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Hero by Samantha Young


The emotional and unforgettable new romance from the New York Times bestselling author of the On Dublin Street series.

Alexa Holland’s father was her hero—until her shocking discovery that she and her mother weren’t his only family. Ever since, Alexa has worked to turn her life in a different direction and forge her own identity outside of his terrible secrets. But when she meets a man who’s as damaged by her father’s mistakes as she is, Alexa must help him.

Caine Carraway wants nothing to do with Alexa’s efforts at redemption, but it’s not so easy to push her away. Determined to make her hate him, he brings her to the edge of her patience and waits for her to walk away. But his actions only draw them together and, despite the odds, they begin an intense and explosive affair.

Only Caine knows he can never be the white knight that Alexa has always longed for. And when they’re on the precipice of danger, he finds he’ll do anything to protect either one of them from being hurt again…



Jointly Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

“I don’t need your help.”
‘I did not need to be saved by a man who couldn’t even save himself.’

There’s no doubt about it, we’re in love with Samantha Young’s stories and her characters. This author has never failed to deliver stories full of emotion, passion, heat and angst so it goes without saying that we couldn’t wait to jump into her new standalone, Hero, and we weren’t disappointed!

We fell hard for the stubborn, complex, sexy, broody, Led Zepplin lovin’ Mr Caine Carraway. Oh sure, Caine could be a right cock at times. He could be as warm as he could be cold, as cruel as he could be tender and he sure could send out some mixed signals but he won our hearts! Just what is it about these arseholes that have us falling for them time and time again? It’s got to be witnessing the breaking down of their defences and the opening of their hearts to that one woman who can work her way through the cracks and Samantha Young delivered a delicious story in that regard.

‘Sometimes, when Caine remembered to be a normal guy, he was more attractive than ever.’

Not only were we treated to a sexy as sin hero, but also a strong, sassy, witty heroine who tackled the tough Caine Carraway head on. Sure there were a couple of times we wanted to shake some sense into Alexa (Lexie) but on the whole we enjoyed Lexie and her spirited ways.

Lexie and Caine’s lives are woven together through family events in their pasts and it is from these events that Lexie manages to put Caine on the off during their first meeting. Caine is carrying a lot of pain and Lexie brings it all to the forefront but there’s no denying the immediate attraction between Caine and Lexie which is apparent from their first meeting, despite how badly that went.

‘He was the little boy who played victim to my father’s villain.’

There was a sizzling sexual chemistry between these two and let’s just talk about THE SEX for a minute…WOW!  Pass the fan because this author sure manages to deliver some super-hot sexy scenes. Thankfully the relationship between the two was allowed to build at a slow pace which allowed us to experience the powerful shift in their feelings.

“This here…it’s the only thing I have. Don’t ruin it.”

We did have a couple of small issues that prevented this being a five star read though they didn’t impact on our overall enjoyment of the story. One lay with the constant back and forth that, although kept us turning the pages, it did somewhat drag a little through the middle but thankfully the author pulled this back before it became too bogged down.

We were taunted and deliciously teased about ‘the secret’ and couldn’t wait to find out what it was especially considering the complexity of their backgrounds. Yes, we were certainly intrigued but the revelation of the secret left us a little underwhelmed; it seemed too easy and a tad predictable.

Why is Mr Cold Carraway back? What secrets are you hiding?”

The epilogue was perfect, and this hate/love story that pushed and pulled us from start to finish and was one we enjoyed immensely. Hero is filled with sexual tension, witty banter between a sassy heroine and a cold, detached man, there are secrets aplenty and it’s all told with this author’s wonderful flair. An easy to love definite recommend from us!

**Reviewed honestly from an ARC Copy provided by the publisher, with thanks **


Hero by Samantha Young

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Shannon MacLeod has always gone for the wrong type of man. After she drifted from one toxic relationship to the next, her last boyfriend gave her a wakeup call in the worst possible way. With her world shattered, she’s sworn off men—especially those of the bad-boy variety.

Cole Walker is exactly the sort that Shannon wants to avoid—gorgeous, tattooed, charming, and cocky. But his rough exterior hides a good man who’s ready to find “the one.” He’s determined to pull Shannon from her self-imposed solitude and win her heart.

As Shannon opens up in the face of Cole’s steady devotion, the passion between them ignites to blazing levels. But when Shannon’s past comes back to haunt her, her fears may destroy the trust Cole has built between them—and tear them apart for good…

♥ ♥ ♥


Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

J&G: ✯✯✯1/2 we’re in love with Cole…stars!

