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embracing the fall


Cami and Ziporah are two girls that couldn’t be more different if they tried. They met as college roommates, forging a friendship that became a lifeline when tragedy struck.

Now as Cami opens herself to reclaim her sexuality, including the possibility that she is a sexual submissive, her fear of the unknown threatens to keep her chained by the past forever.

Ziporah has always been Cami’s champion, reassurer, her safe place, and she is determined to take this erotic journey side by side with her. What starts out as supporting a friend just may end up showing Z that she and Cami may not be so different after all.

When Evan moved to New York City on business, the last thing he expected was to have two untrained subs on his hands. Each woman appeals to him in different ways. They pull at his emotions with their vulnerability and challenge his Dominance with their spunk and wit. Evan never dreamt that as he taught their bodies to submit, his heart would be brought to submission by theirs.


Embracing the Fall

Reviewed by Gitte

✯✯✯✯ Stars

I have to say I’m really enjoying this series. Every book brings something different to the table (pun intended) and it just makes for an overall addictively easy and sexy indulgence read! Who can say no to that right?

The cover and the synopsis does not do this story the justice it deserves and it’s more than what it appears to be. Embracing the Fall is an emotional story where wounds from the past are finally healed both mentally and physically. Lainey Reese is a fab Author; she understands and takes great care to convey her characters thoughts and feelings through mild BDSM.

Embracing the Fall is the story of Cami and Ziporah; best friends who’ve experienced a horrifying ordeal in the past, enforcing and binding their love and protection of each other forever.

“He hurt me, Z.”

They have a connection that is purely friendship based and mentally unbreakable. Where Cami is soft and vulnerable, suffering in silence trying to find her place in the world, Z’s a force to be reckoned with, but on the inside she too has a hidden vulnerability and a need to be protected, loved and cared for.

‘Over the years, Cami had perfected hiding her emotions when things got too real for her. She could put up a front and be nothing but sunshine and roses, even while inside, her world was crumbling.’

Cami finds what she believes she truly needs in the shape of Evan; a dominant imposing Master who’s initially there to guide her. Well…surprise-surprise for Z when she unravels a side of her she never knew existed. The two girls embark on a path that bring them more than they ever bargained for in passion, love and circumstance. Two friends and one gorgeous Southern gentleman who finds himself with his hands full (understatement) and what he least expected! I have to say Evan is LUSH! His intense passion and overall nurturing and protective side had me swooning.

‘They were his life now. His happiness was irrevocably tied up with theirs.’

It’s important to note to readers that this book has NO f/f sexual relationship despite being categorised as f/m/f. Lainey Reese has written a beautiful story on love and friendship, which to be honest I thought came across unique and well executed. Really enjoyed this one and loved catching up with the characters from the previous books and can recommend this series as a whole to readers who enjoy this genre.

*ARC received from Author for an honest review*


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Gage Hollister is a Southern Dom looking for a full time sub/slave. When his family’s business brings him to New York City for an indefinite stay, he decides that now is the time to find her. Night after night he prowls the local BDSM club in search of a woman whose need to be dominated equals his thirst for true submission. As the search drags on he begins to wonder if his perfect match even exists. When he is asked to play chaperone for a family friend embarking on her first trip as an adult; he welcomes the chance for distraction from his thus far fruitless endeavor.

Zoe Marshall is the youngest sister to Gage’s best friend and she has been in love with Gage for as long as she can remember. She has saved herself for him and him alone. Now, after careful planning and a bit of luck she finally has her opportunity to show Gage that she’s all grown up and ready to be his. Although he believes himself too old and jaded for an innocent like her, Zoe will not relent until she belongs to him in every way.

Soon Gage’s resistance crumbles and Zoe’s dreams become reality but their budding love is tested when her brother discovers them. As those bonds of friendship strain under betrayal and broken trust, Zoe is confronted with having to choose between the man she loves and the brother she worships. Will having the love of her man cost her the love of her family? If so, is her heart strong enough to survive that loss? Is their love?

