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Releasing 29th December
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About The Neighbor’s from Hell Series:

Every neighborhood, whether it’s located in the best part of town or across the tracks has one very important thing in common: they all have the one neighbor that you wish you could club upside the head, throw in the back of your trunk, and dump a hundred miles into the woods all while giggling hysterically and promising yourself that this time would be different, this time he wouldn’t find his way back.You know who I’m talking about.

Its’ the person that steals your newspaper, lets his dog walk on your freshly mowed lawn, blasts their music at all hours of the night, steals your parking spot, leaves their alarm clock blasting twenty-four seven and just annoys the living hell out of you. What if I told you that this person really wasn’t so bad once you got to know him and that by the time I’m done spinning you a tale that not only will you find all of his quirks endearing, but that you’ll fall head over heels in love with him? What would you say then?

Don’t believe me? Well, I guess there’s only one way to find out. Check out my Neighbor From Hell series and see for yourself...

christmas from hell 29th Dec


Duncan Bradford is used to putting other people first even the annoying little jinx that lives next door, but when the unexpected happens and he starts to see her in a whole new light, he decides that it’s time that he acts more like a Bradford and takes what he wants.

❈  ❈

Christmas From Hell


Reviewed by Gitte

✯✯✯✯ yummy & funny stars

‘He wasn’t annoying. He was far from being annoying. He was the helpful fucking one. Everyone fucking loved him, he told himself as he glared as the small woman continued to ignore him.’

When you pick up an RL Mathewson story you pretty much know what you’re going to get which sometimes isn’t a bad thing, in fact you’re guaranteed it’ll bring laughter, lots of food, stubborn and cocky Bradfords, a clumsy heroine and yeah….lots of food….which bears repeating.

‘She was always the one and on some level he’d always known, but he’d fucked up so many times with her that he was afraid that one more time would send her running and he couldn’t risk that.’

I thought Christmas From Hell felt like coming home insofar as to why I initially fell in love with this Author. I was in stitches of laughter at the Bradfords! For me, this family just never fail to shock me at their arrogance and food addiction – their pouting and hurt feelings when it comes to food withdrawal. Again, I’ve said it before – how the hell do I get into this family? I want IN!!!!

‘To him, she would always be the pain in the ass neighbour who couldn’t do anything right.’

This story followed the Mathewson formula with lovable characters, dislike turning to love and the Bradford family’s effortless banter all set in a magical snowy Christmas setting. For readers of this series it’s a great addition to a series we love!

❈  ❈


RL Mathewson

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THE GAME PLAN (A Neighbors From Hell Novel #5) by R L MATHEWSON

the game plan


Spend the next 40 years in prison or break her lease early? 

Normally she’d be able to say that this one was a no-brainer, but things have definitely changed since she was forced to move in across the hall from Danny Bradford. 

A lot of things…… 

She wanted to get through one day, just ONE day without Danny Bradford doing something to test the limits to her control, but with that damn smile of his and his habit of leaving her contemplating manslaughter, she didn’t see that happening anytime soon. 

He loved his family, but some days……. 

It was too much, but that was okay, because his small neighbor living across the hallway provided him with endless hours of entertainment. Not on purpose of course, but did it really matter as long she made him smile?

❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ 

the game plan collage

 Reviewed by Gitte


“A Bradford male might realize early on that he’d found the woman of his dreams, but until he was at the point that he was willing to risk a kidnapping charge, he wasn’t ready for marriage.”

Who doesn’t love The Bradford’s? R.L. Mathewson never fails to make me laugh and swoon in equal measure. Sure the formula is pretty much the same as the Neighbors from Hell series continues; but in amongst the dark and angsty reads these books always provide that comical, sweet and sexy relief which is a breath of fresh air.

“Oh my God!” she yelled. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

Well I can answer that; he’s a Bradford my dear hahahaha. This Author injects so much humour, writes such gorgeous leading men and sweet heroines. To be honest if you’ve read the previous books in this series you pretty much know what to expect and the food drama you’re in for. You’re also pretty sure to laugh and fall in love. I have to say though that I did have some issues with this one. There was quite a bit of repetitiveness of not only certain phrases and situations but also reasoning’s for Jodi’s behaviour. The first half rocked, then it took a bit of a turn which became a tad frustrating at times. However, overall I thoroughly enjoyed The Game Plan; it was just what I needed.