J&G:  It’s always such a joy picking up the next Dublin Street book and losing ourselves in Samantha Young’s beautiful writing. She really has a talent for transporting the reader into the moment. You can almost see, feel and hear the streets of Scotland in her stories.

Every time we pick up the next book in this series it feels like catching up with old friends because that’s exactly what this series has come to represent; friendships and family. We feel as if we really know these guys as we’ve experienced their highs and lows triumphs and tragedies, and we love this crazy ever growing clan. And wow is it growing!

Cole Walker though is on another level entirely. We’ve watched Cole Walker grow from a troubled, sensitive beautiful boy into a charming, romantic, loyal, loving, sexy and family orientated young man.

“So, are you a hero, Cole Walker?”

Our hearts have ached over him and for him and to say he’s a special character to us is an understatement. We love this man with all our hearts! Cole truly is a remarkable character. He loves easily protects those he loves with a passion and we guess we feel kind of protective towards him which may account for the issues we sadly had with this story.

Shannon and Cole initially met when they were just 15 years old and this meeting was sweet, innocent and in some ways fate for what was to come. Little did they realise at the time the effect that chance meeting would have upon their lives.

They meet up 9 years later, Shannon running from some pretty bad relationships and personal issues and Cole a very successful Manager and well respected tattoo artist.

Cole still retained the boyish charm we’ve always loved him for and we fell in love with him all over again and in a lot of ways this gorgeous, giving young man and the wonderful secondary characters saved the story for us.

“Delicate, beautiful, fragile. I want to protect you while at the same time I want to shatter you.”

Now Shannon was a different story altogether. We loved her at 15, and thought she was perfect for our Cole. The heartfelt impression we got from such a short meeting was tremendous. After all it was going to take a special lady to win us over.

“Are you real Cole Walker?”

We’re sad to say Shannon wasn’t that for us. Whilst we absolutely wholeheartedly empathised with her and her troubled past as it truly was heartbreaking and painful, we couldn’t warm to her at all. We felt sorry for her and wanted her to find her slice of happiness though.

“Because I’m scared of you, Cole Walker. I’m scared you’ll hurt me or I’ll hurt you…”

Now, for the heartbreaking bit and why we struggled with this story. One reason only, and that was Shannon.  She came across as aloof AND TREMENDOUSLY JUDGEMENTAL and not just with Cole but pretty much anyone she came into contact with. We kept reading how everyone who met her immediately fell in love with her but from what we read and experienced through the story, well, we didn’t feel it. To us her continued actions and hurtful words made her childish, annoying and downright cruel. Shannon really didn’t exude much warmth until quite late in the story and sadly by then it was too late for us. Her angst was way too over the top when Cole had done NOTHING to deserve this treatment; seriously what did the poor bloke do? It became drama for the sake of it and her character was taken too far. We tried; we honestly really did, but she just didn’t win us over and we came to the conclusion that Cole deserved much better. Harsh but true and it hurts our hearts to be this honest but we have to be.

“You’re like two different people. It confuses the fuck out of me.”

The saving grace for us and what made this story special in our eyes was without a doubt watching Cole grow into the beautiful romantic and sweet man he’s become. This guy had a shitty start; we saw it and lived it. Watching him grow, face his fears and seeing him succeed in life retaining his pure as gold heart, well, it was pure Dublin Street magic and the reason this series is so special to us.

‘I felt a part of something here. I felt part of a family.’

So yeah; sadly, we didn’t feel the relationship between Cole and Shannon to the depths we had hoped. It could quite possibly be that the author wrote and developed such a magnetic, warm and truly beautiful hero, she had us so incredibly invested in him that we wanted the best for Cole, we wanted him to find someone who projected the same beautiful characteristics, who was as soulful and loving as him and we didn’t feel Shannon possessed these qualities sadly.

“..and still somehow you made me feel like the nothing, like I had something to prove. You of all people.”

In saying that, we’re certainly looking forward to Logan’s book and hopefully catching up with a redeemed Shannon and the gorgeous Cole in the future to see how they’re getting on in life.

Fans of this series who’ve been with Cole since the beginning will revel in catching up with this beautiful man. What an absolute sweetheart he is! He had us in tears several times in this story.

