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Standalone – unrequited love, friends to lovers romance
‘What do you do when your soul mate marries your best friend?’
Releasing 7th June

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unbreak my heart 7th juneSYNOPSIS

What do you do when your soul mate marries your best friend?

If you’re Kate Evans, you keep your friend Rachel, bond with her kids, and bury your feelings for her husband. The fact that Shane’s in the military and away for long periods helps-but when tragedy strikes, everything changes.

After Rachel, pregnant with her fourth child, dies in a car accident and the baby miraculously survives, Kate upends her entire life to share parenting duties. Then on the first anniversary of Rachel’s death, Kate and Shane take comfort in each other in a night that they both soon regret.

Shane’s been angry for a year, and now he feels guilty too – for sleeping with his wife’s best friend and liking it . . . liking her. Kate’s ability to read him like a book may have once sent Shane running, but their lives are forever entwined and they are growing closer.

Now with Shane deployed for seven months, Kate is on her own and struggling with being a single parent. Shane is loving and supportive from thousands of miles away, but his homecoming brings a betrayal Kate never saw coming. So Kate’s only choice is to fight for the future she deserves – with or without Shane. . .


Unbreak My Heart
Reviewed by Gitte & Jenny

We absolutely love Nicole Jacquelyn’s writing, it’s flawless, addictive and always makes us feel everything her characters feel as well as heightens our emotions be they of love, passion or anger. Once again she had us completely consumed by her words. Unbreak My Heart is not an easy book to read but it demands to be read. It will consume your very being. It’s a story of love and loss – of second chances and new beginnings.

“I’ve given you everything….I took care of everything so you wouldn’t worry. Even when you were gone, even when you acted like you’d never known me.”

Unbreak My Heart is a beautifully sad story with such poignant tender moments and the line of soul-deep selfless and an air of unrequited love running through it. The heroine, Kate, had our hearts beating in tandem with hers, she is without question one of the most complete female characters in the sense that she loves with all her heart, she gives yet expects nothing in return and she does so with an unbeatable sense of humour. She feels so real it devastated us at times.

“You want a housewife and I’m convenient.”

“…You’re the least convenient person I’ve ever fucking met.”

We loved her from page one till the last. Sacrificing your personal life for others and taking on a beautiful brood of kids from day one, well it’s no mean feat and we respected and loved Kate for it.

‘I couldn’t decide if I was mad about what I’d done or so fucking sad about the entire thing that I wanted to weep.’

The hero, Shane, gave us whiplash yet we revelled in his completely honest non apologetic way of being. We pretty much disliked this man on and off through the entire book but can’t say that we didn’t understand some of his reasoning’s. He was a puppeteer without filter who needed to realise what was going on around him, atone and redeem. He needed to search deep within himself to find the truth and fix the broken pieces shattered around him.

‘I’d pushed her aside for so long that there was no foundation to build on. Just a mess of shattered pieces that I’d crushed with a sledgehammer every time she’d grown closer than I was comfortable with.’

You talk about your heart on your sleeve and both characters wore just that. Brought up in the foster system neither have had an easy start but have a great support system in friends and foster family relations. So much pain, angst and heart-break had the loving caring moments shining through like beacons in the night. We cried, laughed and shouted in frustration. Nicole Jacquelyn pulled out every emotion in this story and she did so with her brilliant no punched pulled writing.

“…you just loved me.”


TB recommends this gritty Biker Romance series by Nicole


Nicole Jacquelyn

Craving Constellations Book #1 :  Amazon  us | Amazon uk | Our Review
Craving Redemption Book #2Amazon us | Amazon uk | Our Review
Craving Absolution #3Amazon us  | Amazon uk Our Review
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Craving Trix


Bellatrix White had loved Cameron Harrison for as long as she could remember. He was her best friend and her closest confidant, and she knew one day he’d be her forever.

Then he broke her heart.

After five years of complete silence between them, the motorcycle club they grew up in comes under attack, giving Cam the opportunity he needs to work his way back into Trix’s life.

Because while Trix was nursing her broken heart, Cam was realizing exactly what he’d given up.

