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after dark


In the final novel of the Night Owl Trilogy from bestselling author M. Pierce, can a passion that has withstood many ordeals become a love strong enough to last a lifetime?

At twenty-nine, Matt Sky is trying to return to normal, having faked his death and come back to life. He and Hannah move to a simple house in the suburbs, and strive to grow their relationship into something durable and honest. They become more and more entangled, in the best ways possible.

At twenty-eight, Hannah finally has the life she’s always wanted: she’s pursuing her career as a literary agent at Granite Wing Agency, she is writing her first solo novel, and she is living with her hot, passionate lover. For the first time, Matt and Hannah are able to explore intimacy without inhibitions—without lies, secrets, or jealousy—and the results are explosive.

Still life together is not as easy as it seems. Matt is estranged from his brothers in the wake of his cruel stunt; Seth Sky, embittered by his failed pursuit of Hannah, makes a play for Hannah’s sister; and the topic of Hannah’s novel—her relationship with Matt and the Sky family—is driving a wedge between her and Matt. The lovers are devoted to one another, having come through many ordeals, but is their bond strong enough to last a lifetime?

After Dark M Pierce

Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny

✯✯✯✯ 1/2 ‘what a terrific finale’ Stars

‘My heart can barely hold you. All that I feel for you.’

This series has taken us on such an incredibly emotional and intense journey with a few laughs too. Some parts have frustrated us wildly to the point of annoyance. Most parts have had us clutching our hearts and wanting to jump into the story to offer hugs and compassionate love. Oh and let’s not forget the times we’ve needed a hosing down or two. At the end of it all, it’s been memorable.

‘Leaving the past behind. There’s no such thing.’

M Pierce is a talented and emotive Author who has that innate ability to rouse our emotions on both ends of the scale. The high’s and low’s – mostly extreme – in Night Owl and Last Light; finishing off on a crescendo in After Dark that had both, with a beautiful balance of heart wrenching emotion and  exasperation, heartfelt emotion and an intense depth of soul searching.

‘Good and fierce….like avenging angels.’

What we truly loved was the fact that in After Dark, M Pierce refrained from compromising his characters. There was no sudden personality change nor was there an unnatural shift in character story line. Rather, what we experienced was a believable progression, a compromise and compassionate understanding that; it is what it is. We loved that.

‘Young and old. Like a child in a man’s body, sometimes.  Too sad and serious.’

Matt went through the ringer once more, yet this time it was for real character and relationship growth. Self-healing if you will. His personal story isn’t pretty, it never will be.

‘Oh, he could go so cold, even in the face of my emotion.’

He’s an unpredictable and child-like mess, let’s be honest here. However, sometimes you’ll find a rare unique beauty disguised or wrapped up in an ugly perception or with rough jagged edges to the eye. It is rare for a character who so thoroughly exasperated us to hold our hearts in his hand and have us accept him, feel him, understand him and love him.

‘Pain is sharp. Even old pain. Past pain. Or maybe that’s the worst kind, because it stabs unexpectedly into our present happiness.’

Redemption through evolving yet retaining his very essence. Which brings us to Hannah.

Hannah ‘a simple girl’ who’s had to shoulder an incredible emotional burden through this series. Learning to live with the intense love she feels for the obsessive and all-encompassing possessiveness of Matt takes incredible strength and a true understanding. She brought a ‘feisty calmness’ and showed maturity and an incredibly open mind and willingness to fight for what she believes, needs and wants. Hannah truly had to endure more than anyone should have to. Not only that, her boundaries were pushed as were her inhibitions and experiences – ‘Exhibitionism – Humiliation – Violent Desire’ – all in the name of love. Worth it? Truly yes, as the emotion, the sweet moments, the gestures and affections brought so much more. Sometimes overcoming and exceeding our boundaries bring more than we envisaged. By giving more of ourselves what we can receive can come back tenfold.

“I realized that no amount of freedom was worth a life without Hannah.”