“…there are more constructive ways to deal with boredom than terrifying others for my own enjoyment.”

So, the Bradford’s are back and I can’t deny how excited I was by the fact that we got a lot of Trevor in this one. He’ll always be my fave followed closely by Jason. But…this story is about Danny, the seemingly quiet one of the bunch; the more serious Bradford.

Back in the day Danny was a perfect youngster until the day he messed up; a day that acted as a catalyst for emotional and physical pain consequently impacting his present day. He’s almost treated with kid gloves and subconsciously stays away from any kind of emotional relationships. Well, that was never going to last really as soon as picking on Tinkerbelle next door becomes the highlight of his day, other than the usual Bradford food addiction of course. I really fell for Danny; he was quite different to the previous Bradford’s. He had quite a sad story to tell and I loved this more emotional side of NFH. It was so bloody sad when it all came out and how the relationship between his Dad and him had suffered.

“You are the best part of my day, Tink. You make me feel whole and happy and when I’m not with you, I’m thinking about you.”

Now as for Jodi, well she had me in absolute stitches on the whole. I have to say her reaction to any type of medicine had me crying with laughter; those scenes totally floored me. She’s such a sweet and ‘quiet’ type of girl; a proper ‘girl next door’ (pun intended!) you just can’t help but root for and take her to your heart. She’s not had much excitement in her life or appreciated for the beautiful person she is. So it’s about bloody time someone showed her.

‘Because no one else had wanted her.’

Despite how much I really liked her character; my frustrations with this story was based round her. At times she was over written and quite repetitive. I would also have loved more situational experience with Jodi and Danny outside the flat/hotel bedroom. More catching up with the Bradford’s; having chaotic meals with them, bans and fights. Especially it would have been fun as they went to my favourite place in the world. Now that I would have liked more of!

So, despite my issues, it was like coming home……and overall I enjoyed it and I will keep reading and going back for more!

*ARC provided from Author with thanks.*

❈ ❈ ❈ ❈ ❈


Neighbour from Hell








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BLACK HEART (Cursed Hearts #1) by R L MATHEWSON

black heart


There was something seriously wrong with Marty. That was the only explanation that she could come up with. Why else would she feel this way for the biggest SOB in town? Granted, he was also the hottest man in town, but he was also arrogant, callous, and determined to drive her away even as he drove her crazy with his touch. She should just walk away from him and probably would if it wasn’t for this connection that she’d always had with him that kept making her want more with the one man that couldn’t give her anything more than heartache.

He should have left and never looked back when he’d decided to finally do the right thing and push Marty out of his life, but instead he stuck around to torture himself by staying close to the one woman that he could never allow himself to have. She deserved better than him, better than the tortured existence that he led and better than the horrifying future that waited for him.

BLACKHEART is available to purchase below
Amazon US | Amazon UK

black heart

Reviewed by Gitte

This Author is one of my favourites as she writes stories that have the perfect combination of humour, romance and great characters. She rarely disappoints and I always enjoy her stories. As a reader you know what you’re going to get as R.L Mathewson does ‘just what it says on the tin’. She’ll make you laugh, swoon and fall in love.

Black Heart is a journey into the paranormal. Ghosts in fact. Now I’m not normally an avid reader of this type of paranormal so for me to enjoy this story, seeing as it had ghosts in it, well it’s a testament to the brilliance of this Author.  Because enjoy it…..I did.

This story is book #1 in a series so expect a slow introduction and a fleshing out of many characters. Oh and there are lots of them, besides our hero and heroine….but they are gorgeous, cocky, hilarious and Irish so it’s all good!

Our main characters Tristan and Marty have known each other pretty much forever.

“He was her hero, the one she went to when she skinned her knees and the one she yelled for whenever she got stuck up in a tree. He always came for her. Always.” – Marty

As per normal with this Author’s characters, there’s a strong connection, a past and a wanting heart. This is no exception and their story truly is heart-warming yet heart-breaking at the same time. Their story is also magical, funny and frustrating.

Tristan is one hell of a cocky, funny and at times maddening guy. Yet he’s totally lovable. He’s a gorgeous bad arse cop. Not only that though, as we move along in the story, he shows a vulnerability that’ll make your heart melt. This despite being known as a “cold bastard.” 