This book contains graphic language, BDSM elements, M/F/M ménage, a Southern Dom who’s a gentleman; and the woman who brings out the scoundrel in him.

innocence collage

Reviewed by Gitte

 “Warning:  This book contains graphic language, BDSM elements, M/F/M ménage” 

‘Innocence Defied’ is Gage Hollister’s book and I was desperate to read it as I’ve been seriously crushing on him since the previous book (though he scares me too!)

“There he was, Gage. The most beautiful man she had ever seen. He was big as a Viking, built like a Greek god, and had the voice of a Southern-fried angel.” Zoe

This series is pure indulgence, sexy, erotic and daring and the third instalment follows in that same pattern. I love how this Author challenges the reader’s judgement in every book, one way or another. Lainey Reese is a great Author and I’ve really enjoyed her books so far, though I did have a couple of issues with this one sadly. Also, it lacked the drama and intrigue of the previous books.

So, this story is about Gage Hollister, a Southern Dom with that gorgeous accent I swoon over every time! Gage is looking for the perfect sub/slave to suit him as he is desperate to find ‘her’ now he’s the ripe old age of thirty-one hahaha. Yeah I’d pick him! This guy has such an addictive voice. He is lush…..scary but lush. I’m thinking Charlie Hunnam lush! Yeah, coupled with that yummy Southern accent and that’s me sold!

Gage (31) is Brice’s best mate and has been a family friend for many years. So when he’s asked to look after Zoe, Brice’s sister, he of course accepts. No problems there as he’s always loved and been very protective of her. As this is the first time Zoe (20) has left home and ventured to New York City on her own, he’s all too happy to put her up. Gage is shocked when he picks Zoe up at the airport….Zoe grew up and Gage is lost!!

“I’m going to Hell. I’m going to burn in Hell. The devil is going to cut off my cock and then burn me in Hell forever.” – Gage

He immediately wants her but knows he can’t because of the age gap and the fact that she’s Brice’s baby sister.

“He would never date a girl that young. He was a man. He liked women. Experienced women. Not girls. He was also a Dom, and looking for more than just a sub – he was looking for a full time slave. A woman who would be willing to commit to him fully for her every need. It took a person of extreme tastes and specific desires to be a slave.” – Gage

Now as for Zoe, or ‘Oops’ as she is lovingly called, well she’s always been in love with Gage and lives for the want of ending up married to him. He’s the object of her affection, love and devotion and she’s literally prepared herself her whole adolescent and early adult life to be perfect for him in every way.

“Whether he believed it or not, she belonged to Gage Hollister, body and soul, and that was all there was to it.” – Zoe

Zoe has a game plan and that’s to get Gage to see her as a woman and fall in love with her as she loves him. Despite his resistance, you can’t call Zoe a quitter and resistance is pretty futile. Gage is worried though, not only is this Zoe, there’s also the fact that he is a Dom wanting a slave, she is Brice’s sister and there’s a substantial age gap.

“He’d never made apologies about who he was and what he wanted for himself, in this instance, however, he almost wished he was different, if only to spare her from the hurt and betrayal he saw on her face.” – Gage

Gage tries to convince Zoe that he’s not the one for her because of his life style choice, his sexual preferences and her sweet innocence and aspirations.

“If I was vanilla, I’d snatch you up and marry you so fast you wouldn’t know what hit you. Damn the consequences. But I am not and you are as vanilla as they come.” – Gage

“What the heck are you talking about ice-cream for? I hate vanilla. I like mint chip.” – Zoe

I loved having the voice of both Zoe and Gage. Especially Gage as we get to hear his inner turmoil as he realises how his feelings and perspectives are changing.

“He didn’t have a clue where this thing between them would lead. But right now, in this perfect moment, he felt so good he honestly didn’t care.” – Gage

Also, through Zoe, we see her determination and perception and understand her decisions.