Overall we loved After Dark which after a shaky back and forth start became so much more than a typical romantic relationship endeavour. It became a conclusion about the fundamental characteristics of a person merging in compromise with another purely based on compassion, understanding, passion and commitment. It showed the beauty behind the complex. It involved our hearts to the point of tears and we loved every minute of that.

‘Matt wanted closeness. I knew how he worked. He drew comfort from intimacy. See, Matt? I do know you.’

**Reviewed from an ARC copy kindly provided by SMP **



Our Review
Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU

Our Review
Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU

Amazon US | Amazon UK Amazon AU


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Who can ever forget reading NIGHT OWL, that amazing debut novel from M Pierce?

We were introduced to the sexy and troubled Matt Sky and the story that unfolded had us pouring over conspiracy theories until our heads were about to explode!

As we all eagerly await the March release of AFTER DARK, the final book in the NIGHT OWL TRILOGY, we are sooo excited to bring you a Totally Booked Exclusive Valentine’s Scene from M. Pierce.

We sure have missed Matt and Hannah!


Night owl


The Album:
Valentine’s Day with Matt Sky and Hannah Catalano

m pierce vdayimage


Oia, Greece is an enchanted place—a town built on an island in the south Aegean Sea—where I took Hannah for Valentine’s Day. It was a belated Valentine’s Day gift, to be exact. “To make up for my failed efforts in the cabin,” I explained to her.

“Not entirely failed,” she replied, her eyes shining with amusement.

She’s a bad little bird.

Last Valentine’s Day was entirely failed—cheap wine and chocolate, a hideous plush rabbit bought at the only store within hiking distance, and both of us hiding in the cabin—but Greece can cover a multitude of sins. Especially Oia.

The town’s quaint, whitewashed buildings and blue-domed roofs captivated Hannah. We spent our first day exploring. She took pictures of everything—each blue and white house we passed, the caves, cliffs, and slim alleyways, the arches, the soft sloping architecture, and the cobalt sea and sky.

And me. Endless pictures of me, smirking and shaking my head.

Hannah wore a pretty striped sundress, a wide-brimmed hat and white sandals. I swear, I stared at her all day. The wind licking off the sea fluttered her short dress and tossed her long, dark curls. I caught more than one glimpse high up her thighs, almost to her panties. Thankfully, she was oblivious—too excited by the scenic village to notice the show she was giving me—and it was off season, so no nosey tourists got a look at my girl.

When the sun began to set, we walked along the pebble beach on the western side of town. Hannah snapped a few shots of the sunset before tucking her digital camera in her purse.

“All done?” I smiled and caught her hand.

“For now.” She winked at me. “I might need to take a few more pictures at the hotel.”

“Ha. Maybe you should let me take the pictures. You know how I love taking pictures of you . . .” I pulled her to a stop and she turned toward me, her hand instinctively curling around the back of my neck, my fingers digging into her hip. I never could seem to touch her gently. Whenever we got close, urgency and desperation overtook me, as if I couldn’t believe she were mine . . . as if she might disappear.

Our lips crushed together and I kissed her greedily. She moaned into my mouth and I answered with a gasp, yanking her closer.

“Let’s go,” I hissed. The sky was darkening, the sinking sun casting a thin yellow stripe across the water. I wanted more privacy than the beach allowed. So did Hannah. She squeezed my hand and we hurried back to our hotel.

The town somehow looked lovelier by night, amber lights splashing color on the walls and the blue rooftops disappearing into the darkness.

“Let’s explore more tomorrow,” Hannah said. She sounded breathless. I didn’t know if that was because of our kiss or our long day of walking. “This is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, Matt. They’ve preserved an incredible aesthetic. And everything is blue . . .”

“Yes. Your favorite color.” I led her onto our hotel room balcony. It overlooked the outdoor pool, an aquamarine panel set in white stone, which overlooked the sea. I gazed down at the pool, picturing Hannah there in her tiny swimsuit. Then picturing her in nothing.