They fall into a relationship easily, but when new tragedies mix with old memories, neither of the lovers are prepared for the fallout.

♠ ♠ 

Craving Trix

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

✯✯✯ 1/2 Stars

I know I should say somethin’ good…somethin that you can remember later. But, fuck, Bea. I’m just so happy right now, can’t think of nothin’ to say.”

“That sounded good enough to me.”
“Kiss me.”

Nicole Jacquelyn writes some of THE best MC books we’ve read, she never shies away from delivering the hard blows invariably making her fictional MC world a gripping, raw and addictive place to be. Her stories present the rough with the smooth, the ugly with the beautiful and we can’t help but devour her books time and time again.  We especially love her heroines. They’re feisty, loveable and admirable and together with her menacing biker men who live hard and love harder we’ve been won over by her Biker books time and again.

‘Possessiveness didn’t bother me. In our world, it was a sign of love, no matter how outsiders chose to perceive it.’

When we heard about this book, we were over the moon! After all, we’d witnessed Cameron and Trix growing up and couldn’t wait to devour their love story and spend more time with the Aces originals as well!

‘She was mine. She’d always been mine.”

So it pains us to say Craving Trix didn’t entirely work for us. It really was a case of some things worked, some things didn’t. What absolutely worked was Cam’s character! We knew all along Cameron was going to steal our hearts. This young man had lived through the most horrific trauma as a little boy and we grieved with him, all the time waiting for the day Cameron would grow into a man who showed loved, and was loved and wow Cameron didn’t disappoint!. Oh yes he could be a little overbearing at times, but…. what a heart!

“What are we doing here, Cam?”
“Well, I was tryin’ to kiss ya. Not sure what you’re doing’.”
“Do you want…are we together?” “Is this a thing?”
“A thing?”
I asked incredulously, trying to figure out what she was getting at. We weren’t a thing…we were us.

We both adored Trix as a little girl, sadly as a woman we found her quite unlikeable at times. Whilst we acknowledged she was dealing with some deep rooted issues, we didn’t feel they warranted her extreme attitude towards Cam, especially considering what he himself was having to deal with. In that respect, Trix came across as self absorbed and sadly their love story didn’t give us the intense emotional feelings we were anticipating.

“I’m jealous.”
“I don’t know how to not be jealous. I just…this feels like it came out of nowhere, and I’m….”
“Mighta came outta nowhere for you…but it feels like I’ve been waitin’ forever.”

The drama that unfolded didn’t sit well with us on the whole. In fact, what played out somewhat changed the landscape of the existing Aces Series and we feel kind of sad about that. Yes, we understand that drama needed to be introduced in order for the story to play out as it did, however what occurred felt unnecessary, with the reasoning behind it implausible and coming out of left field.

Cam’s character was definitely a highlight! He completely had our hearts and our empathy. As if he hadn’t suffered enough in his young life….to go through what he did….and still muster the strength he did whilst falling apart on the inside…he damn near broke our hearts AGAIN! What a man he’s grown up to be! So loyal, loving and yeah…a completely possessive yummy alpha to boot.

“You’re okay, I’ve got you, I’ve got you.”

Nicole Jacquelyn writes some of the best intimate scenes we’ve read and in that respect, she delivered again in Trix, conveying the desire and  need between Trix and Cam. We couldn’t help but feel the passion between these two in that regard.

We relished catching up with Aces from previous books, with the father/daughter relationship between Dragon and Trix, his ‘Little Warrior” warming our hearts to the ninth degree – Dragon really did shine in this story and that along with other aspects of the story did work for us…..just not everything.

“You did good, baby girl. I know it hurts, Little Warrior, but you did real good.”

 **Reviewed from an ARC copy provided by the author with thanks**


Amazon us || Amazon uk

Craving Trix

   ♠ ♠


Nicole Jacquelyn

Amazon  us || Amazon uk || Our Review

Amazon us || Amazon uk || Our Review

Amazon us  || Amazon uk || Our Review

Amazon us || Amazon uk || Our Review

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Craving ResurrectionSYNOPSIS

Poet and Amy’s story…

Patrick Gallagher’s future was mapped out—and it didn’t include Amy Henderson or the IRA.

