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Make Me Yours (Unravel Me #2) by Kendall Ryan

make me yoursSYNOPSIS

Emotionally crippled Liz isn’t looking for a relationship when she meets delish boy-next-door, Cohen. He’s a few years younger, a volunteer firefighter, oh…and a virgin, making him totally off limits. But never one to back away from a challenge, she’s drawn to him even while she continues to satisfy her physical needs elsewhere.

Even as she spends her evenings in another man’s arms, she somehow finds herself curled up in Cohen’s bed each night. It’s been a long time since she had a true honest-to-goodness make out session, but Cohen’s showing her just how much fun not having sex can be.
When Cohen’s injured, her real feelings for him rise to the surface, and she has to decide if she’s willing to take a risk on love after enduring so much heartbreak in her past.

MAKE ME YOURS is the sexy conclusion to UNRAVEL ME.

Ashlyn and “Logan” from UNRAVEL ME also make a few, um *appearances* …ahem. 

MAKE ME YOURS is available to purchase below
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Reviewed by Jenny and Gitte

Jenny: Wow Gitte, once again we read a book where we had no idea what to expect and didn’t this turn out to be a little gem?  It had it all didn’t it?   Passion, a swoon worthy hero who really is a hero, loveable characters, hot steamy sex and something you don’t often find in a short story….depth.  The characters had depth and I found myself immersed in this book from start to finish.

Gitte:  Absolutely Jenny, I really enjoyed this story, it had everything, including the “unusual” and yeah I loved the characters! I thought the Author did a FAB job with this book; I was hooked and left completely satisfied by the end.

Jenny: It was a panty dropping read wasn’t it Gitte, which is pretty amazing considering our Hero Cohen is a virgin.  That’s right folks, you read right.  Cohen is a smoking hot, volunteer fire-fighter and a virgin and I just think I might be in love with him!

Gitte:  LOVED Cohen, he made such a refreshing hero…and he REALLY was a hero that’s for sure! Like Liz, I was completely drawn to him. He certainly was skilled….in so many ways!

Jenny:   He certainly was.  So, we first met Liz, the snarky, commitment phobe, highly sexed friend of Ashlyn in Unravel Me (Unravel Me #1).  Liz is outspoken and is very clear that she wants sex.  No commitment, just sex.
We didn’t get to know a whole lot about Liz in Unravel Me so to see her in this book and have her story unfold I must admit I really warmed to her and liked her a lot.  She is still the snarky, highly sexed Liz, but we see so much more of her and she has a lot of depth that wasn’t uncovered until now.

Gitte:   I really liked Liz. She is an ‘out there’ feisty and fun girl who really grew on me. A free-spirit! At no point did her outspokenness or attitude annoy me, and I can completely see why she was drawn like a moth to a flame when it came to Cohen. I mean who wouldn’t be, not only was he delicious he also had intrigue. It started as friendship and Liz almost acting like the instigator in their relationship, however, no doubt about it, Cohen had the upper hand and his personality completely complemented Liz’s and they evened each other out on both an emotional level as well as the physical.

Jenny:   Liz isn’t about to take Cohen’s virginity but she finds it so hard holding back from this very hot, very beautiful man.  Temptation is well and truly put in her way with Cohen.
Liz has a past that little by little I enjoyed being unraveling.  We watched the layers peel away and we came to understand her so much more.  Liz is all about the physical connection and doesn’t want to change.

Gitte:  I absolutely loved Cohen. Despite his laid back attitude, he was intense, focused and knew what he wanted. He is a hero…a hot gorgeous hero! Oh and he has a dog called Bob….that sleeps in his bed…I have no idea why I loved this fact so much…but I did!!

Jenny:  Hmmm…okay…the dog.  Moving right along.  Well, what wasn’t to love about Cohen.  This man was talented in many ways and we’re not just talking fire fighting here.  Wow! Kendall Grey can certainly write a hot sex scene with no sex, this was a really hot little read that’s for sure.  Cohen is kind, patient and all round just a really nice guy.  Certain incidences in his past have forced him to make the choice to remain a virgin until that special girl comes along.  He wants to connect on an emotional level and not just a physical one.  He’s definitely understanding but by no means a pushover and he could certainly put Liz in her place when need be.  The sexual tension is intense and at no point does it become frustrating or boring.  In fact just the opposite.

