos shouldn’t want. Shouldn’t touch. Shouldn’t love. He met her in Garnet, a backwards, hick town that’s the last place in the world he wants to be, but he finds himself going back for a taste of the forbidden.

Katie represents all that is good in the world, and Marcos knows he’s nothing but trouble for her perfect life. He fights and he screws. He commits crimes and he breaks the rules. He will never change and he will never escape his gang lifestyle.
Or can he?
What happens when two different people from two very different walks of life risk it all by giving into the passion that threatens to consume both of them? Can a woman who only knows how to play it safe give her heart to a man who lives hard and loves harder?
Will she survive The Viper?

´♥ ´♥ ´♥


Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

‘Thug life usually ended in a coffin or jail.’

J&G: ✯✯✯1/2 Stars 

Gitte: First of all let me say I absolutely love Kele Moon; she’s one of my all-time favourite Authors. Her writing is superb and the way she writes from the heart drawing out such emotion in me through her words is simply quite breath-taking. So it hurts so bloody much to say The Viper just didn’t have the same impact on me as her previous work. I really enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t fall in complete love and I didn’t feel as much as I normally do whilst reading her stories.

“No crying. I want you to stop letting the world hurt you.”

Once again, it was brilliantly written, the last 30 % was my favourite part of the story; that’s where the honest gut wrenching emotion and intensity came to play. Also, no one writes fighters and inner struggles like Kele Moon does.

“I just wanted something to hurt me. To make me forget. To make it sting so bad I couldn’t think about anything but the needle digging into my skin.”

However, overall I didn’t feel the intensity of the connection between Marcos and Katie. Nor did I think their respective pasts and current bond and attraction was explored enough to understand what shaped them and truly believe in that powerful connection they had.  In some ways I thought Chuito had too big of a role in this book for Marcos to truly shine and I just didn’t learn enough about Katie to fully connect. I did like both characters though. Marcos was a gorgeous, amazing man with a great sense of humour and Katie was sweet yet strong. I would have loved to know more though.

“I know my limits. You push every single one of them.”

As always the steam factor was hotter than Hades and catching up with familiar much loved characters was fab. I definitely recommend this book and I can’t wait for more in this series and will be eagerly awaiting every instalment.  Kele Moon is a favourite for many reasons and I’ll keep on one clicking! How did you feel about this one, Jenny?

Jenny:  Gitte I’m like you with this author. I never fail to experience that excited anticipation whenever I see Kele Moon has an upcoming release. She’s a definite 1click and always will be. The warmth and humour of her characters, the emotion she evokes in her stories and the beauty of her writing will have me coming back again and again.

“Just make me yours, that’s what I need right now, Marcos.”

It’s with a heavy heart I agree with your thoughts and whilst I did enjoy The Viper I too felt it lacked some of the intensity I’ve come to love from this author. I didn’t connect to Katie and Marcos as completely as I would have liked and didn’t experience their connection as strongly as I had hoped. I too wondered if this was due to the big presence of Chuito , a larger than life character who tended to overshadow Marcos in his own book.

“We’ll share the sins. All of them.”

 Katie was such a sweet character yet she could show grit when required. Marcos was a gorgeous guy and I so felt his inner struggle and his willingness to want to be better, but felt his hopelessness that it may never be a reality.

“You’re the lover. I’m just the fighter.” Chuito

Marcos’s personality really came to light towards the end when the emotion of the story came to a climax. Tia Sofia was a great character who stole every moment she was present. Kele Moon really does write an amazing fight scene. You can almost feel the hits as she explains the process in such vivid detail. The heat factor was scorching! There were some hits and misses in this one but overall I did enjoy it and would recommend picking it up. Looking forward to the rest of this series!

**Reviewed off an ARC copy provided by the author**


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Untamed Hearts

The Viper Book #1 – our reviewamazon us | amazon uk 
 The Slayer Book #2 – our reviewamazon us | amazon uk 
 The Enforcer Book #3 – amazon us  | amazon uk
 The Enforcer’s Revenge Book #4 – Coming in 2016
The Boss Book #5

❈  ❈

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Battered Hearts

Defying the Odds Book #1 (Currently 99cc/99p) :  amazon us | amazon uk
Star Crossed Book #2 : our reviewamazon us amazon uk 
Crossign the Line Book #3 – our reviewamazon us | amazon uk 

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CROSSING THE LINE (Battered Hearts Book #3) by KELE MOON

TBB Top Read

crossing the line

Wyatt Conner is a hard man. A sixth generation sheriff in his hometown of Garnet. A former MMA fighter. His life is about following the rules and making sure everyone else in Garnet follows them too.
Before life hurt him, Wyatt was different. Love had once blinded him to his upbringing and made him defiant against anyone who tried to separate him from the girl he loved. He easily broke laws to ensure her safety.