She was everything he’d never wanted. Too young. Too naïve.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t help but be fascinated by the girl who took refuge in his old bedroom, staying with his mum more often than not.

She looked like a Renaissance painting and argued like a solicitor. He couldn’t resist her, and before long, he didn’t even want to.

Instead, he loved her unreservedly… then he married her.

But he couldn’t have prepared for what happened after.

Actions, no matter how large or how small, have consequences—and when the IRA comes knocking, he’s sucked into a life that he’d never anticipated.

Choices were made.

Hearts were broken.

Trust was shattered.

Lives were lost.

Through it all, he loved her.

It was a love that spanned decades.

♥  ♥

Craving Resurrection

Jointly Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

✯✯✯✯✯ highly emotional stars. 

‘Poets wrote sonnets about her type of beauty.’

What can we say about Craving Resurrection; honestly we’re quite lost for words and if you read our reviews regularly you‘ll know that this doesn’t happen often. We do tend to go on a bit. We just weren’t prepared for everything that was Craving Resurrection.

“Sometimes, the things we need don’t make sense to anyone else. That doesn’t mean you’re wrong to need them.”

What we do have to say, of which we are sure, is expect the unexpected. This instalment is unlike any of its predecessors insofar as themes, storyline and main characters are concerned. It’s incredibly unique, diverse, highly emotional and incredibly bloody sad. We agonised, cried and our hearts swelled with love and if nothing else we wholeheartedly applaud Nicole Jacquelyn as we think this story took guts and tears to write. We can imagine her sitting at her desk drawing deep from within herself crying tears as she wrote. Yes, that is how much sadness we truly felt over this story. Poet and Amy’s story will pull at your heartstrings; it will make you angry, frustrated, and heartbroken and it will make you believe in soul mates and true love despite everything working against that very fact.

‘I instinctively knew that nothing could hurt me when Patrick was there. It was when he left that bad things happened.’

We go back to the beginnings of Patrick and Amy in rural Ireland. Two youngsters brought together by a caring neighbour and Mum. Amy; according to Patrick:

‘She was everything – messy and emotional and pragmatic and snarky and possessive and beautiful – and I couldn’t go another day without making her mine.’

Amy to us was strength. She was fierce and fought tooth and nail in cruel and violent adversity. Amy was a survivor. She was passionate and loving, pure goodness. She was a woman who loved and lost with forgiveness.

‘Christ, hadn’t she figured it out yet? I’d continue to hold her as long as she’d allow it.’

Patrick was a man misunderstood. A man who made mistakes. A man who’s skills and knowledge was quashed by outside forces placing him in situations beyond his control and comprehension. Patrick loved with all his heart but was ultimately a man of honour and responsibility no matter how misguided. Patrick ultimately had a good heart.

‘I loved him, I didn’t think that would ever change, but I couldn’t get past the fact that he’d ruined my life.’

The journey is harrowing and albeit it a hard read at times due to overuse of Irish vernacular it was nevertheless spell-binding and compelling reading.

‘I understood that everyone made choices that they later regretted, some large and some small. It was human to get it wrong, to not see the larger picture until it was too late. But I didn’t know how to reconcile that with the decisions I’d made.’

A story of love, loss, guilt and missed opportunities that absolutely pulled at our heartstrings. Craving Resurrection can be read as a standalone. Nicole Jacquelyn has become a 1Click author for us and this book only cemented our opinion of her talent. It’s certainly one we’ll be talking about for quite a while. A definite recommend from us both.