Gitte:   I agree Jenny, at no point reading this story did I get bored, rather I thought it was a great read for how light and short it was. It had fab characters and a refreshing storyline.

Jenny:    Me neither Gitte.  It definitely kept me interested and entertained throughout that’s for sure.  I really enjoyed this book .  I was looking for something quick, light but with depth and I certainly found it in this book. I loved revisiting Ashlyn and Aiden and just loved this book.  I couldn’t put it down.

J&G:        To sum up this book was  a sexy, passionate and  emotional story with funny and  lovable characters – Kendall Ryan’s Books really are like a breath of fresh air.


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Unravel Me by Kendall Ryan

Gitte:    Ashlyn is researching and writing her final thesis – on associative amnesia disorder. She doesn’t do relationships. They are more hassle than they are worth. Now Ashlyn, she blew kind of hot and cold…(no I don’t mean that!).

Jenny:   I liked Ashlyn as a character, but yes she blew hot and cold (hmmm and yes….you did mean that!).  She doesn’t do relationships normally.

Gitte:    Ashlyn meets ‘Logan’ when her Professor initiates a consultation as it will help her reaserch. Logan is kind of like her test subject. When she meets him he is handcuffed to a bed under suspicion of murder with no memory of who he is or his past for that matter. Ashlyn’s intentions are to study him and perhaps help him as well. However she feels almost an immediate attraction and Logan seems to be drawn to her too.  Ashlyn wants to help ‘Logan’ figure out his past and find out who he is and what his name is. The pair of them have an instant connection in more ways than one! She showed amazing courage placing her faith and trust in ‘Logan’, and he in her.

Jenny:  Ashlyn Drake has an orderly life.  She is a Psychology and she has the opportunity to meet a perfect test subject for her amnesia thesis – a young man without any memory of his previous life, including the murder he’s accused of committing.
Logan is very gorgeous and very male.  Ashlyn hasn’t had a boyfriend in a long time and spends a lot of time alone studying.  She is drawn to Logan in a way that is more than professional.  There are a few things that draw her to Logan including his cryptic tattoos and they definitely have a chemistry between them.  She really wants to learn about his past and help him get his retrieve his memory.

“ I watched him sleep and saw him lying there, this living, breathing, attractive man, who so incredibly male.”

Gitte:    ‘Logan’ is confused and desperate, who wouldn’t be! He wakes up and everyone treats him like a murderer and he hasn’t got a clue! I felt really sorry for him, I can’t imagine what that must be like! Now ‘Logan’ was HOT, alpha-male, he was a dirty talker and umm he had a big…..yeah…so I liked Logan!!  I also learnt something new…Amnesia does not make you forget “everything” …that is all…

Jenny:   Oh Logan definitely remembered how to do a lot of things! I really did want to read more about what happened, not just be told if you get what I mean.  I wanted to be “present” once Logan started remembering his past – we did get to see his memory unravel somewhat but I felt I needed more.

Gitte:    I have to say I liked how the mystery of ‘Logan’ was unravelled through his paintings and his tattoos. I also liked the suspense of who this man is/was and how Ashlyn was determined to help him find himself again despite the possibility of unravelling something dark and finding out he is not what she believes him to be. I would have loved to have Logan’s POV as his past was unravelled.

“…was like admitting I was nothing, a nameless faceless nobody. With nothing to my name and nobody who even cares, It was too much” – Logan

Jenny:   I thought the paintings being used that way very clever and you felt for Ashlyn during those times having to witness Logan’s memory returning and what it might mean for her.    Still, it left me wanting to “know” how Logan felt about his past coming back to him – we were never told how he felt – it just sort of happened and I feel we should have put in the moment so we could feel his frustration and emotions.

Gitte:  I was slightly disappointed though, because the premise of this story was fab, but I believe it could have been so much more. I wanted more. Once the big reveal happened it was almost over and it felt a bit like an anti-climax.

Jenny:   I agree.  The actual premise of the story was brilliant and I really did love what I read but I was looking forward to getting into the “nitty gritty’ f his past and seeing Ashlyn and Logan explore this together in detail.  Because this didn’t happen it may me feel disconnected to the this in some way..

Gitte:    3.5 – As I said the premise of the story was fab just wanted more.

Jenny:   3.5 – I loved the characters and the actual story was really good.  The build up was great but then it was all over. Because we weren’t present for Logan’s “story” it left me wanting more as well


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