When she left it destroyed him.
Now she’s back.
Tabitha knew coming home was a mistake, but family obligation demanded it. She wasn’t expecting to run smack into the love of her life the same day she returned.
Despite the danger, Tabitha is powerless against the wild rush of desire that explodes between them the moment she finds herself in Wyatt’s arms again. She needs a second chance too, but she can’t risk Wyatt finally discovering the real reason she left.
Even for another taste of true love.
Tabitha knows her haunted past will destroy both of them if Wyatt finds out. What she suffered through was too terrible and it’s the one thing that will have him crossing the line for revenge.


Reviewed by Jenny and Gitte

 “Every fighter has a story that could break your heart. We lose, we get hurt, and everything comes apart. That’s when it’s so difficult to stay on the straight and narrow” – Barry McGuigan

Jenny: 5 Star perfection!
Gitte: 5 bloody fantastic stars!

Jenny:  Speechless. That’s the word I’m starting my review with because what I just experienced in Crossing the Line really left me completely and utterly speechless. This book reminded me why reading is a passion for me and not just a hobby.

“How’d you know you loved our mom?” – Wyatt
“To be honest, Wyatt, I can’t really remember a time when I didn’t love her.”

It was moving, funny, tragic, and beautiful and hot……it was everything.  A real treasure. At times it broke me and at times it lifted me. Every single word in this book was precious and Kele Moon has done Wyatt and Tabitha proud. This author has woven their lives together with storytelling perfection.  Kele Moon, you stole my heart with this story. This one certainly exceeded our expectations didn’t it Gitte?

Gitte: This is why I love reading, this right here Jenny!! I can’t give ‘Crossing the Line’ enough accolades, because I don’t have sufficient vocabulary to do so. This story is why I hold Kele Moon on a pedestal of Authors who I love beyond words.

She managed to capture my heart, my mind, my body and my soul with the story of Wyatt and Tabitha, but not only that, every single one of the characters who makes an appearance or star in this series. I can’t know enough, love enough or crave enough. I laughed, I cried, I felt the romance and the passion.

Kele Moon; I love you for reaffirming just why I read, for making me remember what true romance means,  for taking my heart and holding it in your hand for a while, for why I want to shout about it from the rooftops to make sure everyone gets to live the same experience I’ve just lived.

‘Between pain and regret, the sweetness still lingers and in that ray of light I cry out to you – Why.’

I feel as if I’ve lived a million lives, my heart breaking; being shattered by heartbreak only to be lovingly put back together by the caring hand of Kele Moon. However also, I was basking in the warmth, hope and inspiration; by heroism, by courage and strength.

Through flashbacks to the past we experience important childhood memories, friendships, innocence, love and protection. The impression left is so emotional and intense leading the reader into an understanding of the present agonising over circumstance, feeling every single word as it bleeds off the pages.

‘Every story had an innocent beginning, even theirs…’

Jenny:  This story really did have it all G, that’s for sure. Crossing the Line begins with Tabitha returning to Garnet where old wounds are reopened and reminders of the pain, the love, the desire and loss experience between Wyatt and her is brought to the surface.  Now if I ever I prejudged a character wrongly it was Tabitha.  I always thought her selfish and cold for leaving Wyatt when he obviously loved her so intensely. As Tabitha’s story unfolded my heart broke into a million pieces. I mourned their lost years and I ached for what should have been and I loved her with all my heart.

“I don’t wanna cry right now. Let me love you instead. We’ll take a rain check on the rest.”

Gitte, there were so many questions we wanted answered weren’t there?  Why did she leave and what made her stay away and remain elusive for so long? What drove her from the man who loved her so desperately?  Well, instead of just giving us mere answers Kele Moon weaved magic when she took us on a journey back to the beginning with Wyatt, Juliet, Clay and Tabitha. And what a journey it was!

“I’m not going away, Tabitha, and I’m not giving up.” 