“What are you thinking about?” She slipped her hands beneath my linen shirt and splayed her fingers on my abs. They were tensed with the effort it took to wait . . . to savor this moment with Hannah instead of throwing her onto the bed and having her, as I eventually would.

“You.” I glanced at her. “Naked.”

Color crept across her cheeks. She stared at her feet, suddenly fascinated by them. “Oh.”

“Trying to be patient. Not quite succeeding.” I leaned down and brushed a kiss to her forehead. I breathed in the smell of her sweet shampoo and the ocean breeze. “Happy Valentine’s Day, bird. Did I do all right this time?”

“You always do. You know I don’t need . . . fancy stuff. You make me happy, Matt.”

“Ah, I disagree. You need all the fancy stuff in the world.” I removed her hat and tossed it onto a lounge chair. I began kissing her throat, working myself steadily back into a frenzy, until she pressed her small hands to my chest.

“Wait,” she breathed. “I . . . I have something for you.”

“Hm?” I frowned. She did have something for me, under her clothes.

“Patience,” she scolded playfully. She darted into the room and reappeared with a gift wrapped in silver paper.

“I thought I told you not to get me anything.” I took the package and sat on the lounge chair. Hannah sat beside me and watched me open it.

“And I thought you knew by now that I am an expert disobeyer.”

I laughed and peeled back the tissue paper, revealing a simple square photo album. She had placed a picture of me on the cover with a caption—“Things I Love About You.”

“Why do I feel like I’m about to be embarrassed,” I muttered. Hannah was forever snapping candid photos of me. Sometimes I noticed; most of the time, I didn’t.

“Shh. Just open it.”

I flipped to the first page and laughed again, rolling my eyes. Yup, it was a picture of my bare ass. I appeared to be sleeping. Hannah had pulled down the covers. Gratuitously, she’d written a caption. “Your perfect cute butt.”

I glanced at her. “I like your butt, too.”

She nudged me, her blush brightening. “Read!”

The next thing Hannah loved about me was “you knew this was coming (pun)”—a picture of my dick. I smiled faintly and shook my head, looking to the next glossy page. Hannah had quite a few racy pictures of me and many appeared in the album, highlighting features of my body. Because we were alone together, I didn’t feel the least bit embarrassed. I felt proud . . . and turned on. I pushed back her dress and rubbed her thigh lazily as I perused the album.

“Your happy, relaxed smile,” she wrote beneath a picture, “And your angry, impatient frown,” she wrote below another. “That look you get when we’re watching a show and you hear a song you have to find”—a picture of me glaring at the TV screen, reaching for my phone—“The way you try to cook”—a picture of me staring into the pantry helplessly—“How lost you get in your work”—a picture of me at my desk, gazing at something I was writing.

“When did you take this?” I balked at a picture of us having sex against a wall, my body captured in a mirror and Hannah with her iPhone peeking over my shoulder. The caption: “The way your ass and thighs tighten up when you’re thrusting into me.”

“You let me take it!” She laughed.

“Huh. I don’t remember that . . .”

The pictures were by turns sweet and sexy. The things Hannah loved about me, apparently, were all the things about me. The way I played with our pet rabbit, Laurence. The way I preferred to be on top. The way I was rough with her and the way I was gentle. My happiness. My shyness. My anger. My obsession with writing. The way I liked to read aloud to her. The way I invariably burned things in the oven. My list-making tendency. My habit of watching her drive off whenever she went to work. My “sweet face,” my “handsome face,” and “Did I already mention your butt?”

The last picture was of us, a clumsy selfie taken on our condo balcony.

“I’m selfish,” Hannah had written beneath the photo, “because the thing I love most about you is the way you love me. Happy Valentine’s Day, Matt.”

I stared at the image for a long time, with the night growing darker and cooler around us and the sound of the waves washing against the cliffs. Then I closed the album and gazed into the night. It was easier to be patient then, though my body was rigid with excitement and anticipation. I touched Hannah’s jaw and smiled at her. “Thank you, bird. You’re a sweet thing.”

