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THE END OF GAMES (Single Lady Spy Series #2) by TARA BROWN

the end of games


See you at Christmas!

The words are still burning a hole in Evie Evans’ mind and undergarments. Not that she really has time to think about it. Not with the world ending, as always, and the kids’ school starting back up.
But when Evie and the team stumble upon something no one expected, her and Servario are reunited much sooner than anticipated. Only the reunion is not the one they had planned.
Once again she finds herself in the arms of the bad guy and making alliances with the wrong side.


Reviewed by Jenny and Gitte

G&J: 4.5 Stars

Gitte: I love love love this series so bloody much. I may not understand what’s going on at times because of the speed at which it’s written, but the humour, the suspense and action, the characters and the passion. Well it’s overwhelmingly addictive and riveting. It’s a page turner I just couldn’t put down and I am D.Y.I.N.G for the next instalment. Seriously, I haven’t got much to say other than read this series and fall in love and become part of a continuing heart stopping journey with twists and turns at every corner. Tara Brown is a fantastic Author, her writing style is brilliant and her sense of humour is magical. My girl crush continues and quite frankly I can’t see me ever being disappointed! The sexual tension and the banter is perfection. The switching of affection gives you whiplash and at times I wish we could just make a nice tidy sandwich!

 ‘What if it was Servario trying to kill me, like he’d threatened to do tons of times? I had no answer that I could trust. I knew my vagina’s answer was a hearty no. But I couldn’t trust that slut.’ – Evie

You loved this one too right Jenny?

Jenny:  Yes I did!!!  We fell head over heels for the Single Lady Spy series in The End of Me and I think our love of this series only intensified with this installment. I have to say Evie became even more kick arse and funny in this one but still retained that down to earth Evie we know and love.

“I don’t know. That reckless girl I once was is gone. I have to be a mom, Coop. I have to live for my kids.” – Evie

The End of Games was funny, hot, suspenseful and action packed – these books are like a movie on paper.  Tara Brown has done such an excellent job with this book, and series so far, and her writing allows me to picture every piece of conflict, interaction and spine tingling suspense, crazy banter – all as if it’s unfolding in front of me like a movie. I need more!!!

Gitte:  Evie still floors me, she is proper kick arse and funny and so cool, once she is in her ‘spy mode’ bloody hell!!!! Coop….sigh….I love him, he’s one of my favourite book boyfriends no question, he’s so ‘tongue in cheek’ and sod the age difference this guy is all man and has a wicked sense of humour.

“You are that hot cougar who was able to land a stud like me. Clearly you can suck a watermelon through a garden hose.” – Coop

As for Servario, I hate him, hate him hate him hate him….but I also kind of love him GAH!!!!

“Dear God, why? Don’t do that. Why do you always have to let me see ALL the things you do? Why can’t there be a little mystery with you, Evie? You pass gas, burp, eat too fast and lick your fingers. You take all the covers and then kick them off and I’m freezing. You are like, like a…like a wife.” – Servario

Both blokes have compassion and vulnerability, yet one shows it more than the other. But it’s there, and I am gagging to find out how Tara Brown is going to sort this one out for her readers that’s for sure, because there are teams out there and one will be sorely disappointed!

Oh and I can’t forget to give props to Evie’s Mum…..SHE KICKS ARSE!!!

“Time to stop fucking around, Evie and end him the right way. None of this looking away like you’re a fragile little lamb. You hold the gun to his fucking head and splatter his face everywhere.”

The drama and mystery of the Burrow continues and people aren’t who they say they are and there’s so much going on, that yes at times, I was sat there thinking, I have NO clue what’s happening. BUT…..that’s okay because that’s probably just me. The thrilling suspense overrides, but the personal development aspect moves along flawlessly and effortlessly alongside the drama. NICE ONE!!!!

‘End of Games’ really blew my mind, you felt the same didn’t you Jenny?

Jenny:  I absolutely did G! No doubt about it.  Ohhhh…..Coop!! Well, it’s no secret we were on opposing teams in The End of Me. I was Team Coop and you were Team Sevario and I’m so happy you’ve come over to the Coop side because he bloody DIVINE in this book.  I needed to take a moment when Coop donned a cowboy hat and embraced the cowboy lifestyle.