**Reviewed from an ARC copy provided with thanks by the publisher**

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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fall from india place


The New York Times bestselling author of On Dublin Street and Down London Road returns with a story about letting go of the past and learning to trust in the future…

When Hannah Nichols last saw Marco D’Alessandro, five long years ago, he broke her heart. The bad boy with a hidden sweet side was the only guy Hannah ever loved—and the only man she’s ever been with. After one intense night of giving into temptation, Marco took off, leaving Scotland and Hannah behind. Shattered by the consequences of their night together, Hannah has never truly moved on.

Leaving Hannah was the biggest mistake of Marco’s life, something he has deeply regretted for years. So when fate reunites them, he refuses to let her go without a fight. Determined to make her his, Marco pursues Hannah, reminding her of all the reasons they’re meant to be together.…

But just when Marco thinks they’re committed to a future together, Hannah makes a discovery that unearths the secret pain she’s been hiding from him, a secret that could tear them apart before they have a real chance to start over again…


Fall From India Place

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

J&G: 4.5 Stars

Jenny:  Samantha Young has done it again! Fall From India Place was a deeply emotional, passionate, witty story of second chance love and I devoured it. I revelled in being back with the extended Dublin Street clan (wow! Has that expanded) and thanks to this authors engaging prose I felt as though I  was enjoying Sunday lunch with them, joining in their banter and sharing their hopes and dreams, and doubts right along with them. The fact that I picked some of the reveals early on became irrelevant as I found the journey getting there a wonderfully warm and moving experience.

“Should it be this hard, though, Marco?”…..Should it hurt this much?”
“I don’t know. I don’t know what the rules are.”

Hannah and Marco carried hurt, pain and secrets from their pasts, with neither having the opportunity to experience closure resulting in old wounds being opened when they meet again five years after Marco disappeared from Hannah’s life, leaving her heartbroken.  Secrets on both parts remained buried and what transpired on both parties broke my heart, however it was Hannah’s story that really moved me made me understood her need to protect her heart all those years when Marco was gone from her life and again on his imminent return.

 “I don’t need your explanations because what you did, you didn’t do it to me, you did it to that girl you left behind.”

I loved both characters. Marco became so much different to the young man he left behind and his confidence in his pursuit of Hannah had me swooning. He really was prepared to fight for her and fight hard. Hannah felt she could do it all on her own in her attempt to spare her loved ones from her pain and watching Hannah and Marco’s relationship grow was as beautiful as it was sad. There was a lot of healing to be done and trust to be gained. I have to also say, the friendship between Hannah and Cole was really something special and we can’t wait for Cole’s story can we, Gitte?

Gitte: Ah man I loved this book so much. I love Hannah and Marco (l.u.s.h!), loved being back with everyone from this series, and yeah there’s certainly been an explosion of little one’s. Mind you, if I was married to any of that lot it’d be nookie for breakfast lunch and dinner in our house too that’s for sure!

“I thought I told you we’re just friends.”

“I heard you. But I don’t think you heard me.”

 It really was a reader’s dream and I have to give props to Samantha Young for bringing back more of the Scottish roots, or so it seemed anyway, as I found myself reading with a Scottish burr at times. It reminded me of when I listen to one of my fave bands; Twin Atlantic, I always sing in a Scottish accent which is weird really for a Dane living in London. But whatever, I love it!

The actual story had just the right amount of tension, drama, romance and angst. Though predictable at times and slightly confusing with the amount of characters new and old, I just could not put it down. Marco was an amazing character, I just fell more and more in love with him as the story progressed. He had a huge heart and such determination despite everything he’d been through. And sweet lovable Hannah, gah, I just wanted to hug her tight so many times. So brave and strong. Their second chance romance was tragic yet heart-warming. The journey wasn’t easy to read at times, it broke my heart but it was deeply beautiful at the same time.

“Why did you really ask me to meet you tonight, Marco?”

“Because, when I’m with you it feels like everything’s going to be okay. I can’t explain it.”

Oh wow yes Jenny, Cole grew up didn’t he?! I can’t express how much I LOVED his friendship with Hannah. To be honest, their friendship was one of my favourite parts of this story. It was like a warm hug, it made me laugh, smile and cry. Having followed Cole from when we first met him I have to say his story really excites me and my love and respect for this man is well….I love him. I’m gagging to get my hands on his book. So go write Sam….WRITE!!!!! Oh and I’m free for one of those manic Sunday dinner’s…just say the word!

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into the deep



Live young. Live hard. Love deep.