“How do you stop something that had become your very need for survival?” – Zoe

On the whole the journey they both made in this story was an eye-opener. Theirs was one of passion, changes, love and self-discovery and despite being quite short I got the emotion and connection.

As for the couple of issues I had. Well, I really disliked Zoe’s nickname as it made her seem childish and we were meant to see her as a woman, as was Gage. It started to grate on me, especially later on in the story when Gage still called her ‘Oops’. It made her come across as a child and highlighted an age gap I didn’t actually have a problem with at all. I wish that once Zoe and Gage embarked on an adult relationship where age predominantly became an issue he would’ve stopped calling her ‘Oops’ thereby preventing the blurring of lines.

“The type of sex he enjoyed was not for the faint of heart, and it was not, under any circumstances for a woman-child who still went by the silly nickname Oops.” – Gage 


The other issue I had was the sharing. Not the act of it, because it was one hot and sexy scene. Rather, it was the timing of it. It came way too soon in their relationship. They are barely into a relationship where Zoe is thrown in at the deep end trying to win over the love of her life, a man she’d do anything for. Gage knows this, hell, he sees the adoration and hero worship in her eyes every time she looks at him, yet he shares her.

“Dear God, he silently prayed, help me live up to what I see in those eyes.” – Gage

I’m not sure why this upset me so much but it did, he should’ve waited and this disappointed me. I know this is part of his lifestyle, but in my opinion it justified Brice’s actions and concerns about their relationship.

“What the hell am I doing? “It was humbling to be the recipient of that level of devotion. And terrifying.” – Gage 

Despite these two issues I did enjoy this instalment and thought it was a well written erotic romance and addition to the series. This Author writes great characters and really hot scenes, no question. The story was on the whole sweet and sexy and I loved catching up with Brice & Terryn and Cade, Trev & Riley. Now, I’d love to hear Evan’s story, I hope he gets one!

Oh and despite everything Gage still makes me melt……

“The rest is just details, darlin’. It’s all just details.” – Gage

Gitte: 3.5 stars

Series order and purchase links:

A Table for Three (New York)

Damaged Goods (New York)

Innocence Defied (New York)

UK Links to purchase

A Table For Three
Damaged Goods
Innocence Defied

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Damaged Goods (New York #2) by Lainey Reese

Damaged Goods

Dominance. Submission. Murder. And that’s just before lunch.

New York, Book 2

Homicide detective Brice Marshall’s current case has him stymied and frustrated. A serial killer is slaughtering young women. After a long, fruitless day poring over the most gruesome evidence he’s ever seen, he needs a break.

Stepping into his cousin’s BDSM club is a reminder that there is another part of himself. A part that has been left empty in a life ruled by work. The fact is, he’s a Dom in search of a sub. When he bumps into Terryn, a slender redhead who’s new to the scene, her wide-eyed eagerness even in the face of her nerves attracts him like gravity.

Terryn is the sub of his dreams, with the power to ease his soul. Without warning the murder case reaches ugly tentacles into the most private part of his world—the woman he wants to claim as his own. The woman whose stubborn search for the delicate balance between sub life and independence could put her directly in the path of the killer.

Warning: This book contains BDSM play, M/F/M ménage, graphic language and a drool-worthy Dom on the hunt for a sub and a killer.


Gitte 4 stars

I loved this second book in the New York series. Damaged Goods is about Brice, the gorgeous Homicide Detective who we met in book #1 ‘A Table for Three’.

This was another erotic indulgence set in the BDSM scene but we had some serious suspense in this one with a serial killer on the loose. I actually thought the suspense plot was so much better in this story than book #1 and was really well written. It actually kept me guessing and it was woven into the romance really well and drawn out perfectly.