She shrugged one shoulder and smiled nervously. I could see that she was turned on, too. I recognized that look on her face.

“Let’s go in,” I said. I walked ahead of her and went to her handbag, searching until I found her camera.

“What are you doing?” The anxious edge in her voice made me grin. I turned and lifted the camera, snapping a shot of her surprised face.

“Starting my album,” I murmured. “Things I Love About You, Hannah . . .” I lowered the camera and studied her for a moment. “Mm. First, the way you take off your clothes.”


Happy Valentine’s Day from M. Pierce, author of the Night Owl Trilogy


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Pre Order – Releasing 24th March


About the Author

owl reading

M. Pierce is the bestselling author of Night Owl, book one in the erotic Night Owl Trilogy.
The author lives in Colorado and owns a rabbit named Laurence.

Connect with M
Twitter || Facebook || Web || Goodreads

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LAST LIGHT (The Night Owl Trilogy #2) by M PIERCE

last light


Matt Sky is missing. After a solo ascent of Longs Peak that left only a large blood stain, tatters of climbing clothing, and the tracks of an animal in the snow, he is presumed dead …

Hannah Catalano is guarding a secret …

Tensions rise, secrets grow bigger, and passions run deeper in the highly anticipated second book in the Night Owl Trilogy.

Last Light

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

J&G✯✯✯1/2 Stars

 “He’s the golden boy, you see? We always forgive him.”

J&G:  There’s no denying it. Night Owl blew us away when we read it last year. It was addictive, passionate and emotional. We were introduced to Matt Sky; an intelligent, rather eccentric character whose actions posed many questions and ensured we hungrily flipped every page as we experienced the intensity and passion of his and Hannah’s relationship. In Night Owl we empathised with the struggles Matt underwent throughout that book and felt and understood his need for anonymity. It was real and raw. His love of his craft, his craving to turn his thoughts and imagination into stories was as important to him as breathing. But it was at a cost.

“You don’t have the fucking patent on pain, Matt. You don’t get to play the tortured genius card.”

M. Pierce’s writing was unique and even spell binding at times. So, to say we were eagerly anticipating Last Light, picking up Hannah and Matt’s story where that heart stopping cliffy left off is an understatement.

And so we delved into Last Light with much enthusiasm and were pleased to find the same metaphorically expressive prose was still evident through most of the story. We fell in love with this authors writing style and that love affair was still present on the whole in Last Light.

‘Whatever else life contains, Matt once said to me, it’s sad because it has to end.’

One of biggest drawbacks in Last Light became our feelings towards Matt. Here was a character who charmed us and who we loved in Night Owl. In that instalment we found him witty, endearing and his dirty mouth wowed us. Yes, he was high maintenance, but we empathised with him and willed him the privacy he so needed.  Sadly in Last Light Matt came across as selfish, whiny and self-centred and annoyed us to the point of distraction at times. We just couldn’t warm to him this time around as we did in Night Owl.

The shining light for us this time round were Nate and Seth, Matt’s brothers. These men completely stole our hearts. In fact, we felt more for these two than we did Matt. We felt so very, very sorry for Seth in Last Light. Here was a vulnerable and honest man who was a casualty of Matt’s game. He was a pawn and so cruelly treated. Nate had our hearts. A beautiful soul who was loyal to a fault and who, due to his uncompromising love for Matt was also a puppet in Matt’s selfishness. Yes we realise this sounds harsh, however, we have to be honest.

“Matt is a master manipulator, Hannah. And you’re not a cruel person, I can tell.”

Hannah, bless her, had our sympathy for most of this story. The young lady really came into her own in Last Light and showed great endurance and strength and we loved her for it. Although she agreed to it, we felt she was coerced into doing Matt’s bidding. It was extremely difficult on Hannah but Matt didn’t appear to shoulder any weight whatsoever and his expressions of guilt at putting Hannah through it all just didn’t feel honest. His words felt hollow and we felt Matt didn’t warrant the loyalty Hannah bestowed on him.  We felt the emotional strain on Hannah throughout the story.

