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Mark Jennings is at a crossroads. His finance job in the Atlanta nonprofit scene stresses him out, his mother is dying, and his relationship with Brian Jacobs has crashed and burned. He needs a distraction, some way to relax, and a massage seems like just the thing. He never expected his massage therapist, Antonio Roberto, to become his best friend.

Despite their differences—Antonio is a divorced single father—the two men forge a firm friendship that weathers Mark’s reconciliation with Brian and Antonio’s questionable taste in women. Over the years, Antonio remains constant in his support, though others in Mark’s life come and go through a revolving door.

When a young boy runs away from the group home where he works, Mark finds another door opening. Through it all he holds on to the things his loved ones taught him—about family, about friends and lovers, about life and death. Most importantly, he realizes that sometimes the greatest gift of all is a second chance.

SECOND CHANCES is available to purchase below
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second chances collage

Review by Jenny & Gitte

Gitte:  Sometimes you come across a story that as soon as you start it, you just know that it will leave an emotional mark and stay with you forever. The kind of story that hits you so hard; written beautifully raw and honest, but most of all the kind of story that grips your heart so tight and doesn’t let go, not even after having finished.

Second Chances by T.A Webb is just that kind of story and this Author and his words have without any doubt made a permanent home in my heart.

Second Chances tells of heartbreak & pain, self-discovery and redemption and of course the many sides of ‘a giving loving heart’….Love in its most real and basic form and ultimately the love you find in true friendship.

Second Chances was real, it was honest.  It was beautiful and ugly.  It tore at my heart and it made me cry, laugh and smile. I loved the brilliantly written characters…all the characters.  If I could have, I’d have jumped into my kindle and hugged the hell out of every single one of them. That’s before grabbing them out the kindle just so they could stay with me.

“Now I’m yours.”

“Yeah. Mine.”

No question, one of the most emotionally written and beautiful stories I have ever read about the  grief of losing a loved one, forgiving another and being forgiven in return; believing that hope will always exist and that love is always there no matter what even through second chances. If you open your heart and eyes it is all there for you to experience, feel and believe. The heart is big and it loves with passion.

I’m so mindful not to give away too much in this review as a beautiful journey like this should be read and experienced with fresh unknowing eyes.

So Jenny, no question, Second Changes will be on the ‘Best Of’ list at the end of the year and T.A Webb is now an automatic one-click for sure. Don’t you agree?

Jenny: I absolutely agree I will be 1Clicking this brilliant authors work…every time…no hesitation!
Gitte, there is no question whatsoever that this book will not only have a place on our “Best of List”, but also a place in my heart, because it has managed to take up permanent residency right there.

“I need you to know I’m him. I’m that guy.”
“What guy babe?”
“The guy who would do anything to deserve a man like you”

At the end of Second Chances I wanted to message T.A. Webb and ask him if he wanted me to return his heart and soul because it felt like he had left them on the pages of Second Chances, such was the intense personal and “real” feel of the story. Almost as though the man himself was inside this book.

Second Chances was definitely emotions stripped to their very rawest form.  Breathtakingly beautiful are the words that sprung to mind the minute I closed this book.

“Why was it raining inside my office, I thought. There were drops of rain on the letter.”

You know Gitte, every now and then you read a book that moves you so implicitly that the thought of penning a review actually becomes an intimidating process because you feel anything you express cannot adequately do justice to the words you’ve been privileged to read.

That’s how I’m feeling writing this review for Second Chances….just how do I do justice to this profoundly beautiful piece of work?  Fellow readers and friends often ask me why I enjoy reading MM books.  When I’m asked that question in the future, I will simply reply….go and read Second Chances and you’ll know why.

What I really felt like doing was screaming, “Can’t you see I’m going under?”

There is a level of intensity in the emotion that cannot be replicated. As a reader first and a reviewer second I implore you to please, please pick up this book – and if you’ve never read MM before, then this is the book in which to start that journey.

“You’re still that man. Am I that for you?”

I promise you, this will move you like nothing you have read before.

Gitte: So, Mark Jennings our main voice, he’s a beautiful soul; so honest and real.  He’s exhausted and stressed, emotionally drained and his heart is breaking from the loss of loved ones.