‘He wore a white t-shirt that hugged his chest and arms, arms I wanted to bit. The belt buckle was the worst. I felt like a raven staring at the shiny object, entranced in its location and size. The tight jeans were too much….praying I didn’t just orgasm from sexy-guy overload.’ – Evie

Lord have mercy that man is one fine piece of……..aaaaagent.  His constant piss taking of Evie delights me and I just love him.

“You know the problem for me though? You make it too easy for me. I like the chase. I’m not like Servario. I don’t want you conflicted about me. I want you to admit you want me, as bad as you know I want you. We could have a fun time if you did, Evie.” -Coop

Say yes Evie….for the love of all women out there….say yes!!!!

Evie is still my girl.  She’s a mother/agent/daughter/lover who, as a mother, never stops worrying about her kids, as an agent she shows guts, determination and savvy but as a person, she has no qualms about acknowledging her downfalls.  She is so down to earth and has all the self-doubts women have, and she is one kick arse and fun heroine.

I love that she’s so down to earth even when she has no filter where “private” matters are concerned.  Haha, you can just visualise poor Coop and Sevario cringing at her forthrightness.

I have to say this series just gets better if that’s at all possible.  My heart was racing, my adrenaline was pumping, I was constantly fanning myself with the heat factor and my funny bone was aching by the end of this book yet there were times when my heart ached for Evie and the life thrust upon her. These books provide the perfect escape and if ever there was a story made for the big screen this is it!

“You are going to get it, Evie, and I guarantee you’re going to like it.”

I loved the way Tara Brown always kept us hanging by a thread. Just when we think we’ve solved the riddle she throws another curveball at us. Loved it. Can’t wait for more…..and… Team Coop all the way for me.  I’ll never be swayed!!



amazon us || amazon uk

amazon us || amazon uk

THE END OF TOMORROW – Releasing soon!


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LOST BOY (The Lonely #2) by TARA BROWN

This is a dark and captivating novel, tread lightly


The Lonely

Available to purchase below

Amazon US || Amazon UK || Our Review

Amazon US || Amazon UK || Our Review

lost boy


This is the companion novel to The Lonely. It is recommended you read that first. This is HIS POV on the events and how they came to be, how he came to be a LOST BOY.
Being the boy who accidentally shot his sister was hard.
Never being able to find the girl who actually pulled the trigger was worse.
Convinced, through years of relentless therapy, that she was a figment of his trauma and imagination, Eli Adams gave up on her existence.
Until one day a name, bearing remarkable resemblance to the people missing in his life, showed up out of nowhere.
Suddenly he was thrust into a journey that forced him to offer up his soul as payment for the truth.
What he discovered along the way, was that the girl who took his sister’s life and his hand, all those years ago, had become the thing he needed to be whole.
Saving her was one thing.
Healing her was another.
Convincing her to love him will be the toughest part of it all.

lost boy collage

Reviewed by Gitte

Seriously, I love Tara Brown for so many reasons and this series is a huge reason as to why. It started with The Lonely, an intelligent, dark and disturbingly appealing story that was so unique that it shot straight into my heart as a loved favourite.

Well, as much as I loved The Lonely, I loved this companion novel Lost Boy even more. No question, one of the best books I’ve read in a long while, it just messed with my head even more, I loved it even more and I weirdly understood everything even more. However, I also cried more and my heart literally bled as my tears blurred my vision.

“I want you to pick me…”

Does that make me as ‘eccentric’ as its maker (and I mean this lovingly!)? Or does it show what a fantastic and original Author Tara Brown really is? I’m definitely going to go for the latter…though with a hint of the first!

“It’s best to not poke the things that live inside of me with confinement, not when I am already too close to losing it.” – Eli

I’m mindful of dropping spoilers in this review as I really recommend reading The Lonely which is then followed by Lost Boy. They should be on everyone’s to read list if you love the dark and emotional reads. If you love a good clever mind f*uck basically.

It all started with a tragedy. A tragedy that impacted two people whose souls were in that moment bound together forever in the most disturbing yet beautiful way.

“I owe that girl the sun, the moon, and the stars. I owe her everything in the whole world.” – Eli

It puts them on a path which would leave deep scars and affects them to the extreme when their paths cross again. One knowingly, the other in the dark in respect of who and the why’s.