“He was handsome, quiet and easy going, well as long as you didn’t get on his bad side.” – Marty

As for Marty, I really liked her. She is refreshingly down to earth, intelligent, sweet yet slightly naïve. She knows what she wants and she has no real fear trying to get it.

“After all these years he thought he’d grown immune to her and this goddamn connection that he felt with her….” – Tristan 

The storyline of Black Heart is packed full of twists and surprises. As I was reading, I will admit to being confused at times and thinking what?! But once I got a few answers and learnt the how’s and the why’s my doubts and questions were answered. In particular, I questioned aspects of Tristan and Marty’s relationship and their actions which brought them to the moment they admitted their feelings. It all came together and the way in which it did surprised me as it was wrapped in mystery and intrigue.

“…I didn’t want to spend one more minute on this earth without you Marty..” – Tristan

Certain scenes in this story broke my heart and they all centre round Tristan’s past. I would have liked to have seen and known more of Tristan and Marty both individually and together before the answers came. Especially them as a couple which I thought was a tad rushed.

“..Are you still going to be an asshole?” – Marty 

“Yes, he said….but you can kick my ass if I step out of line…” – Tristan

As for the laughs….well between Tristan and his Therapist and Tristan and his ‘mate’ Shayne well I was in absolute stitches!

Is this one of my favourite books by this Author…Sadly no. However, I laughed, I fell in love and I felt emotional so that makes it a good read for me. Black Heart really is chock a block with humour, suspense and romance and I will definitely be picking up the next book in this series.

Gitte : 4 Stars

Arc provided by author in exchange for an honest review


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A Reclusive Heart (Hollywood Hearts, #2) – by R.L Mathewson

I started this book last night and pretty much HAD to read it straight through! Another FAB book from R.L Mathewson..who I picture wearing some sort of wonder woman outfit holding a chocolate bar in one hand and a chocolate shake in the other (am thinking after reading this one she may just have a wee bit of a sweet tooth LOL) because she just delivers every single time I start one of her books!!

This one is about Nick and Jamie. Nick is the bad boy from “A Humble Heart” and I was so happy to have his story because I’ve been crushing on him since then, yes he is a womanizing love ’em and leave ’em kind of guy but whatever, he had me hooked!! (oh and you get why he is like this..)!!

Jamie is a very shy, clumsy and frumpy girl (but if you’ve been knocked down as much as her you can’t really blame her). She sells her company and goes to work for the same company as Nick who ends up being her editor. He is a frustrating RUDE boy thinking to use her to further his career and some of the stuff he says in front of her..well he deserves a good bitch slap! But..actually make that a BUT….he totally redeems himself…TOTALLY!!!!

The talented way this story is written makes the characters so REAL that you get completely drawn into the story and you FEEL the emotions. It had everything to make this a really fabulous read (including yummy bits)!!

Oh and let’s not forget the humor…Jamie’s lists are beyond funny!! The chocolate addiction… yep HILARIOUS!!! I actually cried with laughter through the scene (won’t spoil it) where Nick says: “You’re willing to whore me out for chocolate?”

This book has yet again proven to me that R.L Mathewson is absolutely one of my favorite authors!!!

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A Humble Heart (Hollywood Hearts, #1) – by R L Mathewson

I really want to give this book more than 3.5 stars as so much about it was fab. I wanted to love it but I didn’t quite get there. It was a bit like a Disney story but for adults, sugar sweet with a few sad, yummy and scary bits thrown in before the happy ever after. This is not necessarily a bad thing it just didn’t feel REAL. Oh and R.L Mathewson is freaking hilarious but this book didn’t have that “tears in your eyes belly laughing” thing going on. Well except for Edwards mum on a couple of occasions…loved her, she was funny!

It’s about Dana and Edward (I was totally picturing RP here), she is an author and he is an actor.

Dana has a crappy marriage because her hubby is a dog!! They have 2 young kids but nothing else. She gets a divorce follows her dreams and becomes a famous author. She is actually quite inspirational…

Edward is a scrumptious actor who doesn’t really have a life outside the movies…so he reads and is a huge fan of Dana’s.

Edward is offered the lead in the movie based on Dana’s book, they fall in love and the story unfolds from there about the crazy world of Love & Fame and staying sane.

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