“When you stand at the abyss, you fall to your knees and you fucking grab for any comfort, any little thing to keep it from swallowing you whole. You grab it with both hands and you wrestle the bitch to the ground and you force mercy from it.”

I fell in love with Mark. He said it as is, no games no ulterior motives.  I completely connected with Mark. Such an amazing man who went through so much but with the love and backing of his fabulous Mum and Dad he set about on the right path and gave on that love and respect. He was a man used to being in charge, the protector with the controlling streak. So, to see Antonio come into his life and show Mark that it’s okay to be held too. Well, it was pretty damn special.

“It was nice to have someone be strong for me. But I could never say that.”

I fell in love with Antonio too, how could I not. This gorgeous man who comes across so full of life and confidence has a huge heart too. Yet hides so many insecurities and self-doubt. The friendship between them is quite powerful and I loved the build-up of it, the natural way in which this friendship forms with banter and comfort; trust and ultimately love. Antonio was a healer and the connection with Mark was intense and felt so real.

And  Brian…oh my still sobbing heart. I’m actually crying all over my laptop as I’m writing this; or to channel Mark…is it raining inside? Brian made a mistake, he came back to support and grieve. Brian who’s not had an easy life, a tormented scarred soul, seeking his second chance.  Well, he got his second chance too and he took every second, minute and hour and made it matter. Made it count.

“There aren’t many moments in life when someone bares his heart and soul wide open for you. I was lucky; I was blessed with it twice.”

Mark and Brian….Antonio and Mark…So many stories within a story I felt everything; every one. I still do and I’ll never forget!

“”Shhh. Sweet, sweet baby. I’m here for you. I won’t let you go through this all by yourself. Remember, we talked about this. I know you can see me and hear me…”

“This time though, something different happened, I felt his hands still on the sides of my head. I opened my eyes and looked up to see if something was wrong. He looked down at me with something that looked like a cross between sadness and hope. Then he bent down and gently kissed me.”

The messages in Second Chances are a plenty and they are all so very poignant and beautiful. Just thinking about this story again as I write this review is making me cry all over again.

“You’re my heart and it’ll go with you. I’ll be here, and I’ll hold your hand, and you focus on me, and when you leave me, you won’t be alone. Don’t be afraid. We won’t be saying goodbye, baby. Just, ‘til later.”

Jenny:  I couldn’t have said it better Gitte. Every character in this book meant something to me. Every word moved me and every character was such an integral part of this beautiful story and each one took a piece of my heart with them.  

And you know what he sounded like when he laughed. Jesus, like the sun coming out.”

This story was built up over years which afforded the reader the opportunity to really feel and experience with every single breath the developments of the relationships.  You will connect with these characters, you will care about these characters and you will experience the love between these characters as if you are there with them and you will believe every single word you read. This is as real and as raw as a work of fiction will ever get. This was an author giving a piece of his soul to a reader and as a reader I feel it’s my duty to treasure that forever.

“Sometimes you are never too old to be held by a parent.”

The messages in this Second Chances absolutely hit home and you really do take something from this story. Forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, love, pain, grief, to open your heart to a second chance and take that almighty that leap of faith, it’s all there and delivered in such beautiful and moving prose.

“It was being touched again, for fuck’s sake.”

There were heroes aplenty in this book, but none more so than Mark.  Mark who had so much love to give, so much heart despite experiencing so much pain and loss.

“Don’t fucking leave me. Don’t break my heart.”

Heroes come in forms, but Mark was a hero in the true sense of the word.  An ordinary person doing extraordinarily ordinary things….who gave so much of himself expecting so little in return. There were heroes aplenty in my eyes in this book and Second Chances depicted that in such a moving, sentimental and heartrendingly beautiful way.

“God damn it. My fucking heart broke and my own tears spilled down.”

I closed this book knowing I had just experienced something special. I felt an emotion so profound, mere words cannot express and I honestly feel what I’ve said here doesn’t do this story justice.
T.A. Webb, you sir astound me. Thank you for sharing your talent and your soul. I will never forget this book and always be grateful you chose to share a piece of your heart with us.