“I want her now. I want her safe now. I want to take her away from it all. I want to save her, the way I promised I would.” – Eli

In The Lonely we had Sarah’s POV and it broke my heart. In Lost Boy we have Eli’s POV and it not only broke my heart…it completely broke my whole being. I love this man….LOVE him, and I will never ever forget him no matter how many books I read or how many broken male characters I come across. He’s so screwed up from what life has offered him so far but seriously….he had me in stitches of laughter one second and in floods of tears the next. He BROKE me and I love him for it!

“The pain was stuck in my seized-up heart. Everything was too big and too scary, and I had to be a man. A man that saved his little sister. A man that saved the day. A hero. Instead, I was a lost boy. I cried out for help like a child.” – Eli

Even though some of this story feature the same scenes as The Lonely they’re from Eli’s POV making them seem somewhat original and different. This companion novel stands on its own in the sense that NO WAY is this a re-write, this is its own story. The story of Eli! I can’t really explain it, but it was as if I was reading with fresh eyes and making new conclusions. We learn so much more and experience things we had no idea happened. So many questions were answered and what I thought was one thing turned out to be completely different.

“She needs me. She’s going to be scared and confused, and the lonely is going to come and take her away…”

“She is me, but a girl. The two of us together would probably cause the apocalypse…”

Well played Tara Brown…truly spectacular! I don’t even know how to accurately explain how reading this book made me feel. What I will say is, please read these books in order as you will be taken on one hell of a journey you will never forget!

“When I was a boy, I met a girl and the worst things imaginable happened to us….”

We knew Eli is a man obsessed….but I won’t say why or how. His outlet is Sarah. His reason is Sarah. His life is Sarah. His breath is Sarah…….Sarah is his redemption….

“The dead look in her eyes came from loss. The loss of her family, safety, and love…”

As for Jane….someone please hand me a pitchfork….!!!

And Stuart….I wanted to hug him!! I’m so glad Eli had him as a ‘brother’!!!

This series is so gritty and the emotion is so raw and ugly it makes for something beautiful and heart-breaking. I cannot recommend this series strongly enough! Tara Brown you ROCK, you astound me and mesmerize me with your words and I love you for it.

“It means that even though you see me differently, I have the same reactions to things as you. I am human, just different than you but no less worthy of love, respect, and justice. I bleed, laugh, and die the same as you, regardless of the differences inside of me. Or outside.” – Eli

Gitte: 5 Stars

Arc provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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THE END OF ME (The Single Lady Spy Series #1) by TARA BROWN

the end of me


His death was almost the end of me.

He was still everywhere, surrounding me.
In our children’s eyes, in the smell lingering in our bed, in candy bar wrappers stuffed down the side of the minivan driver door.
He was everywhere except where I needed him to be.
In my arms, kissing my lips, on the name of the deed to our house.
When his death didn’t end me, the proposal from the man who owned every moment of my life, did.
My husband carried on in the places he wanted to be but I was gone the moment I agreed.
The moment I let him have me, was the end of me.

The end of me collage

Review by Jenny & Gitte

Gitte: Okay, I officially love Tara Brown. I think she could write anything and I’d buy it, actually I know she could. Her style is so original; her storylines are crazy unpredictable and refreshing. She manages to inject just the perfect combination of humour, suspense and ‘unusual romance’ into one hell of an addictive read. The End of Me is book one and I know I’m hooked until this series ends.

“You make me want to be worthy of you. That’s a dangerous effect to have, on a man like me….I don’t want you to be anything but mine.”

This book is not only very sexy and hot. It’s also disturbingly dark and thrilling with more twists and turns than should be allowed in one book. I was inhaling every word and fell in love with all the characters. I definitely want to be the meat in a Cooper and Servario sandwich.

“Don’t make me love you…….Because it will end badly for us both.”

What did you think Jenny?