Charley Redford was just an ordinary girl until Jake Caplin moved to her small town in Indiana and convinced her she was extraordinary. Almost from day one Jake pulled Charley into the deep and promised he was right there with her. But when a tragic incident darkened Jake’s life he waded out into the shallows and left Charley behind.

Almost four years later Charley thinks she’s moved on. That is until she takes a study year abroad in Edinburgh and bumps into none other than Jake Caplin at a party with his new girlfriend. The bad-boy-turned-good attempts to convince Charley to forgive him, and as her best friend starts spending time with Jake’s, Charley calls a truce, only to find herself tumbling back into a friendship with him.

As they grow closer, the spark between them flares and begins playing havoc with their lives and relationships. When jealousy and longing rear their destructive heads, Charley and Jake struggle to come to grips with what they mean to one another.

And even if they work it out, there is no guarantee Charley will ever trust Jake to lead her back into the deep…

INTO THE DEEP is available to purchase below
Amazon US | Amazon UK

into deep collage

Reviewed by Jenny & Gitte

Gitte: I enjoyed Into The Deep and I love this Author. The writing is always flawless and I love how the atmosphere and scenery is always spot on and sweeps me away to Scotland. This story was a sweet easy read. It didn’t really compare to previous books but it was a good read nonetheless. For a quick escape with romance and a bit of angst thrown in, Into The Deep hits the spot. Do you agree Jenny?

Jenny: Absolutely Gitte. Samantha Young is one of my go to authors. I love her stories and she never ceases to make me fall in love with her characters.  I did like Into The Deep and as you say, it was a nice escape and it certainly had the formula we love in our romance stories, but for me this one just didn’t have the same effect on me as her previous books. I definitely enjoyed it but it didn’t stay with me after I finished it.

Gitte: We both love our second chance romances don’t we Jenny and this was the case for Charley and Jake.  They connected and fell in love at sixteen only to have tragedy happen which tore them apart.

“…I used to think there was nothing prettier than looking up at the stars. That feeling I got, like I was part of something bigger than anything I could ever imagine. It’s one of my favourite feelings…and I get it every time I look at you.” – Jake

Four years later they meet again and we get to hear through past and present jumps what really took place and how they came to be where they are now. I thought the back and forth was flawless and really set the mood of the story which is told in Charley’s POV (there is a fab bonus POV from Jake at the end though!)

Jake broke Charley’s heart and seeing as he was her first at most things it’s a hurt she has never really recovered from though she makes the most of her life. I really loved Charley, she was feisty, funny, real and very sweet.

“If I don’t believe I’m worth the effort, why the hell would you?” – Charley

As for Jake, I liked him but I didn’t really connect with him. He was just okay for me. I loved the secondary character Lowe more so I hope he gets a book!  Jake messed up, but he was young and lashed out. He has a lot of redeeming to do especially considering the fact that he has moved on with a girl who in my eyes was kind of wronged and forgotten. But hey…this is Charley and Jake’s story so I get it. But I had a real hard time connecting to him.

“You save people. You save me. It’s what you do.”

Did you feel the same Jenny?

Jenny: You said it! I just adore second chance love stories. I get so caught up in these types of stories but with Jake and Charley I didn’t feel it as I expected I would.  I did love Charley and of course I wanted her and Jake to rekindle their connection and to find each other again. To find that love they once shared because you felt all along it was there and that these two shared something special.

“He didn’t deserve awful but I wasn’t sure he deserved forgiveness, either.”

But I’m thinking maybe I wasn’t completely invested because like you G, Jake had a girlfriend who was really lovely and she was just kind of forgotten which prevented me from feeling that whole second chance love gooey feeling I normally experience in these stories, though I did really enjoy the flashbacks and Jake’s POV.

But as you said Gitte, this was Charley and Jake’s story and I was dying to find out exactly what it was that had pushed Jake away the first time around.

“All I know is that you probably deserve better than me, but I’m too selfish to let you. I’m into you, and I want you to be so into me, you don’t even care that I’m not good enough for you.”

What had happened all those years ago when Jake broke Charley’s heart?   And yes, ultimately I did love the intensity of these two characters and the premise of the story was one I love. The secondary characters were a lot of fun and all in all this was an enjoyable story of second chance love and while this one didn’t have that wow factor for me, this is an author who will always be on my to read list.

Gitte: Charley and Jake’s story was a good read, I liked it but I didn’t love it, not like I’ve loved previous books by this Author. Rather, I loved the secondary characters more and found myself wanting to read and know about them as they came across much more intriguing and intense. So here’s to hoping they get their own stories! As always, without a doubt I will one – click this Author as she is a great writer.