Brice is having a hard time on the murder case of a young vibrant girl and it’s all getting to him. Enter Cade’s BDSM club which Brice visits after an extremely stressful day at work. He wants to let go and find a willing submissive.  Brice knows he has hit the jack pot when he spots Terryn; an inexperienced redhead who immediately brings out all of Brice’s dominant instincts.

Brice is absolutely LUSH. He came across as protective, commanding and devoted; overall a gorgeous alpha male character without the arrogance! I loved him, he was a true hero!

Terryn was so adorable and genuine.  A truly likeable heroine who showed courage and allure yet was shy and honest. She had no fear of trying to get what she wanted despite the huge change of life style.

Together Brice and Terryn made perfect sense!

This is Brice and Terryn’s story however; Trev, Cade and Riley are back and we get too catch up with them a few years after we left them in book #1. We also have the fab secondary characters of Gage and Kent.

I am really looking forward to Book #3 and hope it is Gage’s story and our heroine is a certain type of Candy LOL!!

This Author sure writes an erotic and sexy story, and yes once again we do have some ménage scenes which are HOT!

Overall, I really enjoyed Damaged Goods, I was hooked straight away and I couldn’t put it down until I knew how, why and who. It did not disappoint!


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A Table for Three (New York #1) by Lainey Reese

A Table for ThreeGitte: 4 stars

I have to say that if ever fiction could be real life then this is one story that I would want to be part of; because, just wow…this was pretty hot and so incredibly sexy and intense. Cade, Trevor and Riley made this reader need to go sit in the freezer many…many times throughout!

A Table for Three was not just about the erotic hot factor though, it did have a story too, however for me it was more of a pure indulgence read as opposed to an emotional one! Oh and I sure learnt a thing or two about just how many ways a three way goes LOL!

We join Riley who arrives in New York after accepting a job offer there.  She has dreamed of this for a long time so on her first night there she decides to go out and explore. Riley asks a cab driver to take her to the most exclusive club in town. The cab driver is sweet, he made me laugh but it was like feeding her to the lions when he dropped her off at this particular club. Sweet adorable slightly naïve Riley has no idea what she is walking into. That’s right, she walks straight into Cade’s BDSM club where Cade is not too happy about finding her as she does not fit in and looks way to innocent.

So this is where one crazy and hot journey starts as Cade who is a dominant immediately falls for Riley’s submissive and innocent nature and realises she is perfect for him to share with his best friend Trev who is a dominant too. That’s right I said share!!  Cade and Trev are best buddies. They have a long history but as friends only! There is nothing but love and they want to find the perfect girl to share, love and protect.

After a quickie in this funky booth in the club Cade has an intense feeling that Riley is the one not just a one off and knows he has to convince her to be part of his and Trev’s life.

Riley, bless her, has no idea what she is getting into and feels naturally overwhelmed yet she feels safe and surprised at how easily she fits into a life with two handsome and easy to love men.

Now Cade and Trev are LUSH. We have two hot alpha males who are good people too. They live and love passionately and fiercely. They know exactly what they want and they will use every yummy trick in the book to get it and they want Riley as their forever girl. I fell in complete lust with both men and I have to say I really liked Riley too and yes I was just a tad jealous!

I have to say, the scene where Trev sees Riley for the first time, asleep in the bed and the way in which an awestruck Cade reveals who he found really touched me. Their love for her was evident as the story progressed and the ending was a proper awww moment!

There is suspense in this story too; we had scheming, attempted murder and the nasty trait of evil jealousy. I have to say though that the suspense could have featured and explored a bit more in this story than it was, in the sense that more could have been made of it. However, it didn’t spoil the read for me. Oh and we get to meet Brice (and oh how we meet him!) who gets the next book in this series. I cannot wait to read that one!

An ARC was received for an honest review

Next book in series: Damaged  Goods (New York #2) by Lainey Reese

Damaged Goods




You can purchase A Table for Three (New York) 
A Table for Three (New York)


Purchase Damaged Goods (New York) here: 

Damaged Goods (New York)


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