Jenny: What did I think?  I’m with you! I officially have, not only a readers crush, but a huge big girlie crush on this author because she wrote one very funny, strong, upfront and kick ass heroine and she also had me guessing at every turn just what the hell was going on, not to mention, all while making me laugh out loud at times.  Tara Brown certainly knows how to turn a story on its head and leave the reader hooked!  And yes! How refreshing it was to meet someone like Evie! It had it all…thrills, spills, hot sex and……Evie’s droll take on situations could certainly make you cringe uncomfortably while tittering at the same time. It was thrilling ride, laced with humor, heat and suspense. The the quips between her, Coops and Servario  definitely kept the giggles coming…not to mention having to fan yourself every now and then over the sexual tension and hot scenes.

“You’re not really my type. I get the whole cougar thing is huge, but I’m not into it. I like when I’m on top and all forty-types always want to steer.” – Coops

Don’t even get me started on that Cooper and Servario butty! I want in on that one! How the hell would you ever make a choice?  You’d have to have them on a time share schedule or something!

Gitte: So we meet our heroine Evie; a thirty-six year old widow with two young children, just as she is coming to terms with the fact that not only is her hubby dead but apparently her whole marriage was a sham.  Her husband was a cheating lying bastard who has now landed her in a heap of trouble which could cost the lives of Evie and her loved ones.

“You are in danger. Your husband is dead and his debt is now yours.”

Evie is proper kick-arse with a wicked past in the military but has settled into the Mummy and wife role….until now.  She suddenly has to revert back to her role in the military and fight, play dirty, kill and umm shag in order to save the day, unravelling one mystery, deception and ‘cover up’ after the other . The way she gets pulled back into ‘that’ life comes in the shape of the gorgeous, arrogant, funny and extremely shag’able Cooper….

“I tried not to notice the way his pulse beat rhythmically in his neck. It was like neck porn. I licked my wrist and sucked back the drink. I grabbed the lemon and sucked, all while watching the neck porn.”

I have to say I LOVED Evie; she’s my kind of heroine.  She has a fab sense of humour with sarcasm, she’s real and I completely connected with her.

“I readjusted my boobs cause they were not nineteen anymore either. At thirty-six, sometimes they got a little excited about what we were doing, and ended up out of my shirt. I was pretty sure they tried to jump in Coops face at one point.”

She rocked and I kind of wanted to be her…well minus all the violence and drama. Okay, if I could just be her…on a plane….sat in between Coop and Serv…hang on I’m just going to contemplate that…BRB!!

Oh and having found out her Husband cheated on her, well you can’t blame her for a lot of her sexual antics. This woman wakes up from the lull of being a housewife and settles right back into her previous role. She refuses to be a cougar; it makes her feel old…but a sex kitten, yeah she’ll take that but with who? They’ve all been watching her…they all want her!

“I’m here because my vagina wants to be…”

Jenny:  Eyes on me Gitte! Stop with the Coop and Serv fantasies…we’ve got a review to write here!  Coop & Serv…..sigh….hmmm where were we again! Sorry…you mentioned Coops, Serv and shagging in the one sentence and you lost me! Evie rocked alright!  When we first meet her she seems so down and so broken, so lost, but wow! What an absolute revelation she turned out to be! This “ordinary” Mum soon kicked it up a notch when her previous military training came into play. Although her world was turned on its head, Evie handled it with aplomb! She was sharp, beautiful and witty. Oh, and couldn’t this girl make you squirm (in a good way lol) with what came out of her mouth…..I will never…ever…read an anal sex scene without thinking of Evie again….and no folks, I don’t mean that in a weird sexual way, but in a funny way….well, read the scene and you’ll see what I mean.

He cocked an eyebrow, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t know what a hoohoo is. Focus!”

The banter between her and the other characters was priceless and I particularly loved how she wasn’t afraid to take the mickey out of herself, all while deflecting derogatory comments from young hot Coops, dealing with an insatiable sexy alpha domineering baddie and kicking some major backsides along the way.

“I assumed it was a heat of the moment sort of thing. He would get over it when he saw me watch a chick flick with snot running down my face, and Ben and Jerry keeping me company.”

Even though Evie had it all going on, she didn’t take herself seriously and she was definitely someone you connect with immediately.  Yep, I loved Evie alright!

Gitte:  And then we have Cooper and Servario. Two alpha males who kick arse as well, literally. I loved them both for different reasons and wish Evie was into sarnies. Because this is one double decker I’d have! How do you choose? Do you have to? I was back and forth like a yo yo, if you’d asked me at blah % into the story I would say Coop….ask me five minutes later I’d say Serv.

