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Stalking and restraining orders are a thing of Alayna Wither’s past. With her MBA newly in hand, she has her future figured out—move up at the nightclub she works at and stay away from any guy who might trigger her obsessive love disorder. A perfect plan.

But what Alayna didn’t figure on is Hudson Pierce, the new owner of the nightclub. He’s smart, rich, and gorgeous—the kind of guy Alayna knows to stay away from if she wants to keep her past tendencies in check. Except, Hudson’s fixed his sights on her. He wants her in his bed and makes no secret of it.

Avoiding him isn’t an option after he offers a business proposition she can’t turn down and she’s drawn further into his universe, unable to resist his gravitational pull. When she learns Hudson has a dark history of his own, she realizes too late that she’s fallen for the worst man she could possibly get involved with. Or maybe their less than ideal pasts give them an opportunity to heal each other and finally find the love their lives have been missing.

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Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

Jenny: So Gitte, this book originally caught our eye when we added it to our upcoming release list, and was then put aside as we felt it sounded similar to others we had read. We then received recommendations for it and decided to dig in.  So, was it different?  Did it offer something new? Well, parts were definitely similar…the rich businessman gun shy of commitment making a proposal to a woman who sweeps him off his feet, yep, that’s been covered.  But…..on the other hand it really did feel kind of fresh and new, it definitely held my interest, and for me, one of the big contributors to that was Alayna.

“Damn, Hudson looked just as good from the rear as from the front. If he was going to be in the club a lot I was going to have to start wearing panty liners.”

Oh boy didn’t we love this girl. Her inner monologue was so funny and she sure did give us some good laughs didn’t she Gitte?  Sure, she had issues, but she was clever, sassy and so forthright and I loved the fact she had no filter.  Alayna certainly added much to this very hot, sensual, funny and addictive read.

“Hudson, you’re kind of an asshole.”

It seemed to be just what we needed at the time wasn’t it G?

Gitte: It really was Jenny and despite the similarities with other books in this genre, I agree, it did offer something different. Yes, we had the multi-millionaire controlling alpha male who doesn’t ‘do’ love. But what we did have was a strong, funny, intelligent and pretty messed up heroine.  She was really refreshing and I loved her inner monologue and how she rationalised her actions. Oh and her ‘little problem’ of stalking, well despite the seriousness of it, it was kind of written ‘tongue in cheek’ which I loved.

“Are you also incapable of love?” – Hudson

“No, just the opposite.  I love too much….” – Alayna

She wasn’t naïve nor was she annoying. I thought she was written brilliantly. And yes, her knack for saying exactly what she thought had me laughing.

Jenny: And then there’s our hero Hudson Pierce. I’m not sure what I feel about Hudson. Don’t get me wrong…he’s hot. Smoking hot and he has a very naughty mouth on him at times and I did like him, a LOT, but there was also something that held me back from LOVING him. He sent mixed messages and my feelings were all over the place with him.

“I never pay for sex, Alayna. When I fuck you, it will be for free.” Hudson

He’s rich, handsome, great in bed, demanding and slightly alpha. Hudson is manipulative, a workaholic, a bit stiff (no pun intended) and thinks he’s incapable of love and is the polar opposite of funny, quirky, outgoing Alayna, who herself has a bit of a problem when it comes to falling for men.  It’s not that she’s incapable of love, nope, when this girl falls…she falls hard….like obsessively hard. Though I have to say Gitte, after reading Fixed On You, I’m worried that our “researching” tendencies on the internet is something we should be concerned about ;)….nah…never.

“I didn’t fight it, giving myself over to him in every way he demanded. And with each demand, I lost more of myself to him.”

After mulling it over, I think my slight detachment from Hudson came down to one word.  Now, this is probably going to make me sound crazy and picky, but every time he called Alayna “precious” all I heard in my head was “my precious” (said in Gollum voice) and it took me completely out of the moment. I know, I know…sounds nuts right? But it really did. It was such a small thing, but it was a bit of an issue for me. What about you G?.

Gitte: Hmmm so yes, Hudson, let me firstly say that I got tingles when we met him in the bar. I thought here we go, bring it on.

“It was how he looked at me, in a way that no man had ever looked at me, a hungry possessiveness present in his stare as if he not only had undressed me in his mind, but had claimed me to be sated by no one ever again except him. – Alayna

As the story unfolded he showed a different side and at times I felt conflicted as I thought the idea of his character got confused. And yes, ‘precious’ was used way too often. I’m not sure I liked this endearment very much, but hey that’s a personal thing. That aside though, I loved his vulnerable side as I think he was conditioned to believe something about himself which has pretty much messed this poor bloke up. He is quite a contradiction living up to a label that has been defined by others.  His demanding and controlling ways up against the confused almost ‘little boy lost’.

“I will continue to seduce you. I’m a man who gets what he wants. And I want you.” – Hudson

Oh and Jenny….cough….our umm googling is not stalking. It’s investigative research!! Hahahaha

Jenny: Hudson and Alayna both have their issues and each could be the trigger to compound one another’s problems, so they must tread carefully which is difficult when you can’t think straight when the other is around due to the fact that you are constantly consumed with each other on a physical level.

“I knew – absolutely unequivocally knew – the he desired me as much as I desired him.”

One is incapable of feelings and the other consumed by obsessive feelings. What a pair!

“Do you think your ugly is any different than mine?”

Can two negatives make a positive? Well, I sure was entertained while they endeavoured to work it out. I loved the interaction with Sophia, Hudsons’ mother and Alayna. Wow! She gave as she got and I was high- fiving her during these stoushes. What a cold hearted cow Sophia was!

“I was attracted to him because he’s hot. Though, I stayed with him because he’s fucking awesome in bed.”

I really did enjoy Fixed On You. All characters…love them or hate them, played a part and it was definitely a fun, very steamy and very sexy read and one I would definitely recommend.  Bring on book two, Found In You in October! I need more!

Gitte: Indeed what a pair!! It should in theory never work. But it does. Both are pretty fucked up and one’s issue exacerbates the others. Yet this is where I think that the labels given, precedes the person, so it will work. They recognise it in each other.

“So Hudson Pierce is into nerdy girls.” – Alayna

“I’m into you – when you’re nerdy, when you’re flustered. When you’re whimpering under my tongue.” – Hudson

I think both are alone, they haven’t got the stable love and encouragement of another. So the fact that they both have emotional struggles is part of the attraction.

As for the rest of the cast. Well, I didn’t really like any of them, but then I don’t think you’re supposed to, if you are then ooops. What I did LOVE was the interactions like you did Jenny, especially between Hudson’s Mum and Alayna. There was no cowering or meekness, Alayna showed that bitch what for, despite her insecurities. Well played! I also loved the interactions between Hudson’s Dad and Alayna, they were funny and telling. So thinking about it, I just basically loved Alayna and she made this story for me and I can’t wait for more in the next instalment!

Jenny: 4 stars
Gitte: 4 Stars


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