Told through flashbacks, we get to experience first love, loss, friendship, pain and also get to witness the unique relationship and sixth sense between those no nonsense siblings Ju Ju and Wy Wy. In doing this we were able to fully experience the bonds formed and shared between them as children to adulthood.  I likened the telling of their story to watching a home movie of people we love. I was glued to every mesmerising moment. What did you think Gitte?

Gitte: Oh Jenny, the story of Tabitha as we learn of her life broke me. The consequences upon the love between her and Wyatt, what they had and what they lost. Broke my heart.

‘Their past loomed between them like a malevolent dark cloud, tearing open all the painful wounds that had never healed for either of them. It was obvious Wyatt hurt just as badly as she did, which made everything a thousand times more agonizing.’

There was a tremendous amount of loneliness and loss, heartache and guilt. But most of all there was love, a love that was never forgotten. Then there was passion, honest beautiful intense passion.

“Wouldn’t it be tragic for the hero to be in love with the one girl who could ruin him? What if one kiss was the end of the world? One sweet indulgence, a ray of light in her darkness and all it did was bring on the ruin.’

Wyatt was amazing, truly amazing. He is one of my all-time favourite heroes, because that is what he is; a true hero. He was an amazingly brilliant written character, he was strong, determined and had a huge heart of pure gold. He is fierce, protective and loves without boundaries.

‘Sometimes Wyatt said dumb things, but his heart was always in the right place. She knew her hero. He wouldn’t do anything to hurt someone with no reason.’

If ever there was a series which should be read, and read in order it’s this one. It’s as if ‘Crossing the Lines’ ties up a timeline, a history and past which has had consequences for the future lives, friendships and ultimately loves of Wyatt, Juliet, Clay and Tabitha. Reading ‘Crossing the Line’ has been an experience I’ll never forget and is easily one of the best books I’ve ever read.  This is a story of true heroes and heroines who burrow into your heart never to leave, their footsteps echoing in your heart and mind long after you’ve finished their story.

Jenny:  Absolutely agree G!  We know a few readers have been advised this can be read as standalones by those unfamiliar with the Battered Hearts Series.  I want to stand up and shout a big fat NO! DON’T DO IT!!  These books HAVE to be read as the author intended them. To do otherwise would be denying themselves a truly memorable reading experience!

Wyatt was a revelation. I love this hot MMA/Cop with the little or no filter. He stole my heart with how fiercely he loved and his loyalty, love and compassion for those around him. His passion and love for Tabitha never wavered and…..well, I bloody loved him.

“We can’t fix this. We’re broken, Wyatt.” – Tabitha

His blustery personality is overshadowed by the size of his heart. Heroes come in many forms and I met plenty of characters who earned that title in Crossing the Line. They all shone like a beacon and I adored them all and I’m desperately waiting on Nova’s book!

“There are heroes in the world, Nova, you just have to know how to look out for them.” Tabitha
“I don’t believe in heroes.” – Nova

I have to say though, Kele Moon….you are my author hero. There just aren’t enough superlatives to express how much I loved this book.  Your story stole my heart, broke my heart, mended my heart and then captured it forever. Simply breathtaking!

“I love her so dang much sometimes I feel like I can’t even breathe without her around.” – Wyatt

Kele stayed true to her characters and did them proud, she blended them beautifully and enhanced every moment of pleasure we gleamed from her previous books.  Crossing the Line had it all. Heat, heart, humour, beauty, wonderful character development, a  beautifully told and moving story, it was swoon worthy and gave me a bloody good cry.

‘Even if their souls were broken and fragmented, it felt like if they could come together again they’d fill in all those cracks and holes and be one whole, perfect soul instead of two damaged ones.’

If I had to sum up my reading experience in Crossing the Line it would be……perfection.  Because this was everything I could possibly want in a book.  We definitely want more!!! 

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Untamed Hearts

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The Viper Book #1 – 
our reviewamazon us | amazon uk 
 The Slayer Book #2 – our reviewamazon us | amazon uk 
 The Enforcer Book #3 – amazon us  | amazon uk
 The Enforcer’s Revenge Book #4 – Coming in 2016
The Boss Book #5

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Battered Hearts

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Defying the Odds Book #1
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Star Crossed Book #2 : our reviewamazon us amazon uk 
Crossing the Line Book #3 – our reviewamazon us | amazon uk 

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