“Let’s not live in the real world.”

For us this book didn’t have the impact that Night Owl did and it absolutely GUTS us to say this, especially after excitedly looking forward to Last Light. The characters voices appeared to have changed somewhat for drama’s sake; some exaggerated even since the previous book which we feel affected our enjoyment of the story and was unnecessary. At times it also felt as if the Author’s voice changed from poetic and metaphorical to almost cheesy and repetitive. It was so transparently conflicting it felt as though ‘outside voices’ were involved. This is not the Author we came to love and it’s such a shame as we LOVE this Authors unique writing. Did Last Light venture into that ‘second book filler trap’ of a trilogy? Sadly, perhaps so.

“You’re so poetic when you want to be. Are you manipulating me, or are you a hopeless romantic? I can never tell.”

We will say that one aspect of this story we found particularly fascinating and very clever was the way M Pierce intrinsically wove real life into her fiction. It had us pondering at what point did reality end and fiction begin? It certainly raised many questions and became quite the lively conversational topic for us both.

“I don’t want to be the sun in your sky. Do you get what I mean? I’m happy being the moon.”

Will we be 1clicking After Dark, the final installment,  the minute it’s live? You bet we will!  We are enjoying this series enough to be invested in these characters, wanting to see their story through to the end. Not to mention we will be craving more of M Pierce’s mesmerising and beautiful prose. We can’t wait and hope we get the M. Pierce back whose writing is so very unique and addictive. Fans of this series will devour Last Light, of that we’ve no doubt, it just didn’t completely work for us this time around.

**Reviewed off an ARC copy provided by the publisher with thanks**


Purchase Links for THE NIGHT OWL TRILOGY here
(Our Review for Night Owl)





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NIGHT OWL (The Night Owl Trilogy #1) by M. PIERCE




Love is unstoppable…

At twenty-eight, Matt Sky has the perfect life. He has a beautiful girlfriend, a massive inheritance, and four national bestsellers — all penned under his airtight alias, M. Pierce.

At twenty-seven, Hannah Catalano has a train wreck. Her boyfriend is a deadbeat and her job is abysmal.

Matt and Hannah meet online as writing partners. Their relationship is safe, anonymous, and innocent…

Until Matt sees a picture of Hannah.

Hannah’s picture sparks an attraction Matt is powerless to ignore. When circumstance brings Matt and Hannah together, the strangers begin a love story that’s passionate, poignant, unforgettable, and unstoppable.

Night owl

Reviewed by Gitte

5 Wicked and Saucy Stars

So I’m the lucky one…I managed to stay away from spoiler reviews and everything pertaining to Night Owl, I went in blind and wow am I happy I did! Now, what can I say without spoiling this book other than if you’re looking for a brilliantly well written story that will eat you up whole, devour you, then spit you out a mangled hot emotional mess; then Night Owl is the one for you. It’s the story you’ll love to hate or hate to love even. In my case, I bloody loved it. It had an abundance of the bizarre and the eccentric yet that made it all the more fantastically addictive and fabulous. It was dirty and filthy but I have to say, originally so, which meant at no stage did I think oh yeah I’ve read this before, the passion was off the charts because it was daring, evocative and imaginative. The words alone can bring you to near combustion and the characters are not always even in the same room when they’re uttered.

‘I’m about to hear his voice. I don’t even know this guy. What the hell am I doing? He could be a psycho stalker. We shouldn’t cross this line…’

So yeah, the characters…full of intrigue, mystery and with great development. They get under your skin and I felt like, absolutely I can see how this could happen, how easy this relates to the age we live in today with the easy access to anyone and everyone, this could have been me, you, your friend….anyone!

How this story begins, well the situation at the crux of it, is one all you readers, and I include myself here, could have been a privy to or even a part of. Quite frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me if this has happened to someone we know. The six degrees of separation and all. The way the premise is written is weirdly over the top, but then so is many things in life, making it entirely possible that this could happen.

