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Fall Guy – by Liz Reinhardt

4 stars

 Sexy & Addictive – Fall Guy is another fabulous book by Liz Reinhardt; a spinoff from Liz’s Brenna Blixen series (Slow Twitch) featuring Evan Lennox, the strong willed, sweet and  endearing best friend of Brenna.

Fall Guy can absolutely be read as stand-alone…though I’m a stickler for reading in order and when it comes to a spin off I like to know all I can about this character prior to reading. So if you are like me, I would read the Brenna Blixen series, which is amazingly good, first, so that you can meet Evan in the 3rd book.

Evan is fun loving and bold.  Winchester is smooth, cocky but very complicated.  I loved them both.

Evan is a force of nature in the sense that she grabs life by the balls. She will let nothing get in her way to achieve what she wants which is fun and ultimately love. However, she may come across strong, which she is to a certain extent, but she also has an adorable vulnerability.

Winch has a tough family life and it gets in the way of living his own. He has a very misplaced sense of duty and responsibility for his family which means he can’t follow his heart. And what a heart this guy has. It is huge. Winch is amazing.

Their journey is an emotional roller coaster. At times I thought just get on with it already. But they needed to figure themselves out and confidently stand for what they believed in and each other.

I loved hearing the voices of both Evan and Winch. It made me connect with both and understand their actions, behaviour and character growth.

Fall Guy has great characters and all the necessary emotional angst and romance for a great read!


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Lengths by Steph Campbell & Liz Reinhardt

4 Stars

Gitte:      I really enjoyed the story of Deo & Whit. It was fast paced and well written. I loved the messages too; that you cannot take anything for granted, you have to live your life and never let your past dictate your future. Also, never to stop living because you feel guilt from the loss of a lost one, ultimately they would want you to continue living with passion.

Jenny:    I loved it too GG, and agree with everything you said.  I thought the message in the book was spot on and I really felt it.

Gitte:      Ok so my thoughts on Deo; a funny and cocky bad boy surfer dude who is incredibly romantic and sensitive! He is at a crossroad in his life and has to make a life changing decision if he wants the girl of his dreams to choose him. I felt like we got to know Deo, understand him, his actions and issues. His POV was very strong and well written, he was pretty amazing! More than once his one liners had me laughing out loud. Deo’s relationship with his Mum and Grandfather was fab, it was not only funny but respectful, I loved it (and I loved the grandfather, he had me in stitches!).

Jenny:      I loved Deo and I loved his POV.  I have to be honest, the laid back “she’ll be right” surfer dude attitude and humour of Deo reminded me of my son.  True!  I loved Deo.  I loved his little idiosyncrasies and thought the authors nailed it for a guy that age! I really connected with him and his fierceness in the way he loved!  The interaction with his Grandad was just priceless and added so much to the book.  Deo and his Mum cracked me up.  Ha! Who knew there were so many different analogies for saying how to have sex.  That cracked me up! Loved it.

Gitte;      Then we have Whit; Whit came across quite tough, edgy and determined. She has a lot of guilt from her past which prevents her from living the life she ultimately wants and needs. She is unable to move on and be truly happy. The walls she has erected around herself made it very hard for me to fully understand her in the beginning. I would have liked her past to be explored more to fully connect with her. Yes, I totally got her emotional distress at what happened to her and how it shaped her actions, however, I wanted to know more of who Whit ultimately was. Once she opened up her heart to Deo (bless this gorgeous boy!!) she came across as sweet and lovable.

Jenny:      I did really like Whit.  She was dealing with a lot of emotional baggage for 19 and I could understand why she would put up the walls she did.  Yes, I did feel like I could shake her sometimes, but then I would remember her age and feel sad for her that for her that she felt she had to take all that responsibility on her shoulders when she shouldn’t have, but I got her.  In saying that, I did feel sorry for Deo because of her.  She certainly put him through the wringer and he was at a total loss with her at times.

Gitte:       What else did I love about this book: I absolutely loved the secondary characters like the Grandfather and Deo’s Mum. Their interactions and dynamics were so well written and had me laughing yet also thinking I wanted to be part of this fabulously crazy family!
Overall I thought Lengths was a funny, sweet and sexy read and I can really recommend it!

Jenny:     I really did love this story and  absolutely loved the dual POV’s.  I thought they worked really well.  It had everything for me.  Family connections, two young people finding a way to cope and deal with feelings that they maybe weren’t prepared for.  Humour, emotion, angst and it had a message about loving, living and moving on that I really felt connected to.   I love that Steph Campbell and Liz Reinhardt moved into the mature realm for this book because the sex scenes really helped you connect and you could really feel the chemistry between Deo and Whit.  I can’t wait for more from these two authors. Lengths was a really enjoyable read for me and I have no hesitation in recommending it!


Check out Lengths here



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Slow Twitch (Brenna Blixen, #3) – by Liz Reinhardt

Liz Reinhardt is amazing, there’s no question about that!!

I loved the first 2 books in this series, but somehow, Liz managed to surpass these with Slow Twitch!!

I couldn’t put it down. I LOVED everything about this book, we get to hear the voices of Jake and Saxon as well as Brenna’s. This was so refreshing and being inside the lads heads made me feel completely emotionally connected to the characters and the story line!!

Jake and Saxon went through a bit of a role reversal which strengthened their characters and helped them grow and Saxon….well he just blew me away, he nearly made me cry!!!

I don’t want to give anything away but know that this book is FAB-U-LUSH, so beautifully written, so real, so emotional and so YUMMY!!!

I could never pick a team in the previous 2 books..I love both Saxon and Jake and this book made no difference at all so I’m going to have both LOL!!

I really hope there will be more Brenna, Jake and Saxon because I need to know what happens next…especially after how things were left at the end of this one!!!

I also need to know more about Devon and Evan!!!


Brenna Blixen Series – Books 1 to 3

Brenna Blixen Novels Bundle: Double Clutch, Junk Miles, Slow Twitch

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