“You deserve a love like no other person has ever had.”

One’s a goodie, the other’s a baddie…I think.

“He was a bad man. A bad man my vagina crazy loved.”

But then what does that mean anyway when you fall in love with a fictional character. They’re both HOT and bring something different to the table so I’m not going to choose.

“I don’t want to have to kill you to make this feeling go away, Evie.”

Most of the scenes with the bang on humour between Coop and Evie and also Serv and Evie had me in absolute stitches. The discussions they had were sarcastically funny and frankly so honest covering every aspect of normal daily life and routines. I think we covered most topics and what to share and not to share….from haemorrhoids to anal to bathroom routines to when it’s okay to have sex…or not. Bloody hilarious! They were nicely placed in amongst the suspenseful chase of the end game.

The storyline is truly a ‘game’ of power and cunning. Who’s going to come out on top? Who’s going to win the chase? The motto of ‘Trust No one’ could never be truer than in this story. Everyone has an agenda and Evie seems to be the pawn.

“I just got whored out by the fucking military to the arms dealer….”

It was like watching a game of players using seduction, intimidation and violence to reach The End Of….

”Don’t hate the player, hate the game.”

So yes…YES I loved it…Loved pretty much everything about it. Just one thing though, in my opinion, part of the ending confused me right good and proper and I felt a lot of ‘reveals’ were rushed out and not explained properly. A lot suddenly happened in the shortest space of time. This meant that I didn’t fully get the crux of the end game….something important didn’t make sense to me. I hope book #2 explains it and I can’t wait.

Jenny:  Yep I agree. I got whiplash from going between these two. I don’t think you can choose. Impossible.I absolutely loved this story.  I have to be honest and say when it started out I didn’t think it was going to hold my interest but at 15% I was hooked and dying to know just what the hell was going on and what that douchebag husband James, had got Evie into.  I will agree with the ending. The writing was fast at that point and it did seem to all wrap up so quickly in a small amount of time and I’m hoping book #2 End of Games will enlighten us about what is going down! This was certainly a great introduction to the series that’s for sure and there’s something for every reader in this book.

“Do you have any idea what you husband has been doing for the last ten years, while you were having kids and driving them to play dates.”

This was a fun, thrilling, intriguing, no holds barred, hot adventure that I’m glad I signed up for.  Oh the intrigue and mystery, and did I mention the heat…wow! What a good read this was.

“You okay?” I nodded, “Yup.” I would be, after years of intensive therapy and the possible misuse of red wine and vodka.

This was one sexy spy thriller. I was invested, loved it, giggled like an idiot and can’t wait for more! Just one thing. DO NOT ask me to choose between Coops and Serv…..unless that timeshare thing can be nutted out.  hmmmm……  Gitte get back here, I think I have a solution to our Coops and Serv dilemma *wink, wink*


Gitte: 4.5 stars
Jenny: 4.0 Stars

Arc provided by the author for an honest review.


amazon us || amazon uk

amazon us || amazon uk

THE END OF TOMORROW – Releasing soon!



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THE LONELY (The Lonely #1) by Tara Brown

This is a dark and captivating novel, tread lightly


The Lonely

Purchase below

Amazon US || Amazon UK || Our Review

Amazon US || Amazon UK || Our Review

the lonely series


The truth is subjective to what the lonely lets in. 

Emalyn Spicer has lived with it for a long time. She thinks it goes back further than her memories do. She knows it goes back further than the OCD.

When she arrives at college, her OCD’s and the lonely refuse to let her have her wish to be normal. 

When she meets Sebastian and starts to fall for him, she lets herself believe it’s possible to outrun the things chasing her from the past. But how to you get away from the things inside of you? How do you run from yourself?

Just as she gives up and succumbs to the lonely, the unthinkable happens. She finds herself once again trapped in the dark, once again held against her will.

This time she meets the lonely head on. In the darkest corners of her mind, she discovers there is more to her world than she ever imagined. She discovers that the lonely was there for her, protecting her from herself and her secrets.

How far would you go to find yourself?

Reviewed by Jenny and Gitte

4 messed up stars!