“Never accept what hand you’ve been dealt if it’s not the hand you wanted.”

However Into the Deep does not really stand out for me sadly.

Gitte: 3.5 Stars
Jenny: 3.5 Stars

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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Down London Road (On Dublin Street #2) by Samantha Young

down london road


Johanna Walker is used to taking charge. But she’s about to meet someone who will make her lose control….

It has always been up to Johanna to care for her family, particularly her younger brother, Cole. With an absent father and a useless mother, she’s been making decisions based on what’s best for Cole for as long as she can remember. She even determines what men to date by how much they can provide for her brother and her, not on whatever sparks may—or may not—fly.

But with Cameron MacCabe, the attraction is undeniable. The sexy new bartender at work gives her butterflies every time she looks at him. And for once, Jo is tempted to put her needs first. Cam is just as obsessed with getting to know Jo, but her walls are too solid to let him get close enough to even try.

Then Cam moves into the flat below Jo’s, and their blistering connection becomes impossible to ignore. Especially since Cam is determined to uncover all of Jo’s secrets …even if it means taking apart her defenses piece by piece.

DLR Collage


Our Review by Jenny & Gitte

Gitte: I absolutely love this Author and couldn’t wait to get stuck into ‘Down London Road’ as I loved ‘On Dublin Street’. The sequel didn’t disappoint, yet again it was really well written and had me riveted through the majority of it,  however, I didn’t love it as much as I did book #1. That being said it had everything that makes for a sexy, heart breaking, emotional, dramatic and addictive read.

Jenny:  We’ve certainly been hanging out for this book that’s for sure and I loved it.  Maybe not as much as On Dublin Street, but I loved it all the same.  It was full of engaging, sexy characters each with their own story to tell and getting lost in this story was relatively easy due to the beautiful writing of Samantha Young. She really does have a way of transporting us into a story that’s for sure, her descriptive prose, at times, had me believing I really was taking a walk down London Road with these characters.

Gitte:  Jo, our heroine, has not had it easy, actually she still doesn’t really.

“I didn’t think I was unhappy. I didn’t know if I was happy, though.”

She grew up in an abusive home and still has to deal with an alcoholic and thus cruel and debilitating mother. Bringing up her brother she plays the role of two parents, trying to make sure her brother Cole has some semblance of normality, love and discipline. She works real hard to provide forgoing her own dreams out of love and responsibility.

“It was a singular kind of pain to have your parents find you worthless, find you so unlovable that they could hurt what nature told them they should protect. I’d never wanted Cole to feel that pain…”

Jo is inspiring and is truly a heroine in every sense of the word. She has her faults and her hang-up’s but who can really blame her. On the outside she is a strikingly beautiful girl who displays confidence and has a great sense of humour. However, she hides her real life, her insecurities and misplaced beliefs under the cool façade. She tries to justify her means to an end but deep down knows that she is not on the right path.

“Most days I coped with the hand that Cole and I had been dealt. Today I felt emotional. I felt further than ever from the peace and security I strove to find.”

So our Jo meets Cam and their journey begins which sets Jo on a path on self-discovery and realisation.

Cam was lush, yeah I say this a lot, but he really was, he was sexy and tattooed oh and he had a real cocky attitude. He is actually a real arse to begin with and I wanted to slap him with my kindle. Too quick to judge and throw his opinions around with ill-gotten assumptions.  Cam has had a rough patch in his life too, questioning where he comes from, however he grew up amidst love and protection which makes him the amazing man he grew into.

There is a real sexual chemistry between Jo and Cam, however his treatment of her made for a slow build. Cam is as straight up as they come. He loves with passion, he protects and he owns up to his mistakes and faults. He has a real sense of decency and loyalty.

“Honestly, I don’t know. All I do know is that I’ve never treated anyone the way I’ve treated you, and I’ve never met anyone who deserved it less. I like you, Jo. And whether you want to admit it or not, you need a friend.”

So yeah, he was an arse at first…but…he was intent on knocking down her defences and learning who the real Jo is not the image she portrayed and hid behind out of the sense of duty she felt. Once he sees the real Jo he is adamant that he will get her to see who she really is and what she deserves.

“You know, the world will always try to make you into who it wants you to be. People, time, events, they’ll all try to carve away at you and make you think you don’t know who you are. But it doesn’t matter who they try to make you or what name they try to give you. If you stay true, you can chip off all their machinations and you’re still you underneath it all.”Cam

Oh and how can I forget to mention…our Cam is a bit of a dirty talker, a charmer and very much a romantic!