**Reviewed from an ARC copy provided by the author for an honest review**

Purchase THE ACES MC SERIES here

Nicole Jacquelyn




Releases 26th January – Pre Order Links


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craving absolution

Farrah Miller and Cody “Casper” Butler have a longstanding relationship that both refuse to discuss.
It isn’t romantic.
It may not even be classified as a friendship.
Casper’s been saving Farrah from herself for longer than he’d care to admit, watching silently as she drowned herself in alcohol. Then, when she finally got her act together, he left. He told himself he was giving her time to sort herself out. He tried to give her space.
But getting shot in the chest can change a man’s perspective, and Casper’s done waiting.
When he shows up on her doorstep one night, everything changes.
He’s the man who’s seen her at her very worst.
She’s his weakness.
He runs when things get hard.
She never lets anyone see below the surface and is terrified of being abandoned.
He knows it’s a long shot, that there’s a good chance she’ll never drop her guard for him—but he has to try. Because a life with Farrah is exactly what he wants—even if he has to fight her for it.

´♥ ´♥ ´♥

craving absolution collage

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

J&G: ✯✯✯✯✯ Stars!

“She’s your soft place, son. A man needs a soft place to land when life gets fucked.”

Gitte: I love this series, bloody love it. Every instalment landing on my kindle I devour in one sitting revelling in the passion, the gritty world of the MC club, the drama and emotion. This is book #3 and I guess in some respects I see this as a series of ‘reader’s indulgence’ insofar as it has everything to satisfy you and then some. My ‘reading heart’ rejoiced with high emotion and tingles; Craving Absolution is without doubt my favourite in this series and one of my favourite biker books this year!

“I need you to fight for yourself, baby…I need you to fight for us.”

I know what to expect and I never feel let down or disappointed. It’s brilliantly written as always, the characters are flawed but you fall in unquestionable love with them and the story is hot, thrilling and addictive. There’s purpose and room for every single character, they all shine in their own right. So yeah, bloody loved Craving Absolution and wow the epilogue ROCKED!!!! Oh and there’s a scene involving a couple of tattoos, I was in tears!! Absolute TEARS, my heart overflowed!!!! What about you, Jenny?

Jenny:  I think it’s fair to say I LOVED THIS BOOK and was moved implicitly. We certainly shed a few tears chatting about it after we finished! I loved everything about it and I know I didn’t skip one word. Cody and Farrah’s story was one of my most anticipated of this series and it lived up to, and even exceeded, my expectations.  And yes….THAT scene…..I was a mess!  I’m still thinking about it!

“I’m in love with you.”….”I’m sorry for that….”

I completely agree! This is definitely up there as one of my fave biker book this year as well! It was pretty special. I inhaled it in one sitting and experienced every emotion possible.. There is something that set this one apart that’s for sure.

‘Our relationship was complicated….. dragged through the mud too many times to be clean and wholesome.’

Oh wow! That epilogue! I’ve read some fantastic epilogues and this one certainly stood out. It took my breath away! Amazing end to a fabulous read! It left me completely satisfied yet desperately wanting to spend more time with these characters I’ve come to know and love. As you say, each character has a place and none are insignificant to the story.

Gitte: Cody and Farrah’s story is really heart breaking yet oh so romantic. I mean Cody, wow, what a man. Sure, he has his faults and I wanted to shout at him for being a tosser a few times but his passionate heart and his dedication, love and protectiveness for Farrah….it all knew no end, it was infinite!! Cody grew up and what an incredible man he’s become with such a beautiful soul.

“I gave you space, baby. I gave thousands of miles of space, because I knew you needed it.”

Farrah was a bit of an enigma to me, I didn’t really have an opinion on her upon starting. However, she soon won me over and I slowly but surely fell in love with her strength and vulnerable character. She puts up a guarded front as a result of a traumatic childhood. How do you trust, love and embrace anything new and uncertain if you haven’t had much stability and love in life?

‘As much as I wanted to keep my distance, Cody was just as determined to break through.’

Now, Cameron stole my heart too. There’s a harrowing scene with him and Farrah that just made me want to pick him up and hug him. It made me cry!  I really hope we get his and Trix’s story. Well played Nicole Jacquelyn looks as if the next generation’s up and I for one will one-click every single one!! I highly recommend this series for its passion, twists and turns, raw emotion and swoon worthy romance. What about you, Jenny?

