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broken fairtytale


Following a family tragedy, Izobel Jerome has lived the past eighteen months in an emotional wilderness, losing herself in meaningless relationships and barely existing.

But no more, Izzy is tired of running. At twenty-two, she decides life is for living and that’s exactly what she intends to do. She will heal her heart and open it to love. A chance meeting at University…call it fate, will have her sharing a flat with three gorgeous men, all different and all offering her the safety and security Izzy desperately needs and craves.

In Aiden and Max she will find the family she never had. In Declan she will find a kindred spirit.

Declan, a man as equally damaged as Izzy who will become her salvation as they both discover the other half of their damaged hearts.

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Reviewed by Jenny

Broken Fairytale is the debut novel by Nikola Jensen and what a stunning, moving and emotional debut it is. The prologue was so powerful, it drew me in and Izzy’s story hit me straight through the heart.

“I was taught from an early age that crying and excessive displays of feelings could have dire consequences.”

We first meet Izzy when she makes the decision to move on with her life after spending the last 18 months trapped inside herself emotionally following a family tragedy. What she went through was gut wrenching and learning about Izzy during snippets throughout Broken Fairytale allowed me to connect with her, bond with her and really feel for her before and after Izzy’s story unfolded.

“My heart just won’t scab over and scar.”

It was as if this girl spoke to me. I understood her needs, her wants and I ached for her in her sadness. What she had been through, what frightened her still, quite literally broke my heart.

Just as Izzy makes the decision to move forward, to not dwell on the past or let the present dictate her life, fate intervenes and puts her in the path of Aiden and Declan two men who would be instrumental in aiding Izzy to move on, gain hope and help her find the happiness she so deserves.

“I knew you the minute I looked into those big eyes; beautiful but very sad eyes.”

Deciding to take up the offer to share a flat with Aiden, Declan and Max, she will discover that not all relationships are to be feared and that family comes in many forms.

It is Declan who captivates Izzy and steals her heart.  Izzy has been closed off emotionally, seeking casual relationships and Declan doesn’t do relationships at all.

Declan is also emotionally shutdown and carries baggage from his past, choosing to seek pleasure i one night stands rather than give in to his heart, but he sees something deep in Izzy.  He sees through to her soul, garnering feelings he never expected to surface. He’s lost in this woman and would do anything to protect her.

“When I met you Izzy, you crawled under my skin, you hit me so hard and I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t leave you alone.”

The emotion in Broken Fairytale really gripped me. I read it in one sitting and was completely captivated by Izzy and Declan. Being afforded glimpses into Declan’s thoughts via his intermittent POV’s really allowed me to connect with them both, to hear both sides and to experience first-hand the connection,the love and the pain.

“This is you, all of you and I love all that is you, Izzy.”

There were scenes throughout with that had me experiencing nervous anticipation, you know, that sick feeling in your stomach when you’re anxious of what is to come,  eagerly awaiting the outcome yet dreading what was to unravel.

“Violence doesn’t discriminate against who people are or where they’re from.”

I head over  heels in love with Declan.  This soulful, beautiful man who  never judged, was patient, giving and so DIVINE!  The scenes with him and Izzy melted my heart completely.

“She really makes my heart stop. I’d give anything for more than just these moments with her.”

Broken Fairytale never felt like it was written with scenes to shock for the sake of shock. The subject was handled sensitively and because of this it never felt over dramatized , it felt real and Izzy’s sufferings felt raw.

“Until you’ve loved someone you don’t realise how painful love really is.”

I cried with Izzy, and for Izzy. I swooned with her over Declan, I laughed with her over Aiden and I quite literally fell in love with them all.

A beautifully told account of pain, healing, moving forward, growing and loving and of not letting your past or others define you.  To stand up, open your heart and live the life you deserve to live. I devoured every single word.



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