Jenny:  I really felt for Jo. She exuded sex appeal, confidence and seemed to have it all, but underneath there was this insecure girl with low self esteem and very little belief in herself, a woman who had the weight of the world on her shoulders, who trusted few and felt like she had to take everything on board and boy did she take on a lot of responsibility. From her father being absent most of her life, to dealing with an aggressive alcoholic mother and caring for her brother Cole, doing whatever she can to make sure he has every possible chance in life, this woman was admirable to say the least.

She did indeed have it tough and I connected with Jo so well. I felt her inner conflict and my heart ached for her and for how little she thought of herself. If only she could see what others see and if only she could be the Jo so few got to see.

“His eyes washed over my face, taking in every tiny detail, make me feel more naked than I’d ever felt before”

Cam. Oh dear lord, Cam. I loved him. He was such an arrogant arse indeed but wow, I loved him immediately even though he was a bit of a dick at first. He was a match for Jo and brought her out of herself. Made her feel like she was worth something and he slowly chipped at her defenses, broke down that emotional barrier and pushed his way through. He wasn’t giving up.

“You’re stunning.” he whispered hoarsely. “No man can possibly deserve you”

Cam was so rough and ready compared to the men Jo had previously taken an interest in and Jo argued with herself if Cam could be the man for her. Could she take a chance on this hot, cocky tattooed gorgeous man, who was the opposite of safe, who screamed “challenge” from every pore? She was full of inner turmoil but this man was made of stern stuff and he knew just how to press her buttons.  

Jo had gone through a plethora of relationships looking for financial stability in a relationship rather than emotional stability. Cam was a revelation to her and he was exactly what she needed, even if he wasn’t exactly what she expected. Oh he sure was a dirty talker Gitte and don’t we love those!

“I’m going to fuck you so hard, sink so deep inside you; you’ll never work me out from under your skin. Never.”

And underneath he was a beautiful soul who was perfect for Jo in every way. For how he made her feel and how he treasured her when she had so little love for herself. 

Gitte: Down London Road teases the reader with a luscious build-up with pent-up tension and dramas; it certainly isn’t a smooth ride for our Jo and Cam that’s for sure. Then suddenly it takes off and you go on one hell of a ride with a few surprises thrown in, not forgetting some pretty hot and sexy one’s too. The heart-breaking theme running through this story shows that a person’s strength with the help of trust and love can overcome a tragic childhood and the abuse inflicted by the people who should love and protect you the most. Oh and we also get to catch up with Joss & Braden (huge sigh…)…

So yes, I really did love it but I did have a bit of an issue with it. Authenticity. This story is written by a British Author and is set in Scotland with British characters. Yes there were a few Aye’s and arse’s but on the whole, in my opinion, the setting belied the language and spellings used hence taking me out of the story at times. I am sure I will be in the minority here with this opinion, and as always this is my personal opinion…*runs to hide*…

Jenny:  Oh dear, if that’s the case, I better run and hide with you because the authenticity was a bit of an issue for me as well.  I loved the Scottish brogue . When it was set free I could feel it, I could hear it and I loved it and it was these moments which set this story apart, but I would have much preferred it to stay true to its setting and let us believe these characters were in Scotland because at times, with the constant switching in vernacular  it had the tendency to take me out of the moment and out of the story as well.

I did however love this story. Joss and Jo had become such firm friends since ODS and this is something I would have loved to have been explored more,  but I soon got over that and loved the interaction and friendship between these two. Forthright Joss doesn’t beat about the bush when giving Jo a piece of her mind. She certainly speaks her mind when Jo frustrates the hell out of her but she is a good friend to Jo.

It was moving, at times painful, sizzling hot with characters who will once again win your heart. The family dynamics, the meeting of old friends from ODS, and the emotional pull of the story and the heartache contained therein. Theirs is not an easy road but it is one that is worth the challenge, worth the heartache and I was along for the ride with them every steamy minute. 

………I found myself reaching a hand up to his face, my heart pounding as I watched this man – this strong, irreverent man – overcome with emotion….emotion for me…..”

The epilogue completed it perfectly.

Gitte: 4.0 stars
Jenny: 4.0 stars

Arc supplied by publisher for an honest review


Check out and purchase the series here

On Dublin Street

Down London Road

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