Jenny:  Oh you can bet I’ll be 1clicking anything in regards to The Aces Series. I just can’t get enough and yes please, please, please…..let’s have some of the next generation! Their stories will be just as riveting!

I loved Cody. I found myself forgiving him his sometimes bad judgement calls because I knew his heart was in the right place. He’d watched, protected and loved Farrah from afar but didn’t always have the foresight to think through the consequences of his actions. Sure I wanted to slap him now and then but this guy completely had my heart. He had me swooning many a time!

“Don’t ever hide from me again, I’m all in, Farrah.”

Like you, I wasn’t sure what to think of Farrah in the beginning but my feelings for her grew throughout the story. Such a broken character, she certainly made me tear up a few times. Healing from her past would take time, opening and trusting would entail breaking down her carefully constructed walls and I was with her every step of the way.

“Don’t leave without waking me up, okay? “I don’t like waking up with you gone.”

Cody and Farrah’s story has been brewing throughout series and I particularly love how this author manages to so effortlessly and seamlessly weave each character and story into the other and she never shies away from bringing us the gritty side of her MC world. She tells it warts and all and her characters are honestly flawed. In this installment she brought us some nail biting moments, lots of twists, shocks, drama and, some truly heartfelt romantic moments which made my heart burst. Yep, this was an absolute winner for me too!

**Reviewed on ARC copy provided by author**


Nicole Jacquelyn

Our Review


Our Review


Our Review


Our Review



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craving redmption



Asa and Callie had nothing in common. He was an Ace, raised in the club and loyal to it above all else. She was a high school student with braces on her teeth and a narrow view of the world.

They should have never crossed paths.

But when Callie decides to defy her parents, and Asa goes on an errand for the club, their lives collide. He saves her, and she mesmerizes him.

They part believing they’ll never see each other again.
Neither could have predicted the chain of events they’d put in motion.

Now the two have to navigate the dark waters of a relationship built on tragedy and need without drowning in guilt for things outside their control.

How do you love someone when the worst decision of your life was the reason you met them?


Craving Redemption

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

4 Brilliant – we love Asa – Stars

Jenny:  Well, Craving Constellations knocked our socks off didn’t it G and so we were hanging out for Grease’s story in Craving Redemption, finally getting to it this week. Okay, I have to get this out there before I can begin to move on…..Grease/Asa….dear lordy mcmordy I am in love with that guy. His endearment and his love for Callie had me seriously swooning and his alpha protective ways had my heart racing. Oh…and he had a way with words hehe

“Tell me how much you love me.” – Callie
“More than my bike, less than my dick.” – Asa

Gitte: Seriously Jenny, I am in LOVE with Asa a.k.a Grease. Absolutely loved him, all the way through, right till the end and beyond. This guy was biker perfection! He was a hard arse who had passion, love in abundance, his protective instinct was spot on and he was funny, articulate and HOT. You couldn’t ask for more!!! I too loved EVERY minute reading Craving Redemption, I was hooked all the way through and cared for every single character and the story line blew me away, it was that addictive. It was LUSH and a pure reader indulgence!

“You’re so fuckin’ beautiful it almost hurts to look at you…” Asa

Jenny:  Nicole Jacquelyn certainly writes an amazing MC book that’s for sure. She has her own style and manages to bring the perfect blend of the alpha yet sensitive male to stories. Asa/Grease was such a deep and beautiful character. He was strong, alpha, protective and possessive yet he conversed without the need for one syllable grunts, and as much as he spoke his mind and could be a bit of a dick on occasion, his love for Callie was without question and he was never afraid to express that love to her verbally and physically. And those endearments…..sigh…….I want to be his Sugar….

Gitte: Yeah I have to agree, in a sea of biker books, this Author manages to tick every single box without falling into the trap of crudeness; over the top alpha speak, one dimensional characters and crass situations. She does have her own style and I for one bloody love it!

Jenny:  Callie was a sweet 16 year old, complete with braces (which was so adorable by the way) when she meets 20 year old Asa under some pretty dire circumstances. Callie has a hero worship for Asa after he saves her not once, but twice. There were times when Callie would at times appear a lot older, but the author would soon remind us of Callie’s youth with her bratty tantrums and it brought to light the fact that here was a young girl, thrown into a situation that was beyond comprehension and heartbreaking to say the least.