Jenny:  Well Gitte, didn’t this turn out to be a book that packed a punch!!!  This is such a hard book to review.  How do you review it without giving anything away?  Practically anything you say about this book could be a spoiler.  I will say that this book was a rollercoaster ride and a half.  I don’t even know where to start.  I do know that I could NOT put this book down until I finished it.  It pretty much consumed me until the end and I am questioning myself for loving Eli! Am I nuts Gitte?

Gitte: I have to say I loved it Jenny because yeah…it hit you over the head whilst reading it, leaving you conflicted and confused. It was absolutely compelling. We went into this story knowing nothing about it didn’t we, which is how this story should be read and yeah it was a pretty twisted, scary, strange and intriguing journey that’s for sure. It was different, it was original, it was painful and it was disturbing. Oh and yeah how much did I love Eli!!! I know I shouldn’t…is it crazy that we love him Jenny? Probably…do we care…no!!

Jenny:   So glad we knew nothing going into this because that only added to the anticipation throughout.  And you’re right….we love Eli and we don’t care if we’re crazy!  We meet Emalyn Spicer.  Emalyn is damaged.  She is shut off emotionally and has decided to start somewhat of a new life at college with her one and only friend Michelle.  Emalyn has OCD brought about by something grievous in her past that she has buried deep in the recesses of her memory.  Everything must be clean, neat and germ free.  Anything short of this sends her into a panic.  She is shut off physically and emotionally and resigned to a life without love or relationships. A life where she can never be “normal”.  She considers herself to be a freak.

She is cared for by a mysterious benefactor who is an enigma indeed.  Who is this man and why does he care for her and how did he come to be part of her life?

Gitte: Poor Emalyn….her life is ruled by her OCD…her horrific past…her benefactor. This girl is so messed up and has such little control and normality. She lives with the lonely. She knows her life isn’t right but she is unable to heal, to change and to just let go.

Jenny:  Emaly meets and starts to fall for Sebastian.  She thinks Sebastian may be the answer to her moving forward and hopes to be able to find some sort of normalcy with him….maybe even a relationship with him.

Then, the unthinkable happens and she finds herself once again trapped and held against her will.

“The dark is a quiet place. Reflection and contemplation are the only things to do in it. Well that, and imagine the worst things possible.
I don’t have to reflect or contemplate or any of those things. I know what the worst things possible are. I know about the things that hide in the dark. Insanity is the least of them.” 

What ensues is one of the craziest rides I’ve ever been on.  This is one dark, twisted, emotionally crazy read and I loved every minute! It was different and it certainly kept me on my toes throughout.

The writing is fast, sometimes a bit too fast and you have to mentally slow it down to keep up with everything that is happening.  Some of the scenes are way out there and will leave you scratching your head but you will love every minute of this insanity.

This book will play with your mind. You will wonder what the hell could happen next and it will keep you guessing and the surprises will keep coming. It’s hot, suspenseful, tragic and messed up.

I can’t wait for Eli’s book! That is one crazy ride I’m looking forward to jumping on. He is one messed up man and oh I do love him so!

Gitte: Emily needs love…normality is love, kissing and holding hands; being able to go to a restaurant and not worry. Love is not obsessive stalker behaviour, aggression or pain. But how do you find that normality when you cannot come in contact with anything without some serious scrubbing and a scalding hot shower? Germs are everywhere! And who would want a freak like her…a burden to everyone…a burden with so much baggage the actual person disappears beneath it. Though, who she is not even she knows. Not really.

Then yeah Sebastian happens and you know what Jenny I thought he was such an amazing guy my heart hurt for him, it really did! However, when suddenly the unthinkable happens, the unbelievable crazy bit, where I literally shouted WHAT????as I was reading, I knew something incredible and disturbing was about to happen. Did I expect the story to go as it did no…was I gobsmacked? Hell yes….but I loved it because of that.

“I needed to see you.” He repeats himself.
I smile. I like that word, need. It’s not want. He had no choice because it was a need to see me. I like that.”

Oh and then Eli happened…I loved Eli….I want more Eli!!

I was thinking on how to sum it up..struggled a bit so all I’ll say is that it’s Dark, Disturbing, Confusing, Erotic, Ugly, Heart-breaking & Frustrating…It was such a well written surprise and I am still thinking about it days after finishing!


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