Oh…and ice cubes in the Merlot….nothing wrong with that 😉

Gitte: 5++ stars
Jenny: 5++ stars

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Second Chances

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Knightmare (City Knight #2) by T A Webb: REVIEW

THE KNIGHT COMPILATION is available to purchase below

knight compilation

Amazon US | Amazon UK

Knightmare cover


What happens when two broken men collide? And one of them disappears? Marcus Prater has already lost one man to senseless violence. He won’t lose another. Calling in all his resources, former blue knights on the Atlanta Police Department, and his own experience as a Vice cop, Marcus desperately searches for the new man in his life, college student and rent boy Ben Danvers. Can love survive in the wake of Marcus’s worst nightmare? Warning. This is the second in a three book series. It is filled with angst, gruff men, and just maybe some hot man-on-man action. Be aware, there IS a third story coming, so don’t piss and moan if there is a cliff hanger in your future. You HAVE been warned..

Knightmare collage

Our Review by Jenny & Gitte

Gitte:  So ‘Knightmare’ is the much anticipated book #2 in this series for me, seeing as ‘Working It’ ended on such a horrible cliff-hanger.  It begins right where book #1 ended so we haven’t missed anything.  As this is yet another short read we are very mindful as to not say anything about the story as it would be most unfair to ruin this series for any new readers or those waiting to hit it on their to-be-read pile. I fell in love with the brilliant writing talent of this Author in book #1 so I inhaled every single word and it did not disappoint, well except for being too short.  How this Author manages to pack so much into such a short book is mind boggling.

He draws every emotion from you as you read through the thrilling suspense, the mysterious cloak and dagger but most of all, for me, the revelling in the beauty that is Marcus. Sigh…Marcus, so strong and passionate with an absolutely huge heart that beats out of the pages of this story.  I have to say I completely lost my heart to him in the previous book and this still remains the case.

Now as for Ben, despite me wanting to give him a good talking to for what he *did*, yeah that really peeved me off, I still fear for him, for what broke and scarred him, and I just want them to get their much deserved happy ending…but who knows, because yet again we are left hanging over the edge of a huge cliff and I may have shouted at my kindle…not a-bloody-gain!!!!” I have to say that for readers who enjoy the M/M genre this Author is a must read. His writing is so addictive that you get lost in his story; his words are beautiful and burrow deep into your heart. Then there are the times where they make your pulse race, your heart beat out of your chest from fear, anger and passion. The evidence is right here…now go get lost in his words! Don’t you agree Jenny?

Jenny:  Absolutely GitteI am in love with this authors writing style, it’s hypnotic and he really does have us hanging on his every word, to the degree that we feel and live each and every moment. I felt it deep in Working It and Knightmare certainly didn’t disappoint. That same intensity, the sizzling sexual chemistry, that knot you get in your gut as you read with anxiety and dread and the aching feeling in your heart during the passionate, the tender and sorrowful moments, they were all there.  

I have to agree with you and ask myself, how does this author pack so much into so few pages! It’s testament to the talent of his writing that he can draw us in so quickly and leave us spellbound right up to the end! Gah…the end….another cliffhanger! Is T.A. Webb trying to finish me off? Roll on book #3!

I have to say, the cliffhanger in Working It nearly killed me. I didn’t think I’d last this long waiting for this book and eagerly devoured every single word in Knightmare. Gitte, it is indeed difficult to review Knightmare as you have to be mindful to not spoil anything for readers who may not have discovered this unbelievably addictive series as yet, because you really do need to experience every heart stopping and indeed every heart wrenching moment as it happens.

As you said, this story picks up immediately following the cliffhanger in book one and we’re plunged head first into the anticipation, drama, passion and complete despair as we follow the journey of Marcus and Ben.  There’s isn’t an easy relationship, with obstacles, tragedy, past demons and differences to confront but you hope within your heart that life will hand these two happiness, but every step you take with them leads you through an absolute gauntlet of emotions. 

“The world was quiet and everything was right and peaceful, and his last thought before he allowed sleep to claim him was Mine.  His.”

As I was being swept along by this story, as I was invested in every single moment, and just as I was hanging on for dear life, it all ended too quickly.  I needed more! I wasn’t ready for it to end and I can’t wait to enter the world of Marcus and Ben in Book #3, my heart is already in my mouth anticipating that one!

This was a short read, but make no mistake.  What it lacks in length, it more than makes up for in content.  Once again this author gave me so much and I loved every minute.  And yes readers! As Gitte said….go now….get lost in the characters and the story and immerse yourselves in these intoxicating reads.