Gitte:  Yeah, at first I thought uh oh….Callie’s only sixteen. However, at no stage did this make me uncomfortable nor did I find her annoyingly young or think twice about the four year age gap between her and Asa.  Rather, my heart melted, this sweet girl with braces; rebelling and finding herself caught up in a tragic and dire situation beyond her wildest imagination. If anything, this poor girl had to grow up really fast. Sure, she showed her immaturity at times but it was endearing and feisty and true to age and situation. And wow, did her relationship with Asa make my pulse beat frantically, as well as sigh at the true romance which laid at the heart of this story.

“Stay where you are sweetheart and keep quiet, I’m coming to get you”

Jenny:  I loved that Asa and Callie’s story was told over the span over 5 years.  This way, we were able to experience Callie and Asa’s relationship from inception, through the years and eventually leading up to the climax, which brought us full circle to the start of the book.  Those early meetings with Asa and Callie….wow! They were intense. Gitte, there was THAT on particular scene ……it was so real that you felt every heart stopping, tragic moment. It broke my heart.  There were times I would get frustrated with their living arrangements and wanted them to really take a moment to sort through their crap, but once it all came to a head, I understood why they acted and made the decisions they did. Callie, and Asa to a degree, carried such deeply imbedded scars that had to be dealt with in their own time and it was heartbreaking to witness.

‘…just like that, she completely shattered my fucking life.’

Gitte: I loved so many aspects of this story and the five year time span was definitely one of them, as we followed and grew with the characters, specifically Callie, and saw them evolve. We experienced everything with them from the moment Asa and Callie met till the story had indeed gone full circle. The journey was obstacle ridden; full of tragedy, frustration yet also, passion and romance. I think at times I forgot to breathe because I cared so deeply for the characters and the hell they found themselves in at times broke my heart. If only we could have spent longer with them!

 “You’re my family,”
“You’re my everything.” – Asa

J&GWell, it’s pretty clear that we loved this book.  Nicole Jacquelyn did it again and provided us with a story that took us through the complexities of first love, loss, grief and pain all against the backdrop of a rough and tough MC Club, and she did a stellar job. We were there every step of the way and became completely invested in these characters. We shared their pain, their loss, their struggles, their happiness and more than anything we shared their love.

‘…..I still loved him with an intensity that bordered on madness…..’

While Asa tried to find a balance between his club, his brothers and the strong love he felt for Callie, Callie was looking for total commitment, feeling The Aces was an obstacle and the cause of their problems, but what was between them ran so much deeper and their raw and tender story was told with emotion, passion and humour…oh and yes…the heat factor…whoa!!!

‘The thought that he could be taken from me at any time ran through my mind on a constant loop. I started to hate the club he belonged to.’

The build-up and the execution of Asa and Callie’s story was superbly brought to life and we were enthralled through every pulsating minute…….until we got to the end. After being so heavily invested in these characters, the ending felt very rushed, leaving us feeling short changed. It was as though we were treated to a lot of “before” and not a lot of “afters”.  We got to about 80% and panicked that we were running out of time to spend with “present day” Asa and Callie. We held out hope that the epilogue would provide us with the closure we so desperately needed to experience with our couple, but we have to say it was a disappointment also. It absolutely breaks our hearts to say that after what was an engrossing and wonderful story.

‘It was no longer enough for her to need me. I wanted her to be willing to fight for me.’

But…..that doesn’t mean it impeded on our overall enjoyment of the story, it simply means that had the “afters” been explored more comprehensively and the epilogue been more involved, this would have been, without hesitation,  a 5 star read for us. We simply needed more! Asa and Callie’s story had us transfixed and this author has certainly cemented us as one-click fans! We can’t wait for the next Aces story, we’ll be one-clicking in a heartbeat.

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review


Nicole Jacquelyn

Our Review


Our Review


Our Review


Our Review


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