I think this Author played the game very well and I have to give M. Pierce a standing ovation for ingenuity and originality. Well played!

We have two authors writing in collaboration; Matt and Hannah. We have one stipulation: no personal details or identification. I loved how this story began and I loved how it evolved and I loved the mystery of the ending. It was bloody brilliant. It had a gripping dark and angsty story wrapped up in a red hot erotic bow.

‘So it was possible to love a stranger.’

An accidental omission sets off a journey that is so emotional, so passionate, so erotic and so enthralling I gripped my kindle wanting to see how it turned out, yet also wanting that mystery and unknown to continue at the same time.

“Greedy little bird, aren’t you?” – Matt

Yes, yes Matt I really am!!!!

I almost read this story in one sitting, and would have done if not for the small matter of sleep, foregoing a night out with the girls because I was riveted. Also I was ugly crying and kept having to pop ice cubes to cool me down; I was in no state to leave the house.

Now, Matt, I don’t even know where to begin with him, I mean he has a pet rabbit which he takes for walkies on a lead! However, I will start with: he’s MINE okay!!!! What a complex, beautiful, sad gorgeous man he is. And don’t get me started on his dirty talking filth factor, actually let’s go there….it’s HOT….he’s HOT and you will pass out in an exhausted mess on the floor. Don’t like the sound of the picture I just painted? Well I dare you to go read for yourself and come back and tell me that didn’t happen to you too!!

‘Matt’s smirks came in flavors – two parts kindness, one part wicked amusement, a little lust in the mix. Oh, and one hundred percent smug bastard.’

But this is not what Matt is all about. It’s a fraction of him, a consequence of a life so tragic and emotional that I wanted to march on inside my kindle and pull him into my arms.

“Beautiful man. I wish you could see yourself. You look lost.”

“I feel lost..”

So, can you spell secrets? Well it’s spelt M.A.T.T!! This man had enough to sink a ship and they were all wrapped up in lies. Matt is neurotic, he’s a complete cock, he’s confident yet vulnerable. He’s an endearing arse and I fell in complete love with him, if you met Matt in real life you’d stay well clear wouldn’t you? Hmmmm…..I’ll get back to you on that one.

‘But there is no such thing as loneliness. There is only the idea of loneliness.’

I think I’ll be hard pressed (pun intended) to find another dirty talker like Matt, this man was shockingly filthy.

‘I told her that I was coming. I told her to come on my dick. I almost told her I loved her. Sex is the damndest thing.’

However, his words in general are so honest, rude, funny, intriguing and compelling that he literally became one of my favourite male characters.

 ‘I had to fight. I knew she wanted me to fight. I would have wanted her to fight for me.’ – Matt

“He feels pain like no one I have ever known, and always has. He’s such an emotional creature.”

As for Hannah, she was a great heroine; she was bright and honest, sweet and vulnerable, fierce and protective. I guess you could say she knew what she wanted and she didn’t hide it. She had real strength and made no excuses.  Seriously, can you be jealous of a book character, hell yeah you can and that was me. But I was rooting for our Hannah because it was clear that we were experiencing the meeting of soul mates who each gave to the other what they knowingly or unknowingly needed.

‘I bound my broken, beautiful Matt, so sad and silent. I unbound my tiger.’

Sometimes you can analyse a story till you go stir crazy, sometimes you can look for that elusive hidden meaning and think you’ve got it. Sometimes you just have to let it all go and let a book swallow you and not the other way round. Sometimes you just have to escape through laughter and tears.

“…sad things seem truest to me.”

“Truest? Happiness isn’t true?”

This, this is just what Night Owl did to me and I am gagging for the next book in this trilogy! I wanted it the second I finished Night Owl. So, if you haven’t read it yet I can highly recommend adding it right now!

Purchase Links for THE NIGHT OWL TRILOGY here
(Our Review for Night Owl)





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