 Gitte: 4 stars
Jenny: 4 stars

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City Knight (City Knight #1) by T.A. Webb

City Knight


“Once upon a time, in the kingdom of the south, there was a scared young man named Sir Benjamin. Now, Sir Benjamin, he’d been alone since he was a young man, and nobody wanted him and he didn’t want anyone. At least, he didn’t think he did. Then along came the City Knight, Sir Marcus, who was charged with protecting the people of the kingdom. His armor was a little dinged, and his heart a little tired, because he’d loved and lost and wasn’t sure he could love again. Then one wet, cold night, he met Sir Benjamin, and rescued him.”

Marcus felt a single tear run slowly down his cheek. “No, baby, you have that wrong. It was Sir Benjamin who rescued Sir Marcus.”

Benjamin kissed the tear away and whispered, “They rescued each other. But, baby, it’s not the end. With you, it will never be the end.”

THE KNIGHT COMPILATION is available to purchase below

knight compilation

Amazon US | Amazon UK


Reviewed by Gitte and Jenny – 4 Stars

Gitte:  LOVED this short story Jenny, to say it packed a punch may be describing it mildly. I was immediately hooked and I loved the characters Marcus and Ben, they broke my heart. I was carried off into the story and could have just kept going and going wanting to learn more about these two complicated and damaged men. Wish I’d known about the cliff-hanger ending though because when it suddenly finished I may have almost thrown my kindle at the wall on a NO!!!!!

Jenny:  Me too Gitte! I was immediately drawn into the story of Marcus and Ben  and sorry I didn’t tell you about the cliffhanger but if I had to suffer it then I had to make you suffer to0 😉  I was NOT prepared for that ending nor for it to end it in such a spectacular cliffhanger….it nearly killed me, but oh what a story this was.  I was enthralled and just wanted more because I was so invested in these two men and their stories.

Gitte: Marcus and Ben are so very different but each compliments the other and together they meet their individual needs. They immediately see pain in the eyes of the other and they feel the connection. However, neither declares their feeling from the outset. We have Marcus a retired cop; the nightly protector of his neighbourhood streets, spurred on by a traumatic even in his life which scarred and hurt him deeply, leaving a shell of man just existing. Then we have Ben, a graduate student turned rent boy to pay for student loans, who is still coming to terms with a horrific attack in his past that left him with an inability to form a relationship.

They meet in the night and once their relationship carries into the day, Ben’s traumatic pasts catches up with him and then…..that happened!!! That’s all I’ll say to avoid spoiling a story that should be experienced without spoilers.

Jenny:  These two characters are certainly night and day.  So different yet so perfect for each other. They each bring something the other craves. We have Ben who is making a living and surviving the only way he can, selling his body to earn his way through university and is trying bury memories of a painful past.  He gives himself one more year of living this life before putting it all behind him and moving on and getting out of Atlanta.  One more year until he can start living.  The victim of a crime, he’s stopped caring and is shut off emotionally.  Then we have Marcus.  An ex-cop hell bent on keeping the Atlanta streets clean.  Marcus, who carries scars of his own, has long lost his heart and he too, is just existing.  He fears moving on because to do so would mar the memory of the man who owned his heart.

These two opposites are drawn by a connection from the first meeting.  The intensity, chemistry and sheer emotion between these two was palpable and I felt every moment of it.  I am so invested in these two and ache to see how their story unfolds.  Two damaged men….one wanting to move forward, one wanting to live in the past.  Can they both find a way to heal each other?

Gitte: I thought Ben and Marcus’ story was beautiful to see unfold. It was sad, it hurt my heart, it was scary and it was pretty hot too. I thought this Author did an amazing job; through brilliant writing and two lovable characters, this short stories is one of the best I have ever read for impact and emotions. I was so not ready for it to end when it did and I cannot wait for the next book to come out.

Jenny:  This was an emotional, heart stopping,  gut wrenching and steamy read which I devoured throughout.  While the story itself may have been short, it certainly didn’t lack depth or character development and I felt the author did well to have me connect and empathize with these two men so much, in such a short time.  Just wonderful.  I can’t express enough how much I loved this book.

 Check out City Knight Series and Purchase Links here

City Knight

Knightmare (City Knight #2) (Pulp Friction)

Starry Knight (City Knight #3) (Pulp Friction)

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