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The Space Between Us by Megan Hart

4 stars

I’ve read Dirty, Tempted and Stranger by Megan Hart and loved all three .  They pushed me out of my comfort zone and absolutely loved it!

I was happy to receive an ARC of The Space Between from Netgalley and couldn’t wait to read more from this author.

I love that this author’s characters have so many layers and I always love tearing my way through them throughout her stories.  She has always managed to give me that emotional connection I so crave when I am reading her books and her characters are so often damaged and you ache for them. This story was no exception.  She doesn’t wrap a story all up in a pretty bow – she makes you work for it, she doesn’t give you a light fluffy HEA and it is for that reason I love her writing.

I loved how this story started with the end and worked its way back – this added to the nervous, emotional feeling I had when I read the start and eagerly flipped through to see how this all came about.

The flashbacks really allowed such depth to Telsa as a character and I loved that she was such a free spirit.  Meredith…….well, I never warmed to her one bit. She was such a conflicted character for me and I didn’t like how she treated Charlie.  Sure he was passive so it’s no surprise that him and Telsa bonded.  I’m glad he stood up to Meredith eventually.

This book is about a menage trois relationship and is a book that will grip you and drag you into the story between these three people.

If you like your books to be emotional and hit you right in the heart, if you like your characters damaged and flawed, if you like an erotic read –  then this book is for you.

This was an erotic, emotional, sad and wonderful read for me.


Reviewed by Jenny


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